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How to make a vegetable decoration with your own hands? Workshops and videos


Food should be not only tasty, but also beautifully designed. After all, first we eat with our eyes, and then proceed to the meal itself. You can simply decorate a particular dish with a sprig of greenery, but flowers from whole vegetables will look much more beautiful. Bright roses, chrysanthemums, daisies will turn any meal into a celebration.

Any taut vegetables are suitable for flowers: cucumbers, daikon, radishes, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers. It is not necessary to own perfect carving to get a beautiful floral craft. It is enough to learn a few lessons on the formation of flowers and each housewife will be able to aesthetically serve any ordinary dish. Even the usual “Herring under a fur coat” or “Olivier” will play differently if a bunch of beetroot or carrot roses flaunts on top. Next, we will step by step look at how simple vegetable flowers are made.

Onion chrysanthemum

An ordinary bulb can easily turn into a chic white chrysanthemum. You can decorate a salad or a second dish with such a flower.

  • 1 small onion,
  • water at room temperature.

  1. For a chrysanthemum, a small dense bulb is suitable. It is desirable that the onion was thin-walled. You can take white, pink or blue onions. Accordingly, flowers of different colors will turn out.
  2. Remove the husk from the onion, cut off the top and spine. With a sharp knife, cut the onion along, not cutting to the bottom edge of the onion 0.5 cm. To cut, start from the upper edge, where the feather usually grows. Now we make another longitudinal incision perpendicular to the first. It turns onion almost cut into 4 parts.
  3. We cut each quarter into several petals, moving the knife in the same direction (from top to bottom, not cutting to the end). We try to make cuts carefully so as not to damage neighboring petals.

The notches must be deep enough to make the flower magnificent. But if you cut too much, the bud will simply fall apart and will not hold its shape.

Fresh Cucumber Rose

You can decorate any salad with a beautiful rose or place it in the center of a plate with meat or vegetable slices. Anyone can make such a flower, even very far from cooking and carving.

  • 1 long fresh cucumber
  • peeler
  • toothpicks.

  1. With a washed, dried cucumber, we begin to cut thin longitudinal stripes with a peeler, from which we will subsequently form the petals. The very first strip with a skin we will not need.
  2. Slowly cut the stripes until we reach the core with seeds. Because details cut with seeds will fall apart, then we turn the vegetable over the other side. Again, cut the strip after the strip. One medium cucumber produces 16-20 pieces.
  3. Choose the narrowest and shortest strip, fold it with a tube with a small spiral offset, forming the middle of the flower.
  4. Now form the first petal. Without releasing the center of the bud from our hands, we take with a free hand a strip of cucumber, we wind one end of it for a spiral tube. A little lower we bend from ourselves, lowering the second end to the base of the bud. Wrap the remaining end of the strip the base of the rose as low as possible. The petal is ready.
  5. We apply the following strip to the base of the first petal, bend it in the same way from ourselves and wind the bottom of the flower with the tip. We try to form subsequent petals in a checkerboard pattern so that the base of the previous petal is covered by the next. Because the vegetable strips are covered with sticky cucumber juice, the petals will easily stick together. If you get too long blanks, then in the course of work we shorten them.
  6. Do not worry, if somewhere the flower turns out to be asymmetrical or crooked, this will give the rose a more natural shape. To form one bud, we need about 11-12 petals.
  7. At the end of the work, the flower can be fixed with a toothpick, supplemented with several leaves of the same cucumber or several sprigs of parsley.

According to the same scheme, roses can be made from daikon, carrots, pickles, etc.

Carrot lily

From the orange root, very beautiful bright flowers are obtained that do not need additional staining. Without difficulty, from a small carrot you can make a beautiful lily in a matter of minutes. You can decorate salad, jellied or snack cake with it.

  1. Wash carrot, peel it. Make sure that the carrots are not damaged and wormholes. We trim the upper and lower parts of the root crop to make a barrel. Cutting off excess, we form a pentagon from carrots.
  2. Armed with a sharp knife, from each face we cut a thin strip of petal, not slightly cutting to the very bottom. We sharpen each petal from the ends, cutting off the excess in the corners.
  3. Cut off the next row of petals, but not from the place where the first was cut off, but slightly shifted to the side. Petals should be staggered. Thus, we cut 3-4 rows of petals, depending on the thickness of the carrots.
  4. We round the remaining central part to get a cone. On this our lily is ready. The same white lily can be cut from a daikon.

Pink beetroot bud

If you need to beautifully decorate the dish with roses, then the most beautiful rose is obtained from beetroot. The root crop has a bright color, smoothly changing shades.

  • 1 large beet root
  • small kitchen knife with a thin blade.

  1. First, prepare the vegetable for work. Carefully wash the beets, peel. Now we give it the desired shape. On the one hand, we outline the base of the bud. We give it a conical forum, cutting off everything unnecessary. The petals will be cut along the cone, the second part will remain rounded.
  2. We outline the place where the first lower petal will be located. Firmly holding the root crop, cut off the first petal, not cutting to the end 1-0.5 cm. Moving from the center along the wall of the cone to its base Closer to the base, the petal should thicken, and try to make the edge very thin.
  3. We cut out all the excess from under the petal. To do this, put the knife at an acute angle to the inside of the cut petal and cut off the unnecessary. So we create additional space between the rows of petals. We walk in a circle, cutting off the petals - the first row is ready.
  4. Now we begin to cut the second row, we only form the petals in a checkerboard pattern relative to the first row. Also remove excess flesh. If necessary, trim and round the edges of the petals.
  5. Similarly, we make the third level, only gradually reducing the size of the petals and changing the angle of their inclination, because the cone will be truncated more and more. Handle the petals very carefully, as they are very fragile and can break off from one careless movement.
  6. After making 4 levels, we begin to manufacture the middle of the bud. From it, we also cut the petals, only they turn out quite small.
  7. The last time we inspect the bud, align the petals. The pink beetroot bud is ready.

Sweet pepper flower

Using peppers of different sizes and colors, you can get a beautiful floral bouquet, which you can even have a bite to eat.

  • 1 pod of sweet pepper with a tail,
  • cold water,
  • small kitchen knife.

  1. Taking pepper by the tail, make cuts with a sharp knife. We move from the top of the pod to its base, without cutting a couple of centimeters to the tail. We cut the whole pulp of pepper into thin strips, moving in a circle.
  2. Each narrow petal formed is cut lengthwise into two more parts. Therefore, it is better to take fleshy pepper. If we cut only the peel, then it will curl up in a circle. And if a little pulp remains on the peel, then both petals will be straight.
  3. When the slicing of the vegetable is finished, immerse the pepper in cold water for a quarter of an hour. The petals in the water will open, disperse to the sides, making the flower voluminous and beautiful. If we left only the skin, then it will curl like a ring, forming beautiful curls along the radius of the flower. Such an elegant flower will become a real decoration of the festive table.

Chinese Cabbage Chrysanthemums

Lush chrysanthemum will require a small head of Beijing cabbage and a special knife with a groove. And if there is no such knife, then you can roll up the tube cover from the olive can.

  1. Remove the top leaves and cut off the top of the head of cabbage, leaving about 12 cm.
  2. Using a branded or homemade knife, you need to carefully start making slices on the cabbage. The knife should be moved from the top to the base, while the length of the chips can be different.
  3. At first, the strips will be thin, and closer to the base they will begin to thicken.
  4. A couple of centimeters from the base should stop and remove large cut sheets.
  5. Cuts need to be made on all leaves, decreasing the length of the leaves as they approach the middle of the flower. Chrysanthemum should be lowered into cold water for a short while so that the thin tips of the petals are slightly curved.

Edible Carrot Flower

Blanks for this fabulous flower are cut very simply. Then they gather for a toothpick and the decoration is ready. And for the flower to be tasty to eat, the petals are aged in the marinade.

  • 1 large thick carrot
  • salt and vinegar to taste,
  • water,
  • sharp knife
  • toothpick,
  • peeler
  • 1 onion small onion.

  1. Wash carrot, peel, make a slanting cut. On this slice with the help of a peeler we cut thin petals.
  2. Each petal from one edge is cut in half to the center of the workpiece. At this point, the petal will fold and bite onto the toothpick during assembly.
  3. On the opposite side, along the edge to the center of the workpiece, cut off narrow strips on both sides of the petal apex. For one flower, we make 4 large petals and 4 slightly smaller ones.
  4. So, we begin to collect the flower. On the edge of the toothpick we put on first large petals. To do this, take the first workpiece, string on the edge of the toothpick, first one half of the part cut in half, and then the other. Thanks to this, the petal takes on the shape of a boat. Cut off antennae stick out. We string all 4 large petals, placing them, opposite each other.
  5. Now we also put on smaller petals, we only arrange them in a checkerboard pattern. At the end of the toothpick we put on a piece of white onion to mimic the core of the flower.
  6. To make the flowers taste better, add table vinegar and salt to the boiled chilled water. We mix everything well, lower our flowers there for an hour. Decorated in this way, jewelry can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

Deep-fried potato roses

Similar luxurious flowers can be made from beets, turnips or potatoes. It is unlikely that anyone will make such an independent dish, but it’s great as a decoration for salad. To make such roses is not very difficult, but, nevertheless, a share of patience and accuracy will be required. For work, it is better to take large, older tubers.

  1. Wash and peel potatoes.
  2. Cut into very thin (1.5 mm) rounds, as for chips. To do this, it is convenient to use a special grater, and in its absence you will have to slowly wield a very sharp knife. The circle should have a uniform thickness.
  3. One of the circles needs to be made twice as thick - it will make a bar for a rose bud.
  4. Dip the sliced ​​circles together with small toothpicks into a bowl with salted cold water (1 tsp salt per liter of water), where they can stand for 2-3 hours. As a result, starch will come out of the lobules, they will soften, and it will be easier to twist them. Salted toothpicks will not burn during deep-frying.
  5. Around the block, which serves as the central part of the bud, you need to wrap the first petal, and the second to send in the other direction. The layers of the bud need to be fixed with a toothpick.
  6. Other petals also turn around, but with a slight deviation from the center. The result is a large, blooming rose. The main rule of the assembly: wrap one petal clockwise and the other counterclockwise.
  7. From the obtained flowers, you need to shake off the water and fold them for 5 minutes to dry on paper napkins.
  8. Pour oil into a deep-fat container and put it on fire. Upon reaching the required temperature, dip the roses in the oil with the heads down. When their petals open, jewelry for vegetable salads with their own hands can already be fried until golden until all sides.
  9. Remove the flowers from the deep fat and put on paper napkins that absorb excess oil. Now the roses can be salt and gently twisting, remove the toothpicks.

Vegetable Jewelry Video

Hot pepper callas

With only hot peppers, you don’t have to worry about how to make a vegetable decoration for pickles and salads. So that pepper does not burn the skin, hands can be greased with vegetable oil or put on rubber gloves. You can use green and red pods.

  1. Cut the pod lengthwise from the stem to the tail.
  2. Cut the flesh around the peduncle very carefully, leaving seeds on it.
  3. Unfold the pod and rinse with cold water.
  4. Cut out a calla-like petal from pepper.
  5. At the turn, make a hole in which to insert the peduncle strewn with seeds.
  6. The leaves of the flower can be made from cucumbers or greens.
  7. With such callas, it is best to decorate pickled foods or spicy salads.

Hot Pepper Antarium

Bright red hot pepper antarium looks very impressive on the table. A dish decorated with such a flower will not go unnoticed. And to make such a decoration is not difficult at all.

  • 1 pod of hot pepper,
  • scissors,
  • sharp knife.

  1. We put on rubber gloves so as not to get burns when working with hot pepper. Wash and dry pepper.
  2. With a sharp knife along one of the walls we make a longitudinal incision. Around the stalk, cut the flesh, cut the tail together with the core, on which the seeds are attached. You need to act carefully so that the seeds do not sprinkle, because they will occupy a central place in our craft.
  3. We unfold the pepper on board, give it the shape of an antarium. To do this, it is enough to round the lower part of the workpiece and slightly level the apex so that it becomes a pyramidal shape with a rounded edge.
  4. There is the final touch. Stepping back from the base of the workpiece 2-3 cm, in the center from the front shiny side we make a puncture. We insert a tail of pepper into it, and the core with seeds remains on top, turning into a flower pestle. Antarium is ready.

Vegetable roses

Having thought about decorating vegetables with your own hands, you can use fresh or pickled cucumbers, carrots or a white long radish for this. For this venture, it is best to use medium-sized vegetables. You can make such decorations from fruits.

An example will be demonstrated on cucumbers. For work, you need a peeler, able to plan vegetables in very thin layers.

  1. Remove the peel from the cucumber and begin to plan it with longitudinal stripes.

  1. It makes sense to cut the strips, not reaching the middle of the fetus, since the strips cut from the middle break up in half. Therefore, the cucumber just in time you need to turn the opposite side and continue cutting.
  2. To make a rose, twist a narrow or short strip into a tube, a little in a spiral.
  3. Then the first petal is made. The edge of the other strip is laid a little lower behind the rolled tube, it bends away from itself, and the second end is wrapped around the base of the rose as low as possible. The result is a loop resembling a petal.
  4. Next, to the base of the first petal, you need to attach the next strip and repeat the previous procedure. So the second petal will appear.
  5. Being wet and very thin, the strips adhere well, so no extra effort is required to keep the growing structure in place.

  1. The result is a beautiful rosette without any toothpicks.
  2. The final touch is a couple of leaflets. Cut a small cucumber in half diagonally. Divide the resulting half again in half along - you get the leaves for the flower.

Radish Flowers

To make beautiful flowers you will need black radish and poppy.

  1. Peel and wash a small radish, cut in half.
  2. Cut a recess in the cut to about the middle.
  3. First, cut the first and then the second layer in a circle.
  4. Separate the workpiece from the root crop.
  5. Cut the petals in the first row with scissors, and in the second repeat them in a checkerboard pattern.
  6. Make a middle of the round.
  7. Pour poppy in a saucer and immerse the top of the center in it.
  8. Petals can be painted with food-grade paint and fixed with toothpicks to the core.

Leek flower

Continuing the theme of how to make decoration from vegetables, leeks, from a single copy of which with the help of a knife and scissors you can make an interesting flower.

  1. Cut a piece 10-12 cm long from the root of the plant.
  2. Cut with a knife layers of onion into petals.
  3. Subsequent layers are staggered.
  4. The tips of the petals can be sharpened by cutting them with scissors. You can curl the petals by pressing the outer side at the base of the petal with your finger and drawing a blunt side of the knife over it. After that, the petal will curl with a spiral.

Carrot cone

Fine salad dressings for vegetables can be made using carrots. Морковные «шишки» могут украшать многие блюда или входить в композиции из цветов, изготовленных из других овощей. Такая морковка прекрасно украсит новогодние блюда. Чтобы сделать такую шишку, потребуется лишь одна морковь и немного петрушки в качестве украшения.

  1. Очистить сырую морковь и подготовить из неё заготовку для шишки.
  2. В центре основания корнеплода вырезать ножку, срезая по краям ткани и оставляя в середине подобие шипа.
  3. Придать моркови форму шишки, обрезая её мякоть.
  4. Then make cuts on the root, resembling cone scales.
  5. Cut the flesh between the flakes, making them thereby more visible.
  6. At the place of cuts, cut the shape of the scales with a knife.
  7. When all the flakes are finished, an orange bump will appear.

Carrot flowers

To make a beautiful flower from carrots, you will need a bright large root crop.

  1. Peel the carrots and finely trim them with petals (preferably a peeler).
  2. Cut the petals almost to the middle with a knife - here they will be folded with their plates and fixed with a toothpick.
  3. On both sides from the opposite edge of the strip cut off to the middle of the petal. But it will turn out beautifully even without them.
  4. Below are 4 petals larger, and above - the same smaller.
  5. Carrot lotuses or lilies are very beautiful.
  6. The very tip of the toothpick needs to be covered by stringing on it something contrasting - grape, olive, etc.
  7. Prepare a cold marinade by dissolving vinegar and salt in water, in which to soak the finished flowers. After such processing, they can be eaten or even stored for several days.

Do you like vegetable decorations? What was your favorite idea? Share your opinion in the comments.

Daikon papillot

A white papillot made of daikon with a bright orange core looks very bright in spring. Therefore, it is good to decorate holiday dishes with it on March 8 and Easter.

  1. Daikon mine, remove the peel. Cut off the lower tapering part and the apex. You should get a blank in the form of a barrel 10-12 cm high.
  2. Separately, in a bowl, we prepare a cool saline solution, put there a blank of daikon for an hour. After this, the flesh of the radish will soften and will be easily cut.
  3. Now put the barrel on its side on a cutting board. We start in a circle to cut with a sharp knife a strip 2 mm thick and 10 cm long.
  4. The resulting tape is folded in half along. We take a sharp knife and begin to make cuts from the bend side, not cutting to the end of 1 cm. We make notches in increments of 0.5-0.7 cm.
  5. Twist the fringe into a flower, chop off with a toothpick.
  6. We perform the same operation with carrots to get a fringe to form the center of the papillot. In the center of the flower we attach an orange detail with a toothpick. The flower is ready.

Recipe "Cucumber Flower":

We take the most ordinary cucumber.

Cut it across, and then each half along.
Now, with a knife, we carefully make longitudinal recesses on the peel, with a depth of about two millimeters.

It turns out like this. We don’t throw out the cut strips of the skin, they will be useful to us in the future.

And now I’ll try to clearly describe the principle of cutting petals.
From the quarter of the cucumber we thinly cut the first plate, but we do not cut it to the end, then the second, also thin, but it is to the end. It turned out such a "pocket". We unfold it, trying not to change the place of the fold - and now the volumetric petal for the flower is ready.
I don’t know if I wrote it clearly, but you can guess from the photo.

This is how you need to deploy it carefully.

Thus we cut off 5 large petals and 5 smaller petals. Spread in the shape of a flower.
From stripes of previously cut skin, we make veins and stems in the petals.
Of the finer parts of the cucumber - small petals.

We cut off the top of the cherry, put it in the middle of the flower. On the sides of the tomato we cut small circles, make cuts in them - these are unblown buds.

This is what the dish looks like in combination with a cucumber flower.

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