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I WILL fight a shark: what to do if a shark attacks


Shark ... And after reading this word, many people immediately somewhere inside something stirred, and someone even had a panic fear. The probability of attack of this fish is low. Over a year, two to three hundred attacks occur around the world, of which less than 10% (that is, about 20 cases) result in the death of a person. And, nevertheless, if all this happens to you in the future, then it will be useful for you to know how to behave yourself in this case, thereby increasing your chances of salvation.

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How to behave when meeting with a shark

There are over 300 species of sharks in the world, of which about 10 are a threat to humans: a large white shark or carhorodon, a tiger shark, a blunt shark, a hammerhead shark, and others. By their nature, these sharks are predators, hunting fish and mammals such as fur seals, dolphins. At the same time, they always choose their prey, which is able to satisfy their energy needs, that is, with a lot of fat and meat, as well as weak animals, so that they do not fight back and do not harm her herself. They also do not disdain carrion, for example, a dead whale. The following conclusion can be drawn from this: a shark is not at all a fearless and stupid monster, it is afraid to get hurt, so it carefully chooses a victim for itself.

Survival Instructions:

  • If you do not have the opportunity to retreat to a nearby swimming facility with the existing threat of a shark attack, you need to actively defend! But how can you resist a fish from 3 to 5 meters long? Weaknesses, vulnerabilities: eyes, snout tip, gills. They are extremely sensitive, and sharks very painfully tolerate even minor effects on these places.
  • The fish attacks frontally, while substituting its snout, eyes or gills. So, at the moment when the shark decided to attack you, you need to stop floundering in the water, group as much as possible, since most often your hands and feet suffer from an attack, and do your best to strike accurately.
  • And for this you do not need to be a master of sports in boxing. One and the most powerful weapon is enough - self-control. It is no secret that in such a situation people tend to panic, of course it is difficult to blame them, however, this reduces the chances of survival. The equation is very simple: if you want to die, panic, if you want to live, pull yourself together.
  • If you are swimming in a company of several people, you need to get together - so for a shark you will look more intimidating. Perhaps she will change her mind to attack, if not, then the company will be easier to fight back. It is enough to repel the attack once. Sometimes the shark does not immediately give up, and you must continue to stay alert, watching it.
  • Even if your attacks do not reach the desired target (gills, eyes, snout), it can still help, as the fish will see that you are not harmless prey. Your actions will not be similar to the actions of her typical victim. A person as a food for a shark does not fit well, a shark needs a large amount of fat, and a person (in its majority) is very bony. Therefore, attacking a person, she is more likely to confuse him with her usual food, for example, a fur seal. After such an attack, she often simply swims away in search of a more suitable food.
  • A person after such a meeting can be seriously injured, so you need to try to stop the bleeding and get to the shore. It should be noted that at such moments a person does not feel pain, as doctors say, as a result of severe stress.

How not to meet a shark

The last and most effective defense against shark attacks is to prevent the attack. Here is a list of what is needed for this:

  • Avoid swimming places like wild beaches with a high density of dangerous shark species.
  • Swim on specialized beaches that can be fenced in with a net to prevent shark invasion.
  • Do not swim during the hours of the most active sharks: late in the evening, at night, early in the morning.
  • Use special repellents against sharks, as well as electromagnetic miniature gadgets for a bathing suit. But these funds do not work in 100% of cases.

How to protect yourself from meeting with a shark

  1. Do not swim. Joke.
  2. If you have cuts or menstruation, it is best to splash in shallow water until everything goes well.
  3. Swim naked after a noble party - disappears. Like many predators, night is the most pleasant time for hunting. Think of yourself near the fridge.
  4. Do not swim in fishing areas.
  5. And if you really want to - try not to swim near the boats. They all smelled of fish and blood. We hope fish. And this is a great shark canteen.
  6. Dolphins, sea lions, seals are nice, but it's a shark lunch. And while you are moved, she can sail behind them. And where is the seal, and where is the man, will not understand.
  7. Buy one of the shark repellent bracelets - magnetic or electric.
  8. Do not enter the water near the mouth of the river; there may be waste attracting sharks.
  9. These all swimwear in rhinestones and sequins and swimming trunks in sequins - no. If you dress like a goldfish, of course, a blind shark can confuse you with bait.
  10. Predators love to hunt in troubled waters because it disorientates the prey.
  11. Try to swim with someone. Sharks choose lonely.

What to do if you met a shark

  1. If you see a shark, try to swim quickly but calmly (ha ha) to the shore, without unnecessary panic, screaming, splashing and waving your arms. Breaststroke is better for this.
  2. If you are in the water, a shark plows around somewhere and you see a boat, loudly, but, again, without active waving, call for help.
  3. If you dive and see a shark, freeze. Slowly flip through the flippers. The shark feels the fear and anxiety of its dessert.

One acquaintance said that he saw a floating man in the ocean. And a shark swam around him. Like in a scary movie, right?

Instead of shouting about danger, he silently watched. A bathing man, not knowing what could become an aperitif, calmly swam to the shore. Who knows how it came out if the observer shouted: "Shark."

If the situation is on the verge: how to fight a shark

  1. Put all your strength into a fist and crack the shark at the end of the face, eyes or gills. After such a blow, it will take her time to recover. And she may be scared when she sees a threat in you. Sharks love defenseless victims!
  2. In no case do not turn your back to her floating away. So it’s easier for her to grab you.
  3. If you have something that can cause her even greater pain - go for it! It is unlikely that a harpoon will be with you, but maybe a sharp ring or a pendant with a wolf tooth. The camera, by the way, is also suitable. Or an iPhone. You will later tell how he saved your life.
  4. Beat, scratch to the last! Awaken the beast in yourself and fight for your life. Funny huh? But this is the only thing left. Sharks can also get scared.

Second Place: Tiger Shark

This beauty is also a common species, especially in the Pacific Ocean. He loves, like you, warmer water, giving preference to the tropics and subtropics. It can swim near the shore in pursuit of prey, although it searches for food near reefs. It can reach up to 8 meters in length. Characteristic features: short muzzle and dark stripes. Eats everything. The nickname is a garbage shark. Even cans and boxes were found in her stomach. So she will not swim past a person.

Third place: bull shark

She is "dumb". Either because of her behavior, or because of her appearance. Looking at her face, I really want to say "here is a bull." Bad news: she can safely swim in fresh water in search of prey.

Picky and eat everything - from fresh fish and dolphins to carrion. Do not even hesitate to eat their own kind and attack people. These are real cannibals and killers, which nothing will stop (very thick skin).

Shark attack on humans: what is the probability

We read the article and did not understand, what is the probability that a shark will attack you? We supply figures and facts.

  • In 2018, 133 attacks were recorded (according to the 2018 International Shark Attack File).
  • Of these, 66 cases of unintentional attacks - the shark mixed up with the turtle, got scared, the diver grabbed by the fin or the fisherman caught the shark and she pulled someone.
  • 33 intentional when the shark was very hungry.
  • And 30 other cases, for example, when she attacked a boat, because there were a lot of fish or, in general, are not quite sure that it was a shark.
  • Of these, only 4 are fatal.

Good news, huh?

USA (Florida, North and South Carolina, Hawaii, New York, California, Georgia, Texas) Australia (New South Wales and Western), Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, New Zealand and there have been fatal cases in Thailand and Egypt.

All peace, kindness and a good vacation! And fear nothing.