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Spawner mobs


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In this article, you will learn how to create a trap for hostile mobs in Minecraft — so you can get valuable items falling from dead mobs. If you prefer to create a device that spawns mobs on command, you can use the distributor in creative mode.

Natural generation

Spawners can be obtained in survival mode only by teams. Destroy faster with a pickaxe.

Block Spawner mobs
Destruction Time [note 1]

  1. ↑ Time for unenchanted tools in seconds.

Natural generation

Mob spawner is generated in treasures, abandoned mines, in hellish and ordinary fortresses.

How to make a spawner in Minecraft?

It is impossible to make a spanner, it can be obtained using the command: / give @p mob_spawner or choose in creative mode.

From Minecraft version 1.7.2, you can install a spanner with a specific mob. To do this, use the command: / setblock x y z minecraft: mob_spawner 0 replace.

Let's immediately analyze this command: instead of "x y z" - you need to enter the coordinates, Cow - the NID of the mob.

Why do I need a spawn mobs?

There are many options and everyone uses mobs as he wants, here are a few examples:

  1. Using spawners, you can build a mobo farm and gain experience (and very quickly).
  2. To complicate the extraction of player resources, which are in hellish fortresses, abandoned mines and chests.

How to disable spawner?

Using torches. Place torches around the spawner, then the mobs will stop appearing.

During the creation of mobs from the spawner, miniature models of the mobs that are created will be visible. The speed of rotation of the mobs depends on how much time is left before the appearance of the mob. At a time, a spanner can make no more than 1-4 mobs of the same kind.

For those who do not yet know how to use the mob spawn, here is an understandable and detailed video review: