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The right haircut Yorkshire Terrier


Miniature York is a cute little breed that needs special care. In addition to daily combing and regular bathing, you will also need to cut the York and cut his nails. It should be understood that this is not a whim, but a necessity - the exterior of the Yorkshire Terrier largely depends on how carefully you care for it.

When to start

The first haircut of a York puppy is done by the breeder - he must also cut his nails. Further responsibility for these procedures rests with the owners of the puppies. However, after buying and moving the baby to a new place, give him three to four weeks to get comfortable.

So, given that they usually sell dogs at 3 months, for the first time you will need a haircut for your pet at 4 months.

There are several options for cutting the Yorkshire Terrier:

  • If you are inexperienced and do not know how to cut a York, it is better to take him to grooming-malon. Experienced masters of haircutting York work there, a photo of their work is evidence of qualifications and creative talents,
  • You can call the master in order to make a haircut at home. This is the most convenient, but also the most costly option in terms of finance,
Do not experiment with a haircut York - it is better to entrust it to a professional
  • You can come to the master at home and trim the York at home with him. However, there is a need to adapt to his schedule or leave the pet for a few hours with a stranger. This can be very stressful for the puppy,
  • The ideal option is to buy the necessary tools and learn how to cut the Yorkshire Terrier on your own at home. This will help to gain independence from professionals and protect your pet from stress. However, it should be noted that if you plan to exhibit a doggie, then it is better to entrust it to the master. There are certain exhibition standards - if the dog does not comply with them, she may receive fewer points from the jury.

Types of haircuts

The length of the hair in dogs of this breed usually remains depending on the time of the year - it is warmer in winter if they have a warm coat, and in summer it is much more comfortable with a short coat.

There are many different options - a haircut puppy York can be performed on any of them:

  • Hygienic haircut York - the name speaks for itself. This procedure is necessary in order to create more comfortable conditions for your pet and make it easier to care for him,
  • classic - almost the same as a hygienic haircut York. The hair is left as long as possible, just releasing the muzzle, removing the tangles and all that is superfluous,
  • removal of split ends - practice shows that split ends look very unaesthetic. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly cut off the damaged tips so that it looks smooth and shiny. Most often, the scruff, paws, tail and back suffer - they have to be put in order much more often.

If you do not plan to take part in exhibitions, you have a very wide space for the embodiment of your own creative ideas. There are many ready-made model options - haircuts for york girls, for boys, haircut york for a puppy, etc.

Where can I get a haircut?

York is a very popular breed. Dogs fell in love with the owners for their beauty and friendly nature. But beauty, as you know, requires sacrifice. Without a haircut, the Yorkshire Terrier can not live. You can make a hairstyle:

  • In the cabin
  • At the master at home
  • Calling the master to yourself
  • Alone at home.

Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages. A haircut in the salon is ideal at first glance. Experienced craftsmen work here, everyone has a certificate of completion of the relevant courses. In such institutions, hygiene is carefully monitored, all instruments are sterilized, and disinfection is carried out in the premises. Waiting for the reception of the master takes place in a pleasant environment. Of course, if the salon fully complies with the requirement for this type of institution. The only drawback of the salons is the high price. Full grooming will cost 1500-2000 rubles, a simple haircut - 1000-1200 rubles.

A haircut with a master at home will cost less, because he does not have to pay for the rental of the premises, its arrangement. If you find a good groomer, you can make excellent dog haircuts for an affordable price. Although an unfortunate hairstyle is unlikely that anyone will be able to fix or return the money, unlike the salon. When calling a master at home, ask how much his service costs. Sometimes it is more expensive than grooming in the cabin. Especially when the master has to travel from afar. But at home, the dog feels calmer, cutting it will turn out without any problems.

What you need in order to cut the Yorkshire Terrier himself

If you decide that you will tidy up the York at home, you will need to take care of the following things:

  • special clothing with long sleeves or a bathrobe to protect the skin from small hairs that can cause itching and irritation. Choose clothes made from natural materials, as synthetics tend to be charged with static electricity,
  • place for the procedure - it can be a table with a tablecloth made of rubberized fabric,
  • a collar with a leash and a special tripod for fixing - this is necessary so that the dog does not turn its head and does not try to escape,
In order to cut York at home - there must be special equipment
  • scissors for children with rounded ends - they will be needed to shorten the hair near the eyes and ears,
  • straight and rounded scissors for removing wool on the back and abdomen,
  • a trimmer for the treatment of the nose, eye sockets and groin, where the skin is especially sensitive,
  • koltunorez,
  • comb and rubber massage brush,
  • claw cutter.

Grooming and haircut types

What does grooming of the Yorkshire Terrier include? In addition to haircuts, it is also the care of wool, ears and claws. A professional dog hairdresser will first examine the dog, check to see if he has parasites, skin irritations and other diseases. Then he cuts the fur behind the ears, between the fingers and goes to bathe York. Only professional shampoos specially designed for Yorkshire terriers or long-haired dogs are used for washing.

After the York is washed, its hair is dried, they begin to cut. The following types of hairstyles are distinguished:

A hygienic haircut involves cutting hair into the groin, around the anus, under the armpits, on the upper third of the ears and around the eyes. If the dog participates in exhibitions, it is necessary to cut it in a special way. Hairstyle has its own standard, which must not be violated. All hair remains long, including on the muzzle and at the base of the ears. Only its edging with filigree scissors is carried out.

Split wool removal

First, we always remove split ends - this procedure is as follows:

  • comb your pet with a ring cutter to remove loose hair,
  • separate the hair with a comb with long teeth,
  • take a small curl, twist it and cut off everything that sticks out,
  • do this wherever you plan to trim the dog.

Remember that damaged tips slow down the growth of hairs, so their removal is necessary.

Why cut

The coat of York is without undercoat, and the hair is similar in structure to human hair. Long straight strands fall beautifully from the sides.

Haircut provides ease of movement, facilitates hygiene procedures. It gives a neat appearance and makes the animal unique.

When choosing a haircut or hairstyle, the characteristics of the dog's coat are taken into account:

  • standard silky - you can choose any option,
  • fluffy, prone to being knocked down, electrified - Korean, short, “like a puppy”,
  • rigid - haircuts of medium length. Short ones will make the pet “naked”, and long hair will be cut off. He will look untidy.

You can trim the Yorkshire Terrier in a specialized salon or at home.

Where to carry out the procedure

To put York in order, you can:

  • invite a specialist home
  • to cut the pet with the master at home,
  • contact the salon
  • cut your hair yourself.

The safest, but expensive option is the procedure in the grooming salon. However, for a fee you will receive comfortable waiting conditions, processing with professional sterile instruments, specialist services, and a guarantee against errors. The owner has nothing to worry about. If the animal is thoroughbred, it is better to entrust pre-exhibition preparation to a professional groomer.

Calling a groomer at home is the most convenient but expensive option. If you take the dog home to a specialist, you will have to leave her with a stranger during the procedure, and the waiting conditions are unlikely to be comfortable.

In any case, you must be sure of the qualification of the master and the quality of the tools that he uses.

To cut the pet yourself, you will have to buy tools, acquire certain skills, periodically spend your time and nerves. But you will not depend on groomers.

At home

Cutting York is not easy. The most difficult thing is to achieve symmetry. It’s better to see how the master does it several times before starting to cut the house.

  • small scissors for children with round ends - for processing wool around the eyes, between fingers and ears,
  • straight long scissors - for the body,
  • bent-end scissors - for paws and tail,
  • machine
  • trimer for processing the nose, eyes, groin,
  • koltunorez,
  • comb with long teeth, brush, furminator,
  • guillotine claw cutter.

A place is prepared for the procedure (usually a table with good lighting), any rubberized rug, clothes for work (preferably from natural materials), a collar with a leash and a tripod for fixing.

At home, make hygienic and summer haircuts, adjust the standard, cut off the cut ends. The design of the face is of some difficulty. It is difficult to achieve a round shape and absolute symmetry. It will require training and dexterity.

Before the procedure, the pets bathe and dry the coat. You can use a hairdryer with warm air.

To cut the ends you cut:

  • comb the hair with a nail clipper, divide it into strands with a comb,
  • the curl is separated and twisted tightly,
  • take a curl by the end and cut off all the protruding hairs.

  • cut the ends
  • using a trimmer or clipper, remove the wool along the outer edge of the ear, leaving no more than 5 cm,
  • with scissors with round ends, shorten the hair at the transition from the forehead to the nose, on the back of the nose. Trim the area around the eyes, between the fingers and in the groin area. You can not cut the groin briefly. The coat will prick and disturb the animal. In the anus, shear shortly, capturing a large area for haircuts.

For the summer step by step:

  • carry out a hygienic haircut,
  • a machine with a 6 mm nozzle cuts the wool from the back and sides. The device lead from the back of the head to the groin. Go to the neck, the front of the chest. Armpits are cut with a 2 mm nozzle,
  • with small movements, the machine aligns the hair in the area between the front paws and chest, on the stomach,
  • curved tail scissors shape the tail,
  • line the fur on the legs along the bottom line. Claws are clipped right away
  • the hair on the face and head is raised with a comb with long teeth, straightened to the same length. Move the comb in the direction from the muzzle. If the dog does not wear a ponytail, you can remove the hair over the eyes, between the ears and on the forehead with a machine with a 6 mm nozzle. Form a rounded head shape,
  • Seat the dog sideways and cut the bottom edge. The pet is held by the jaw. They move from ears to muzzle, twisting slightly towards the nose,
  • they put York in the face toward him, raise his head and straighten his hair under the chin with the edges of the edges,
  • level the boundaries of the transition to the ears,
  • clean the length in front of the ears.

To adjust the long haircut, the hair is parted on the back and sheared everything below the required level. The back side of the paws is aligned with the floor. The front one is cut up to 20-30 cm. The cheekbones and cheeks are combed out and decorated so that the hair does not interfere with the dog's eating.

After the haircut, it is advisable to bathe and brush the York.

York haircut at home

To learn how to cut a dog at home, as an acquaintance, you can go to the salon once, see the process, then carefully study the video materials on this topic on the Internet and then start independent work.

If the dog participates in exhibitions, then in the off-season you can cut the animal yourself, and before the show entrust a professional groomer in the cabin. If York does not participate in competitions, and the length of the "skirt" is not important, then you can much more profitable to cut yourself.

There are several types of haircuts:

  • Hygienic. It is carried out once every 2-3 weeks. It is necessary to maintain the dog in order from the point of view of hygiene. Includes clipping, clipping of hair on the paws between the pads, inguinal region, under the tail, in the armpits, at the tips of the ears and near the eyes.
  • Model. Suitable for dogs not participating in shows. You can cut as you like. The main thing is to comply with hygiene requirements and the convenience of a pet. The most important thing is that no warlocks are formed.

  • Standard. The coat remains short at the tips of the ears, in the armpits, in the groin and under the tail. The rest is done one length at a time. This type of hairstyle creation is carried out by professional hairdressers before the competition, and in the intervals between them you carefully and often comb the dog and grow hair for this haircut, which has its own standards, in particular a “skirt” to the floor.

You need to comb the terrier 2-3 times a week, so as not to cut everything later.

Ideally, a dog should be washed once a week, but once every two weeks is also acceptable, most importantly, do not forget to comb many times.

Trimming is carried out as often as necessary. Hygienic - once every one and a half to three weeks, in extreme cases - once a month. The model can be carried out every 2-5 months. It all depends on the speed of hair growth. The standard one requires careful care and hair growth.

Tool and workplace for haircuts

If you are ready to constantly trim York on your own, then you will need an arsenal of improvised tools, which will cost a lot with a one-time purchase, but if you cut it once every one and a half to two weeks, it will pay for itself.

Tool List:

  • Table - The most important element of grooming a pet. If space and finances allow, then you should decide to buy a professional grooming table. A dog on such a table is fixed by a leash. You can also fix it with a special harness passing under the stomach. If the animal tolerates hairdressing procedures quite calmly, then you can get by with an ordinary table with a rubberized rug.

  • Hairdresser's scissors: straight and curved, medium or long (for clipping paws, muzzle and “skirts”), and small in size with rounded ends (for cutting areas requiring a neat approach).
  • Grooming machine - An important tool for cutting, which must be. Human cars are not suitable. There should be several nozzles (7 mm, 5 mm, 3.2 mm, 2 mm, etc.).
  • Trimmer - for the treatment of tender areas (armpits, inguinal region).
  • Combs - with long metal teeth, but not too frequent, and with frequent teeth of medium length. Plastic is not suitable for these dogs.
  • Slicker - a rectangular comb with iron cloves (without plastic balls at the ends!), With the help of which the mittens are combed.
  • Guillotine Nail Clipper - cut off claws that have grown.
  • Rubber mat on which the dog stands during the hairdressing procedure, so as not to slip. You can take a bath mat.

Where to start and how to finish a haircut York at home

The basic principles of a haircut Yorkshire Terrier - this accuracy and symmetry.

Consider all stages of cutting york and their sequence. We will take a hygienic haircut as a basis, because from it you can get any model or grow it into a standard one.

Combing the warlocks

The first action, before starting to "conjure" over the hair of a four-legged friend with the help of scissors and a typewriter, is to comb all the tangles. If the dog does not have them - you are the perfect owner!

If they are, then with the help of slicker we untangle. If there are rolled balls of wool that do not unravel, cut off with small scissors with rounded ends.

About washing before cutting

Yorkshire Terrier can be washed in the bathroom or in the sink. Lay a rubberized rug under the dog’s feet so that it does not slip.

To wash you need apply special shampoos and conditioners to facilitate combing. Shampoo is bred in a plastic bowl.

The dog is soaped from tail to neck, the head - last. Bathing water should be at room temperature!

You can wash off the foam with the help of a shower, you need to start from the head. After that wool must be slightly wrung out by hand, потом завернуть питомца в полотенце и высушить его с использованием фена.

Стрижка по областям

  • Уши. Выстригается одна треть внешней стороны уха по форме треугольника с помощью машинки с насадкой 2 мм или маленьким триммером. Потом выровняйте края ножницами, убирая лишнюю торчащую шерсть. Scissors need to be opened very narrowly, cut with small movements, so as not to injure the doggie.

Then we also remove all the hair from the inside of the ears. Extra thin hairs in the ear canal can be plucked with your fingers.

  • Claws. Carefully cut all the claws with a nail clipper at the angle at which it grinds. It is more convenient to do this after swimming, as the nails soften. If necessary, then additionally file with a nail file.
  • Wool between the paw pads. She cuts the machine to 5 mm. The dog should be fixed and not twitch.
  • Under the tail. In this part, the hairs must be removed with a 2 or 3 mm nozzle.
  • Groin area. Hair in this part of the body is also removed with a machine up to 3 mm. If a summer haircut is done, then the entire tummy is cut by a machine. If this is a boy, do not cut hair on intimate organs, as this is a natural protection against external irritants.
  • Armpits. Swift nozzle 2 mm. Here you need to cut very carefully and extremely carefully.
  • Back. It is necessary to start shaving from the tail with a machine with a nozzle of 1 cm or 7 mm. If you don’t leave your pet a “skirt”, then shave your entire body, including your stomach. If the coat remains, then York shave horizontally to a line equal to the middle of the distance from the upper back to the abdomen. Go through the same place several times to remove all excess hairs. You need to cut to the line between the ears - above you do not need to shave so short. Legs are not shaved, sheared only to the elbow.
  • Neck. With the help of a machine (the nozzle can be from 3 mm or more), excess hair is removed. Ahead she cuts to the throat (the beginning of the lower jaw).

  • Chest area. With small movements towards the middle of the chest, we pass with a wide machine (7 mm), then you can walk through a slightly smaller nozzle. In this case, you need to support the animal from the bottom behind the head.
  • Stomach. If you leave the terrier with long hair on the stomach, then they are aligned to the desired horizontal length using scissors. If the stomach is shaved, then - with a nozzle with a wide knife.
  • Paws Carefully comb the hair on the legs and with the help of scissors, pulling the hair horizontally, vertically trim the hair to a length of 5-10 cm. In this case, the wool should not stick out in different directions. The legs of the dog should look like some kind of fluffy “columns”. If you want to shave the legs of York, then take the nozzle less than 3 mm.
  • Tail. The tail can be cut as you like, or as it suits the existing hairstyle. You can shave the tail, leaving a length of 2-3 mm, and a brush on the tip. And you can trim it by 5-7 cm.
  • Head. This part of the body is cut last.

The first thing to do is comb your entire head so that the hairs hang down. Then you need to make a ponytail on the crown, collecting all the hair between the ears and those hairs that hang over your eyes.

If your pet does not wear ponytails, then with a 6 mm nozzle, shave all overgrown hair over the eyes, forehead, between the ears.

After that, plant the terrier with its profile toward you, hold it with one hand on the jaw so that it does not open its mouth, and shear the lower edge in an oval shape with scissors - the hair from the ears is a little higher, smoothly goes a little lower to the muzzle and a little wraps around the nose.

Then you turn to face you, raise your head and straighten part of the hair under the chin, which looks like a beard on an overgrown animal, but should form a horizontal line. After the edge, line with the edges of the hair trimmed before that, when York sat profile. Eventually should be a kind of "hat" of hair of the same length, ending where the neck begins. If you look in front, you will see a parting and hair hanging on both sides of the nose. Their length should be the same. After we clean the boundaries of the transition to the ears, remove the extra length in front of the ears, comb it.

Bathing after a haircut

After the haircut, it is very advisable to wash the dog in the same way as before the procedure for creating a hairstyle.

The procedure for self-cutting hair in a pet should be approached extremely responsibly and seriously. The most important thing is not to injure your pet and accustom him to regular grooming. And symmetry and creativity in hairstyles will come with experience!

Model haircuts

Options for model haircuts of the Yorkshire Terrier - this is a great field for imagination. You can use the ready-made options, from photos and videos on the network, or together with the wizard come up with your own exclusive option. In this case, the type of York coat should be considered. Almost any haircut is suitable for standard hair, for fluffy dogs it is easy to make a voluminous hairstyle, and for wire-haired hair they cut short or medium. Here are the most popular types of haircuts model Yorkshire terriers:

  • Under the puppy
  • Imitation of a different breed of dog
  • Short cut standard haircut
  • Skirt for girls
  • Pants for a boy
  • French braid.

Yorkshire Terrier photo haircuts for girls includes hairstyles with a skirt, short haircuts with a curl and a bow. A popular haircut for a Chinese crested dog and a French braid. Owners of girls try to give the appearance of their beauties grace and elegance. York turns into a real little princess. Many leave long curls on the head or on the whole body, which are tied with bows or elastic bands. Such wool requires more thorough care and combing.

Male Yorkshire Terrier photo haircuts for boys also has a variety of. The most popular is a short-cropped body with “poodle” panties. A haircut for a puppy looks beautiful when a 2-3 cm long hair is left on the body, the upper part of the ears is cut off, and on the face the hair is slightly shortened, the bangs are not made. Beautiful haircut for a boy, imitating Spitz or Fox Terrier. To create a hairstyle, scissors, a machine, special brushes and combs are used.

House haircut rules

In order to cut the Yorkshire Terrier at home, you need to know some rules. If you are a beginner dog hairdresser, it is best to pay attention to simple haircut options. The show dog, in between competitions, you can tidy yourself. But before responsible entry into the ring, it is right to do professional grooming in the salon.

Haircutting tools

If you decide to cut the York yourself, you will need to stock up on a number of tools. You will need:

  • Scissors, at least 3 pieces. One pair with long straight blades to cut the body, a pair with long curved blades for clipping legs, a pair of small scissors with curved tips, for ears, eyelet.
  • Clipper with multiple blades. It is best to buy an electric one that works both on battery and on mains. Then you can take it with you on trips, take it to exhibitions.
  • Trimmer to cut the hair around the buttocks, tail, on the face, and in the ear canals.
  • A set of combs of various formats (preferably metal), massage brush, furminator.
  • Koltunorez
  • A rubber mat that does not slip (you can take a regular one designed for a bath or a car).
  • Guillotine type clipper.

It is desirable to carry out a haircut in clothes made of natural fabric, it does not electrify the wool. Before the procedure, York need to bathe and dry.

What haircut can be done at home

The Yorkshire Terrier in the haircut photo can look great. But this does not mean that you will be able to make a model hairstyle the first time. First you need to learn how to do the usual hygienic haircut, including cutting hair from the ears, butt, groin and armpits. To do this, use small scissors with curved blades, always sharp. The hair is thoroughly combed and cut almost at the root. On the ears, it is cut only in the upper third. You can make a pattern in the form of a triangle or rhombus. Around the eye, you need to cut it especially carefully so as not to harm the dog.

If the Yorkshire Terrier has a standard haircut, the scheme for adjusting it is simple. The strands are cut under the ruler at the floor level, with long scissors with a straight blade. On the legs, the haircut is adjusted with scissors with a concave blade. In summer, you can make a shortened standard haircut, cut the wool to the upper third of the legs or along the very edge of the body. It is much more difficult to learn how to use the machine at home if you have not cut anyone before. You need to carefully read the instructions, or even better, ask the advice of a professional groomer.

The machine is useful for the original hairstyle with a skirt for girls. In this case, the back is shaved, and curls are left on the sides, up to half the length of the paw. The muzzle is cut with scissors shortly. The girl will look lovely with a French pigtail. You need to leave a strand of hair on your back, and shave the rest of the body. A strand is braided into a braid, or intercepted with elastic bands. a short haircut with panties is suitable for the boy. the face is also cut short, without a hook. You can see in more detail how the Yorkshire Terrier looks and a photo of his haircut, you can on the numerous pictures on the network. Video lessons or classes in special courses will not interfere.

When do you need to cut york

There is an erroneous opinion that the Yorkshire Terrier should not be trimmed for up to a year. This is actually not the case. In this breed of dogs, hair grows rapidly. The delicate and fluffy undercoat of puppies easily rolls, it is difficult to comb it later. To prevent the formation of warlocks, it is recommended to trim the York from an early age, no later than six months. In this case, a machine and scissors can be used.

Hygienic haircut

The following is a hygienic haircut puppy York:

  • using a trimmer, carefully process the outer edge of the ear, leaving about 5 centimeters in length,
  • shorten hairs at the transitions with rounded scissors,
  • with the same scissors, treat the areas around the eyes, inside the ears, in the groin and between the fingers, the recommended length is 1 centimeter.

Next, you can perform a model haircut using your imagination or ready-made solutions that can be found in photos on the Internet.

Nail cutting

Clipping a claw is also a must - because the claws, if they are not shortened, begin to crack and bleed, causing severe pain to your pet.

Like human nails, york nails should be trimmed regularly

If you hear a dog clatter while walking on a parquet, then the time has come to cut its claws. Before you trim the claws of a York puppy to handle this procedure, stock up on the following:

  • claw cutter
  • cotton swabs,
  • nail scissors
  • nailfile,
  • dry potassium permanganate.
After cutting, the dog's nails should be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate

Next, we give step-by-step recommendations on how to cut york nails:

  • put the pet on your lap and fix it tightly,
  • slide the wool from the finger that you plan to process, and gently press on it - the claw will extend and it will be more convenient to cut it,
  • at an angle of 45 degrees, trying not to touch the nail bed, cut the claw,
  • do not forget about the fifth fingers that are not visible,
  • if you accidentally hooked on the nail bed and blood came out, treat this place with a cotton swab, dipping it in dry potassium permanganate,
  • clipped claw is too sharp - your pet may injure himself or anyone else. So treat it with a file,
  • then remove all the wool from the base of the paw - dried dirt accumulates there. Dogs love this procedure much more than the claw trimming that precedes it.

And finally, one more piece of advice - nail clipping is best done after bathing, when it is softened and processed well. If you didn’t have a claw cutter - it’s okay, you will be able to cope with the help of ordinary nail scissors.


Clipping and claw trimming is very important for your pet to look attractive and healthy. Remember that these procedures are necessary for his well-being. Believe me, a dog who feels care and attention from the owners, feels happy and gives his sincere love and devotion in response.