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How to use WhatsApp on your phone


As already probably known, Vatsap allows users to communicate with each other. And this can be done both with the help of familiar text messages to each other, and through voice and video calls.

But a newbie who has just downloaded the program can spend valuable time before she can figure it out on her own. So you can offer a small guide on the most important functions of Vatsap:

How to register in Vatsap

To create an account in WhatsApp, you will need to enter your phone number at the first launch of the program. Then, an SMS code with an access code will be received at this number. This code is entered in another messenger field - and only after that we can assume that the profile activation was successful.

Sending text messages

Text messages - The most important communication tool in Vatsap. And therefore, to know how to write it and how to send it should first of all. To do this, you need:

  1. run Vatsap on a smartphone,
  2. go to tab Chats. Here is a list of existing chat rooms. If the list is empty, then go to the next item,
  3. namely, to the tab contacts. There is a list of users available for correspondence. All that remains to be noted is the right one, and a chat with him will immediately open. After typing the message, you can now click on the submit button in the lower right corner of the screen.

What you can attach to your message

WhatsApp allows you to attach text messages Pictures, video clips, as well as snapshots from the camera, information about location, voice messages, any other document. To attach a file, you will need to be in the chat mode, press the button with the image of a paper clip. All that remains is to choose the type of preferred attachment, mark the desired file for sending - and, in fact, send the message. And to send a smiley, you need to click on the icon with a smiley in the message input field - on the left -.

Calls in Watsap: how to make them

The most obvious way can be considered as follows:

  1. run Vatsap on the phone,
  2. select the tab "Calls»,
  3. press the button in the form of a handset with a Plus sign in the upper right part of the display,
  4. a list of all available users will open,
  5. if you need to make a call via voice communication, then the button with the handset is pressed. If through video - then on the image of a stylized video camera.

You can also call the other person directly from the chat. For this, a special button in the form of a telephone handset is provided at the top of the interface. Push - and call.

Of course, it is simply impossible to describe the entire functionality of the program within one article. But, if you know how to use Vatsap on Android, even its most important functions, then you can actively communicate on the Web with your old friends - for free and without any restrictions.

Step 1: use text messages

After binding, you will need to run “Vatsap” and get familiar with the interface. It is available in many languages, including Russian, so there will be no difficulties with understanding the proposed functions on the smartphone.

Dealing with the method of sending a messenger is easy:

  • go to the tab "Chats". On the "iPhone" it is located at the bottom of the display, in the "Android" - at the top. On the page that opens, there are dialogs with which you can send messages to other people and see the history of conversations with them,
  • click on the button for creating a new message. On the iPhone, it is located at the top right and is made in the form of a sign with a pencil and notebook, and on Android devices, at the bottom in the right corner, in the form of a notification logo. There are several things you can do on the new page.
  • enter message in area for text Watsapa on the phone. It is located below the information about the interlocutor or group chat,
  • click on the submit button. She is depicted as a small airplane on a green background. After clicking, your message will be sent to the user. From this moment on the open page the history of the dialogue will be displayed.

If you are distracted from one user in order to answer another, and then you need to return, you must click on the name of the contact or group conversation in the "Chats»

Step 2: attach files and voice chat

How to use Vatsap on Android?

You can communicate using voice and send multimedia files on your tablet or phone:

  • click on the attachment attachment icon. On iPhone, this is a plus sign to the left of the text area, and on Android, a clip on the right,
  • press and hold the microphone key. It is located to the right of the text area at the bottom of the page. Holding starts recording an audio file, which then can be sent to the other party. To forward it, after the recording is completed, you need to release the button,
  • make a video or audio call. Just click on the handset or camera icon in the upper right. If the person decides to answer, you can even chat on the tablet - just like in a regular phone conversation.

You need to make sure that the device is connected to Wi-Fi, because the messenger can consume a lot of traffic when making voice calls and transferring files. This step-by-step instruction describes all the basic functions for full communication with other interlocutors.