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How to subscribe to a blog


Mailing lists can make sending messages to large groups of people easier. You can add a group of email addresses to the mailing list so that you don’t type these email addresses each time you send a message. This can be useful when sending newsletters or other updates to large groups of people.

A mailing list is created in the Mail section. It is necessary to fill in the fields: list name, select a domain and specify a password.

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Feeds are special web-markup tapes that are adapted for reading in readers (programs and online services). The characteristic striped buttons in yellow or red can be found on any blog. Subscribing through feeds is the most universal.

Blogger generates two kinds of feeds:

  1. atom (link - http: // your_domain / feeds / posts / default or http: //your_domain/atom.xml)
  2. rss (link - http: // your_domain / feeds / posts / default? alt = rss or http: //your_domain/rss.xml)

Blogger’s main and main feed is the Atom feed.

Blogger feeds are generated not only for posts (internal article pages), but also:

  • for shortcuts
  • for comments
  • and even every single message

You can read more about feeds in the Blogger Feed URL Help.

But feeds in their pure form are not very convenient, so Google has purchased and supports the service Feedburner, which can "burn out" (adapt) any feed for reading, provides statistics, the possibility of mailing and even cross-posting on Twitter.

FeedBurner automatic feed redirection is configured in the admin interface on the tab Settings - Other - Site feed.

Buttons for subscribing via feed are provided in the official “Subscription links” gadget, and in the Dynamic Promotion template there is an RSS button in the side menu.

An example of a beautifully designed subscription block in the sidebar ( website):


Attention! This type of subscription is out of date! Its use is not recommended.
FriendConnect technology allows you to connect blogs through a special gadget, “Followers” ​​(posted on the blog), through which you can subscribe to the blog and read it in your reading list on the main page of the admin interface.

The people describe this method as follows:

  • become a pech (regular reader)
  • gadget puc (regular readers gadget)
  • my pech (my regular readers)

Mailing list

Mailing list (mailing your articles to subscribers to Email) can be organized using various services, but there are practically no free ones.

Blogger provides mailing in the Email Newsletter gadget. This newsletter works using the same FriendConnect (see above). When you create this gadget, a feed is created for the blog in the FrienConnect admin interface, which you can and should use to create a subscription via the feed (see above).

Example of a homemade Email Subscription Button:

Or subscribe to comments via Email (also done through FeedBurner):

Social networks

Subscribing through social networks is a progressive and convenient way to bring readers the latest information from your blog.

Bright representatives of these social. networks:

  • Facebook
  • VK
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Bloglovin '

In FaceBook and VK, you can create a group or page for a blog. On Twitter, create a separate account, and on Google+ create a page +, as well as a community.

Subscribing via Google+ is now almost mandatory for every Blogger blog. It is foolish not to use the opportunities that this service provides:

  • share button, which is used on almost all Google services: from Web search to Adsense
  • all the features of Google+ as a social network (subscribers and discussions)
  • Google+ comments for blog
  • authorship
  • the presence of the Google+ profile icon in the blog search results

As for subscribers via Google+, an appropriate gadget was made for their agitation and display.

Example of organizing a subscription via Google+ (subscribe to the + page) and Bloglovin ' (button under the gadget):

Concerning Google+, then I recommend that you subscribe not to your profile, but to a specially made page + for your blog. The specific page that will become official must be specified in the Google+ tab settings in the Blogger admin interface:

And there you can see a daw "Invite to share your post on Google+". This is semi-automatic cross-posting. Each time a post is posted, Blogger will automatically show a window with the announcement of the post for the specified page on Google+.

For more information on subscribing via Google+, see the article How to subscribe to a blog via Google+.

Now let's talk about Bloglovin '. This service is more popular on women's blogs. In some respects, it resembles FriendConnect and even Google+, only here the publication is automatic: you register on the service, enter your blog, put a button, and Bloglovin itself forms a reading tape in the form of such announcements:

Reading the full versions of messages takes place in a frame (common practice for such services).

Bloglovin 'also has subscribers, a counter, widgets for blogs, likes and buttons of social networks. The network itself is divided into categories for easy reading, there is a search.

If you have successful examples of organizing blog subscriptions in various ways, throw a link with a description directly in the comments.

Hello my dear readers!

So, you have come to the stage when you need to set up a subscription form for your readers on your website or blog in order to start collecting a subscriber base and sending out the most interesting articles and offers for your readers. From the article you will learn: 1) how to do e-mail newsletters yourself, how to properly send out e-mails, 2) how to make a subscription form on the wordpress website, 3) which email service to choose, 4) how to write emails correctly, 5) how to avoid getting into SPAM. At the end of the article - training videoby email copywriting - How to write letters for distribution yourself.

The article has a lot of valuable information for which many webmasters have spent years. You will get the answers to all these questions right now by reading the article to the end:

  1. Why do I need a subscription form on a blog or website?
  2. How to make a resource visitor leave their email address?
  3. Where is the most effective way to place a subscription form on a site?
  4. How to name the subscription form?
  5. What email list services to use for mailing and creating a subscription form?
  6. Technical plan: how to make a subscription form on the wordpress website?
  7. How to send newsletters? How do I do my own email list?
  8. What should a mailing list look like?
  9. How not to get into SPAM?

The article turned out to be voluminous, so I divided it into 2 parts - theoretical and technical. From this part you will learn many useful features, such as where it is more efficient to establish a subscription form? How often should I send letters to my subscribers? And in the 2nd part there will be settings with screenshots and videos.

1. Why do I need a subscription form on a blog or website?

I will say briefly. If you want you to have a live project, you need to create a community of real people who share a common interest in the topic of your resource. There are simply informational sites where people come by a search query for information most likely 1 time in their life and never return.

If the project is “lively” and it has a constant audience of readers, then they will constantly return to it, save it in bookmarks, communicate and discuss in the comments.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that such projects are more interesting for advertisers. Accordingly, the construction of just such a project in the future can bring you good income.

Many ask When do I need to set up a blog or website subscription form? I answer: you do not have to wait for a certain number of visitors to appear on the site and only after that put the subscription form.

The subscription form must be set from the very birth of the site and begin to collect a community of people who are united by interest in the topic of your site.

There is another important plus in setting up a subscription form on the site: in addition to communicating in the comments, you will get the opportunity to communicate with your readers by sending them letters (but no more than 1 time per week).

In letters you can simply write your ideas or thoughts, as well as recommend interesting proposals for your affiliate programs (link to the article). Thus, your newsletter is an additional monetization of your project.

3. Where is the most effective way to place a subscription form on the site?

I used to think that the most effective place is in the right sidebar. But my analytics metrics and other webmasters' metrics show that The sidebar subscription form works the worst. But this does not mean that it should not be placed there. Some number of visitors still subscribe in this form

So, where and how to make a subscription form on the wordpress website? The subscription form at the end of the article works best.. It subscribes readers 5-10 times more than in the form placed in the right sidebar of the site.

Some use pop-up calls to subscribe. I would not recommend using them for 2 reasons. Firstly, it can annoy your readers and, accordingly, potential subscribers. Secondly, scripts that are used for pop-ups are often negatively perceived by search engines.

Summary. Where to install the subscription form on the site
  • We place the subscription form in the right sidebar right under the site header
  • We place the subscription form at the end of the articles (the most effective place for the subscription form)
  • Subscription call popups not recommended

You may ask what is the cost of using these services?

Getresponse cost. Getresponse mailing costs from $ 12 per month, there is a possibility try for free - 30 days. All tariffs you can see at this link.

Mailchimp Cost for beginners free package - up to 2000 subscribers and up to 15000 letters per month, a paid package starts at $ 10. All rates see here.

Cost Unisender - up to 100 subscribers and an unlimited number of letters - for free (“Darom” package), there is a “Rare” package - the cost of 1 letter is $ 0.005 and the “Frequently” package costs $ 10 (depends on the number of subscribers). See all rates here.

Cost Allinoneprofits (AIOP) - UNLIMITED (!) Number of letters per month for an UNLIMITED (!) Database of subscribers + hosting, blog, landing page designer, plugins - it costs only $ 22. This is a Pro package. There is a Basic package for $ 11 - also an unlimited database and an unlimited number of letters, but without the sensational tools of Internet marketing. See all tariffs here in the Products menu.

Anticipating the question in the comments about feedburner serviceI’ll say a few words about this service. Previously, it was an independent service, by the way, very popular. Now it works as one of Google’s services, but that’s not the point. I do not recommend using this service for several reasons.

Firstly, it is not manageable and by default sends all your new articles to all subscribers, you cannot exclude any of the articles. In addition, he has failures, he can send what he has already sent, which is not very, to put it mildly, like subscribers.

And most importantly, by default (without special settings) the articles are sent as a whole, and not with a link to the article. Those. Your subscribers receive an article in the mail and do not even go to your site, which negatively affects the traffic to your site.

The only indisputable advantage of this resource is its free.

*Earlier in this section, the excellent service was indicated Smartwatch, but unfortunately, its owner decided to close this project.

8. What should a mailing list look like?

For visual perception, it is desirable that there is a beautiful hat of the letter, designed by the designer. Desirable, but not necessary, as the letter weighs more and may not be displayed correctly in all email clients.

More importantly, text and font of letters was always the same and recognizable

In the very the beginning of the letter information must always be provided why the reader received this letter. The reader may forget, therefore it is important to indicate that you have received the letter, because subscribed to my newsletter.

AT end of letter it is necessary to indicate information why the reader received a letter and the possibility of unsubscribing.

Summary. What should the letter look like
  • Designer hat is desirable
  • The text (font, style) of letters should be the same and recognizable
  • At the beginning of the letter info why the subscriber received the letter
  • At the end of the letter - info, why I received and about the opportunity to unsubscribe


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