Useful Tips

Dear authors!


Even at the stage of writing the manuscript, the writer should ask himself whether the presentation format is suitable for the selected publisher? If the confidence that it is so becomes higher than doubt, then special attention should be paid to the literacy of the text, its logical construction.

Experts in this field advise re-reading the finished manuscript not only immediately after completion, but after a month or more, to fully make sure that you have not made annoying mistakes. In addition, this will help to look a little detached at the plot and your own manner of presentation, re-evaluate them and already decide on specific actions.

Proper design

You can send your manuscript to a publisher in two main ways: by mail and online. And in that, and in another case, the text must be correctly formatted, otherwise the editors can postpone it, having considered only the first page.

To arrange the manuscript according to all standards, it is necessary that the text file can be opened in Microsoft Word 2003. Avoiding experiments that are unacceptable for editors, we select the classic font styles Arial and Times New Roman. Their color should be black, and the size should be 12 or 10 for annotations, footnotes and pagination. Indents on all sides of the text should be 3 cm, and line spacing - 1.5 cm.

The title page is not issued separately if it is not stipulated by the terms of a particular publisher, that is, the title and the first chapter are printed together. The number on the first page is not put down, but information about the author is indicated in the upper left corner:

- name and alleged pseudonym,
- genre and title of the work,
- the volume of text in copyright sheets,
- The address of the writer and his contact details, including e-mail.

One copyright sheet is 40,000 characters with spaces according to Microsoft Word statistics. To create the maximum convenience for reading and to avoid the loss of a copy of the manuscript sent to the editor, on each page in the upper right corner are page numbers, and in the upper left corner, briefly, name of the author, title of the work. If necessary, it can be reduced.

While typing each next chapter, you should go to a new sheet and leave its upper part empty for editor's notes. If the manuscript must be sent in printed form, then you need to prepare a copy. It is not necessary to fasten the printed sheets - so it will be more convenient for editors to work. Make the manuscript in the mail as a registered parcel with a receipt of delivery to the publisher. This will help you make sure that the work has reached the publisher and is now pending review.

Manuscript Submission: Action Plan

1. Write and properly draw up the manuscript.

2. Reread the work for errors and typos.

3. Select publishers from the lists provided on specialized sites.

4. Write a synopsis - a brief summary of your work, attach it to the main text as a separate file or on a separate sheet.

5. Send the manuscript to the addresses of selected publishers via the Internet or mail.

6. After a few days - a week, contact the publishers to confirm that your manuscript is in development.

7. Next is a long wait. As a rule, it takes 1-3 months to review the manuscript, after which the publishing house itself contacts the author. If this has not happened during this period of time, you can ask yourself about the fate of your creation. Before this period, you should not call or write to the publisher.

Manuscript review conditions

1) We review texts and make decisions within 6-12 months. We thank in advance all the authors who will provide us with manuscripts and information about them, but please take into account that sometimes the stated dates due to objective reasons cannot be met.

2) e-mail: [email protected] not intended for receiving manuscripts.

3) We do not consider:
- passages and parts of manuscripts and ideas of works,
- handwritten manuscripts.

4) In accordance with the rules of the publisher Manuscripts will not be reviewed and returned.

5) Only applications that are considered satisfy all the requirements for the design of materials.

If you are interested in working with your manuscript, the editors themselves will contact you on the left coordinates.

Please note that by sending the manuscript to us, you are responsible for its legitimacy. In turn, we undertake not to transfer the received manuscripts to third parties.

Material Requirements

1) In the body of the letter you must:

1.1. Indicate the name of the manuscript. If the book fits one of the existing series, then indicate the name of the series.

1.2. Indicate the genre in which the manuscript is written: science fiction, fantasy, detective story, children's literature, modern prose, historical novel, etc.

1.3. Indicate information about the author: name, age, education, previous publications and be sure to specify contacts in detail (mail, preferably mobile and home phones).

2) Manuscript must be attached to the letter as a separate file

2.1 Manuscripts should be sent in full. We do not take for consideration individual fragments of manuscripts, synopsises and authors' sentences separately from manuscripts, we do not consider links to a book published on various Internet resources.

2.2 The volume of the manuscript should be:

  • Applied literature - at least 3 copyright sheets
  • Teenage literature - at least 5 copyright sheets
  • Fiction - at least 7 copyright sheets (fiction and fantasy - at least 12 copyright sheets).

You can find out what a copyright sheet is here.

2.3 Manuscripts are accepted only in electronic form, sent through the manuscript submission form. We do not accept flash drives or other media.

2.4 The manuscript must be in one file. We will not take into consideration the manuscript of the novel, consisting, for example, of 60 chapters, each of which is in a separate file.

2.5 Materials sent by email must be in doc format (Microsoft Word). If the file size is more than 2 megabytes, please archive it (ZIP archiver, or RAR).

2.6 Do not forget to duplicate your contact information in the manuscript file. Then, if the answer is yes, it will be easier for the editor to contact you.