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Organizing your own wedding: where to start


Finally, important words have been spoken, the coveted offer has been received, a ring shines cheerfully on the finger. Hurrah! Congratulations on your new status. You are now a bride!

This is an endlessly exciting and special period from engagement to wedding, which will never happen again and during which you need to do a lot, not to forget, organize and implement.

We have selected for you a number of tips and tricks that will help you do everything ahead of time and save you from unnecessary hassle on the most important day in life. After all, this is your holiday and the main task is to prepare everything so that when the wedding day comes, you can enjoy every minute, calmly do makeup and hair and enjoy every minute of this unforgettable event.

1. Wedding date

When choosing a wedding date, make sure that this day is a day off. Still, you need to think about the guests. In most registry offices, the date of the celebration is set after a certain number of days from the date of application. So it’s better to ask in advance exactly when you need to come in order to get the desired number of the month you need.

2. Wedding concept

The concept of a wedding can be varied. You can make a wedding in a folk style, in a mega-modern, in a classic, in a vintage, in a rocker, sports, oriental, etc. It all depends on your personal wishes and fantasies. The main thing is that all the details are designed in the same style. That is, if you have a wedding in a national style, then in the same style there should be invitations, and the design of the hall and everything else. It’s good to pick out a few basic “corporate” colors in which all the details of the event will be sustained. You can also indicate the wishes of the dress code in the invitations so that guests can better prepare.

3. Wedding

If you are going to not only register your relations in a civil order, but also get married - you need to make sure that there are no posts, big holidays or any other exceptions on this day. Representatives of religious organizations usually do not marry without a marriage certificate. So it’s better to set a wedding time after registration at the registry office. There may be exceptions when the church meets and holds the sacrament before the official procedure, but then you will have to make a commitment to return to the church office with a marriage certificate, and only then you can get a document confirming the wedding procedure.

4. Special courses

In many religious institutions, marriages are required to undergo special training courses to obtain permission to get married. Make sure you manage to enroll in the nearest group. Typically, such courses last 4 weeks and include lectures by a family psychologist, clergy, and family counselors on family planning. I strongly advise you to attend classes. The information will help to better understand how your views with the groom on the institution of marriage, life values ​​and childbirth coincide, as well as to verify the correctness of the choice made and the decision made. Also, such classes will bring you closer to your chosen one and help relieve tension, as well as prevent the so-called "pre-wedding psychosis." Yes, yes, it exists!

5. Choosing a place

When choosing a place, try to take into account not only the time of year and the traffic intersection, but also the surrounding area, opening hours, hall layout. Ask what time you can hold the event, and if the institution has an additional fee for each out-of-hours hour. Find out if your wedding will be the only one on this day. Specify what sound equipment is available and whether you can use it.

7. Dance floor

Make sure that in the hall where the banquet will be, there is enough space for dancing or that the dance floor can be placed immediately at the exit from the banquet hall. See if there is a smoking area, parking, a fireworks area. Ask the administration of the institution if there are any restrictions on the importation of equipment, the use of certain premises, etc. Having made a choice, be sure to get a written confirmation of the reservation and make a deposit.

8. Invitation cards

Paper, envelopes, design layout, text, map, how to get there. Most companies selling designer cardboard and paper will help you choose cardboard for invitations and paper for envelopes from the catalog. An experienced designer who can be found simply on the Internet will help you create a layout of the invitation and envelope. Ideas for invitations can be found on the Internet, and the colors can be used the same as in the design of the interior and floral design. These will be your "corporate colors." Very conceptual and stylish. If the location of the wedding is difficult to find, then you can put in the envelopes with invitations small cards of the route of the entrance to the venue.

10. Seating

At a table with young people it is customary to plant friends and girlfriends of the bride and groom, as well as parents. The remaining tables can be 6-10 people. or stand in length with the letter P. It depends on the size and capacity of the room, as well as your personal wishes. Make sure that all guests can clearly see the center of the hall and the table of the young. For this, tables can be put "herringbone".

Seating plan
Ask the administration of the establishment to send you an electronic seating plan so that you can determine a place for everyone from the list of guests. When seating guests, try to group them by age or family, dilute the guests of the groom with the guests of the bride so that everyone gets to know each other and fully feel part of the holiday.

11. Guest cards

Design cards for guests, caskets for cash gifts, a sheet with a layout and table numbers, select according to the "corporate colors" of your wedding. Sign the cards manually or print immediately with the names in the verbal form that will be pleasant to the guests. For example, “Mommy Luda”, sister Katya Storozhenko, etc. As stands for cards, you can use fruits, decor elements and a variety of design ideas. On this issue, it is better to consult a designer or wedding planner. You can also spy ideas on the Internet.

12. Casket for cash gifts

Think in advance where it will be convenient for you to identify the box with the cash gifts brought, as well as other gifts, so that the matter does not end with the fact that your mothers or fathers will have a wedding to watch your valuables. Ask someone from the trustees to take over this function or determine the room where you will close all this.

13. Presentation procedure

Usually, guests tend to get rid of gifts and flowers as soon as possible. Your host or wedding manager should warn everyone beforehand when it will be possible to congratulate the young. We recommend that you do this after all the official procedures and before seating at the tables. Guests will be uncomfortable sitting at a table with flowers and possibly large boxes.

14. Aperitif

Organize an aperitif before the banquet, during which guests can enjoy refreshments and give gifts. The host can announce the procedure, and you, standing at the specially prepared table at the entrance to the hall, will accept congratulations and gifts. On the table can stand a loaf, flower arrangement or a slide of champagne, from which guests can take a glass after giving a gift. It will turn out a beautiful picture for a photo.

15. Memorable gifts for guests

Guests will be pleased if they have something to remember about your event. You can invite a special photographer who will make a photo magnet for each guest in a frame with your names and wedding date right during the event. You can prepare bonbonnieres - boxes or bags with wedding sweets and put them on plates to guests immediately before the banquet. You can prepare more serious gifts - figurines, CDs with a selection of music, Easter cakes, angels, etc. (the choice can be very wide) and ask the wedding manager to present gifts to guests at the exit. You can give gifts while congratulating the young while giving gifts to the newlyweds.

16. Accommodation

If you have nonresident guests or if the venue of your holiday generally means a distant point on the map, check in advance whether it is easy to get to the place from the cities where the guests will stay and about the night for them. Arrange with family and friends who will be able to host guests.

17. Hotel for guests

Find out if there is a hotel nearby that can accommodate the right number of guests. Book in advance the required number of seats, make a deposit, which you can pick up as soon as the guests arrive and pay for their stay. Enter the information on the reserved hotel rooms and the cost of living in the invitation text so that the guests know in advance where they will be able to settle and understand what budget they need to have to pay for their stay.

18. Transfer to the place of guests settlement

If your nonresident guests are many and they arrive by train or plane at about the same time, then you can take care of them by hiring a minibus or other transport that will meet them and bring them to the place of settlement. Information about the transfer can also be indicated in the invitation along with the time of transport. And to make it easy for guests to find it in the windshield of the bus, you can put a sign with your names. For example, "at the wedding of Ani and Victor." And the necessary information is also an additional positive emotion, and guests feel that they are taken care of.

To begin, decide whether you want to sew, buy ready-made or rent a wedding outfit. Sewing is simple. Find the model you like best and the good tailor. It is better to use proven recommendations to avoid disappointment. But ready-made dresses must be watched in salons. Choose a salon on the Internet that you will enjoy with a wealth of choices and pricing. You can not one, but several. Allocate 4-5 hours for each salon.

20. Calculate time

Call and arrange a visit time. Take your mom or friend you trust with you. The procedure for choosing a dress can be turned into entertainment. Most salons offer coffee, tea, you can bring champagne with you. Measure everything in order to determine the style that suits you best, and then narrow down the scope of the search by choosing what you like best. Please note that a dress with a train will complicate the movement and can be very dirty. Consider the time of year of the wedding. If it falls in the winter, early spring or late autumn - take care of the cloak.

There is such a concept in the salons as the "first rental". This is when the dress is sewn for you, and you rent it for the first time. As a rule, you need to pay the full amount of the cost of the order during registration, and after returning you will be returned half the cost back. The rental price is 50% of the price. Rent lasts no more than 5 days. Try to make sure that the dress will be returned on time, safe and sound. If there is damage, the dress may not accept or refund the security deposit. In order to reduce the likelihood of damage, be careful to wear, while dancing, etc. Having picked up the desired option, take a picture of it in different angles. Think for a while, consult with someone to make sure that you have chosen exactly what you wanted.

Do not give a veil for rent. It is sewn or bought personally for you. Choose a veil in advance and according to the concept of dress and hairstyle. A short veil is more convenient, but there are models of dresses that only need a long veil. Instead of veils, you can consider the option of hats, tiaras or a wreath of fresh flowers.

23. Jewelry

They need to be selected in the general concept of the image. If you have a wedding ring in white gold or platinum, then the remaining jewelry is better to choose in a steel-colored frame. If the ring is made of yellow gold or pink, then the jewelry should match. It is better to choose long earrings for dresses with an open top. Small or large clips are attached to the collar. For the convenience of wearing veils, you can purchase a festive comb and sew a veil to it. It is better not to wear rings at all - so you emphasize the beauty and exclusivity of the engagement ring.

25. Wedding shoes

Shoes, of course, need to be selected after buying a dress. Remember that you have to spend at least 12 hours in these shoes and not just spend, but run, walk on lawns, paved pavements, dance, etc. Therefore, either sacrifice beauty in favor of convenience, or immediately prepare replacement shoes for long transitions or in case of fatigue. Replaceable shoes should also be festive. Just some shoes can be in heels, and the second pair can be in the format of “ballet shoes”. Fortunately, now there is a large selection of ballet shoes of any color and with any decor. Replaceable shoes, as well as a cloak in case of cold, can be assigned to wear one of the bridesmaids or the wedding steward.

Memo! Remember also that in shoes the bride should not be significantly higher than the groom. Even if you both do not attach any importance to this, then in the photographs this factor will not play in your favor.

Plain traditional wedding

Registration in the registry office to the sounds of the Mendelssohn march and the solemn words of the state registrar will suit those newlyweds who do not want a magnificent and pathos ceremony. And the money saved can be spent on a further banquet, a professional cameraman or photographer, or a honeymoon trip.

Official exit ceremony

Innovations in marriage legislation in accordance with the order of the Moscow Government “On the organization of activities for state registration of marriage in a festive atmosphere” of 6.10.2006 allow for a wedding ceremony outside the registry office.

Such places for exit registration of marriage can be picturesque cultural and historical sites of the city, a list of which can be found on the official website of the Office of Civil Status Registration of Moscow

Direct exit registration

This option is suitable for those who are not residents of Moscow, but want to have a wedding in a picturesque place. You can register a marriage in an informal setting in the registry office, and then hold a magnificent ceremony in nature, in a park, on the beach or in the forest.

In this article you will learn the details of how to independently organize a production exit registration, what should be taken into account in the preparation and how to calculate the approximate cost of the event.

Modest wedding

Not everyone has money for a magnificent wedding. And even if there is money, this does not mean that they must be spent on organizing a noisy party. Recently, more and more people prefer modest weddings without magnificent celebrations. Saved money can be invested in anything more significant: an apartment, a car, repairs, a luxurious honeymoon, in the end.

From this article you will learn how to arrange a memorable holiday without investing a lot of money in it and articles of the wedding budget, which you can save on without losing quality.

Celebration time

The next step is to set a wedding time. Most weddings in Russia are held from May to October. This is, of course, connected with the peculiarities of our climate - in many regions it is too cold in winter.

In addition, the date of the wedding must be agreed with all guests. The faster you decide on a date, the easier it will be for your guests. They will be able to advance the planned affairs in advance, take leave of their superiors, and think about a gift. It is best to notify guests 3-4 months before the celebration.

Application to the registry office

The next step is to submit an application to the registry office. By law, this must be done. at least a month before the wedding. Nevertheless, this should be done in advance - for 2-3 months. More information about the application deadlines: how many days before the wedding it is better to submit an application, is it possible to reduce the time and sign it faster.

You can find out how to correctly fill out an application for registration of marriage in this article. There you can download an empty application form to fill it in at home in advance and come to the registry office with a ready-made document.

Not so long ago, an innovation appeared in the marriage legislation of Moscow, allowing you to submit an application to the registry office on-line. For this, you also need to pay a state fee of 350 rubles. and register on the portal

Guest list

By submitting an application to the registry office, you can determine the guests at the wedding. Who is better to invite?

  • Parents of the bride and groom.
  • Siblings.
  • Grandparents
  • Godfathers, native aunts and uncles.
  • Close friends.

It depends on the size of the budget who you can invite more. For example, if the money allows, then invite colleagues or neighbors.

Но если бюджет не настолько широк, то близкими родственниками лучше ограничиться. Тем более, что если звать коллег, соседей, одногрупников, одноклассников, то всех, не делая для кого-то исключения. А это значительно увеличит стоимость свадьбы.

Платье невесты/костюм жениха

Наряд для свадьбы можно приобрести несколькими путями:

  1. Купить в салоне.
  2. Заказать индивидуальный пошив в ателье.
  3. Заказать через интернет.
  4. Взять в аренду.
  5. Borrow from those recently married / married.

Choose dress need in advance. The most suitable option is selected individually, based on financial capabilities. Choosing a dress for the bride is a very important and important step, it is not in vain that it goes as a separate item on the list of pre-wedding preparations.

Having chosen a dress in advance, the newlyweds will be able to avoid unpleasant force majeure situations: in the sewing studio they will make a mistake in the measurements and sew it incorrectly, or the dress ordered on the Internet will come in a different size (color / style / with marriage), etc. To get around such troubles, time should be with a good margin.


Choosing a wedding venue is an important step in planning it. This is not only the registry office or the place where the exit ceremony will take place. It is necessary to determine the territory where the unofficial part of the celebration, a feast and an entertainment program will take place.

  • Home holiday. After the wedding ceremony, a festive event should be noted. The option to celebrate a wedding in a narrow family circle is suitable for those who do not like a large number of people and prefer a calm, cozy atmosphere.
  • Pizzeria. Celebrate a wedding in a pizzeria - this option will certainly be appreciated by young people. The holiday in such a democratic institution will appeal to the smallest guests. Moreover, the pizzeria menu has not only this Italian dish, but also salads and snacks. The opportunity to bring a cake needs to be agreed in advance with the administration.
  • Sauna. Many celebrations are celebrated in the sauna or bath. And not in vain, because it is an ideal place where you can relax and soul and body. The magical properties of the sauna invigorate, tone, rejuvenate the body.
  • A restaurant. A wedding banquet in a restaurant is not an original idea, but a classic and traditional one. If the budget allows, then this option is good for many criteria. The exterior and interior can be decorated in the right style, delicious and high-quality treats are prepared by a professional chef, excellent service and maintenance, a lot of free space.
  • Nature.An exit ceremony can be held on the beach, in the forest, in the field, in the park and in any other picturesque place. Such a wedding will cost more than an ordinary one, and it will be more difficult to organize, but it will be remembered for a lifetime.

Other organizational matters

Services of a host, host, DJ. To decide on the artists for the wedding, you can ask friends who have married relatively recently to share their coordinates.

Transport. Groom and bride can rent a limousine, or an elegant Mercedes. You will need transport for guests.

Photo and video. A good videographer or photographer will grab the very best moments of the wedding.

Decoration and decor. To decorate the ceremony, wedding procession, banquet, you will need fresh and artificial flowers, fabric, ribbons, balloons.

Catering. If you want to spend a holiday in the country, you need to think in advance about the organization of a banquet or buffet. The easiest way is to contact a catering company that will take care of all organizational problems: renting tables and appliances, preparing and delivering, serving and serving.

When to start preparing for the wedding

Preparations for the wedding begin half a year before the scheduled date.

6 months before the wedding

  1. Choosing a date for a gala event
  2. definition with the format of the wedding, its style,
  3. filing an application with the registry office.

5 months before the wedding

  1. compiling a guest list
  2. choice of wedding dresses (sewing studio, online, wedding salon),
  3. monitoring suitable places for a banquet.

4 months before the wedding

  1. the choice of an actor or presenter, a DJ
  2. start of scripting
  3. dance of the young.

3 months before the wedding

  1. booking a place for a wedding,
  2. drawing up a wedding menu,
  3. the choice of a photographer or videographer,
  4. wedding invitations.

2 months before the wedding

  1. review and preparation of the final guest list (someone may refuse the invitation, but someone may be added),
  2. reservation of transport for a wedding,
  3. script writing is on the finish line. Once again review and make adjustments, approve,
  4. sending out invitations to a bachelorette party.

A month before the wedding

  1. control fitting
  2. preparation of decor and decorations (except for fresh flowers),
  3. entry from the wedding hairdresser and makeup artist,
  4. ordering a wedding cake,
  5. choosing the right place for a bachelorette party and a bachelor party,
  6. drawing up an entertainment program for a bachelorette party and a bachelor party.
  7. selection of a catering company, approval of the menu and the cost of a banquet or buffet.

Week before the wedding

  1. phone with the drivers of the transport, hairdresser, make-up artist, confectioner, cook and administrator of the institution where the celebration will take place,
  2. test dress fitting,
  3. put new shoes on several times so as not to feel discomfort during the wedding,
  4. view the weather forecast for the planned day,
  5. organization of hen and stag parties.

How much will the wedding cost

State duty in the registry office - 350 p.

Official exit ceremony - 10 000 r. - 40 000 p.

Dress of the bride - 5 000 p. - 100 000 p.

Suit of the groom - 3 000 r. - 30 000 p.

The wedding image of the bride - 3 000 p. - 10 000 p.

Bridal bouquet - 2 000 r. - 5 000 p.

Cake - 5,000 p. - 10 000 p.

Leading - 15 000 p. - 25 000 p.

Actor for staged exit registration - 20 000 p. - 40 000 p.

Photographer (the price includes retouching photos, processing wedding love stories) - 15 000 p. - 25 000 p.

Transport for the young - 10,000 p. - 25 000 p.

Transport for guests - 5 000 p. - 10 000 p.

Rent of an arch and a tent for an exit ceremony - 10 000 r. - 25 000 p./day

Decoration and decor of the wedding - 5 000 r. - 30 000 p.

Banquet in the restaurant - 3 000 rubles / person. - 5 000 p. / Person.

Catering (buffet menu) - 1,100 rubles / person. - 2 500 rubles / person

Having calculated the sum of all expenses, add 15-20% to unexpected expenses to the number. The final amount will be the estimated value of the wedding budget.

Online services to help newlyweds

With an online wedding assistant, equipped with a wide range of services, to solve all pre-wedding issues and independently organize a celebration - what could be easier and more convenient? The resource will help the newlyweds organize their holiday. Easy and affordable menu consists of a catalog, a showcase, a list of registry offices and the coordinates of the host, wedding artists, musicians. It is convenient to compile wedding guest lists, consider the necessary expenses, and get acquainted with articles on wedding topics. The site has a forum where newlyweds can chat and share tips. With the help of this resource it is easy to find artists for the wedding, make the necessary purchases and even order a cake. The service is convenient, which means it is easy to get acquainted with the list of services offered: presenters, restaurant, photographers, jewelry, decor, transport. The bride can choose a dress and decide on the wedding image. It contains information important for preparing for the holiday, additional features in the form of options for storing your own notes, plans, notes. The resource will help you create guest lists, seating plans, a shopping list, and even calculate expenses using a wedding calculator. With this, invited guests will be able to familiarize themselves easily, just register on the site. The planner will come to the rescue in creating a guest list, preparing seating plans, making notes and notes so that you don’t lose sight of anything. Other options are also useful: the "store" will allow you to make a purchase of wedding products, and the "catalog" will familiarize you with a wide selection of artists, musicians, photographers - those professionals without whom a wedding celebration does not take place. Wide functionality will help in planning a wedding, and an accessible application interface will provide ease of work. Online it’s convenient to solve a lot of questions: choose a dress, go shopping, get acquainted with the list of artists and musicians. Using the service, you can write notes, create lists of expenses and maintain their costing.

You can learn many more interesting things about preparing your wedding from this video:

Organizing your own wedding is a responsible and troublesome task. Newlyweds want this day to be fabulous and unique, without any hitches and problems. Step-by-step planning will help to successfully avoid force majeure, and make the wedding celebration a bright and unforgettable event in the life of a couple in love.