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Most of us constantly use social networks in everyday life, without even knowing most of the features and capabilities of our favorite application. And, since users are increasingly asking questions in the style of "Is it possible ...", we decided to consider some in more detail. One of these is the ability to change the first and last name. This procedure has no difficulties, but, depending on the device, the procedure is not significant, but different. Consider the differences between mobile and stationary devices.

Change username on computer

Not all social media developed applications for personal computers, but Skype is on the list of the best. The program for stationary devices can safely be called comfortable and thoughtful. According to analysts, the trend in technology development is to strive for greater mobility of everything and everything, but for the majority of the population, a personal computer will always be more reliable, powerful and comfortable. And now, take a cup of tea, sit back and remember how to change the name on Skype on windows (the algorithm for changing personal information is extremely simple and logical):

  1. Open the application and log in.
  2. Go to your page / profile (click on your photo / avatar).
  3. Click on the username you are bored with.
  4. Enter what you need.
  5. Click on the checkmark at the end of the line.
  6. Enjoy the success of the mission!

Change the username on the phone

Skype mobile application is no less high-quality and convenient. But, the device is much smaller in size, and is also equipped with a touch screen (most often) and many other useful functions. As a result, the functionality had to be slightly modified. The algorithm for changing personal information for the phone is as follows:

  1. Take the phone in your hand (alas, without it in any way).
  2. Open the app.
  3. Scrolling from left to right, you will see a sidebar. Click on the "My Account" field.
  4. You will see the “Personal Data” menu, one of the sections of which is called “First and Last Name”. You need to click on it.
  5. Now just enter what you want instead of the existing one.
  6. Click on the checkmark.

There are no special differences between applications for Android and IOS platforms. Proceeding from this, for owners of Apple products, which are now so popular, the same algorithm of actions described above applies.

This procedure is quite popular and rarely causes difficulties. Moreover, now you know what to do, and how to change the name on Skype (but if you have questions, please contact).

Comfortable and productive use of Skype!

How do I use Skype:

  • I provide Scap advice,
  • I have meetings with employees
  • I hold webinars on Skype,
  • I communicate with colleagues and customers,
  • I give an interview.

Skype greatly simplifies the work, with it you can quickly solve all kinds of tasks, view screens of students and so on.

How to change nickname in Skype, instructions

Now, smoothly move on to the main part. When registering in this application (Skype), the user creates a unique password and login. Using the login, other users can quickly find you and add to their contacts.

And since it is unique, for each user, changing it after registration is no longer possible. Therefore, try to come up with such a login in advance that will completely suit you.

You can change the nickname, or, in other words, the middle name displayed in the contacts of other users, unlike the login. About how to change your nickname to another and will be discussed in this article.

Make adjustments

Your login after entering the program can be seen in the upper left corner, next to the reduced Skype icon. Here, a little lower, next to the profile photo, there is a nickname that all other users see.

To change it, click on it with the left mouse button. So you go to the profile page. On the right side you will see your username.

Click on it and the name will be highlighted in blue. At this point, you can change your nickname, and to save, click on the checkmark to the right of the nickname.

The next way to change the nickname

There is another option to resolve the issue of how to change your nickname in Skype. To do this, on the left side, in the field where the main tools for managing the program are located, click on the Skype entry and select "Personal data".

And from the drop-down list, select the line “Edit my data” and then specify your new nickname.

Here you change your nickname:

As you can see, changing a nickname is not difficult, just edit your personal data. If you want to change the login name, then for this you will have to create a new account in Google, under a different name, with a new login and add the contacts of your friends and acquaintances to it in a new way.

Although here it is possible to configure everything in five minutes. In the old account, go to contacts, go down to the word optional, and click on backup of your contact list.

Save the list to your computer, and then add them to the account that you created under the new login. You need to add in the same way - contacts - additionally - restore. Next, select the previously saved file and the program will download your contact list.

Changing the login in an existing account, as I already wrote, will fail. Therefore, try to think up in advance, for a new account, such a login, which will suit you in the future.

I wish you good luck, success in life and business.

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