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How do students live in the hostel, how comfortable are they there?


Despite the view that students should use years of study solely to gain knowledge, most modern students are looking for ways to earn extra money. Some parents are not able to support and pay for their studies, parents, others themselves seek independence: they want to live separately and have their own money.

And they are right: many parents deny children their own opinions, even if they are far from being children, but still live at their parents ’expense, in accordance with the saying:" Who pays, he orders the music. "

But it is not easy for students to find work, because they do not have work experience, which means that they have no particular choice either. They are not entitled to dictate the conditions, and the time that they can devote to work is limited. Attempts to sit on two chairs at once, giving all the best to work and school, and trying not to fly out of both, can cause stress and depression.

Where can students find income that allows them to combine work with study?

1. Work as waiters

Most often, students work part time as waiters, barists, auxiliary workers (preparing food for cooking - cleaning, cutting), dishwashers in various cafes, restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, etc.

On job search sites they are offered a flexible work schedule. The main requirements for applicants are secondary education, activity, decency, non-conflict.

During the summer holidays, students can sign a contract and work as waiters abroad - in Greece, Australia, Germany, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, etc., where the payment is several times higher. For example, a waiter’s summer earnings in a coffee shop or a candy store in Dubai will allow a student to rent an apartment and live comfortably all year, devoting time only to study. Of course, without knowledge of English at a conversational level, getting this job will not work.

By the way, some employers prefer to hire just students and place vacancy announcements on bulletin boards near deans.

2. Outgoing students are eagerly recruited by consultant promoters

The essence of their work is the advertising of goods, contributing to the promotion of goods or services on the market. This includes the distribution of test samples and flyers, participation in promotions and exhibitions, the organization of surveys, participation in tasting products, etc.

The main requirements for the applicant are cultural communication skills, goodwill, a good memory that allows you to remember a lot of new information, literacy, the ability to quickly find a way out of possible conflict situations, and, of course, attractive appearance. The working time is usually 3-4 hours a day.

The amount of earnings depends on several factors: on the type of work performed, the number of consumers attracted. Work in the evening or at night is paid higher. Young men and women with a presentable appearance earn more money as representing the "face" of the company.

3. Work as merchandisers

Many students work part-time as merchandisers who arrange goods on shelves in shops and supermarkets, control price tags, and supervisors as intermediaries between employees and management. The supervisor usually has a team of promoters. The work of a supervisor requires certain professional skills, so the requirements for applicants are more stringent, and it is more suitable for students - future managers and economists.

The main requirements are sociability and stress resistance. Some students prefer to independently manage their free time and depend only on themselves, so they are looking for other options for earning. For example:

4. Translation of texts

Reprint or translate texts, render writing essays, laboratory, control and term papers, practice reports, diplomas on given topics. In addition, they sell their own works several times to students of other courses, faculties and universities, who for some reason cannot or do not want to write them themselves.

Finding clients with the Internet is easy - it is important to earn a good reputation, and for this you need to know the subject well and express your thoughts in a coherent manner. Teachers should not have any complaints about student work, and the customer - to its author. Otherwise, the clientele is not to be seen.

Competently done work is well paid, but not everyone who seeks work will agree to it, because it requires painstakingness, perseverance and knowledge. Students who are able to draw, draw, solve problems can also easily make money.

The Internet also provides other earning options.

5. Writing and selling articles

It is enough to be able to write beautifully and register on one of the exchanges selected depending on their preferences and abilities.

Beginners in copywriting and copywriting should start with the copywriting exchange. The site has loyal moderators, it offers easy navigation and good earnings, depending on the rating. Here you can execute orders for money, you just need to submit your proposal and wait for the message that we have been appointed as the executor. On the same site you can put up for sale any of your photos, which, in our opinion, turned out to be successful.

Another popular exchange where you can make money with copyright, rewrite, fulfillment of orders or putting your own articles for sale, is

Ample opportunities for making money on the Internet are provided by the Advego exchange. exchange is for those who, as they say, have already eaten a dog on copyrights and write almost perfectly, without spelling, grammar and stylistic errors.

Perhaps someone will be satisfied with the conditions offered by the exchange, where earnings depend on the rating: for each article purchased, one point is awarded, a high rating provides great popularity, which means that as the rating grows, the articles will be sold more expensive. More details about registration, principles of payment and order fulfillment can be found directly on the sites themselves.

6. Earnings on photobanks

Students interested in photography can earn by selling their own pictures. Thanks to modern photo equipment, even non-professionals can take pretty decent purchased pictures. The main thing is that they should be unique and not shine anywhere else. Photos can be sold on special sites, in photo banks - (beginners should start with it), (here you can put up for sale videos, but the requirements for applicants are more stringent). And, of course, Successful photos from your smartphone can be “attached” to the photo bank thanks to the free Clashot application.

7. You can earn money by writing reviews and comments.

To write reviews about products or services you just need to register on a site like Otzovik, and comments on ForumOK. To write comments, you need to create accounts in social networks and “link” them to your personal account on ForumOK. This work is suitable for those who like to communicate, give advice, share experiences.

8. Earnings on clicks

Those who want to earn a little money without really straining can be advised to earn on the most common clicks - just click on certain links and stay on the specified site for 10-15 seconds. Or to answer a few simple questions, pass simple tests or perform elementary tasks.

9. Earning on a mobile phone

You can earn a little effortlessly on your phone, in particular with the Android operating system. You just need to install some application: WHAFF, APPRATING, AdvertApp, Advo1ce, APP TRACK, etc. The main thing is to have access to the Internet, and you can "work" at any time without being tied to the computer. The job is either to watch ads, or to install different games and applications on the phone. Games are enough to install, and playing them is not necessary.

10. In parallel, you can do earnings in social networks.

Due to their enormous popularity among users, many advertising companies “looked up” to themselves for advertising and news, which provides them with additional traffic. Different communities and interest groups are created not just like that, but to attract users. The essence of the work is simple - you need to join groups, like pictures and photos, post, subscribe to news.

Resources providing work in social networks are Likesrock,,,, etc.

Money for working on the network is usually withdrawn to payment systems PayPal, PAYEER, WebMonay. When looking for a job, you don’t need to be too gullible and agree to dubious offers of highly paid work in a modern office that does not require qualifications, to offers for the sale of goods of which we are not sure.

Those who are looking for work on sites without asking about their reputation can also be “pierced,” at scam sites that promise a lot, but are “thrown” after the work is done.

It is not worth responding to any job offers at home if it is proposed to send money to a potential employer in advance, for example, to receive further instructions, to pay for the source material from which the work will be performed.

Social aspect

As a rule, from two to four people live in one room. And the most important thing for every student is to get used to new neighbors. It happens that school graduates who are friends go to the same university, and then write an application to the hostel with a request to settle them together. Some meet in advance on social networks. But more often than not, people completely alien to each other occupy the room. What is it like to live in a dormitory for a student if he finds himself with a stranger in the same room? Easy if he's social. Otherwise it will be hard. Persons who are too demanding of others will have a very difficult time. Everything will annoy them. And they, in turn, will begin to get on the nerves of their neighbors. As a result, enmity. And it is impossible to live, study and relax in such conditions.


Talking about how students live in the hostel, it is worth noting the attention and advantages. Firstly, no one will have to starve. One student will bring food from home after the weekend. The second will buy something. And the third will make the dish. The fourth will figure out how to get out, if there really is nothing. Collective living is easy!

Getting ready for the session is also easier. The most important thing here is to tune in to study. And then everyone knows how students live in a dormitory. Gathered to prepare tickets - but in the end it all ended with a party. Learning together is really easier. It is possible to solve a complex problem together, and if the guys have different specialties and departments, then all the same, sooner or later they will help each other out, since in universities they teach related or general subjects in which someone will definitely think better than neighbors.

Talking about how to live in a dormitory for a student, girl or guy, it is worth talking about some pitfalls, the most important of which is very poor wiring. What does it mean? The fact that the operation of powerful electrical appliances will have to be forgotten. About a heater, for example, a "wind turbine", a kettle, and even a boiler. Some use them, but previously closing the door to a room or unit - because at any moment the commandant has the right to come with a check. And so, while he (a) will knock, it will turn out to have time to hide everything. But only in some dormitories everything is too tough - up to opening cabinets and mezzanines.

Another “stone” is the shower. Lovers of cleanliness will have a hard time. It’s good if the hostel has a block system. In such places, one bathroom is designed for 7-8 people. And if not, you will have to get used to taking turns in a shared shower. And how many students live in dormitories? In some, their number is in the hundreds. But in such, as a rule, there is at least a sanitary unit per floor.

And one more catch can expect students. This is the need to make repairs: repaint floors, doors with windows, close the ceiling. True, this is not the case in all dormitories, but such a practice still takes place.

Before settling, rainbow pictures are seen by students who cannot live without communication and parties. Or those who want to finally make friends.

Parties and holidays naturally take place. After all, the hostel is the epicenter of youth communication. Just do everything carefully. Or, at a minimum, negotiate with the commandant to avoid problems. Because for the bungalows they may well be evicted.

But how to have fun if one of your close friends does not live in a hostel? After all, as mentioned above, it is forbidden to bring anyone to yourself. That's right. But we are talking about students - the most dodgy people in the world. Some take someone else's passes and stick to them a photo of the right person. Risky guys sneak out the window through a drainpipe. Or even on a rope! The owners of "comfortable" windows with visors even have price tags for passing through their room. And the law-makers even turn on the alarm with smoke from the match, and when the watchman breaks down to “jam” it, the guests pass. But do not forget about the consequences.


This topic also needs to be addressed, talking about how to live in a dormitory for a student. There are various tips, but the main rule that everyone should learn is this: everyone should be an exemplary student. Even if no party is complete without it.

It is necessary to clean the room and the block. To do wet cleaning, mop floors, change bedding, take out garbage, clean the bathroom. It is also impossible to litter the room with unnecessary things. There is a possibility of receiving complaints from the commandant.

Participation in subbotniks is also mandatory, since the territory of the hostel is a department of each of its residents. The same goes for shared kitchens and corridors. If during cooking the stove, table or floor is dirty, everything must be removed. And ventilate.

Is the hostel good?

Everyone has their own answer to this question. In general, most like it. Many here are comfortable. The hostel in the guys has pleasant memories, funny and crazy stories. Many find here real close friends and like-minded people. Others meet their "soulmate." They also learn the meaning of such a thing as mutual assistance, respect and support. Learn to live independently and resolve conflicts not related to the family. A hostel is not only a place with low prices for accommodation. This is a whole community, a school of life for all children. Everyone will learn some useful lesson while in the hostel, and gain useful skills.

Where to go otherwise?

Finally, a few words about where the student should live if there is no dormitory. It happens. Some universities, technical schools and schools do not have them. And sometimes it’s just very difficult to get into the hostel - here it’s how lucky. Others are simply not used to such an environment and decide to move out. Well, in this case, there is only one option - a rented apartment. Fortunately, there are many options today. You can find a budget, even if we are talking about living in large cities, in which, as a rule, prices are high. By the way, often rented apartments become mini-dormitories. Just a few classmates or friends decide to live together and share the rent. This is also a good way out of the situation. And certain charms of the hostel are preserved - such as communication, mutual assistance and fun. Plus there is no commandant - no one will forbid having fun. In general, there is already to each his own.

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| Huge question and answer # 9 (Jul 2019).

Getting your first real salary after college is an important point. You have reached an important milestone. You can have a list of the things you want to spend and what you want to do now that you are no longer a bad college student. However, you may find that you need to continue living as a poor college student for at least a few more years. Here are three reasons you might need to keep a tight budget when you land your first job.

1. Your payout is not what you expected.

When you graduate from college, you are likely to land at an entry-level position, which may not be as high as you expected. It's hard to make ends meet in the city if you earn $ 40,000 a year. In addition, you may be wondering how much came out of your paycheck. If you are single, your taxes will be withheld at maximum speed. Additional health insurance costs and other benefits deducted from your salary may result in lower total wages than you originally expected. Contributing to your 401 (k) may not reduce your contribution to your home, do you think, because it reduces your taxable income.

Когда вы начинаете составление бюджета, помните, что теперь легче сделать сокращения, прежде чем совершать большие расходы. Это может быть трудно сократить ваш образ жизни, как только вы привыкли тратить деньги. Если вы продолжаете жить в ограниченном бюджете, как в колледже, это облегчит выполнение ваших ежемесячных обязательств и работу над другими вашими финансовыми целями.

2. Дополнительные финансовые обязательства

Once you have finished and landed on your first job, any help you received from your parents will most likely stop. If your parents helped you in college, you cannot use the budget for rent and utilities. In addition, you may have to find money to cover additional costs that you might not have thought of like car insurance, a mobile phone bill, and gym memberships.

You may be surprised at how quickly these little things can add up and consume your income.

When you land your first job, you may be tempted to treat yourself to food for every meal or get new clothes. However, it is important to wait a few months and see what additional costs you will need. You may need to start planning things such as car registration and taxes. You may also be surprised by fluctuations in energy consumption in summer or winter.

In addition, you will need to start paying your student loans within six months of graduation. This will be another blow to your budget. It is a good idea to include this money in your budget as soon as you finish your studies so that you can adapt to it. Take the money that you usually pay for student loans and invest them in a savings account for the reserve fund. Once you reach the six-month mark, you can start paying your student loans without a huge budget adjustment. If your payments are excessive, look at income-based payment options, and perhaps consolidate your student loans.

3. Limit spending to set yourself financially

The habits that you start with your first paycheck will determine how well you do financially throughout your life.

Although you can change them later, it is much easier to start responding from the very beginning. Instead of spending years trying to fix your financial mistakes, you can focus on achieving your financial goals.

Start by preserving your retention priority. Once you are eligible, you must start contributing to 401 (k), at least before the match your employer offers. If you cannot qualify for a year, you can start by making monthly contributions to your IRA account.

Develop a financial plan that defines clear goals for your future. You can start by saving an emergency fund, and then work on things like saving a down payment on your first home or planning a dream vacation. If you start saving on a new car, you can avoid paying for a car that will further reduce your fee.

Focusing on wealth creation from the very beginning can put you in a comfortable position when you are approaching retirement. It will also allow you to complete each of the steps that you want to do, how you want to do it. It can be frustrating when you want to buy a house, but you cannot because of your poor financial decisions. Take the time to establish good financial habits.