Useful Tips

How to chop an orange


Having decided to surprise guests with fruit slices, carefully prepare yourself.

  1. Buy some fruit. They should be fresh, smooth, without dents or black dots. Take into account the peculiarities of the fruit: it is better to take solid oranges, but the kiwi should be easily pressed by the fingers.
  2. Wash the fruit thoroughly. Do not forget that sometimes they are impregnated with paraffin for a glossy shine. Wash fruits immediately before slicing under cold running water with soap and a brush. A hot shower will not hurt citrus fruits. After washing, wipe the fruits dry with a paper towel.
  3. Use sharp knives. It is more convenient to cut some fruits with a thin long blade, others with a cutter, and others with a saw blade. Prepare several instruments of different caliber. There are special fruit knives on AliExpress. For example, a spoon-knife, which is convenient to make notches on the fruits and balls of pulp. The main thing is that the tool is sharp. Otherwise, nothing will work.
  4. Prepare a large, flat dish, skewers and napkins to make it easier to eat sliced ​​fruits. Toothpicks may be needed for some fruit compositions.
  5. Cut the fruit just before serving. Try to remove all the seeds from watermelon and melon, be sure to remove the kernels from peaches and apricots. To prevent slicing before black, sprinkle it with lemon juice. The finished composition can also be sprinkled with powdered sugar, coconut, or grated chocolate.

When everything is ready, you can begin to work.

How to cut apples beautifully

From a simple apple, you can create a real work of art. For example, a graceful flower.

Take a red or green apple. Cut it into two parts, deviating from the middle of about 1 cm. Cut the smaller half into slices 1-2 mm thick and fasten them with a toothpick, as shown in the video. From the second half of the apple cut a ball or a cube - this will be a stand. Insert a toothpick into it with strung apple slices and spread them in a circle, like a fan. The resulting flower can be crowned with a berry.

By the same principle, you can make a flower from a whole apple.

Swans made of apples look even more elegant. Make them easier than it sounds. Assistants will be two identical table knives. Cut the apple into two parts, remove the seeds. First, place one half of the apple between the knives and cut a smaller slice from it, as shown in the video. Repeat with each subsequent slice until a very small piece remains.

Then do the same with the second half of the apple. So you get the wings.

The head is cut from another apple.

How beautifully cut oranges and tangerines

To work with an orange is a little more difficult: a lot of juice stands out. Nevertheless, a beautiful lotus can be made from fruit.

To do this, cut the orange in half. On one of the halves, use a sharp thin blade to make longitudinal cuts along the lines of orange slices. Cut each sector so that you get a pointed petal. Separate the flesh from the peel on the petals. Bend it and spread the flower.

A similar flower can be made with strawberries.

Also, an orange can be turned into a luxurious aster. Cut the zest so that the petals come out. Spread them and make curly cuts. It is important that the core of the orange does not separate from the peel.

The same can be done with tangerines.

How beautifully chopped kiwi

Beautiful flowers can be made from kiwi. To do this, the fetus needs to cut off the rounded ends, and then make diagonal cuts about 2 cm long over the entire surface of the kiwi.

You should get pointed petals diverging from the outlet. The pulp can then be separated from the peel and straightened, as in the case of an orange.

If there is no time, kiwi can be served without even making a flower. The following video shows how to cut a kiwi in half figured.

Method number 1. Knife + spoon

Presented in the video.

The peel of an orange is cut in a circle, as if you would like to cut its slices across. But the knife does not reach them, and only the skin is incised.

Using a spoon, the peel is carefully separated from the pulp of an orange and removed. And only slices remain in the hands.

The method is good, but only for ripe oranges, from which the peel lags very well. By the way, juicy fruits can sprinkle with juice when you work with a spoon. So be careful!

How beautifully chopped strawberries

Beautiful roses grow from strawberries in skillful hands. They are perfect for both fruit plates and cake decorating.

A strawberry rose can be made in two ways. In the first case, large berries are needed. Place the strawberries on the fork and make shallow cuts on it. Move in a spiral, protruding each petal.

In the second case, a smaller strawberry is taken, and the rose is more voluminous. Separate the stalk of the fruit, cut a small piece on the side so that it is more convenient to cut. Thinly sliced ​​strawberries spiral.

For a children's holiday table, you can make butterflies from strawberries.

Method number 2. Elementary

All you need is a knife and an orange. It is necessary to make two circular incisions on the skin so that they pass through the stem and the bottom of the fruit. And then remove the four slices of the peel. To pick them up, use a knife, as you can ruin your nails if the peel of an orange fits too well on it.

The downside of the method is that you will have to additionally remove the white remnants of the peel from the fruit.

How beautifully cut bananas

The original banana feed is mainly related to animals. Therefore, such compositions are often done for children's parties.

So, from a banana you can make the cutest dolphin.

Another duck variation is with plumage from berries and grapes. Take a banana, attach a duck head made of carrot to the stalk. Stuff a toothpick in a banana with berries and grapes strung on them. This is the plumage of a fruit duck.

And if you use a pear instead of a banana, you get a hedgehog.

How beautifully sliced ​​watermelon and pineapple

For fruit slices, it is better to take a seedless watermelon (or remove them to the maximum).

One of the easiest and most convenient filing options is demonstrated in the next video.

A small watermelon must be cut into four parts. Each cut the pulp and cut it into thin slices. Serve right in the watermelon rinds, shifting the pieces in a checkerboard pattern.

The same thing can be done with pineapple.

Beautiful cut on the table - photo

Before creating a masterpiece at home, the orange is thoroughly washed and dried with a napkin. A sharp knife is needed so that the division into segments can be performed smoothly, so as not to spoil the flesh and peel.

  1. A simple way - put the fruit on a barrel and cut into circles, a thickness of not more than 5-10 mm. On each mug, cut the skin on one side. Thanks to the notch, the lobule will be easily peeled. It is not necessary to arrange the circles around the circumference of the dish. You can make a hill out of them by crowning its top with grapes, nuts or strawberries.
  2. Quickly decorate the dish - Cut the mugs of orange in half to get half circles, then you can split the halves into two parts to get quarters. Can be used to decorate the cake, for pouring jelly.
  3. This option is suitable for decorating drinks and cocktails. Cut the circle to the middle. Put it on the glass in the place of the cut. Or a straw, then dip it into a glass.
  4. Want to please kids with bright suns? To do this, take a mug of orange and remove with a knife small pieces of zest in a circle. These figures decorate plates with fruits or vegetables.
  5. Easy slicing. Remove the skin of the fetus along with the white layer. Cut the peeled fruit as desired into cubes, circles, sectors. Such products are perfect for salads with the addition of other fruits.

An interesting installation will turn out if you remove pieces of zest from the surface of the fruit, according to the conceived composition. It can be circles, zigzags, circular stripes or other shapes. You can insert pomegranate seeds, small chocolate wedges, pine nuts into the peeled zones.

Orange flower

There are many options for such compositions. And every housewife can realize her idea and dream, arrange for a children's holiday. Made from bright orange, the flower will delight everyone present. And even the most modest table will look beautiful and festive.

Here are a few options for flowers on the table, step by step instructions:

  1. Cut the orange into circles and divide each in half. Make a strip of oranges, placing the slices on top of each other, so that the skin is on one side. Carefully wrap the strip in a tube.

Actions should be performed slowly, holding slices with your hand.

The result is a rose. It is placed in a tartlet, a low glass or a glass. Sprinkle the resulting flower with powdered sugar and grated chocolate.

  1. A beautiful flower will turn out if the sliced ​​slices are laid out in circles randomly or in a slide on a dish, and a rose from the previous version is planted on top. A flower made from large fruits looks better.
  2. Take an orange and a very sharp knife. Cut it into halves without affecting the flesh. Then cut into quarters, into the eighth part. The cuts go not to the end, but to the stalk.

After teething, raise each part of the skin with your hands, but again only to the peduncle. It will turn out a magic flower. Some craftsmen do not finish the job. The skin is tightened up, patterns are cut out on it, applications and other tricky elements are made.

Use a very sharp knife to chop the orange. In this case, the integrity of the skin will not be affected, the flesh will not wrinkle and the juice will not spread over the dish.

Add yellow lemons, green limes or kiwi, mandarin, apples, reddish grapefruits to orange oranges. Think over the arrangement of fruits. You can create a beautiful, fortified fruit dish. If you relate to the process creatively, take the above methods as a basis and add your own zest, then it’s beautiful to cut an orange and make it a masterpiece will not be a problem.

Watch the video how beautifully you can make an orange!

How to peel an orange in different ways

Before you figure out how to cut an orange, you should pay attention to how to clean this citrus. Depending on how you are going to use it, the method of getting rid of the peel will vary. If manipulation is incorrect, this procedure can become extremely unpleasant, because juice begins to stand out abundantly. As a result, the work surface, leather, clothes become dirty.

When no cutlery is available, this method is suitable. Although it may not always be called simple - sometimes the orange peel is quite dense and difficult to clean.

To achieve the result, it is only necessary to pry part of the skin in the area where the fruit was attached to the branch, tear off the seal, and then peel it. Be sure to remove the cotton-like white film that has a bitter taste.

Tip: Do not throw away the crusts, they will help in the care of the microwave - fill them with water and put a bowl in the chamber of the microwave oven for a couple of minutes. Do not rush to get it. After 10 minutes, wipe the walls with a damp cloth.

Thin knife and spoon

In order to make it easier to understand how to peel an orange from its peel quickly this way, a lot of videos have been posted on the Internet. In them, you can consider in detail the advantages of this technique. For her, you only need a small knife and a tablespoon or dessert spoon:

  1. Cut a clean and dried orange around the circumference across the knife. Try not to damage the pulp.
  2. Insert the spoon into the incision as deep as possible and rotate, separating the peel in this way. Remove the cap.
  3. Similarly, manipulate the second side of the fruit. Remove remaining light fibers with your hands.

A rather interesting way to quickly peel an orange is to cut the skin with a zigzag or in the form of a spiral. A similar method may well interest the kids if they observe the process. In addition, beautiful decorations for the interior can be made from curly skins, if they are properly dried to keep their shape.

  1. Starting from the base, gently swipe the blade of a thin knife, scrolling all over the fruit in the likeness of a spiral.
  2. Pick up the tip and delicately, without sudden movements, remove the bright skin.

Knife cleaning

If you are going to cook a salad with citrus, then cutting the fruit while maintaining the appearance is optional, which greatly simplifies the task. But in this case, be prepared for tangible loss of pulp.

  1. Cut on both sides of the base so that the orange can be positioned firmly on the cutting board.
  2. Cut the peel with a sharp knife along with the top films covering the flesh.

Tip: If you have small wounds or scratches on your hands, take care to wear latex gloves. Citrus juice contains a decent amount of acid, which can cause irritation and bring you pain while peeling the fruit.

Half rings

In this case, the sequence is almost identical to that in the previous method. The difference is that the circles should be cut into two parts. After they are made up stub, pulp on a plate. To prevent the composition from crumbling, make the segments a little thicker and lay them out in the form of steps. Each semicircle should partially overlap the previous one.

Tip: For effective serving, add orange slices with other fruits such as apple or pear, different in color. The main thing is to choose fruits of approximately equal size.

To lay out the resemblance of an orange rose, the fruit should be cut into thin slices in the form of semicircles. After they gather in an overlap strip and roll up.

If you can handle any of the above methods of cutting an orange, you can collect an interesting composition in the form of a bouquet. The only thing is that this presentation is more appropriate for large-scale celebrations at which the delicacy will definitely not remain on the table.

As additional components, you can use other fruits. Lemon is perfect, with which you can do the same manipulations, as well as interesting accents give bright berries such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries or grapes.

More sophisticated chefs can add sweets (marshmallows, marshmallows, sweets) and even fresh flowers to the composition.

  1. To begin with, you should decide on the list of components of the bouquet and the design itself. This can be a regular flower packaging, or any basket (including fruit).
  2. After all the components are thoroughly washed and wiped dry, then they are mounted on long wooden skewers. These are usually sold for cooking barbecue at home.
  3. If you are going to make roses out of an orange, then you should take care of their base so that the flower does not fall apart. But you can quite manage to cut off the upper part of the "bud", revealing the pulp of citrus.
  4. Now it remains only to collect everything in one bouquet and set it on the table.

It is interesting: such compositions are suitable not only for decoration of dishes, but also as a gift to girls, children or colleagues.

Now that you know how to peel oranges quickly, create culinary pictures from them and serve them, there will be no problems in decorating any holiday, whether adult or children's. Good luck!