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Routing Nook Simple Touch with minimal programs, Google Market and a convenient menu


Today there are small changes, but they are not very radical, so the information is quite relevant.

NOOK Simple Touch = NST / NOOK Simple Touch with Glow Light = NSTGL

Dimensions of the device without a box - 125x165x10 mm

The-eBook's NOOK Simple Touch Review - The Simple Touch Reader ™ Nook Review
Video review from hotline.
Official Website - BARNES & NOBLE

Russian-language instructions on NOOK Simple Touch / NOOK Simple Touch with Glow Light see here

    Introducing NST
      New or refurbished.
      Please note - there are 2 types of officially sold NST:

    1. NOOK Simple Touch - Regular (New, New) - Model BNRV300
    2. Certified Pre-Owned NOOK Simple Touch - Reconditioned (Pre-Owned, Refurbished, RB, REF) - Model BNRV300RB

    1. Different boxes in current lots:
      New in a small box packed in cellophane.
      RB - in a large box sealed with a small sticker
      Photo RB and New, New
    2. On the back of the box, the new one has 2 small stickers with barcodes in the corners. Ref in the center has one big sticker.
    3. There is no charge in the new
  • Fast start
    We get out of the package - NST is turned off. Wherein
    - New- completely discharged.
    - RB - there is a charge, you can immediately turn on
    You need to insert the cable, and charge the NST. Better until fully charged.

      Charge time:

      Off: 5-6h. from charging, 7-8 hours. from USB
      Included: 3-4 hours. from charging, 4-5 hours. from USB.

    Therefore, putting the New NST on charge, the first time, it is advisable to turn it on after 15-30 minutes, and continue to charge it on. Save time On off
    All power management is done through a single button, on the back of the case at the top.
    The following types of clicks are available:

      Off NST:
      2s - inclusion
      Insert a connected cable - turn on (if there is a charge)
      Incl. NST:
      less than 3s. - transition to sleep mode exit from sleep mode (exit also with the N button)
      3c. - start software shutdown
      15s - hardware instant shutdown.

    There is no software reboot in standard software. There are some third-party launchers.

      [Q] NST does not turn on, what should I do?
      [A1] The reader may stop turning on if the battery is too low. The battery controller in some such cases cannot bring the battery out of a low-discharge state. What do we have to do:

      1. Put the device on charge, through the network adapter, for several hours. Then try to turn it on.
      2. Disassemble the reader, remove the battery. Wait 30 minutes, insert back. Go to the first item.

      Naturally, at your own peril and risk!)

    [A2] Theoretically, the NST may freeze, not respond to buttons, and not turn on (already on). In order to get it out of this state, do a hardware shutdown (15s.) Then turn it on. WiFi connection
    After turning on, it is possible to connect to a WiFi network. NST connects to all networks with DHCP enabled (automatic IP address allocation). There is no manual IP setting.

    • [Q] WiFi not connecting
      [A] If you have problems connecting, try changing the settings of the router:
      Enable DHCP (required)
      encryption, WiFi channel number, remove the password. After firmware 1.0.0, the work with WiFi was changed in order to fix the problems, but if they still exist, you can try to return to 1.0.0.
      You can also try to go to a cafe with WiFi in the neighborhood.
    • [Q] How to reset WiFi password?
      [A] When WiFi is on, go to the page of a specific network from the list, and there will be a Forget button that erases the settings.
  • registration
    - Register an account in B&N or enter an existing one (you can pre-register it on the BARNES & NOBLE website), - Next, if you do not plan to buy books off. site, then select skip.
    - an Instruction appears, if you want - read it, do not want to - press N (a stylized button on the front wall below),

      [Q] I do not have WiFi, what should I do? (Registration Bypass)
      [A1] Register with a neighbor or in a cafe with free WiFi.
      [A2] If you don’t have WiFi at home, there is a possibility, as a temporary solution for checking the work, to bypass the registration:
      How to bypass registration of NOOK Touch from kaznelson
      BUT, bypassing registration, you yourself turn on the fast discharge of the battery. Which can be turned off in 2 ways:

      1. Re-registration via WiFi (for example, at a neighbor, or in a cafe, or by buying a router)
      2. After installing Root and removing system software that affects discharge.

    Re-registration via WiFi can be done by resetting the device to its original state. Settings> Erase & Deregister Device.

  • [Q] Why not register?
    [A] Errors usually occur in 2 cases:
    1. The Internet does not work, it was not possible to connect to WiFi
    2. Usually if you bought NST from a reseller or from the hands. And he was already registered to another account and it was incorrectly reset.
    The logic here is as follows:
    -NST registration condition - the Internet is connected, and the account is stored on the server.
    -Erase & Deregister starts both when the Internet is connected and not. If not connected, only NST is discarded, and information remains on the server.
    -When registering, if there is still information about the past on the server, then only that past account is accepted. There will be an error for another or new account.
    [A!] Solution:
    1. Find out the old data from the seller, enter under them, do the Erase & Deregister correctly, and register again.
    2. Bypass registration, make a root and remove the standard software because of which the discharge occurs.
  • Standard management
    - The standard Nook menu appears when you press “N”: - 5 touch buttons:
    1) home,
    2) library,
    3) shop.
    4) search,
    5) settings.

    Definition of the current version

    So, the most important step Before installing any root - check the version of your firmware! I killed so much time for rutting precisely because the different root images are suitable only for a specific firmware version, no compatibility! (except for ZeroChaos, which automatically determines the firmware - thanks to him, I finally figured out the problem).

    To do this, click the "n" -> settings -> Device info -> About your Nook -> Software version button.
    If there is something different from 1.1.2 (the newest firmware at the moment), you need to update the firmware.

    The firmware update is very well written step by step here (spoiler "Update official firmware")

    After the firmware we have exactly 1.1.2 (check again just in case), make the root. After reading tons of tips and instructions for rooting nuk, I came to the conclusion that the best way is to use a minimal image from ZeroChaos, and then install additional programs by downloading individual apk files. Yes, we will not have a market, but it is not needed, because we can install all the programs we need through apk files. To do this, of course, is a little less convenient than through the market, but believe me, you will get a lot more crap and problems by setting up the market and clogging your system with unnecessary dependencies on it.

    So, Nuk's rutting with the help of the minimal ZeroChaos image is perfectly described in the steps here:
    Nothing complicated, always rutting quickly and without problems.

    UPDATE: The Russification of this set has been released, a brief instruction on the Russification and installation of the image here: I had to install only Russification, without programs, because the programs did not fit on the installation flash drive.

    After entering for the first time in a routine Nuk, one must do the shamanistic actions described above, namely:

    1. Press the H button on the hook. Choose Setings.
    For the proposed choice - Nook Color Tools
    2. Uncheck the box above about installing applications, put it again immediately.
    (choose EniSoft as well ..)
    go back to relanch

    Software installation

    Now we just have to form a set of the programs we need and install them on our Nuk.
    A very good overview of how someone set up the programs on their nook can be found here

    How to install programs:
    I did this: first I read about all the available programs for Nook, and downloaded the applications I needed in .apk format into a separate folder.
    Then, according to the instructions above, I connected the Nuk via a USB cable, dropped the folder with my applications on it, disconnected from the cable. I went through reLaunch to the desired folder and ran all the files in turn.

    My set of programs

    So, the most delicious are the programs that I installed.

    1. The first thing I did was put Dropbox - so that I wouldn’t bother and poke a flash drive every time I needed to install a new program. The apk installer for this is downloaded here:
    2. Naturally, a book viewer. Everyone considers CoolReader the best - installed it. Apk here: After installation, configuration is required:
      - The font. I read English books, and I really liked the Caecilia font, which was in an unrouted nuka. Put it again instead of DroidSans. Font size: 32.
      For future work of the dictionary, you need to check the box "select a word by double clicking" (4th tab at the top), and also put "Action to highlight" - Find in the dictionary.
      So that you can not only search for words in the dictionary, but also copy them into Ank. They are in StarDict format, and are remarkably supported by the Fora dictionary, even without conversions. I simply uploaded them to any directory on my USB flash drive, and in the Fora settings I went to Add -> Local -> indicated the desired folder. Dictionaries were indexed and earned immediately. In order not to search for them again, here is a link to the archive.
    3. Actually, for the sake of what I rutted my nuk - AnkiDroid, a program for memorizing words. Only version 1.1.3 works, the 2nd version is currently beta and it does not start for me, maybe by the time you read this, the situation will already change. Apk to install here:
      When reading a book through CoolReader, an unknown word appears. First, I double-click on it - it is copied to the dictionary, translation options are shown, I understand the meaning of this word.
      Then I return to the cool reader through the back arrow (in the Nook’s action bar, in the top center), by a long press on the bottom corner of the screen I open the launcher, in which I launch Ank> Spoiler "NST Multi Touch" will be a little useful http: // .ru / forum / index.php? showtopic = 253792 - how to use the root explorer to edit the required_hardware.xml file. On my own, I’ll add that in the root explorer there are two buttons r / o & r / w on top, you need to click on r / w to turn on the recording mode and you can edit the file.
    4. To change the wallpaper in Launcher, I installed a quick QuickPic program
      After that, a long press on the free space in the launcher calls up a dialogue in which we select "Set Wallpaper" - "QuickPic". Then we change the orientation to landscape, select the whole picture, save it.
    5. It turned out that you can still put Evernote. I do not know how useful this is, but I put it just in case.
    6. Skype! Version for Android 2.85. I had to install the full version (14Mb), because SkypeLite is apparently outdated and does not want to connect to the server. With Skype, I can reassure the customer anywhere in the world!

    That's all. I got everything I wanted from the reader, and even more! I am completely happy, but what else do we need in life? :)

    Use experience

    Update: After a year of using the rooted nuk, it became clear that I did not use the browser, Skype, Evernout and multi-touch at all (inconveniently), so they can be safely installed. A bunch of Cool Reader + Fora + my dictionaries - perfect! I read through it all of Harry Potter and the three-volume from a series of star wars. If an incomprehensible word occurs several times, I copy it (in the default reader if you click on two different words in turn, it selects this fragment and offers to copy it) and paste it into AnkiDroid, manually write down the translation of this phrase in Russian and add it to the study .
    Thanks to this system, Harry Potter has already read the last book in one breath, very rarely looking into the dictionary!

    Questions and answers

    Obviously, over the two-year period of its existence, the article not only retained its usefulness, but also became quite popular, and a number of useful information appeared as a result of question-answer in the comments. In order not to re-read the entire sheet of comments, here is a list of the most significant questions:
    1. How long is the battery: here
    2. I can’t install from the image, freezes: here, or writes there is not enough memory: here
    3. Cannot paste the copied word into Anki (no "Paste"): here
    4. Additional applications for Nook: here
    5. If the SD card shows a capacity of 75 MB: here
    6. WordMemo is good for learning words - it is also installed on a rooted NOOK.