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How to just remove pits from a cherry without a typewriter


The berry season is close, which means the issues of crop processing are again relevant as never before. From cherries you can make jam, jam and many other delicious dishes that will please the whole family. Preparing the berry before cooking is an integral part of the preservation process. There are ways to remove seeds using items found in every home.

Cherry pit removal methods


Insert the edges of the tweezers (they should not be open, not squeezed) into the cherry from the side where its tail was. Grasp the bone with forceps and, making sure that you have not missed the bone, scroll it in the berry and remove the fossa from the tail in that direction.

This method can be called the most gentle: the berries remain almost intact, with a neat hole on only one side. Although it takes a lot of time to remove the seeds with tweezers due to the additional movement - scrolling. However, this method is indispensable if you need to cook a dish with neat whole cherries: for example, a cake or dessert, where the berries will be clearly visible.

Plastic tube

Deepen the edges of the straw into the cherry hole and push it forward to make a hole through the berries. The seed will come out of the cherry from the opposite side of the pit, pinned by a straw.

For this lesson, not every tube is suitable. A thin coffee, for example, will bend, and it will not be able to hold a larger bone at its narrow end. The ideal solution is a plastic or metal (reusable) tube for cocktails: it is more durable and large. The photo shows that this method leaves two very neat holes on the cherries, but in general, the berries remain in good condition - not torn and not crushed. Of all the methods we tested, this turned out to be the fastest.

Binder (stationery paper clip).

Turn the binder so that its metal brackets form an almost straight line, and one of these metal parts, as it were, lies on the plastic part. Grasp them with one hand, and insert the opposite metal bracket into the cherry groove. Pick up the bone and quickly move it back out of the berry. The tip of the binder, due to its shape, becomes a suitable "nest" for the bone and pods it well.

Binder makes only one hole in the cherry, but it turns out not too neat - rather, torn. At the same time, wielding such a tool is quite convenient: fingers rest against a wide plastic part, do not slip and do not feel discomfort. This method is pretty quick: the bones literally pop out of the berries!


Take the hairpin by its "horns", and stick the curved part into the cherry, pry off the bone and remove it by pulling the hairpin back. If you have a larger hairpin, it will be faster to get the bones: they will slide off the small “eye”, and the large “eye” will be more effective in hooking the bones.

The most "grandmother" method of the above is the most inconvenient. A hairpin deforms berries most of all: they are torn on one side, sometimes even crumpled, the loss of juice is great. It is inconvenient to hold a thin hairpin in your hands: it bends and rubs the skin. Such berries can hardly be used to decorate dishes, but they are suitable for jam and filling pies or dumplings.

Paper clip

Look at the paper clip and grasp the thinner side of it. With a wide end, pierce the cherry in the place of the recess, pry off the bone and remove it with the reverse movement of the paper clip.

With this method, cherries lose a lot of juice and are deformed. It is inconvenient to hold a paper clip, especially after peeling several tens of berries: the juice washes the entire surface of the paper clip, it slips out and rubs the skin. You can straighten the paper clip to lengthen this “tool”, but then it becomes less durable and bends during the removal of the bones.

As you can see, the most convenient of household tools turned out to be a cocktail tube and a binder for papers, and the most uncomfortable was a clip and a hairpin. Cherry tweezers and a plastic tube are most accurately pulled out, and a hairpin with a clip leaves ragged and ugly holes on the cherries.

Nevertheless, all these devices cope with their task: for lack of a special machine of good quality, it is possible to remove seeds from cherries with such improvised means.

Why do I need to remove seeds from cherries?

There are several reasons for getting rid of seeds at home. The main thing you should know is that hydrocyanic acid is found in the bone, which is harmful to our organisms. A toxic substance provokes food poisoning if it enters the stomach in large quantities. There are culinary considerations. With the onset of the harvest season, lean housewives prepare:

Cherry roll with nucleoli inside is not stored for more than a year. If you remove the bone filling, you triple this period. By the way, do not worry if your child swallows 2-3 bones while eating. Amygdalin contained in the nuclei turns into acid very slowly - the bone will have time to leave the intestine in the standard way.

How to quickly remove seeds from cherry at home

The fastest way to deal with the problem is mechanical devices, but not every housewife has them. The slowest and most primitive is the removal of pits from cherries with a knife. Therefore, we recommend automating the procedure at the slightest opportunity. And in order not to splash yourself with cherry juice, put on an apron. Carefully watch the video where the bones are removed using a pin.

Another tricky technology will require you to have a glass bottle with an extended neck and chopsticks. The bottle can be replaced with a vial in which the tablets are stored. The idea boils down to placing the berries on the neck of the bubble and squeezing the seeds into the container.

Hand tools

As noted above, manual removal is considered the least aesthetic and very slow. Resourceful housewives suggest using improvised items found in every home. Consider the most popular technologies:

  1. Pin or hairpin. To pull out the bone with a pin, you need to bring this object inside the berry, pick up the nucleolus and pull it towards you. Do not insert the clasp; use the opposite end. If the pin and hairpin are missing, replace them with a paper clip.
  2. Garlic. There are garlic presses with extra features. One handle of such devices is provided with a recess with a hole, the second with a metal pin. This pin enters the hole, squeezing the bone.
  3. Bottle and stick. You already know how to remove pits from cherries using a Chinese stick, we will not dwell on this technology.
  4. Capacity and cocktail. An ideal option is a bucket in which mayonnaise is sold. The bucket is covered with a lid in which a hole has been previously made. The tube extrudes the core into the bucket through the hole.
  5. Tweezers. The berry needs to be pierced, after which the bone is captured and taken.
  6. Peeler knife. There is such a thing for cutting potato eyes. The downside is the violation of the integrity of the berry. If you are making jam, this fact can be ignored.

Cherry pit remover

There are separators called “cherry pickers” - their action is built on the principle of leverage. In what cases should you buy such devices? The answer is obvious - if the amount of processed products exceeds your physical capabilities. The device will automate the process and save yourself from unnecessary torment. Most models of cherries are made of food-grade plastic, have a crush tube, a movable rod and a container for “production waste” (or cherries ready to eat). The algorithm of your actions:

  1. Pour a batch of berries into the unit.
  2. Clean by pressing the piston grip.
  3. Make sure the berries slide down the gutter into the container.
  4. Remove the cores from a separate container.

Mechanical devices

You can also remove pits from cherries using other mechanical devices. The machine method of cleaning is the most rational. Here are its benefits:

  • high speed,
  • clean hands,
  • lack of red spots on clothes,
  • primitivism of the method,
  • low loss of juice.

If you have any questions, let us know Ask a Question

Cars look about the same. There is a round metal element with a hole in the center, a lever with a spring and a rod. The pin lowers and extrudes the bone core. The procedure is quite primitive - even a child can handle it. Speed ​​depends on the supply of cherries to the flat base of the machine. The spring provides the return of the rod. Cleaning is not associated with loss of juice and excess pollution. Use it!

How to remove pits from cherries using a hairpin or pin

For women, the easiest way to find a hairpin at home. Someone from the female half must have it. Mom, grandmother or daughter.

We take the hairpin with the bent side, enter the hole from the peduncle and take out the bone.

You can do the same with a regular pin.

So do with all the berries. We put separately the seeds and cherries without them.

You can not only freeze it, but also make cherry compote and jam from it and bake a chocolate cake melting in your mouth

How to pull cherry pits from a straw

If at home there is nothing iron and industrial equipment to pull out a cherry stone, you can use a cocktail tube. There is one condition - the tube should not be soft, otherwise it will bend rather quickly. It should be made of thick polypropylene.

We drive the tube into the cherry hole and squeeze the stone to the other side. That's the whole process!

If there is no duct, use a ballpoint pen. Wash well with soap and a blunt end squeeze a bone

How to remove cherry pits with a sushi stick or skewer

Sushi lovers - rejoice, the wooden sticks you stocked for sushi are now very useful to you. You will not need to look for studs, pins, paper clips and all kinds of industrial devices for extracting pits from cherries.

It will be enough for you to take one stick for sushi. Insert it with the sharp end through the hole and squeeze the stone on the opposite side of the berry.

Fans of homemade barbecue in the oven can also be happy - you definitely have wooden skewers for barbecue, which can be used to remove seeds in the same way. Since they are quite long, for ease of use, break the skewer in half and use one half.

Remove seeds with a teaspoon

If at home there is absolutely nothing of the above, then it is easiest to use a regular teaspoon to remove cherry seeds from a berry.

We need not a spoon, but its handle. Insert the tip of the pen into the berry,

and push on the bone or rake it up through the hole.

The easiest way to remove bone without tools

Everyone knows this method - you can take out the bones with your hands, i.e. just with your fingers. Better, of course, wear gloves.

Just push on the cherry, and the bone is squeezed out without any problems!

This method is the simplest, but it most deforms the berry and, importantly, a lot of juice flows from the cherry.

What to do with cherry pits? Do not throw it away!

When you finish your job of removing the seeds from the cherry, do not rush to throw them away.

On the bones there remains a little pulp of berries and juice at the bottom of the plate. You’re finished, you can drink the juice right away, or you can add cherry jam.

I don’t throw out the bones right away, but put them in a saucepan and fill them with water.

Then put on fire

and boil for 5-6 minutes, stirring.

Then I drop it in a colander to strain the compote. Only put the colander on the pan, because our goal is liquid, not the contents of the colander, so that it doesn’t work out like in a famous joke.

Now put the strained compote on the fire, pour the juice from cherries into it (if you did not drink it and pour it into jam), add sugar to taste.

We are waiting for it to dissolve, try. Add more sugar or water to taste, if the compote for your taste is concentrated.

Let the compote boil for 3-4 minutes and turn it off.

Fragrant and delicious cherry seed compote ready. It has a subtle almond taste, though not everyone can feel it, but you will definitely feel that it is cherry and very tasty!

How and how to remove seeds from a cherry without a typewriter

Cherry is a perishable product and needs to be processed as soon as possible after it has been picked from a tree. Not everyone has a device for cleaning berries from seed. In a situation where you need to process cherries here and now, you can’t run to the store for it, like for bread.

Items that are used every day can be used to remove pits from cherries. Each method has its positive and negative sides, but their diversity allows everyone to find their own convenient option. Moreover, a machine that repeats the principle of the store tool for peeling berries can be made with your own hands.

Garlic press

This garlic chopper has a round hole for squeezing seeds from berries. The seed is extruded by a protruding tip attached to the top of the press.

  1. Put the cherry in the hole with the stem opening up.
  2. Connect the top of the garlic to the bottom.
  3. Take the separated bone.

This method may fail if the protruding part of the press has a too sharp end.

To solve the problem, grind it and additionally make small cuts. Now the bone will not jump off the pin and it will effectively push the seed out. Cherry retains its shape and does not lose juice.

Hairpin, pin and clip

Hairpin for most owners of long hair. It turns out that with a hairpin you can not only fix the hair, but also effectively separate the bones from the cherry. To do this, use the arched side of the stud. Pry off the bone and gently pull it out.

There is a pin in any household. To remove the seed, use the side of its bond. At the stalk attachment point, pinch the bone with a pin and pull it out. You can use a paper clip. For greater convenience, slightly expand it. The downside of these bone removal methods is that the berry loses its original shape and part of the juice.

Wooden skewers and sushi sticks

Take the skewer and break it in half for convenience. Press the blunt end on the bone and pass the skewer through the berry, bringing it out. In the same way, the seed is squeezed out of the berry using a sushi stick. Only previously it is necessary to perform the following operation with it: cut off the sharp end, and make small cuts at the place of cut with a knife. These actions will allow the bone not to jump off the tip and it will be much more convenient to take it out.

Cocktail tube

Choose a tube made of hard and thick plastic. Otherwise, it will bend and it will not work to remove the bone. Pierce the cherry with a straw and push on the core, pushing it out. The gadget can be improved. Cut the tube in half and make a triangular incision in the center. The bone will rest against the base of the tube and will not slip.

In order to turn the fork into an effective tool that removes the seed from the cherry, you will need pliers. They remove the two extreme teeth of the kitchen appliance. Bend the edges of the remaining pair of middle protrusions. The device is ready.

With the bent edges of the teeth, pick up the bone and remove it from the cherry. All the above methods, with the exception of the garlic press, have one common minus: you need to pinch the cherry with your fingers. Because of this, the berry may lose its shape. The measure of deformation depends on the variety that determines the density of the cherry.

Choose a bottle with the desired neck diameter. Cherry should be stably on the neck and not fall down even with pressure on it. Lay the berry and squeeze the bone using a pre-prepared chopstick for sushi (how to prepare the chopstick is described above). So you can clear a few pounds of cherries. At the same time, its shape is preserved and excess juice does not flow.

Homemade cherry pit remover

To make the device you will need a regular medical syringe.

  1. Take a 20 ml syringe.
  2. Remove the inner stem.
  3. Cut off the needle cone located on the base of the cylinder.
  4. At the base of the case where the needle cone was located, use a sharp knife to mark the hole in the center.
  5. With a drill, from a point marked in the center, make a hole of 10 - 11 mm.
  6. Make a file on the syringe body next to the base opposite the side where the needle cone was located.
  7. Attach the cherry to the filed part and mark the place where the diameter of the berry ends. From the mark, make a second file.
  8. Remove the part of the syringe body with the clerical knife that formed after the cuts. You should get a hole corresponding to the diameter of the cherry.
  9. Remove the piston from the stem.
  10. Use a pair of wire cutters to remove excess plastic from the piston rod assembly. Те же действия повторите с его боковых сторон с помощью канцелярского ножа. Шток должен иметь вид меча с зауженным концом.
  11. В поршне сделайте отверстие для штока. Он должен свободно перемещаться в поршне.
  12. Insert the piston into the syringe body and the stem into it.
  13. Take the stationery gum and twist it two times. Then place it on the syringe body at the point where the stem enters, which you insert into the cylinder. The ends of the gum should abut against the stock, which will automatically bring it to its original position.

A device for removing hard core from cherry is ready. It works according to the following principle: the berry is inserted into the hole cut in the syringe barrel. The stem squeezes the seed and returns back due to the gum. The bone falls out into the hole drilled in place of the needle cone. This method of removing the seed allows you to maximize the shape of the berries and not lose a large amount of juice.

Any of the above methods will help to clean the berry from the seed at home and in the summer cottage. The disadvantages of some of them become insignificant, given that in general the crop will be preserved and timely processed.