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How to remove a speck from the eye at home


Each person is familiar with the sensation that occurs when a foreign body enters the eye. Immediately there is a feeling of discomfort, pain, difficulty blinking, lacrimation. Such a nuisance can happen at any time. A mote, midge or eyelash may suddenly get into the eye. When working with metal, wood without the use of protective equipment, the organ of vision can be damaged by small chips.

In such a situation, you can not hesitate so as not to injure the eyeball and prevent the inflammatory process. This article proposes to consider how to remove a speck from a person’s eye.

Actions that can not be done

  • Rubbing the eyes. When an unpleasant sensation occurs, a person instinctively begins to rub the eyelid, involuntarily trying to get rid of the mote. You need to keep him from this, because through unwashed hands you can easily make an infection, and when rubbing, inflammation of the mucous membrane will inevitably appear.
  • Rinse with tap water. The tap fluid that most Russian residents consume today has a fairly low quality score. It may contain microorganisms, microscopic specks or grains of sand. Treating the eyes with such water can be very harmful to eyesight.
  • Use of sharp objects. Trying to remove a foreign body, some people resort to tweezers, toothpicks, matches with a wound cotton swab. It is doubtful that such actions will bring relief, but irreparable can bring harm.
  • Forced blinking. Trying to get rid of an extra particle in the eye, a person begins to blink quickly. As a result, discomfort and pain can only intensify.
  • The use of folk remedies. Do not resort to dubious methods such as instilling eyes with honey or aloe juice. Removal of a foreign body using the tongue is also unacceptable. Such actions are unlikely to help, but it is very possible to bring in a foreign protein and thereby cause a severe inflammatory process.

What to do first

First of all, you need to pull yourself together and not give in to panic. Then wash your hands with soap. If this is not possible, then clean them with wet antibacterial wipes or drinking water from a bottle.

How to remove a speck from an eye? Carefully pulling the eyelid, begin the slow rotation of the eyeballs in a circle in different directions. As a result, the speck will shift to the inner corner of the eye, and it can be removed with the corner of a paper towel or a clean handkerchief. It is convenient to do this if there is a mirror at hand.

If the previous steps did not help, then the question arises of how to get the speck out of the eye on its own in another way. You can draw warm water into a wide container and lower your face into it. Opening your eyes underwater, you should move them in different directions. Small particles will definitely come out.

How to get a speck from the eye with a beaker? In many people’s first-aid kits, there are likely to be special containers for washing their eyes. There are such improvised means and every motorist. With their help, the procedure is much more convenient.

Filling the beaker with water, firmly press it to the eye area and throw the head back. Being in this position, open and close your eyes wide several times.

Attention! Flushing water should only be used purified or boiled.

What to do if a speck gets into the eye of a child

With children in a similar situation, acting is a little more difficult. A small child can begin to cry, rub his eyes and thereby cause additional harm to himself.
How to get a speck out of a baby’s eyes painlessly? You need to try to calm him down and gently wipe the sore eye with a wet cosmetic swab in the direction from the outer corner to the inner one. The swab can also be made of gauze, bandage or a handkerchief.

It is good if a decoction of chamomile flowers is at hand - it is able to quickly relieve pain and relieve inflammation. You can also dampen a napkin with warm tea or clean water.

If these simple measures do not help, then do not hesitate, you should immediately contact a medical institution.

How to remove shavings from the eye

Do not think about how to get the speck out of the eye if it got there as a result of careless handling of metal or wood. In this case, you need to urgently seek medical help.

Hard particles with sharp corners are dangerous in that they can easily scratch or pierce the eyeball. Trying to independently remove a foreign body, you can only exacerbate the injury.

In what cases should I see a doctor

There is a situation when a particle is safely removed from the eye, but the feeling of its presence still remains. How to remove a speck from an eye if it is not already there? Most likely, an unpleasant feeling arose due to rubbing or irritation of the eyelid. If unpleasant symptoms do not disappear within a few hours, it is best to go on a visit to an ophthalmologist.

If you managed to safely get rid of an extraneous object in your eye using your own forces, you can still further protect yourself from possible inflammation. To do this, drip the eye with special eye drops that have antibacterial properties.

How to understand that a speck hit a person’s eye

As a rule, falling under the eyelid of a foreign object is accompanied by burning, discomfort, pain. Active lacrimation begins - the body itself tries to get rid of a foreign object. If the pain is acute, it is likely that the object is not just on the surface, but it is stuck in the sclera or cornea. It is difficult for a person with a mote in the eye to open the eyelids, the mucous membrane of the eye turns red due to a rush of blood into the capillaries. At the same time, the eyelids swell, it is even painful for a person to move the pupil from side to side. If you find yourself having these symptoms, you need to take action as soon as possible.

First you need to find out what kind of object got into the eye. If it's a midge or just dust - it's okay, the mote can be pulled out at home. However, if the incident occurred while cutting glass or metal, it is most likely a piece of sharp material that often sticks into the mucous membrane of the eye and does not remain on the surface. In this case, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, especially if a splinter hit the pupil. In other cases, debris can be removed from the surface of the eye yourself.

How to remove a speck from the eye

If you have a mote in your eye, you need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap, calm down and sit back. First you need to try to find out the location of the speck. To do this, pull the upper and lower eyelids in turn. If nothing is found inside, most likely, the speck stuck to the eyelid itself. You need to carefully open it and look at the inside. Sometimes you can’t do this on your own, so if possible, ask someone close to conduct a “diagnosis”.

  1. Nature has provided for everything and in most cases the body itself gets rid of an unnecessary object. Try blinking, turning your eyes from side to side to help the mote move to the corner of the eyes. It is necessary to move the pupil so as to promote the mote in the nose. That is, if a foreign object is felt under the upper eyelid, you need to make circular movements of the pupil counterclockwise, if under the lower eyelid - clockwise.
  2. With a clean finger, try to move the closed eyelid so that you try to move the mote to the corner of the eye. If she advances to her nose, getting her out of there is not a big deal.
  3. Try rinsing your eyes with clean water - filtered or boiled. Do not wash your face with water from the tap, it has a lot of bleach, which can excite the irritated mucosa.
  4. If the speck adheres tightly to the mucosa, try removing it with a cotton swab or just with a wet finger. Never use needles, toothpicks or tweezers for this.
  5. Try dipping your face in a cup of clean and warm water. When your eyes get used to it, blink them wide. Sorinka is likely to easily go right into the water.
  6. If lime splashed into the eye during repairs, dissolve sugar in water - a tablespoon in a glass. Rinse with a sweet eye solution, lime will be easily removed.
  7. If metal shavings get into the eye and there is no way to go to the doctor, it can be removed with a magnet. Drive with a magnet near the open eye as close as possible, the chip under the influence of a magnetic field will come out by itself.
  8. If there is no natural tear, but there is discomfort when opening and closing the eyes, drip clean water into the eye using a pipette.

Try not to rub your eyes - if the speck is hard enough, it can cause injury to the delicate cornea. In addition, you need to pay attention to the eye after removing the mote - if visual acuity is not restored, tears continue to flow, and burning does not stop, most likely, a foreign object was not removed or several particles got into the eye. In this case, repeat the examination and consult a doctor if necessary.

How to get a mote out of a baby’s eye

Very often, children get rubbish in their eyes, because they have not yet learned how to protect their body from external influences. A sudden wind, unsuccessful games in the sand, sudden movements of a friend and in the eye may be a foreign object that irritates the mucous membrane and brings a lot of trouble. The child often does not open his eyes due to severe and acute pain. You need to try to calm down and calm the baby. Put him on a chair, ask him to open his eye. If possible, you need to determine where the speck is located - this will help to act faster and more efficiently. You can remove a speck from the eyes of a child or just another person using the tongue. Carefully open the eyelids with your tongue and draw several times from the outer edge of the eye to the inside. Try to do this one at a time - first swipe the tip of the tongue along the upper eyelid, and then along the lower if you do not know the location of the speck. Sometimes the subject can be quite felt with the tongue. No need to worry, this method is absolutely safe - the tongue will not cause the eye pain and discomfort.

What to do after removing the speck

The eye is one of the main organs of human perception, because it is through vision that we get most of the information about the world around us. You need to protect your eyes - to shelter from the wind, be sure to wear protective masks when working with metal and glass, to explain to the child that throwing sand is ugly and very dangerous. When going out, be sure to bring clean napkins or handkerchiefs that you may need in such incidents. Follow these simple rules to keep your eyes healthy.