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Every guy at least once in his life asks himself a question: how to seduce a girl, because he does not know the answer to it. Moreover, such a question can arise both for the one who has never been with a woman at all, and for the one who was, but did not have to rack his brains before, on such a question.

How to seduce a girl and have sex with her

If you are not meeting the first day, you are already on your way to bed, you only have to speed things up a bit. Since she chose you, then you are the best, so why are you still asking this question, instead of acting? And if you're still free, become attractive for the girls, and then they will wonder how to drag you into bed.

To become attractive for girls, work on your image and become fashionable. Girls are greedy for cool clothes and a fashionable outfit. Most guys don't understand anything about this. Dress stylishly and stand out against a gray background.

We figured out the clothes, but do not forget about the haircut, cleanliness of the body and a pleasant smell. Girls love well-groomed guys. Well, manicure is not necessary at all, but taking care of fresh breath and the absence of the smell of sweat is quite within your power. Take a shower more often, use a deodorant and a good perfume. If clean nails and well-groomed shoes are added to this, you are guaranteed success, you will definitely be able to seduce the girl on the first date.

Packaging is important in the first step. Having become acquainted closer, no one wants to go to bed with a nerd-nerd or, conversely, with a dumb personality. It is not necessary to graduate from college to sleep with a girl, but it is important to be interesting and not to load. And if you find yourself also the soul of the company, consider it already yours.

Do not rush. To seduce a young girl to have sex, your actions must be progressive. After you have attracted the attention of a girl, do not immediately pester, because you can only spoil everything. Seduction is also a science. First you need to gain confidence, be with her in a pleasant relaxing atmosphere, begin rapprochement through touch, and then act on the situation. It happens that you have to retreat more than once, but be sure of yourself and the fortress will certainly fall.

No need to try to seduce a girl into sex by simply offering her this. If everything is so simple with her, then this is not the option when it is worth asking questions how to do it. Girls put emotions first, relationships are more important to them than sex. It is necessary, through communication, to evoke feelings in her so that she herself wishes closeness.

Perhaps the girl herself is inexperienced and is tormented by fears and doubts. She may say that you are still not very familiar, that she is afraid of becoming pregnant and much more. The main thing is to show her your confidence, to demonstrate that you perfectly know how to avoid many problems and know how to protect yourself. If you have already entered into such a conversation, then the matter is small, be a seducer a little more and act.

Beautiful girl seduction

The first way that you can seduce a beautiful girl is the most common and most effective. In this game you are an experienced womanizer. With all your appearance you radiate desire. Look nice, compliments speak sincerely. You try to stay alone with the girl, accidentally touch her.

Innocent touches should go into understandable ones. If you cannot break the kiss in a natural way, continue to play and ask her to argue. Win this argument with a kiss reward. It is clear that this is not just a touch of lips. Your kiss should talk about your desire. Be gentle and unhurried and you will succeed.

Have you been dating for a long time, and sex is not expected? Hint. In conversations, touch on this topic. Watch a movie with a love scene. Discuss with her would like and she as a heroine to experience this. But do not overdo it so that you are not abruptly dismissed, mistaking for a sexually preoccupied one.

This method of seducing a girl for sex is probably the most cruel to her. But the method is as old as the world and quite effective. Play a lot of love. Show the girl serious intentions. Talk about your love and make her an offer.

Make plans for a joint life, but at the same time you can offer - since you have everything decided what to expect? Persistent until the wedding brides are literally units. Knowing about this method will not hurt, but using it is somehow low. A normal man will find another way to get his own and not be a scoundrel at the same time.

You can use this method if you are confident in your popularity. You are the "sex symbol of the area." You simply radiate sexuality in everything - in clothing, look, behavior. Seduce, seduce quickly. For you, the first method of seduction will work much earlier, most likely even on the first date.

This method can be called a philosophical approach to business. Develop a theory about the relationship of souls and the merging of bodies, that you are created for each other and should be together. It is not suitable for everyone, but only for special experts on how to powder a girl’s brains.

If your girlfriend made a condition - there shouldn’t be sex before the wedding, convince her otherwise. You must check each other. What if you have complete sexual incompatibility? What will you do then the day after the wedding? Divorce? And what will parents say about this, who have threatened all the accumulations to organize the celebration? Well and so on.

To seduce a girl for sex, console her after a quarrel or serious trouble.

Have you tried alcohol?

If this is the girl’s first sex

The age at which a person enters into "adult life" is strictly individual and should be determined primarily by the psychological maturity of partners. From a medical point of view, the female body is completely ready for sexual contact at the age of seventeen to twenty years (depending on the climatic location of the region).

Earlier sex, especially with an adult who has formed a partner, can lead to tissue breaks and inflammation caused by the lack of lubrication at this age.

The psychological side of the first sexual experience

As has been repeatedly emphasized, sex should be a mutual desire of partners. Many girls, not being ready for contact, are afraid to say this to their young man, believing that in this way they can lose him.

These fears can be answered on the basis of the experience of more experienced women who are sure that if a man does not like he will still leave. Thus, if a girl is inclined to platonic relations, then she should immediately say this and dot all the i. In addition, in this case, you can consider other options for intimate caresses - kisses, petting. Sometimes they can help seduce a young girl.

So, the girl managed to seduce. First sex is a big responsibility for a young man. Well, if he turns out to be an experienced lover, able to give the partner enough attention. If not, then you need to read the relevant literature, in which a lot of time is devoted to the question of how to properly deprive a girl of virginity.

You can give some basic tips that will help ensure that everything goes at the highest level. Firstly, the first sex is to exclude alcohol, the reaction of the body to which may be completely not expected. Secondly, it is mandatory to use condoms.

Many couples consciously refuse this necessary element of contraception, believing that it robs the whole process of romance. Of course, in some ways they are right, but at the same time, it protects only from sexually transmitted infections, but also from unwanted pregnancy.


“It's easier than it sounds. - says psychologist Perry Buffington, - 80% of sexual contacts provoke women by giving silent signals to the world. Your task is to turn these signals on yourself. ”

What does it mean? Arriving at the party, first try to stay in the center of the room for a while: purely psychologically, women are pleased to rotate around the central point, and besides, you can be seen from all sides. When you see a distant acquaintance in the crowd, smile at her: even to casual acquaintances, women are more disposed than to suspicious strangers. Get a smile back, catch her eyes, play like this for a while - and leave the spotlight. You made it clear that you are ready to make contact. To be continued.


Getting her consent to anything is not so difficult. “Turn to her when you see that her pupils are dilated, - Dr. Buffington advises you. “Enlarged pupils indicate maximum susceptibility.”

And if the situation requires immediate consent and wait until the pupils expand by themselves, is there no way? Proceed from the opposite: dim the light, her pupils will expand - and susceptibility with location will suddenly jump to the level you need. "Watch carefully how she reacts to your words, - continues Buffington. - If she looks away to the left, she should wait for a quick decision, if to the right, she will hesitate for a while. And then, in order to persuade her to her side, explain that her positive decision will make you happy. ”. Believe it? Check it out.


Tell me how you liked what was between you. From such a message, a powerful release of hormones of good mood, dopamine and oxytocin, will occur in the woman’s body. Be sure, after such a firework of emotions, she will again try to make you feel good and quickly - in the hope of getting a new portion of fun hormones. The conditioned reflex described by Dr. Pavlov in this case works for you.


“Your relationship has reached the first quarrel. As soon as she begins to rebuke you, get up, - says Perry Buffington. - This will show that you are absolutely confident in yourself and want her to be sure of this too. In addition, lifting yourself up will speed up your heartbeat, and therefore your blood flow, which means that the blood flowing to the brain will help you think faster and respond more quickly to her words. ”. But after that it is worth giving your gaze some regret. 90% of women are ready to forgive their partner even for external signs of embarrassment and remorse, it is not necessary to say something.


“Do not agree with everything that a woman tells you, - advises sexologist Yvonne Fulbright. “We, women, are interested in socially dominant men, and not a“ weak link. ” That is why during the meeting and the conversations that accompany it, try to play the role of the devil's advocate, from time to time disagreeing with her theses - but your arguments should be similar in form to her arguments. At some point, she might think that she changed your point of view. Let him think! ” But remember: disputes are disputes, and a glass of beer in her face is a bad argument, this can cool feelings.


“By nature, a woman is programmed in such a way that she is attracted to generous men. Generosity for her is a signal that a man has some surplus of resources that he is ready to share. ”Says evolutionary psychologist Jeffrey Miller. It's not even about you giving her a fur coat with a hat, but also taking her to a restaurant. Serve the old beggar woman in the underpass. Donate blood for the victims of the disaster. Take the packing of diapers to the baby’s house, finally. Firstly, it will impress her. Secondly, these are just good deeds, from which your mood improves and your self-esteem grows - and in inter-gender affairs this will not be superfluous.