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How to use the ELM327 autoscanner


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What vehicles is the scanner compatible with?

To determine which autoscanner is suitable for a personal car, it is enough to determine the data exchange protocols. To do this, look at the OBD-2 block and clarify which contacts are present on it:

  • The presence of pin 7 (K-Line) indicates that the ISO 9141-2 protocol is used for diagnostics. Such diagnostic connectors are used in cars of Asian and European production.
  • Conclusions 4, 5, 7, 15 and 16 indicate the ISO14230-4KWP2000 protocol, which is commonly used on Daewoo, KIA, Hyundai, Subaru STi and some Mercedes models.

In all the cases described above, you can safely use the ELM327 scanner. In addition, it will work seamlessly with protocols:

  • SAE J1850 PWM / VPW,
  • ISO 15765-4 CAN 29/11 bit 250/500 Kbaud,
  • SAE J1939.

As a rule, the ELM327 autoscanner is installed and connected to any car without any problems.

How to connect on Android

To connect the ELM327 scanner, a special socket is used, which is located under the steering wheel block of the car (in the passenger compartment).

Useful! If the scanner is installed on VAZ and other domestic cars before 2006, then most likely you will need to use an adapter or adapter.

  • Download the small Torque utility on Google Play. This application is considered the best, as it allows you to additionally read the errors of auto systems.

  • Connect the ELM327 to the appropriate connector.
  • Start the car engine.
  • Activate bluetooth on a mobile device.
  • Go to your smartphone’s settings and go to “Bluetooth wireless networks”.
  • Click on “Search for new equipment”.
  • Wait until a list of available devices is displayed on the phone screen.
  • Select OBD 2 from them and connect to it. To do this, you need to specify a special pairing code, most often it is 1234 or 0000.
  • When the ELM 327 bluetooth connection is completed, you can proceed to the settings. To do this, go to Torque and select "OBD 2 adapter settings."
  • Next, you need to choose a Bluetooth device, that is, the ELM 327 scanner itself.

After a while, the connection will be established, and it will be possible to proceed to the diagnosis of vehicle systems.

Program interface

If we talk about the ELM 327 interface OBD 2, then it is intuitive. After establishing a connection, you must wait until the blinking icon with the image of the car stops blinking. If everything was correct, then, the device will immediately begin to work.

We will figure out how to use the autoscanner, or rather, which of the Torque program icons will be of most interest to us:

  • OBD Check Fault Code - allows you to read and decode possible car errors.
  • Realtime Information - counters displaying engine parameters in real time. The user can independently select and add the counters that he needs. To do this, click "Add Screen".

  • Map View - displays the route of movement.

During the movement of the car, the driver can look at the indicators of pressure sensors, speed, fuel consumption and much more.

If you want to get more detailed data about auto systems, it is recommended to connect to the ELM scanner through a PC.

How to connect on Windows

To understand how to connect the scanner to a computer, you need to download the ScanMaster program.

Useful! Before using a program downloaded from the network, it must be installed correctly. To do this, first find the file with the name “Key” or “Keygen” and generate a passkey. After that, you can run the installation file with the extension ".exe".

After that it is necessary:

  • Connect the scanner to the connector in the car.
  • Start the car engine.
  • Go to the computer control panel and go to the "Bluetooth Devices" section.
  • Click “Add device” and check the box next to “The device is ready to be detected” and select “Next”.
  • For some time, a search will be made for available devices, after which the autoscanner will connect to the laptop.
  • Click "Next" again.
  • In the window that appears, you need to drive one of the standard codes: 0000, 1111, 1234 or 6789.
  • Click Next again.
  • Wait for the automatic integration of the device with the PC and click "Finish."

This completes the installation of the scanner software.

If you are an ardent fan of apple products, and the option to connect to a PC or Android smartphone does not suit you, then you should purchase a special ELM 327 Wi-Fi model that can be connected to any iOS device.

How to connect to iPhone or iPad

To get your own diagnostic center for checking the operation of a vehicle, it is not necessary to connect to the scanner via bluetooth. More modern ELM models are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to use almost any portable device to receive data.

Consider how to establish such a connection:

  • Connect the scanner to the connector in the car.
  • Go to the section responsible for wireless settings and select the network "CLKDevices".
  • There will be a blue arrow to the right, which you must click on.
  • In the window that appears, enter the IP address and router data: You must also specify the standard subnet mask:
  • Just below, you need to specify port 35000.

This setting is concluded. Knowing how to use the ELM 327 scanner, it is enough to install any application for quick diagnostics and register the same IP and port parameters in its settings.

However, it is worth considering that setting up private scanners can be difficult.

Most common connection errors

Problems that may occur when connecting:

  • The scanner does not connect to the computer. This can happen for several reasons: the device is not suitable for the make / model of the car, the adapter or program is incorrectly selected. Sometimes the driver forgets to go through initialization. Less often, the connection does not occur due to banal mechanical failure - the fuse that is responsible for the operation of the OBD II connector has failed.
  • ELM327 does not show real-time data (e.g. fuel consumption). The fact is that this function is available only while the car is moving.
  • The autoscanner does not read or reset errors. Often, to activate the device you need a working engine, so just start the motor. Some cheap ELM327 models do not know how to zero ABS errors, this is solvable, but modification of the device is required.

In custody

ELM327 is a compact device that will significantly save on car diagnostics, it is easy to use and allows you to display data on almost any PC or phone. Nevertheless, before you connect the autoscanner yourself, you should study the video, which clearly shows the process of using ELM.