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How to become elegant?


To be elegant does not mean to be arrogant and arrogant. This means having a sense of style, being able to communicate with people and show sincere interest in them. In addition, the elegant girl feels confident in her abilities and loves herself. This article will teach you to go through life easily and naturally, surprising everyone with their manners and education. But you will understand that the upper class consists not only in manners, but also in selflessness, generosity, compassion and responsibility.

Appearance and mood

The keywords for the word "elegance" are neatness, cleanliness, simplicity.

1. Do not slouch, keep your back straight, do not sit "leg over foot" or with arms crossed.

2. Be friendly to please others with your positive energy. Do not take personal problems to the office and, conversely, protect your family from working turmoil.

3. Always keep shoes and clothing clean.

4. Dress to the place. If in doubt, it is best to wear a classic dress of neutral color with small jewelry. It always works!

5. Your skin, hair and nails should always be in perfect condition:

Leather. Use makeup products for your skin type. Do not get carried away with decorative cosmetics, pick up shades of lipstick and eye shadow that are right for you.

Hair. Visit your hairdresser regularly and “refresh” your hair color, cut off split ends, if any. No unpainted roots!

Nails. If you use a bright varnish, do not keep it on your nails for more than two days, even if it is very high quality. In everyday life, give preference to pastel colors. For some important event, you can make Shellac varnish in the salon, such a manicure can easily last about two weeks.

6. Use only high-quality perfume, while taking into account the opinions of relatives and friends - if you are told that this smell, to put it mildly, is not very good, then without regret part with a precious bottle, no matter how dear it is to you!

1. Avoid vulgar expressions and slang.

2. Express your thoughts clearly.

3. Be friendly to others, when communicating with a stranger, look him in the eye and periodically call him by name.

4. Always greet and thank for the service provided, no matter how insignificant it may be.

5. Avoid excessive openness with unfamiliar people. Remember that a carelessly spoken word can then turn against you!

Elegant home

1. Use simple decorative elements.

2. Avoid “flashy” colors and furniture with sharp corners.

3. Always keep the house clean. Try to choose a specific day of the week for cleaning and washing. The basic rule is to keep as little as possible - keep each item in its place and “do not litter” the apartment. Also, never leave dirty dishes “for later”, no matter how bad you feel.

Buy only beautiful, elegant items

1. Surround yourself with beauty. Appreciate beautiful designer things, flowers, books. Try to develop taste, buy fashion magazines for this.

2. If possible, get one expensive good thing than a few cheap ones. Important aspects such as material and cut play a role here.

3. Prioritize your purchases - think about whether you need this or that thing at the moment.

4. Before you go shopping, look at your wardrobe. This will help you buy the things you really need.

5. Be careful at sales - it’s better to look in advance at the thing you like than to buy completely unnecessary clothes, which then will have nothing to combine with.

Travel and Culture

1. Whenever possible, try to choose different corners of the world for travel each time.

2. Learn how to cook dishes from your favorite countries.

3. Study the culture of different countries and peoples, respect a different religion. In Muslim countries, avoid open dresses and bright makeup.

And finally, love not only yourself, but also those around you, and be kinder!

On clothes meet

Outward signs of elegance are determined quite easily. Nice looking image, graceful gait, slim posture, calm gestures, quiet pleasant voice and clear speech. The look radiates benevolence and a positive attitude towards the world.

The wardrobe of an elegant woman excludes noisy and outrageous sets. The main accent is a calm refined color scheme, and the style is thoughtful classic. It is worth noting that a woman with almost any figure can be elegant, but she skillfully turns her possible defects into effects. The ability to create an external impression close to ideal with one's appearance is one of the signs of elegance.

Wanting to understand how to become elegant, you need to work hard to study the characteristics of your physique and color type. You can consult a professional stylist to create an elegant and suitable wardrobe. Some women have an innate sense of taste, but it is quite possible for others to understand all the subtleties of choosing clothes.

The main components of the wardrobe are classic costumes, dresses, skirts and trousers. Accessories can be moderately bright - gloves, handbag, scarf. In general, the overall appearance is formed from things that are similar in color. The contemporary example of elegance is, without a doubt, the singer Alsou. The concept of "the last cry of fashion" does not affect such a woman. She has her own style, which she slightly modifies in accordance with fashion trends. Of the world's stars, I can safely name Natalie Portman.

A necessary component of elegance is neatness and accuracy, which is called “to the tips of the nails”. An elegant lady cannot be imagined disheveled, with stale manicure or an "arrow" on stockings. At the same time, a neat outfit will be characteristic both in the home environment, and in nature, and during sports.

Self respect

Trying to determine for yourself how to become elegant, it is important to understand that an essential component of elegance is self-esteem, which you can cultivate in yourself, although you will have to make efforts and at first constantly control yourself. But it’s worth trying if such a task is set.

An elegant woman is confident in a good sense of the word and is set up for friendly relations with others. Uncertainty and fawning, or, conversely, narcissism and self-excellence, are excluded from the norms of behavior of an elegant woman. She respects herself and respects others. To achieve this psychological state, there are various practices that you can learn from.

Respect for yourself means respect for your body and health. An elegant lady always has a beautiful posture and gait. Of course, it will require effort, training, sports or, for example, dancing. However, all of them are fully compensated by admiring glances and compliments, and most importantly, by their own good health.

The same applies to skin and hair conditions. Proper self-care, thoughtful nutrition, good sleep, a suitable daily routine - all this speaks of self-respect, supports the external form and general positive attitude.

By the way, the makeup of an elegant woman is pleasing to the eye, correlates with her color type and is almost invisible. Such a lady will not shock others with bright “war paint”, sexy lips and excessively large or shiny jewelry. Everything is in moderation, exquisite, elegant and close to the ideal perception of the image.

Conformity of form and content

The appearance of elegant appearance is inextricably linked with etiquette, manners and behavior. Etiquette and good manners are just an external form of respect for oneself and others. After all, expecting a good attitude to yourself, you should show it to others.

In any environment, an elegant lady behaves with dignity, calmly and benevolently. She will always find a topic for conversation, carefully listens to the interlocutor, almost without looking away. She does not tend to skimp on positive emotions. On the contrary, she will gladly smile at a good joke (but not at a rude joke), make a pleasant remark, or make a compliment.

All of this can be gradually learned. An important recommendation will be - always interested not only in modern events, but also in world culture, history, literature, natural phenomena. Versatile interests and knowledge are inseparable from a truly elegant lady.

Even in unpleasant situations, such a woman "does not lose face." To do this, it is necessary to form an excerpt in yourself, for example, in relation to any unworthy attacks on yourself. The main thing in such cases is the ability to withstand a pause, and during this time to come up with a decent, preferably ironic, answer. To break into a cry and rudeness means to show similar bad manners and vulgarity.

Some additional recommendations

It’s best to plan your wardrobe for a week in advance rather than putting things in a hurry in the morning.

There can be one attractive accent in makeup - it is either eyes or lips, but not brightly, but in a slightly more juicy range.

Spirits do not "knock down" others, but only create a kind of weak trail.

A good mood is one of the clear signs of an elegant lady.

Efforts to cultivate elegance in oneself - both in appearance and in behavior - will help all of life. We can say that they will create a special “aura” that will attract similar people and good events. Moreover, the cultivation of elegance will help to better understand yourself and shape your personality. Gradually conquering small "steps", you can suddenly find yourself at the pinnacle of success!