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Formatting the storage device, Increasing available memory for, More content - Nokia N8-00 User Manual


In this article, we will tell you how to make the Nokia N8 reset to factory settings.

The Nokia N8 was one of the most advanced smartphones in 2010, so it’s not surprising that many people still use it as their primary mobile device.

However, a problem can occur with any device. You may have forgotten the password that you previously set on your smartphone. Also, various crashes, errors, malfunctions in the software can interfere with the use of the phone.

Resetting to factory settings is a universal method to return the smartphone to working condition.

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Formatting storage device

Want to delete all content from your storage device? At

formatting the storage device, all data stored on it

Create backups before formatting the storage device.

all data that needs to be saved. All data is deleted.

2 Select and hold the recording device, and in

popup menu select

Do not use computer software to format

storage device as this will reduce

device performance.
You can use the Nokia Ovi Suite application for backup

data to a compatible computer. Digital Access Control (DRM) may

prevent some data backups from being restored. Additional

For information on the DRM system used for content, contact

Increase available memory for more content.

You need to increase the available memory of the device so that you can

Install more applications and add more content?
Transfer data to a storage device, compatible memory card

(if available) or a compatible computer.
In addition, you can delete the following items if they are no longer needed:

Text, multimedia, and email

Contact entries and information

Installation files (.sis or .sisx) for installed applications. Run

backing up files to a compatible computer.

Photos and videos in the Photos app. Perform backup

copying files to a compatible computer.

Tip. If you have trial and demo versions of applications installed with

Factory Reset Hard reset

Hard Reset on this device is as follows:

Press the Power, Volume -, Camera, and Menu buttons at the same time.

After the screen lights up, goes out and lights up again, release the "Power" button and continue to hold the rest

After loading the device, all user data will be deleted.

Reset to factory settings via menu

To reset the Nokia N8 to the factory settings via the settings menu, do the following:

Then go through: Menu-> Options-> Phone-> Managed Phone-> Initial Settings-> Delete Data. and restore

Then click "Yes"

If you have previously set a security code, you will need to enter it.

The smartphone will reboot with the default settings

How to reset Nokia if you forgot his password?

There are a number of reasons that may explain why your device is not working properly. The most common problems occur when your internal memory is full or when you have a problem with external Micro SD memory. If you think this may be the case, we recommend deleting unnecessary files from your phone. (Including text messages, photos, etc.). If your phone works correctly after removal, a reboot may be required. The release date of Nokia 8 also became known.

(Nokia reset)

If the problem is different, we recommend a Nokia reset or password reset. Please note that when you restart the phone, everything returns to the original factory settings. All data will be lost. We strongly recommend that you back up all your data before moving on using Nokia Reset. We have made a list of the best budget smartphones of the summer of 2017.

How to Hard reset if you forget your Nokia password?

If performing a reset without data loss does not cause your phone to work properly, you may need to perform a hard reset. Please note that a hard reset will completely destroy all your data on the phone. It is recommended that you back up important information on your phone before proceeding. How to download and install the Tor Mac oS browser on Windows and Linux?

To perform a hard reset, enter the code * # 7370 # on the keyboard and press Yes to confirm.

Hard disk reset can also be performed on a phone that does not turn on. You can do this by simultaneously pressing the On / Off + * + 3 keys.

How to do password recovery Nokia N97?

Some forums have reported that you can reset Nokia 97 smoothly after an accident without formatting it. To do this, first turn off the phone and connect the phone to the charger. Remove the charger when the screen lights up, and then wait until it turns off.

Turn on the phone immediately after pressing the power button on top.

After vibration at startup, connect the charger.

You can reset Nokia N97

To reset the Nokia N97, while simultaneously pressing the Shift + Space + Backspace button. Holding down the three buttons, then press the phone’s power on / off button and do not release until NOKIA appears on the screen. Lenovo introduced the world's first flexible smartphone Folio, which will appear in the next five years.

You can reset Nokia N8

Go to the device’s main menu> Settings> Phone> Manage phone. Then click “Factory settings”> “Delete data” and “Restore”.

(Nokia reset)

To perform a hardware reset, turn off the phone, and then press and hold the volume down + Camera + key menu.
Press the power button until your phone vibrates.

How to recover other Nokia passwords in three clicks?

This is a post about several methods that you can use to reset your Nokia phone security code. Some call it the “Lock Code” or “PIN.” Be that as it may, let's reset it.

(Nokia reset)

Each Nokia phone comes with a standard code 12345. If you care about the security of your phone or personal information such as contacts, photos or anything important. Then you install on your phone, this code may be necessary. You can set your phone to block SIM changes. You can also use this code to protect the key.

However, some models may not support this feature. In this case, you can use mobile anti-virus software to enable it. Introduced the iPhone 7 and Nokia 3310 in the style of "Game of Thrones."

Therefore, it is important to change the default code and use it for security. But many people tend to forget this code because they do not use it so often. And once forgotten code and you will not help turn on Nokia. This is where the mail comes into action. I have listed several ways to reset it below.

How to reset Nokia lost passwords on all models?

These hard reset settings do not match factory settings in the phone settings. It will delete all your data from your phone - contacts, images, videos, call history, music, etc. D. If you have access to the phone (i.e. the phone is not locked), back up the data. Also, make sure your phone is charged before completing the process.

Make sure the phone is turned off and hold these 3 buttons on the keyboard:

  • Classic style phones

Call key + Asterisk key (*) + number three (3)

  • Full touch phones

Call key + End key + Camera capture button

  • Touch Phones with QWERTY Keyboard

Left Shift + Spacebar + Back Key (Backspace)

  • Other Phones - Nokia N8, C7, E7, C6-01, X7, E6

Make sure these keys are pressed, press and hold the power button until you see the message “Formatting” on the screen. Release all keys and wait for formatting to complete. Once it is completed, your phone will look like new, but not physically. Now your security code is reset, and you can access it with the default code 12345. Augmented reality Wingnut AR was presented at the exhibition.

How to install Nokia firmware all installation steps

This NSS method does not reset your phone, but reads all your data. This is dangerous. It is for this reason that Nokia blocked this feature with firmware updates. This method may or may not work on your phone due to an update. But it’s worth trying this method, because it will not delete your data, like a hard reset.

  • Download NSS (Nemesis Service Suite)
  • Do not install it on drive C because it has resolution problems. Use other discs D, E, F, etc.
  • Connect your phone to your computer using Ovi Suite or PC Suite. Close the Ovi / PC kit if it starts automatically. We do not need this.
  • Nemesis Open Services Suite (NSS).
  • Click the Scan New Button button (which is located in the upper right part).
  • Press the phone info button.
  • Click Scan.
  • Select “Read Only Memory”.
  • Click "Read."

Now it will read the permanent memory of your phone and save it on your computer. Locate the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) installation directory and go to D: NSSBackuppm. In this folder you will see a file with the name .pm. Right-click on it and open using notepad. Now find in this file. On the 5th entry (5 =) in the tag, you will see your password as follows: 5 = 3 1 3 2 3 3 3 4 3 5 0000000000. Remove all triples and 0 from this line, as shown above, to get the security code. Thus, your security code is 12345.