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How to comfortably, quickly and inexpensively get from Milan to Venice


If you are in Milan, you might be wondering how to get from Milan to Venice. Both of these cities deserve the closest attention of tourists. Of course, Venice is a whole world with its picturesque streets, unique canals and beautiful architecture. Since Venice is located not so far from Milan, you can try to combine excursions to both of these cities in one trip.

The distance from Milan to the eternal city on the water is 273 km. With a great desire, you can even have time to go from Milan to Venice in one day and return back. But it’s better to stay there for a few days. Then it will be possible to leisurely explore the most interesting sights of Venice, ride along its canals on the famous gondolas, take a walk in medieval streets and generally plunge into its special atmosphere.

Let's consider in more detail how to get from Milan to Venice. Please note that there are different ways: train, bus, car and even airplane. But there are important nuances that are worth considering. We will talk in detail about the pros and cons of each method.

We leave for Venice by train

If your route is Venice-Milan, how to get there, each tourist decides on his own. Moreover, he takes into account his preferences, then what time and money he has. It is best to get from Venice to Milan using the train. For this you need only 2.5-3 hours. To date, this method remains the most convenient, safe and affordable. All trains that depart in the direction of Venice leave from the station called Milano Centrale, that is, it is Milan Central Station. They run quite often, about once per hour. As we already mentioned, the trip will take about 2.5-3 hours. Everything will depend on how high-speed train you come across, and how many stops it makes to the final destination.

Most of the tourists consider the railway connection to be the most convenient way to get to the canal city from Milan. And they are right. Every hour, a train leaves for Milan from the Central Station in Milan. Despite the busy season, the train ticket can be obtained almost always. But it is worth considering that trains can differ in the level of comfort, fare and travel time.

  • The maximum cost for you is a trip in a second-class carriage of the Milan-Venice train. This is an ordinary train with an average degree of comfort. A ticket for it costs about 20 euros. This is about ten times cheaper than flying by plane. If you want to further reduce its cost, then purchase a ticket for at least a couple of weeks. Then it will cost half the price. It takes 3.5 hours to get to this destination by train.
  • If it takes you a long time, take the express train. In this case, you will save about an hour and go to Venice in 2.5 hours. But it is worth considering that the cost of his ticket is twice as high. It will be about 45 euros. But if you buy a ticket earlier, then this price can be reduced by almost half.

If you do not know how to get from Milan to Venice, we are in a hurry to give you useful advice. Better get by train. It is inexpensive, convenient and safe. To find the most profitable option for you, it is worth digging into the train schedule. It is also worth considering that within the same car there may be places with different comfort classes. Very often they are difficult to distinguish by external signs. Also there is such a service as posting food. Most often this is packaged food, for example, chips, chocolate.

When buying train tickets, you should consider a number of nuances:

  1. Some of them will need to be composted, while others will not. The cashier must warn about this during their purchase. Well, if you ordered them on the Internet, carefully read the instructions, which will be sent to you by e-mail.
  2. At the train station there are very convenient electronic displays, white and orange. They indicate the train numbers, location and exact time of their departure. The final destination is large. It is also worth paying attention to the line running below. It lists through which intermediate points the train will follow.
  3. In most cases, passengers are given the opportunity to return home in the same way. However, there is no strict reference to a specific time. Trains to Venice, recall, run every hour.

Most trains make mandatory stops in major Italian cities - Verona, Padua, Vicenza. The cost of tickets will depend on what class of place you choose. For the second class, the ticket price will be about 40-50 euros, for the first - about 65 euros. But sometimes you can buy a ticket and cheaper. To do this, you can take part in the action or book it online. From Milan, most of the trains that go to Venice depart from the Central Station, but some may depart from other stations. Train timetables can be clarified at the stations themselves or their official sites. It describes in great detail how to get from Milan to Venice and back.

How best to buy tickets

In order to get on the train for sure, you can buy tickets not only online in advance, but also at the station itself. But at the station, tickets can cost a little more than on the Internet, especially if you purchase them right on the day of departure. The price of train tickets in Italy is set on the same principle as for air tickets. The ticket will be the more expensive, the closer the date of the proposed trip. Those who want to save money should take care of the ticket in advance.

If you are in Italy at the height of the season, then you should be prepared for the fact that the station will be very crowded, but in order to buy a ticket, you will need to stand in line a little. Buying a ticket in this case may be delayed. Another obstacle may be that many employees of the railway in Italy practically do not speak English. Sometimes it’s hard enough to explain to them which ticket you need in which direction, at what date and time.

Milan-Venice is a fairly popular train route. This is worth considering, as there are many tourists in Italy throughout the year. Although trains run very often on this route, there may be temporary interruptions with tickets.

It is much more reliable to buy a ticket online. There are several resources for this, for example, Selectitaly. You will definitely need a bank card and email address. The purchased ticket itself will be mailed as a PDF file. On average, this procedure will take about 15 minutes. If you wish, you can even find a video on the Internet on how to book a train ticket online in Italy. Please note that it is better to print the purchased ticket. Only in this case will you be able to catch the train. A printout of a ticket purchased online should be presented upon boarding the train. A ticket purchased in this way does not need to be composted. Well, if you took a ticket for a train of regional importance, then you will need to buy it directly at the station and then validate it during boarding. Please note that after purchasing online, detailed instructions will be sent regarding how to deal with this ticket. Instructions are sent to the buyer's email.

So, you have purchased a ticket and already boarded the Milan-Venice train. You are finally on the road. But pay attention to an interesting feature of this route. The fact is that you will meet two stations at once, which are called Venice. You most likely need the station called Venezia Santa Lucia. This is the station, which is located directly in Venice. Most tickets are booked exactly to this station. But there is a second station - Venezia Mestre. This is not the end point on the route.

Get by plane

We have described in sufficient detail how to get from Milan to Venice by train. But this is far from the only way to get to this eternal city on the water. Some tourists prefer to get here by plane. However, there are some disadvantages. Still, the train has more convenient route logistics and it is much cheaper. Let us now consider in detail the logistics of moving to Venice by plane.

As you know, first you need to get to the airport. In this case, it is Malpensa. In order to get to this airport from the center of Milan, you will need to spend about an hour of your time. This is at best. Then a certain time will need to be spent on registration, and of the flight itself. The flight itself is not very convenient in that a transfer is required. There are no direct flights from Malpensa to Venice. In total, you will need to spend about 4 hours on a transfer flight. At the same time, you will not fly to the city itself on the water, but to Marco Polo airport. And already from him it will still be necessary to somehow get to Venice itself. As you can see, this method is quite inconvenient, it takes a lot of time and takes a lot of energy for numerous transfers and registrations. In any case, even at the peak of the season, it will be much more convenient, faster and cheaper to get to Venice from Milan by train. If we talk about the price, then traveling by plane to Venice from Milan and back on average can cost $ 200 or more. This, of course, is much more expensive than a train ride.

How to get to Venice from Milan by bus

As soon as you leave Venice from the railway station, you will immediately find yourself near the stop. You can quickly get to the city by water from Milan and by bus. This is a great form of transport, especially considering that Italy has a very high quality road surface, and all buses are new, roomy and meet all the requirements of the European Union regarding their comfort and safety. Special requirements are also imposed on drivers. They have a long driving experience and always undergo the necessary checks before going on a flight.

Italy does not have its own bus company of a national level, the flights of which would reliably connect all major cities. But this did not become an obstacle to the development of high-quality bus services in this country. Each region has its own carrier companies that provide reliable service to numerous bus routes. Most often, these routes run within the same region. Because tourists, most likely, will not be able to travel from one end of Italy to the other end without transfers. But to get from one city to another within the same region is quite possible.

But there is no direct route Milan-Venice yet. There is a direction in Milan Padova. It is traditionally one of the most popular. It is very popular among tourists, because the carriers made sure that a sufficient number of buses served it. But still, flights are carried out only every other day. The transport itself is very roomy and comfortable. But the bus ride loses the train again. The fact is that, firstly, there is no direct route to Venice yet, and secondly, the trip itself is quite lengthy. From Milan to Padua can be reached no sooner than 5 hours. In addition, buses in this direction run only three times a week and carry out only one flight. A ticket to Padua costs an average of about 25 euros. The disadvantage of this method is that you still need to get from Padua to Venice. And this is an additional cost of time, money and effort.

You can also take a bus that offers tours of Venice. This service is offered by many companies. It is very in demand due to its convenience and low price. By the way, prices for one-day tours can be quite different. If you believe experienced tourists, it is better not to overpay. A higher price for the tour does not mean that it includes visits to more attractions. Increased comfort in this case is also not guaranteed. The price often depends simply on the level of the restaurant or cafe in which you will be offered to dine, as well as on the ambitions of the organizer himself.

Excursions most often take place along the same routes. And their scheme is approximately the same:

  1. The time to get to Venice is three hours in each direction.
  2. The time spent in the city of canals is about 5 hours.
  3. Often the program includes a gondola ride. About 40 minutes for 100 euros. By the way, the cost is often not included in the price of the tour itself.
  4. Some time is given for shopping and lunch. But you can manage to buy only minor souvenirs. The time allotted is not enough to buy clothes or jewelry.


Drive by car is another way to get to Venice. Let us consider in detail its advantages and disadvantages. If you drive well and know how to use the roadmap, then this is a good option for you. It will give you freedom of movement, save time and provide an opportunity to better know the country. Car rental in Italy is very easy. However, it will cost more than a train or bus ride. A very high-quality and modern expressway is built between Milan and Venice, so lovers of fast driving will be able to ride with the breeze. But in order to drive through it, you will need to pay. It is for the contributions of motorists and its excellent condition is maintained.

To enter the A4 highway, you will need to pay about 43 euros. For many drivers, this amount is quite significant. But you will get the opportunity to drive along an excellent flat highway with beautiful landscapes. It is better to pay the fare in cash. To do this, you must enter the track through the gate that says Biglietto. There are also gates with special notes from different payment systems. In general, you should carefully read the inscriptions and make money. But if you make a mistake and enter the gate of that payment system, the card of which you do not have, this is fraught with troubles:

  1. You will be detained by the traffic control patrol and lose valuable time.
  2. A lot of you will be lined up, while you will find out the current situation with road workers.
  3. Sometimes it turns out to “slip through”, but you run the risk of getting a fine of 70 euros.

When you pay the fare on the autobahn with a road clerk or in a special machine, you will receive a ticket in your hands. It must be kept until the very end of the trip. Very good knowledge of English and goodwill. Don't be afraid to apologize if something went wrong.

There is some romance on such a trip. You will be happy to drive this route. Most of it will pass along the A4 motorway. In some guides, it is referred to as the Padova Venezia motorway. The main thing - to get from Milan to Padua, and there to Venice - at a stone's throw. The direction to the city on the water is indicated by the landmark E70, and after it - SR11. Before entering Venice itself, you will need to pass a large bridge. It runs not only cars, but also numerous trains.

An undeniable plus of traveling by car - you can always make a stop to see another attraction. Thanks to the car, you can more freely plan your excursions. But you can’t travel around Venice by car. It’s better to transfer to a vaporetto. This is a colorful water bus. It is very maneuverable and runs well through numerous channels. A trip on it per hour will cost about 4 euros.

It is better to leave a rented car right after entering the city in a special parking lot. In Venice, only one parking lot is organized. It is located at Piazzale Roma. This is a big minus, because in the holiday season it is very busy.

If you analyze all of the above, then the train is the most affordable and convenient way to get from Milan to eternal Venice. But there are tourists who are not afraid of difficulties. They prefer to sacrifice some of their amenities for romance and drive. For such travelers, the best solution is just a car trip.

For such tourists we provide more detailed information about the features of car rental in Italy. In this country there are a huge number of private companies that provide car rental services. If you decide to rent a car, do not rush to choose a specific carrier. Analyze the cost of rental services in several companies. The fact is that they can differ quite significantly. Even car rental of the same brand in different companies can vary greatly in price.

In order not to overpay, when searching for a car for rent it is better to use a special search engine on the Internet. Thanks to him, you can quickly find a lot of the cheapest offers. Hotel portals have such services, and they can also be an independent service. Now tourists can track online what changes have occurred in price. They can also quickly find the best deals from car rental operators.

Когда вы окажетесь в удивительной и сказочной Венеции, вам обязательно захочется посмотреть как можно больше ее знаменитых достопримечательностей. Чтобы не терять время. Нужно заранее составить точный маршрут, в котором вы укажете все, что хотите увидеть. Так вы сэкономите драгоценное время и свои силы. Поверьте, что в этом городе есть на что посмотреть. Обязательно сфотографируйтесь на фоне его живописных архитектурных шедевров, незабываемых каналов и колоритных гондол.

Итак, мы очень подробно описали, как доехать от Милана до Венеции, а также как вернуться обратно. Ну а конкретный способ передвижения выбирать только вам.

На ночном поезде

В пути 2 ч 55 мин. Стоимость проезда 29–45 EUR. Distance 265 km.

Carrier Trenitalia Frecce

Independently drive 156 minutes by car. The distance between Milan and Venice is 264 km. You will spend 21 liters of gas for about € 27.3.

See which rental office is more profitable to rent a car.

How to plan a train trip from Milan to Venice

The distance between the two cities is about 270 km. An active railway connection is organized between them, so tourists who want to get from Milan to Venice by train can choose between different travel options: from the fastest to the cheapest.

Active travelers can plan a day trip to the "city on the water." They will arrive by morning electric train, take one day to ride on gondolas and visit historical sights, and in the evening go back to Milan.

High-speed trains - fast but not cheap

Between the two cities runs the composition of the private company Trenitalia, called FRECCIAROSSA (Red Arrow).

High-speed trains FRECCIAROSSA. S-f

Its maximum speed is about 300 km per hour.

This is the fastest way to cover the distance between Venice and Milan.

The disadvantage of the method is its high price. The cost of a ticket to the Red Arrow depends on the class selected.

High Speed ​​Train Options

From Milan to Venice by train

The train is the fastest, most convenient, and often the cheapest way to get from Milan to Venice and / or from Venice to Milan. Trains to Venice from Milan they leave from Milano Centrale station almost every hour, and the journey itself takes about 2.5-3.5 hours, depending on which train you choose. Moreover, almost all trains follow the route with stops in Verona, Vicenza and Padua.

As for the cost of tickets, it starts for fast trains from 19.9 euros for a place in the second class and from 29.9 euros - in the first (2019). Promotions happen when tickets can be bought cheaper.

Most trains from Milan depart from Milano Centrale Station

Buy train tickets Milan-Venice it is possible both in advance online, and directly at the station. When buying at the station - especially on the day of departure - you need to be prepared that tickets will cost more (for a fast train - from 60 Euros in the second class, and 75-100 Euros in the first). The railway pricing system in Italy is very similar to air tickets - the closer the travel date, the more expensive the ticket.

In addition, at Italian stations - especially during the peak season - in the literal sense of the word “there is nowhere for an apple to fall.” Complicating the situation is the fact that very few railway employees speak English - it will not be easy to explain.

On the most popular routes (which include Milan-Venice), despite the rather frequent schedule, there may also be interruptions with “day to day” tickets: after all, Italy is one of the most tourist countries in the world.

To get a better idea of ​​what you can expect at the station, watch the video below that BlogoItaliano shot at the train station in Bologna. By the way, we recommend subscribing to our Youtube channel, where useful videos for travelers are regularly posted:

One way to check the timetable and purchase tickets is on the popular portal [formerly GoEuro]. Here you can easily take tickets in advance at the cash desk price and everything is in Russian.

To pay for the fare, you will need a credit card, and the purchased ticket will be sent by e-mail immediately after payment. You just have to print it and take it with you on the train to present at the control. Everything about everything will take about 15 minutes.

A strong feature of Omio is the opportunity to get a discount of 10 Euros per ticket if it costs more than 40 Euros. For this before the purchase You need to register in the service at this special link. The opportunity to apply the discount will appear immediately.

All the details on how to get and apply your 10 Euro coupon can be found in our detailed article How to get a 10 Euro discount on trains in Italy in 5 minutes.

Trains Regionale (in the foreground) and fast (in the background) at Milano Centrale Station

If you buy tickets for a fast train, and you have the date of departure and a place in the car, it only remains for you to print it and take your place on the train. In this case, you not necessary Compost the purchased ticket at the station.

If you received a confirmation for a regional train (Regionale - much slower trains that make many stops along the way), you will need to pick up a ticket at the station and post it before boarding. Detailed instructions for each specific case are sent to the e-mail specified at the time of purchase.

If you travel from Milan to Venice by train, note that on the route there will be 2 stations called Venezia. As a rule, most tourists need one called Venezia santa lucia - station located directly in the "city on the water."

The second station is called Venezia mestre, and it is not the end point of the route.

Regional trains - budget, but longer in time

The second way to get from Milan to Venice is through regional trains.

Consider this:

They are not as fast as FRECCIAROSSA, but costing a tourist who wants to organize a trip on their own is cheaper. Between cities runs more than 60 routes per day.

Regional train inside. fotoliza

How much to go from one point to another? The exact travel time depends on the route chosen and the departure station. The approximate travel time between the two cities will be 2 hours 44 minutes.

The price of train tickets varies depending on the hour of departure and the comfort of the car. It ranges from 25 to 36 euros. The choice is made by the tourist based on his preferences and financial capabilities.

Regional train at a train station in Venice. Oleg Proskurin

From Milan to Venice by plane

To get from Milan to Venice You can and by plane, however, - this is not the best option. Both price and logistics of such a solution cannot stand any comparison with trains. If the starting point of the trip is the center of Milan, then first you have to get to Malpensa Airport, which will take about an hour at best. Then check in for the flight and, in fact, the flight. The latter will also last about 4 hours, since you have to fly with transfers.

From the train station in Venice you go straight to the vaporetto stop

In the end, you will still have to travel from Marco Polo airport to Venice itself. So, even if you do not take into account the price of the issue, it is easier to travel by train.

As for the price, a search through Aviasales showed that in October 2018 such a round trip would cost at best $ 200, which is also more expensive than a train ticket.

From Milan to Venice by car

To get Milan to Venice by car pretty simple. There is an excellent freeway between the cities, however, as with other autobahns in Italy, it will be chargeable. We already wrote about motorways in more detail in the Autobahn post in Italy. For now, we add only that most of the way runs along the A4 motorway, which is also found in guidebooks and called “Autostrada Padova Venezia.”

After driving through Padua, you should look for landmarks in Venice, and this is E70, and then SR11. The path directly to Venice leads through a bridge that serves both cars and trains.

As for driving around Venice itself, here you are unlikely to encounter difficulties, because you can’t especially go through the canals. Only parking in Venice located on Piazzale Roma, and you can imagine loading it during the holiday season.

Thus, comparing all the options, it should be recognized that the best way to travel from Milan to Veniceas well Venice to MilanStill serves as a train.

If you still prefer a car, it makes sense to note the following. There are a lot of companies providing car rental services in Italy, and their prices for the same cars can vary over a fairly wide range. In addition, Italian car rentals often sin with hidden payments, adding them for everything: insurance, child seats, navigator, etc.

All rental conditions car rental search engines lead to a single view

To avoid overpayments, it is better to rent a car in Italy through a major European car rental price comparison service. Such services in online mode monitors price changes in hundreds of car rental points, allowing you to find the most profitable options in a few clicks.

It is better to rent a car as early as possible - this can also save significantly. If plans change, reservations can always be canceled. Therefore, you do not risk anything. You can try the search engine in action and compare car rental prices in Venice or Milan using the link below.

From Milan to Venice by bus

Another way to get from Milan to Venice and back is to use the bus. About 10 flights depart daily from different stations in Milan to different stations in Venice and its satellite - Mestre.

Travel time by bus, depending on the route, can take from 4 to 8 hours. This is less convenient than trains, but at times more economical.

Stations in Milan where boarding and boarding takes place: at the airport of Malpensa, San Donato and Sesto S.G., in Venice - Tronchetto, at the train station in Mestre and at the airport.

Check the current schedule and prices on this page.

And here you are

If you come to Milan or Venice for 1 day, covering all the most important things without a thorough preliminary preparation can be problematic. That is why at BlogoItaliano we prepared a series of step-by-step routes for 1 day [see here].

Our routes are a ready-made plan for visiting the city in order to be in time to the maximum. They cover about 25 main attractions of each city, contain the main information about them and a detailed mode of operation.

Each guidebook has an online map with the optimal walking route, which you can download to your phone and use without the Internet, recommendations for a free audio guide, places where you can enjoy a colorful coffee or a good meal, as well as a ton of other useful information.

If you plan to stay in Venice or Milan overnight, these special hotel collections may come in handy:

Regardless of which region you are going to visit, we recommend that you sign up for our Free Course for Travelers to Italy - this is a series of letters with valuable tips that will help you organize your trip as efficiently as possible while significantly saving.

From which station to leave in Milan and to which to get to Venice

Trains to Venice depart from Milano Centrale Station, which is located in the city center. Where do you need to get to be as close to the tourist attractions of Venice?

Attention will be required from tourists: on the route there are two stations with a similar sounding name:

  • Venice Mestre is an intermediate station, you need to go further,
  • Venice Santa Lucia - directly the station "cities on the water", here tourists go.

Trains run every hour, so travelers build their program in the city without being tied to the departure time of a particular route.

Train station in Venice. AD-ADVANCED Photos

Where to see the reliable train schedule Milan-Venice

The schedule of trains running between cities in Italy can be found at every major railway station in the country. This is a panel of white or yellow light, which indicates the time of departure and arrival of trains.

To find their way around, tourists look at the train number and departure time indicated on the ticket. The wrong decision is to look for a route around the station where the path lies.

The terminal indicates the final station for the movement of the train, which does not always coincide with the place of arrival of the traveler. Other stops on the road are indicated next to them by a running line.

In Italy, tickets are sometimes sold where the train and wagon numbers are not indicated.

To understand where the train is coming from, you need to look at the final or intermediate stations indicated on the scoreboard.

The platform number where the train is suitable appears 15 minutes before its arrival. This time is enough to reach the desired point and accommodate.

Where in Milan to buy a train ticket online

The best way to buy tickets is through specialized booking sites. On them, the tourist will find answers to the following questions:

  • how many kilometers do the arrivals and destinations share
  • how long will the trip take
  • what services will be included in the ticket,
  • Will I need to do transplants?

Booking tickets at a bargain price is available on the official Omio website. The traveler indicates the point of departure and arrival, the desired date ...

Station selection and dates

... and then receives a list of all travel options from Italian shipping companies. Among this variety, tourists can easily choose what suits them in terms of cost and time of departure.

Having decided on the option, the traveler presses the “Select” button and gets to the next page, which provides detailed information about the ticket. He can choose the class of the car (menu item "Class & Fare"): a dialog box opens, where it will be indicated how much you need to pay for additional amenities.

Selection of additional options

The next step is to enter data on the passenger: his full name, email address and country of citizenship are indicated. When everything is ready, the tourist proceeds to the final stage of registration - verification of the specified information and payment made from a bank card of the Visa or MasterCard system.

Please note: now the site has a Russian-language version, so using Omio will not cause you any difficulties!

Buying a ticket online is an opportunity to book it at the most convenient time at a nice price: the savings will be up to 50% of the cost of the trip.

And how to buy a ticket at the station can be found in the following interesting video:

How to organize a trip from Milan to Venice by bus

If the amount of 25-50 euros per ticket seems too high for a tourist, for him there is an alternative way to overcome the distance from Milan to Venice - a shuttle bus.

Bus communication between cities is provided by FlixBus.

Its routes depart from the Lampugnano bus station, which is located near the metro station of the same name on the M1 branch. Transport to Venice departs every 1-2 hours and arrives at the Mestre train station or Tronchetto bus station.

Mestre, Venice. Christian vinces

You can get acquainted with the exact bus schedule, prices and make a reservation on the website The ticket includes one piece of luggage.

But there are options:

When buying on the website, the traveler has the right to choose specific seats in the cabin and pay extra baggage. He will be required to enter his last name and first name and transfer funds from a bank card.

Bus choice Milan-Venice

Please note: booking tickets at a bargain price is also possible through the Omio service. It only works with trusted European carriers, so you can count on a comfortable and safe trip!

How to drive a car from Milan to Venice

A quick way to get from Milan to Venice and back is to rent a car.

The car rental rate is added to this price. It depends on the type, class of vehicle and the company chosen.

Tourists use specialized sites to rent a car.

This is more profitable than choosing a car directly at the airport of Milan: the price is lower and there are more offers.

For example, on the Rentalcars portal it is indicated that using the car for two days will cost the traveler 3,000-7,000 rubles. To compare the cost of all available rental options, use the filters that the site offers:

  • shipping company,
  • service provider rating
  • car class
  • characteristics of transport
  • fuel policy
  • deposit upon receipt of the car,
  • damage deductible, etc.

Before booking a car, it is important to familiarize yourself with the terms of its rental. This will help to avoid most problems while traveling.

Car rental gives tourists the freedom of movement. After visiting Venice, they can independently go to other famous cities of Italy: Rome, Verona or Florence to have a good time for sightseeing.

Road by car. Zoom team

Does it make sense to fly from Milan to Venice by plane

Flying between cities is not the most convenient option, because there is no direct flight connection. Airplanes flying between two points on the route make transfers in London, Naples, and Rome.

For example, RyanAir offers a flight from one city to another with an independent connection in London (its duration is 4-5 hours). Travel duration - 8 hours. To this figure, you need to add the time to the airport and the time required for registration.

If tourists are looking for an option how to get from Milan to Venice cheaply, an airplane is not their solution.

Flight options example

Features of urban transport in Venice

One of the main features of Venice is its location on islands surrounded by canals. This is its "highlight", attracting tourists from all over the world, and a drawback. You can move only on foot or by water.

Gondolas in Venice. DaLiu

Для туристов имеется три варианта проезда по городу:

  • такси — самый дорогостоящий вид транспорта (но вы всегда можете воспользоваться сервисом KiwiTaxi для заказа комфортабельного трансфера по самым выгодным ценам),
  • гондолы — стоят чуть дешевле, но больше подходят для непродолжительной романтической прогулки, а не для путешествия с багажом,
  • вапоретто — водные трамваи, курсирующие по заранее определенным маршрутам.

Всего в городе имеется 22 маршрута вапоретто, соединяющих основные туристические достопримечательности. Vessels of various sizes cruise along them, the interval of their movement is 10-15 minutes.

Vaporetto in Venice. Alexanton

Vaporreto tickets are purchased depending on the intended time of use.

If a tourist stops in the city for several days and plans to explore its different corners, the optimal solution is a transport card. For example, its cost for two days is 30 euros.

TransportTravel timePriceConvenience
High speed trains2 hours 00 minutes45-122 eurosconveniently
Regional trainsfrom 2 hours 44 minutes25-36 eurosconveniently
Bus4,5-5 hours8-16 eurosconveniently
Carabout 3 hours55 + 40 eurosconveniently
Airplaneat least 8 hoursfrom 8 000 rub.time consuming and inconvenient

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