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No matter what job you are looking for, the employer will ask you for a resume. A resume is the story of your education, experience, and employment. The same goes for writing a resume for the theater, in which you should focus on theatrical performances, education and work experience in the theater. If you worked for a well-known director or played leading roles, do not forget to write about it. The best thing that can happen to you while listening is to mention a famous name in the resume. List only the most important roles and performances.

Resume sample

For the position of actor

Full Name

  • Date of Birth:
  • Family status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact number:
  • Email Post office:

Additional education:

200_ – 200_
  • Educational institution
  • The name of the courses or seminars.
  • Qualification Received
199_ – 200_
  • Educational institution
  • The name of the courses or seminars.
  • Qualification received.

How, why and where to be photographed for a resume

Very often, a photograph works in a resume. And only secondarily - the text.

You are faced with the problem of choosing a photo. What look younger, more beautiful, more natural? Usually they turn to friends and girlfriends for advice, but this is wrong. It is best to ask mom, she knows better. Or a professional.

Kelly Hendry: “I almost always make the decision to invite a person or not to invite by looking at the photo. And only then I read the text of the resume. Once I met an actress of simply amazing appearance and immediately took her to me. She told me that she was rarely invited. Then I looked at the resume of this girl and realized why she had so few calls to the casting. She was completely "dead" in the photograph. "

The basic principle of choosing a photo - this is what you should look on her as you really are. Nobody will like it if you have too bright makeup, if you want to seem too glossy.

Order a photo shoot for a snapshot in a resume, this is pre-thrown money.

If you have changed since the last resume - of course, you need to change the photo. It would be strange to see a 17-year-old man in a photograph when he is already over 30.

Casting directors don't like when you look directly at the lens in a photograph. It’s best to look at the person next to the camera.

At the workshop “How to Present Your Resume and Choose a Photo” / Photo: Catherine Rodriguez Pineda

A smile is good for advertising but not for resume.

Black and white or color photo? Most often they prefer color photography because of the color of their eyes. Moreover, it is now very popular to choose the color of clothes for eye color. It is more convenient and understandable. But often the casting director doesn’t care, black and white or color photography, the type is more important to him. But to prove his choice to the director, a monochrome photo is often not enough.

Everything changes, and so do you. Previously, there were certain standards of beauty and character. Now in America, not to mention Europe, unusual interesting faces are much more in demand. Unusual and natural now seems prettier than the ideal standard.

Elaine Granger: “Just yesterday I had a conversation with one director. I show him the actor, and he says: “Yes, I do not want such a handsome man! I need something more natural. ”

Outdoors or in the studio? Both are good. In the studio, lighting can let you down. In nature, on the contrary, there may not be enough light. The main thing is for the photographer to strive to show you, not his art. The simpler the better.

Richard Cook: “In the UK, photographer services are expensive. How much does a photographer cost in Russia? $ 100? $ 200? Well, this is also not cheap, especially knowing the problems with the Russian economy. Then you need to carefully choose a photographer. Working with him is your money. It is strange to hear that the photo failed due to the photographer. You chose him, you paid him money, and then you get upset. This is your problem, not the photographer. ”

Remember that you are not a model. You are actors. And the photographer should be one who is used to working not with models, but with ordinary people. He must understand that he does not come to a creative workshop, but to a business meeting.

It’s desirable that the photo is vertical, there were as few shadows on your face as possible, and the frames of the photo did not cut off your forehead or chin. Your eyes must be visible.

Beards, Hair, Earrings

With or without a beard? There is nothing wrong with her if you wear a beard in real life. But if you take a photo with a beard, and then shave it (or vice versa) - it will already be strange. Ideal option: and so, and so. There are times when a casting director brings a photo to a director, and the director says: “Which of them is a sailor? He’s shaved too smoothly! ”

At the workshop “How to Present Your Resume and Choose a Photo” / Photo: Catherine Rodriguez Pineda

Girls are always harder than men. They often change hairstyle, hair color. It is best to have two photographs: with loose and gathered hair.

Earrings or without earrings? Very often earrings attract a lot of attention. If you want, you can leave them, but simple and small. Makeup that emphasizes the eyes interferes.

Americans don’t like to show off. Everything should be very simple. In the USA, casting is most often carried out as follows: they ask everyone to come simply in black, preferably in a T-shirt, hair upstairs, small earrings. And from the point of view of the casting director, this makes sense.

Kelly Hendry: “When you are a beginner actor or actress, you have to play by the rules. If you are asked to dress modestly and not to wear any jewelry, you must do as required. It is very important. We look at your photo for 10 seconds, and most often the actor is rejected due to subjective reasons. For example, one director does not like long hair, the other - earrings. Therefore, it is better not to take risks. In the future, when you go through certain stages, you can take pictures even with a cigarette, because we already know you. ”

Clothing should be very simple. No stripes, flowers, spots. Ideal - a flesh-colored T-shirt.

Attach one basic photo in a letter. If you want to show more, then give a link to your profile on social networks.

Information in the summary: what, where, when

The perfect resume should fit on one A4 sheet.

At the workshop “How to Present Your Resume and Choose a Photo” / Photo: Catherine Rodriguez Pineda

The most common error in CV (“Сurriculum vitæ”, translated from Latin - “the course of life.” Description of life and professional skills. - approx. - this is when an actor forgets to indicate his contacts. But this is the most important information.

Acting agencies don't like to read long resumes. Concrete moments are needed for the casting director to quickly decide whether to take this person or not.

Kelly Hendry: “We are very busy people. If you need to read someone’s life story for half an hour, we won’t do it. I spend no more than 15 seconds on a photo, look through where you studied, where you worked. I’m sure to look at whether you worked in the cinema or on television. ”

Sometimes it happens that casting directors lose your photo, then they are looking for you among the resumes and can find you by the preview picture. Therefore, it is best to embed your small photo in CV.

At the workshop “How to Present Your Resume and Choose a Photo” / Photo: Catherine Rodriguez Pineda

It is important to indicate additional skills: knowledge of languages, whether you drive a car, know how to ride a horse, whether you can fencing, whether you worked as a stuntman, whether you swim and so on. If you sing, then it may be worthwhile to indicate a register. One actor indicated the ability to play chess in the “skills” section. And this is not unusual, because it may happen that the director also loves chess, he will read this line and think: “Great! Maybe we will play in between filming? ”You can even indicate that you own yoga. Why not? Yoga, in general, may indicate an actor’s inner discipline.

Olivia Scott Webb: “Mandatory paragraphs in the CV must be placed at the top. No one views the resume to the end. Important points are height, weight, education, work experience, do you have a visa and passport, do you have showreel and self-tape (be sure to include a link to them). ”

The electronic version of the resume must be placed first on Spotlight - This is the most famous platform in the world for professional actors looking for work, and for casting directors.

Honesty and only honesty

You never have to lie. If you ever mislead somewhere, your confidence will be lost. This also applies to knowledge of languages, and growth, and weight - many actors tend to exaggerate a little in these points.

There was a case when an actor was suitable for the role, but he indicated that he did not know how to ride a horse. He was asked: can he learn? He replied that he had a fear of horses. As a result, a stuntman was hired. If the actor had pity and did not admit his inability and fear, it is not known how everything would turn out on the set, and thanks to this honesty of the actor, both money and time were saved.

From left to right: Olivia Scott-Webb, Kelly Hendry, Elaine Granger, Richard Cook / Photo: Catherine Rodriguez Pineda

In Game of Thrones, the boy was supposed to eat plums in the frame. But in the summary of the child it was indicated that he was allergic to some berries and fruits. Thus, the crew managed to prevent accidents and their consequences. It only seems that these are minor trifles, but in fact it is very important when production is already running.

The most important thing in a resume is not knowledge or skills. The most important thing is the truth. Very often, an actor is fired from the project due to the fact that he does not meet the expectations indicated in the resume. Nobody likes to work with dishonest people.

Create your own resume for the theater

  1. 1 Make sure the summary contains information regarding your theater experience.
  2. 2 Use the specified format or any other format, but do not forget that the information should be placed in a strict order.
  3. 3 Begin the story of your experience with the latest productions and end with a list of early roles. First of all, you should write about your experience, and then indicate the latest productions. Be sure to include all important names, dates, and theatrical performances for the past year.
  4. 4 Keep your resume concise to fit on a sheet of 8 "x10" format, not 8.5 "x11". Gently clip the portfolio sheets in the corner of the page. While listening, the amount of time is of the utmost importance, so your resume will be quickly looked through. It is a quality resume that will help you get a job.
    • Name

  • Email Address and Phone Number
  • Communities (if available)
  • Agency (if available)
  • Height, weight, hair color, eye color
  • Voice range

Broadway productions

  • Performance title
  • Role
  • Theatre
  • Producer
  • Local productions

    • Performance title
    • Role
    • Theatre
    • Producer
  • Participation in films

    • Product
    • Of regional significance
    • National productions
  • Training and education
  • Special Skills: Dialects, Sports
  • Actor's duties

    There are many studios and educational institutions that train young actors of various directions. The bulk of applicants flock to large cities or the capital. Here you can get into a group with a venerable and respected teacher, which greatly increases the chances of a successful career.

    Actor is a difficult profession. Many mistakenly rank acting as an easy and unreasonably overrated occupation. Meanwhile, work on the stage or on the set consists of countless rehearsals, nervous tension and continuous hone of skill. But even all this does not guarantee success.

    There are a huge number of qualities that an actor should possess. Here are just a few of them:

    • great memory
    • the ability to get used to the role,
    • patience and performance
    • sociability
    • responsibility,
    • energy.

    There is such a thing as "talent." However, this criterion cannot be unambiguously assessed. Talent is a complex concept without a clear definition. Therefore, evaluating an actor by this quality is difficult.

    Career ladder and job search

    A huge army of young actors is released annually. Naturally, not all of them become stars of television screens or theater venues. Most young performers go to work in small theaters, circuses or companies that provide actors privately. As you move up the career ladder, roles become more and more prominent. A talented and successful actor after some time becomes famous and highly paid. This is followed by recognition and desired by many stellar status.

    Acting life consists of constant trials and the search for a good role. Work can be found over the Internet. However, for this you need to make a quality resume. Even a novice actor can get a chance with an interesting “business card”. The main thing is to get a personal interview or test. Further, everything already depends on the applicant and his level of training.

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    One of the most important stages of employment is primary.

    If you received an invitation to an interview, then to.

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    Are you unemployed? The best period has come for you to begin.

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    Work experience:

    200_ – 200_
    • Name of enterprise
    • Position held,
    • Responsibilities and achievements.
    199_ – 200_
    • Name of enterprise
    • Position held,
    • Responsibilities and achievements.