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Tip 1: How to Protect Yourself in a Fight


Street. How much of this word. There are no rules, rounds, restrictions. Here, often not technology wins, but savvy and resourceful minds. Most of the people I saw fighting on the streets do not possess any equipment at all. Self-defense on the street is mainly a matter of psychological preparation, not sports equipment.

Street and tatami are different places. On the street it can be slippery, dark and there can be three opponents. Those who know this often fall into error, believing that the combat technique is generally unimportant, and only psychology is important. In most conflicts, this is true. But not at all.

If a specially trained melee fighter takes part in a street fight, then its outcome is a foregone conclusion in favor of the latter. In my memory there was a case when in Odessa I talked with a marine, whose hands were knocked down and a sleeve was torn. It turned out that shortly before our meeting, a couple of cormorants with "earn a beer" ran into him. Then I got two valuable advice in a street fight - always hit first and "hit the ass at the time of rutting" (original text preserved). This means that as soon as the aggressor began to cheat himself in order to raise his courage and crush you, you need to beat. Sharp and tough. This very much breaks a person psychologically and makes it virtually impossible to continue the conflict.

Let's talk about the psychology of hitting. The classic "gop-stop" resembles the behavior of pack animals. As a rule, little animals do not tear immediately, but "run over" in order to determine the rank. Verbal justification of the collision can be any. Often the purpose of a collision is not to inflict another injury or damage, but to assert themselves and the subsequent robbery. Robbery here is generally secondary. Not only people behave this way, but also dogs, monkeys, hyenas. It is due to nature that low-ranking individuals obey high-ranking individuals voluntarily - without a fight. therefore those who come in most often do not want a fight. His plans include intimidating the victim, establishing a hierarchical ladder in which it would be clear who owes what to whom. And in any way these plans do not include fighting to death.

The victim's potential preparedness for a fierce battle is inevitably regarded as failure - so the mechanisms in the head of the aggressor. From here follows another golden rule of self-defense on the street - you must not be afraid. If the aggressor sees your fear, consider that you have almost lost. It is important to know that there is a “bad” robber in front of you (otherwise he would have attacked immediately, and not chatted with you). If you showed your fear, you have only one way out to rectify the situation - start a battle, and start it first. One of my comrades first drove into the face, and then asked what two subjects wanted in the dark gateway from him.

Remember, if the street "conversation" has reached the assault, your task is to suppress aggression against yourself as hard as possible.

It is best, of course, to avoid dangerous situations whenever possible, bypassing dangerous places and suspicious companies. If you can escape in a dangerous situation, then it is best to do so. Remember that five of them is more fun to beat and you can always come back with the company yourself. But if you were attacked and fights cannot be avoided, then you need to know a few simple rules so as not to lose it right away.

The content of the article

Remember that in a situation where you need to fend for yourself, violence should be resorted to only in extreme cases. So do individuals who have nothing to say, who are afraid to let the situation go out of control due to a lack of self-confidence. It is not necessary to once again show aggression towards others, but it is also impossible to give oneself offense. Learn to defend your own rights in such a way as to do without extremes.

Technique and Skills

To use any technique you need to have a certain minimum of physical strength - without it it will be difficult to defend. Therefore, if your physical condition is at zero, take care of yourself. A good hand-to-hand combat section is able to solve the problem of physical fitness and will teach you how to work with your fist.

If a fight is inevitable - hit first, do not wait for the enemy to strike. There is even such a concept - "presumption of the first blow." It means that the one who hits first has a much better chance of winning. To protect yourself from a blow, you need to be able to at least something, and to get an advantage from an enemy strike, you need to know and be able to quite a lot. It is often found that a person has never fought and has a very reasonable fear of a fight. Such a person, most likely, in a street conflict is doomed to lose. If he does not have the readiness to deliver the first blow, there is no readiness to fight to the end and go one step further than his opponent - he is a victim. Fear paralyzes him in an extreme situation, forcing him to fall into a stupor.

Beat in the face first. It is vital to be able to do. If you are scared for even a second, then your chances of winning are close to zero. If you can be broken, they will certainly break you.

It is necessary to beat with a fist or head in the face, preferably the chin or nose, and with the foot on the patella of the knee. Many people think that it is necessary to beat in the groin, but this is not so. A kick in the groin is a very bulky thing and can be used if the opponent rushes towards you in the attack. A kick in the groin just like that, without preparation in the form of a hand strike, most likely, will not reach its goal. All other blows are for those who know how to do anything. The same places must be taken care of - the villains beat it there. Always keep a comfortable distance so that you are not reached first. There are a couple of simple rules that are important to know:

  • Never lower your hands; keep your fists in your face. Any street fight, as a rule, goes before the first accented blow to the head.
  • Always control the situation, the attacker may not be alone or have aces up his sleeve. Ace in such a situation may be a knife. If this happened, but you don’t have anything, use improvised items, if, of course, you have time.
  • The aggressor must be deprived of the further opportunity to continue the conflict. Not in the sense of a knife in the stomach, of course. But make sure that he does not get up and hit you in the back with a piece of pipe, you must. Turn on the fantasy.
  • Leave the scene immediately. What for? See the penultimate sentence of the previous paragraph.

To be continued: in it we will take a closer look at the psychological aspect of the fight.

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Self confidence

The main quality that will help you defend your interests and protect your own rights is self-confidence. It is this trait that allows an individual to deal with circumstances and resolve conflicts with others. If you do not value yourself, you may have problems with your life position. Some people feel your weakness and can take advantage of this.

Review your attitude to yourself. Do not put other people above your own person. Do not give discounts to others at a time when you are too critical of yourself. Self-abasement leads to the fact that in a critical situation the individual will show all his indecision. Do not doubt your strengths and capabilities.

Set boundaries

If you notice that others are using you for their own purposes again and again, it's time to establish personal boundaries that no one will be allowed to cross. First, learn to say no. This very useful word will help you defend your personal interests. Soft, too compliant people may experience difficulties when they need to fend for themselves.

Secondly, know your rights. Do not let other people violate them. This applies to life in all its manifestations. If a conflict arises between you and another person, try to appeal to the relevant rules, regulations and standards. Sometimes this technique works even with boors. Especially if, in a calm, but firm and confident voice, promise them to complain to a higher authority.

Keep calm

If you react too violently to any manifestation of injustice, this may prevent you from deciding on an effective behavior strategy. Your indignation and excitement is understandable. But, when your rights are violated, it is important to collect your thoughts, and emotions can prevent you from doing this.

Perhaps you take the situation unnecessarily seriously. To calm down, imagine how important it is on the scale of your whole life. Surely insignificant. So, it’s not worth it to torment yourself because of this case. Learn to let go of the situation, but at the same time not let others be rude and impudent towards you. When you find the right balance between calm, confidence and strength, then you will successfully protect yourself without the use of violence.

Manipulator Protection

The hardest thing to resist is manipulation of soft, kind-hearted people who can’t say no. Such people are practically trouble-free, which is widely used by others. Evaluate yourself - do you often have to refuse something to relatives, friends, work colleagues? People need help, that’s it. Sometimes you can even help to your own detriment. But that should not become the rule. If you are being trivially used for your own purposes over and over again, learn to say no, this is very important.

Be carefull. When you are again asked about something and you don’t like it, refuse. You can even apologize by saying that today this will not work in any way - you have other plans, etc. The most important thing in this situation is not to feel guilty about something. Respect yourself, your right to live and act as you see fit. If they try to persuade you, firmly refuse again. Having stumbled upon a decisive “no,” a person will think three times before asking you about something again.

There is a simple rule: if you are addressed, it means they want something from you. Do you want something from someone who is contacting you? If not, be prepared to immediately stop any attempt to influence you. Do not believe it when they start talking about your benefits and offer to buy a product, open a deposit, change something old for a new one, etc. etc. - There are very few benefactors in this world, and the probability that you encounter one of them is negligible.

Do not allow pressure. Do not enter into lengthy conversations - if you are not interested in the interlocutor’s proposal, immediately break off the conversation, do not let yourself be persuaded. The phrase “Thank you, I already have” works well, it can be used in many situations.

Psychological invulnerability

Learn not to depend on the opinions of other people, their words should never hurt you. Be “transparent” for any influences - a person can be “hooked” only if he has something to protect. You were publicly offended - yes, you can immediately get into a fight or say something in response. Or you can simply grin, realizing that insult is also a manipulation technique, a means to bring a person out of balance, to get a certain reaction from him. Do not follow the manipulators, do not live up to their expectations. Act contrary to the expectation of the provocateur and you will immediately knock him out of the rut, knock him off all his arrogance.

If the situation comes to a fight, fight, protect yourself and people close to you in all available ways. But do not follow the line of behavior that the manipulators define for you. Destroy their plans, act contrary to their logic. Be spontaneous, unpredictable, and you will be impossible to manipulate.