Useful Tips

How to make a flower out of paper


  1. Draw or print patterns and transfer them onto thick cardboard.
  2. From corrugated paper, cut out 15 petals in the shape of a heart and 5 in the form of droplets (for one flower).
  3. Give the shape to the petals: hearts - stretch a little to the sides, and twirl the droplets using a pencil.
  4. Take 2 pieces of thick wire and wrap with floral tape.
  5. Glue a piece of corrugated paper to the stalk as a core.
  6. Form the bud: stick the droplets, then the hearts, fix with adhesive tape.
  7. Cut a sepal out of green corrugated paper as shown in the picture.
  8. Fasten the sepals at the base of the flower using duct tape.
  9. Cut the leaves and glue them to the stem.

The huge rose is ready! I recommend to watch this video!

Large flowers made of paper

You will need: a simple pencil, a glue gun, thick colored A1 paper (6 sheets for a flower and 2 sheets for leaves) or white thick paper in the same amount only with spray paint, a stationery knife or scissors.

How to make a flower> from paper in stages

We create simple and different shades of chrysanthemum from paper - they will be voluminous and beautiful.

Necessary tools and materials:

  • Pencil, ruler, needlework knife
  • Quilling Stick
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Colored paper (thin and thick)
  • Green leaf paper
  • White glue
  • Floral wire wrapped in ribbon
  • Green floral ribbon

Master class with detailed instructions

  1. For a flower with a diameter of about 10.2 cm, you need a sheet of pale green paper measuring 8.9 x 12.7 cm. You can use paper of any other size, according to the size of the flower.
  2. On the back of the sheet of paper, draw a line with a pencil and ruler, backing 6 mm from each short side.

3. Using the ruler as a guide, make narrow cuts between the two lines drawn with a knife with a knife.

Tip: Press the ruler firmly against the work surface, making sure that it does not slip. It will take time and patience to make the cuts smooth and accurate.

4. The narrower the strips resulting from the cuts, the more elegant and airy the flower will be. And the wider the strips, the rougher and heavier it will be. In the photo, each strip has a width of 3 mm.

5. Fold the rectangle with cut strips through the index finger to make a soft bend. If you bend the paper very hard, you will not be able to gently bend the petals that look like loops.

Tip: to make a soft bend, you can bend the paper through the body of a flashlight or through the handle of a wooden spoon.

6. Before bending the paper, apply a little white glue to the wrong side of one of the corners of the narrow edge. Do not apply glue along the entire strip of narrow edge, otherwise the flower will not form beautifully.

7. Fold and press the two opposite corners of the narrow edges of the paper rectangle and hold them until the glue dries. Remember that you need to glue only one corner, and not the entire edge.

8. Starting from the corners glued together, wrap the paper tightly around a pencil or pen. Pay attention to the photo: a pencil protrudes above the paper loops. This is done so that the loops do not get tangled. When wrapping paper on a pencil, try to align the non-glued edges.

We form a flower

9. When all the paper is wound on a pencil, fix the edges with a drop of glue and hold them until the glue is completely dry. If you do not let the glue dry, your flower may turn around, and the loops will become tangled and lose their shape.

10. Carefully insert your finger in the center of the petals and gently bend them to form a blossoming flower.

11. Use a quilling stick to roll a narrow strip of paper into a roll.

12. Insert the twisted strip into the base of the flower, allowing it to slightly unwind and completely close the hole from the pencil, which remains after performing step 8.

13. Squeeze a generous drop of white glue onto the roll inserted into the hole and let the glue dry completely. Insert a piece of floristic wire into the roll, which will serve as the stem, after having greased the end with hot glue.

14. To give the flower a finished look, wrap the stem wire with a green floral ribbon and, if you want, add free-form leaves.

Paper Volumetric Patterns - Beautiful>

Here we will have to make patterns and cuts in certain places. It will take some time, but the result will be a reward for patience and effort. Dahlias come in any color, so choose the colors of paper that you like best for work.

Tools and materials:

  • Cutting molds of different sizes
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors or knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Paper in different colors, each color in different shades.
  • Coins of different diameters
  • Green leaf paper
  • Hard floristic wire
  • Green floral ribbon

Master class - flower assembly by templates

  1. We make a template (shape) for cutting. For work, 3 templates (shapes) will be enough: diameter 2.5 cm, diameter 5.1 cm and diameter 7.6 cm.
  2. Using the cutting mold, make 2 circles with a diameter of 7.6 cm, 2 circles with a diameter of 5.1 cm and 2 circles with a diameter of 2.5 cm. If you do not have forms for cutting, cut circles with ordinary scissors.

Important note: for one flower, it is recommended to use 6 circles, the color of all circles should be the same, only the shades of this color should be different. For example, it can be 6 shades of yellow or 6 shades of lilac. You can use 3 matching colors (or 2 matching colors), as well as the size of the circles (remember that 2 circles of the same size should not be the same color).

3. On the back side, in the center of each paper circle, draw a circle as shown in the photo.

Tip: to draw a circle, you can use coins of a suitable diameter and circle them with a pencil.

4. Using a ruler and a pencil, divide each circle into 8 identical sectors. Cut radial lines with scissors. The central circle does not need to be cut.

5. Fold the edges of each sector inward to form a regular triangle.

6. To give volume to the petals, flip the circle face up and pinch the end of each petal across.

7. Fold in equal-sized circles in pairs as shown in the photo. Fasten them by dripping hot glue into the center. Allow the glue to dry completely.

8. Glue 3 pairs of circles in the center with hot glue and press with the tip of the pencil until the glue dries.

9. From green paper cut a circle with a diameter of 6.7 cm - this will be a cup of flower under the petals. Fold it like you did in step 5. but instead of pinching the petals, lay the folds between them, as shown in the photo.

Flower assembly

10. Place flower and cup details on the work surface as shown in the photo.

Tip: green paper should lie with its smooth side up and the flower face down. Drop hot glue into the center of the flower.

11. Carefully glue a cup on the flower as shown in the photo.

12. To make the stem, wrap the wire with a floral ribbon, twist one end of it with a loop and glue it to the base of the flower.

Tip: The raffia-coated floristic wire is thicker than regular floristic wire and is perfect for the stems of this model. You can use a wire from a wire hanger-coat hanger to make the stem.

To do this, cut the wire of the required length with straighteners, straighten it, and then wrap it with green floral tape before attaching a flower to its end.

13. If you want to add leaves to the flower, cut them according to the pattern and attach the floral ribbon to the stem.

You can make such voluminous dahlias from paper yourself.

You must admit that the dahlia model was easy, simple and even interesting for the creative process.

Light Paper Flowers - Lovely>

Cosmea has a simple and at the same time complex shape. Translucent or parchment paper is perfect for this model, due to the translucent structure of which the flower will look very delicate.

Cosmea flowers are yellow, orange, red, pink and even white. Therefore, choose the paper color yourself.

Tools and materials:

  • Form for cutting a circle with a diameter of 5.1 cm
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Translucent pink paper
  • Strips of yellow paper 0.3 x 15.3 cm in size
  • Green translucent paper
  • Green floral ribbon

Master class with step by step instructions

  1. Using a cutting mold, prepare a paper circle with a diameter of 5.1 cm. Fold it in half, then again in half, fold the resulting quarters in half again. Using scissors, make cuts between the petals between 6 mm and 1.3 cm long, as shown in the photo.
  2. Expand the part and use your fingers to smooth out the folds.

3. Bend the edges of the resulting sectors inward, in the direction of each other, to get 8 pointed petals.

4. Turn the flower upside down.

5. Scissors cut the sharp tips of the petals.

6. Roll a strip of yellow paper into a spiral. Fix the outer end of the strip with a drop of glue, and then glue it in the center of the flower and glue the spiral.

7. To make cosmea flowers look more natural, add half-opened buds. To make the bud, prepare a paper circle, as you did in step 1, and fold the sectors with the folds toward the center. Tuck the edge of the last petal over the edge of the first.

8. To make the bud half open, fold it in half, and then bend and fold in half perpendicular to the first bend.

9. Next, add the cups under the flowers. To make a cup, fold a circle of green paper (5.1 cm in diameter) so that you get eight sectors, as you did in step 1.

10. Scissors cut a narrow triangle in a folded circle, as shown in the photo.

11. Carefully expand - you should get an eight-pointed star.

12. Glue a green cup under each flower. Glue the wire of the stem to the flower with hot glue and bend it slightly so that the flower has a natural look.

Materials for work

Creativity from paper improves imagination and a sense of artistic style, does not require any special materials and devices for work.

To create paper crafts you will need:

  • paper (colored, plain, corrugated, napkins),
  • glue,
  • Scotch,
  • scissors,
  • threads
  • stapler.

As additional funds you may need: wire, awl, tubules for drinks or empty ampoules - to create stems, a variety of beads, buttons, beads - to decorate buds. To paint compositions various paints will be used. In some cases, a hole punch, colored ribbons, pieces of cloth and cardboard are useful.

Recently, special kits for making artificial flowers have appeared in stores, which have the main components and step-by-step instruction with illustrations.

Origami Flowers

You can create a flower from paper with your own hands in the origami style, which consists only in folding various configurations. To make crafts in this technique, you need multi-colored double-sided paper, a substance for bonding and scissors.

To make the simplest model, you must perform the following steps:

  • prepare a square piece of colored paper,
  • bend it diagonally on both sides to form even edges, and also perform straight folds, which result from folding the square in half,
  • bend towards the center one of the resulting peaks,
  • do the same with the three remaining corners,
  • make folds on all triangles. To get them, you need to fold it, first forming a triangle from one edge, then smoothing, we form a fold from the other edge,
  • turn the product the other side
  • bend the corners and the formed square,
  • deploy the workpiece again,
  • on previously made bends, which are on all triangles bent to the center, certain actions must be done. Fold the shapes in the middle, and smooth their edges,
  • do the same with the remaining triangles,
  • wrap the corners and flip the future flower back again,
  • all corners look like flower petals. To straighten them
  • again flip to the opposite side and bend the corners from the center. It formed the petals of a future masterpiece,
  • bend diagonally, gently stretching these leaves,
  • in the resulting flower, you need to slightly sharpen the ends of the outer leaves, squeezing them with your fingers.

You can make such a creation from any attracted color.

Colored paper flowers

Even children can easily and easily make artificial flowering plants from plain colored paper. There are many different ways, but you should pay attention to such simple techniques.

1st option:

  • Measure with a ruler and mark dashes on a paper sheet, which will serve as a template for cutting narrow stripes. These blanks will be the components of the future flower.
  • Each resulting strip must be bent in half and fastened together with glue.
  • Take a yellow sheet and draw a circle with compasses. Get the middle of the flower.
  • Glue the petals on the back of the cut core.
  • Using green paper, you need to cut out the leaves and stalk.
  • At the end, paste all the resulting components onto a white blank sheet.

2nd option:

Spiral-shaped paper gifts of flora can decorate handmade cards or decorate gift wraps.

To make such paper flowers, you must adhere to the sequence:

  • The first thing to do is create a bud template. To do this, try to draw a spiral on a piece of paper of any color and precisely cut the blank along the lines.
  • Gently twist all the resulting paper spiral, starting from the end point.
  • We form a stalk and leaves of green paper.
  • Before starting to connect the individual parts of the creation, gently straighten the spiral - so you will help the flower to open.

Flower made of paper (master class). Paper roses.

1. Prepare thick paper and draw a spiral on it with a pencil.

2. Cut a spiral. You can use both ordinary and curly scissors.

3. Try to wrap the ends of the spiral outward, if the paper tears a little it is even good, since the rose will turn out more realistic.

4. Twist the spiral to make a rose.

5. Slowly spin the spiral to the end, slowly relaxing the tension.

6. After you have twisted the spiral, fix it with glue. Next, bend the circle that happened in your center when cutting a spiral - it will serve as the base of the rose.

7. Put a drop of glue on the base and glue the rose on it.

If you used ordinary scissors, then you should get the flowers like this:

Crafts of flowers from paper. Bouquet.

- multi-colored soft paper

- scissors and nippers

1. Prepare the wire for the stem and apply a little glue to it.

2. One end of the wire must be wrapped with a thin yellow paper strip.

3. Prepare paper of the color that you want to use for the buds. This example uses pink paper. Fold the paper 12 times and, using scissors, cut out the petals for future flowers.

4. Make a bud from the cut out petals.

5. Apply glue to the two petals and attach them to the stem (to the place you wrapped in a yellow stripe).

6. After you have folded all the petals in a bud, use green paper to wrap the flower stalk.

7. To make the composition look finished, make 5 buds.

8. When you have finished making all the flowers, you can put them in a vase.

Flowers made of paper (master class). Flowering branch.

Who has a spring mood, he will fall in love with this simple and very beautiful craft.

- soft paper (in this example, red and pink)

- glue (glue gun)

1. Fold sheets of soft paper several times until you get squares with a side of 7-8cm.

1. Fold sheets of soft paper several times until you get squares with a side of 7-8cm.

2. From folded paper, cut flowers with five petals. It is not necessary to have even petals, rather the opposite, so they will look even more realistic.

3. Gently glue the two flowers with a small drop of glue. This should be done so that all the petals are visible.

4. Glue your flowers to a dry branch and you get a beautiful spring craft.

You can use ordinary paper, which must be divided into several squares and then fold the squares so that the origami flowers turn out.

Here's what it looks like:

How to make flowers out of paper. Flower toy.

- thick colored paper

1. Cut 6 circles of different colors from thick paper. Each circle has a diameter of about 7-8cm, but you can choose the size yourself.

* It is not necessary to make even circles.

2. Prepare the wire and bend one end so that a circle with a diameter of about 10 cm is obtained (see picture).

3. Fold 5 circles in half and make a small cut in the middle of the fold.

4. One free circle that you have left, you need to attach to the circle on the wire. Используйте для этого скотч. Это будет середина вашего цветка.

5. Осталось лишь прикрепить лепестки в середине цветка с помощью сделанных ранее надрезов.

6. In order for the wire to stand, bend its other end so that a base is obtained (see picture).

Petals can be easily removed and attached back without using glue. This makes your craft not only beautiful, but also useful, as it can be used as a toy for children who can learn colors, for example.

Craft flower made of paper. We make giant flowers.

With such gigantic flowers you can beautifully decorate an apartment for some holiday, and making them is not at all difficult.

- thick colored paper

- glue gun or glue

1. Prepare a thick sheet of paper and draw a petal on it.

* To make one flower you need to prepare 6 petals.

2. Cut the petal.

3. Now you need to twist your petal a little so that it takes the desired shape.

4. On each petal you need to make an incision from below.

5. Now connect the ends of all six petals and glue them.

* First you need to glue 3 petals for one half of the flower, then 3 more petals for the second half, and then connect the two halves.

6. Prepare green paper for leaves. Draw and cut leaves, then bend them in half.

7. Glue your leaves under the finished flower.

8. In the center of the flower you need to glue a circle of suitable diameter.

Flowers made of paper (diagrams). Carnations from napkins.

- napkins (white and pink)

- tin can cover

Below you can look at the instructions in the pictures how to make such a delicate flower.

Volumetric flowers made of paper and beads

In this master class, you can combine a voluminous flower and a bead pattern.

- color thick paper

1. On thick paper, draw and cut flowers.

* If you want, you can make the flower petals convex using the embossing tool (it can be replaced with another round object). Just swipe in the middle of the petal a couple of times with such a tool and get a small indentation.

2. Fold your blanks and sew in the center of the flower beads.

3. You can also use beads to decorate the card to which you attach the flower. Use a needle and thread as shown in the image.

DIY paper flowers. Flowers from a roll of toilet paper (option 1).

Such flowers are very simple to make, since all that is needed for its manufacture is in almost any home.

For 3 flowers you will need:

- 4 rolls of toilet paper

- 1 carton for eggs

1.1 Paint all the cardboard cylinders that remain after the toilet paper in green and leave to dry.

1.2 Divide one of the cylinders into 3 equal parts.

1.3 Use a clerical knife to cut along the lines.

1.4 Draw a line 1cm from the edge of the cylinder. Draw leaflets around the cardboard ring. Do this with all parts.

1.5 Cut out the leaves as shown in the picture and you get 3 small green “crowns”.

1.6 Fold all the leaves to the outside of the crown and cut it (see picture).

1.7 Prepare a carton for eggs. You will need to cut 6 "cups" (2 for each flower). Do not cut through the middle of the package. You will need the square details in the middle of the package, between each egg cup. Take a look at the picture - you need to save 3 pieces of packaging for one flower.

1.8 For each flower you need to have 2 "cups" and 1 square, while one cup should be slightly smaller than the other.

1.9 On two cups, make incisions to get the petals. Around the large cup, make cuts with scissors to the very bottom, and around the small one by about 1 cm (see picture).

1.10 Open the petals and color them to taste, both inside and out.

1.11 You also need to colorize your squares.

1.12 Prepare 3 more green toilet paper cylinders. Draw on each cross 2 lines that should be 1 cm from the edges of the cylinder. Also draw the lines that go along the cylinder (see picture).

1.13 Use a clerical knife to make cuts along the lines that go along the cylinder. Do it on all three cylinders.

1.14 Carefully bend all the strips from each cylinder to form a vase. This will be the stem of your flower.

1.15 It's time to pick the flowers. For one flower you need: 1 large and 1 small cup with petals, 1 small square, 1 green crown and 1 green stalk.

1.16 Using glue, attach a green crown to the top of each stem. Also glue the box inside the small cup, which, in turn, needs to be glued to the large cup.

1.17 Glue the flower to the stem and you're done, you have a flower!

How to make flowers out of paper. Option 2

2.1 In order to make a flower (as in the previous master class) you need to divide the cardboard cylinder from toilet paper into three equal parts.

2.2 Next, cut the cylinder along the marked lines.

2.3 On each section, draw petals.

2.4 Cut the petals along the drawn lines as shown in the picture so that you get a kind of crown. You should have three such “crowns”.

2.5 In two "crowns" bend the petals outward, and in one inward.

2.6. Now open your “crowns” as shown in the picture so that you can insert one into the other.

The second option is ready!

How to make a flower out of paper. Option 3

3.1 You can also make such a flower. To do this, you need, as before, to divide 2 cardboard cylinders into 3 parts to get 6 sections, from which the flower is then collected.

3.2 Make even cuts in each section as shown in the picture. It is worth noting that each section has petals of different widths. And do not forget to leave about 1cm in each section when you make cuts.

3.3 Each section needs to be cut and opened, and then “dissolve” the petals.

3.4 Insert one section into another, removing several petals as needed.

3.5 The central section can be inserted in the form of a spiral, for this you can pre-wrap it around the pencil so that it takes shape.

The third option is ready!

Paper flower. Option 4

4.1 For the fourth flower, you need to cut the cylinder in half.

4.2 Pencil draw the petals.

4.3 Cut and open the petals.

4.4 Insert one section into another.

In this example, a small residue from past crafts was used, from which the third section was made with smaller petals.

The fourth option is ready!

DIY paper flower. Option 5

Here is another option that is very easy to do.

5.1 Divide the cardboard cylinder into 8 parts - 1 part for the middle of the flower and 7 for the petals.

5.2 Press on each of the seven sections to make oval petals.

5.3 Make 7 cuts in the central section, but so that they are at the same distance from each other.

5.4 Insert each petal into 2 incisions. You can make cuts on the petals in the places where they connect to the central part

The tips of the petals can be bent a little, so that it turns out as in the picture.

Corrugated Paper Flowers

To learn how to make crafts flowers from the corrugation, you must:

  • cut the base for the stem to the desired length. Cover one edge with glue and wrap a narrow strip of crepe yellow paper. Get a core
  • take the original sheet of material of the desired color (red, burgundy), fold it 12 p. and cut the petals out of it. From the obtained details we form a bud: attach each piece to the stem with glue, greasing the lower part with it. From time to time, you can thicken the bud by rewinding the leaves with yellow paper,
  • when all the details form a single whole, wrap them with a green strip of crepe, while at the same time cross the stem.

In addition to this method, there are others, any of which is suitable for the manufacture of a particular composition. For example, it is recommended to use previously rolled up paper strips.

The main thing is to show imagination and diligence during assembly.

Paper Napkin Flowers

Graceful flowering plants can be built from ordinary napkins. Very simple manufacture helps to attract children to this occupation. Paper napkins having one or more layers can turn into different types of flora. One has only to successfully choose a scheme and color scheme.

You can learn this technique by the example of a lush flower. It is better to use a dense material, because it retains its shape perfectly, and folds on the bends are well defined. For one product you will need to take 5 napkins. To increase splendor, you can use from 7 to 10 pcs., But it is advisable to make blanks of different sizes. Masters advise to intermix material of different colors.

Manufacturer's instruction:

  • To form a flower from paper, it is necessary to cut the edges of the feedstock with your own hands in a semicircle or rounded triangle. Next, you need to give each napkin the shape of an accordion, fastening it in the middle with a strong thread. Then trim the ends a little, making them jagged, to give a torn effect,
  • to collect each inflorescence into a single composition, folding them together and fix it at the end of the thread,
  • for the density of a masterpiece, the base of the leaves should be glued or braid,
  • if desired, a ring made of the main material can be attached to the back of the product, which will serve to hold the table napkin or device.

Quilling paper flowers

Flowers made of paper made in the style of quilling are extremely popular and look spectacular and beautiful, especially if they are made with your own hands. They can decorate the festive packaging, box, photo frame, greeting card. The technique is simple, but patience and the availability of time are necessary for its implementation.

This technique can also be called “paper rolling,” since it implies the torsion of elongated paper strips of different structures. Strips of pearlescent, shiny or matte raw materials will look spectacular.

The simplest manufacturing technology is as follows:

  • having cut out the strips, you need to twist them in the form of spirals with the help of an awl or a thin wand,
  • give the resulting curls the desired shape by pressing or pressing,
  • glue the received elements together and fix on the basis.

There are many ways to form quilling compositions. The main thing is that there is a circuit that has the contours of the image, and the details that fill it. Beginners are better off gaining experience with light patterns.

What paper can be used to make flowers

Floral arrangements, both voluminous and the simplest, can be created from simple office sheets, while not only pure white, but also colored.

Types of paper that can be used to make flowers:

  • corrugated
  • kraft paper
  • packaging
  • newspaper, suitable for making bouquets in a printing house,
  • notes that will be a great solution for decorating a music class,
  • geographic Maps,
  • cosmetics catalogs
  • writing used paper,
  • magazines
  • tracing paper
  • graph paper,
  • multi-colored foil
  • material painted with different banknotes,
  • parchment,
  • cigarette.

Decorations made from colored paper baskets will look stylish in children's institutions.

The way to make daisy:

  • from a yellow cardboard for the core cut a circle whose diameter is 11-12 cm,
  • take a white paper sheet and cut it into long plates having a width of 2-3 cm. Without bending them, glue the edges of the strips together,
  • glue the acquired petals along the top edge of the cardboard circle. If necessary, attach another yellow circle on top to mask the connection points,
  • to form the stem, put a thin rod wrapped in green paper in the middle of the cardboard, to which you need to glue pre-prepared green leaves. For a more beautiful look, it is advisable to use two-sided feedstock.

If chamomile is quilling, you should:

  • make paper strips 3 cm wide. white, yellow and green colors,
  • wrap around the awl, then remove and slightly loosen,
  • to get a drop-shaped form, you need to pinch a little bit on one side,
  • fix the ends of the strips with glue. For splendor, such droplets will need a lot.
  • we make the middle of the future flower from a yellow blank. On the one hand, cuts are made as densely as possible on fringe strips. Then we turn it in a spiral. Attach the petals to the back
  • from corrugated material, having wound it exactly on the rod, make a stem. Attach a flower to one of the ends of the resulting blank.

It is not at all difficult to make a rose flower from paper with your own hands:

  • draw a spiral on a square of paper, cut and twist so that a rose comes out,
  • attach the resulting bud to the base with glue,
  • give the desired shape, gently spreading the flower.

To create a bouquet you will have to make many such blanks. Choose the color of paper as desired.

There are several options for its manufacture.

1st method:

  • take a white paper sheet, fold in half 3p. You should get a plate in 8 layers. Cut this strip with cloves from one edge and cut the folds,
  • in the same way, make the width half as small as a yellow blank, and form two stripes with different teeth in length from green paper,
  • screw the yellow piping on a narrow stick and fix it with glue,
  • in the same way, on top, screw 8 white rectangles, and then green ones,
  • straighten the resulting flower, while bending the outer leaves from the center.

Thanks to step-by-step instructions, you can very easily and quickly make a flower out of paper with your own hands.

2nd method (basket of asters):

  • for the base, cut out the right size polystyrene and insert it into the box from under the cake,
  • to fix candies on toothpicks with tape,
  • make 6 strips 25x7 cm in size from corrugated paper and fold them 4 times in length,
  • make cuts in the form of teeth from one edge,
  • round the fringed ends with scissors, and stretch the whole edge, giving a rounded shape,
  • with the resulting workpiece to wrap the design of sweets, so that the cloves are inside, and connect with adhesive tape from below,
  • so wrap another 2pcs. paper strip
  • screw the next three edges with curled teeth outward,
  • make a sepal from green feedstock, with the ends rounded off,
  • wrap the toothpicks with green corrugation, securing with glue and wrapping the sepals around the bud, also gluing them,
  • decorate the box with corrugated material and stick the created flowering plants into the foam.

To make a tulip with the help of corrugated paper, you need the skill, because the work has to be done thin.

These spring gifts of nature are created as follows:

  • First of all, you need to make a cardboard blank of the petal, and with its help cut out the required number (6-7 for one flower),
  • then you should take up the formation of the pestle and stamens. Pick up a medium-caliber wire and wrap a 5-cm-long piece of corrugated paper in black or brown - you get a stamen, to which one leaf is attached with glue,
  • take a wire of a small circle and wrap a piece, 4 cm wide, in white paper. It is necessary to create a pair of such blanks and cut in half. Put them in the form of a cross and stick to the petal,
  • using this technology to prepare more stamens,
  • tie with a white thread all the stamens and pistils made,
  • form a bud by attaching the remaining petals to the wire,
  • you can use a larger wire and fasten the bud on it with a thread,
  • thread the whole stalk green. Make leaflets out of paper and stick them on the bottom.

Candy tulips look beautiful. To make them, you need small round sweets in foil. Wrap them with corrugated material and attach to the wire, to which the petals of the expected bud will then be glued.

To create a do-it-yourself peony flower from corrugated paper you must:

  • cut sheets of the same size from rolls of paper of different colors,
  • to fold from each accordion of the same width,
  • measure all the blanks, starting from small to large with a distance of 3 cm.,
  • pry off each folded part with a clip exactly in the middle,
  • cut off the ends of the blanks in the form of petals, or simply remove the corners to form a triangle,
  • decompose all blanks from the larger (which is lower) to the smaller, combining them in the center,
  • all the leaves are combined into one motley accordion and wound in the middle with a thread,
  • form the bud, giving the resulting craft the shape of the petals, turning up and unbending them to the sides.

If you use a lot of different colors, you get a lush, attractive peony. For example, taking 7-8 shades, make a gradual transition from a light tone to a darker color. To create a finished look of the flower, in the process of forming the bud, put the green corrugated paper in the lowest layer.

How to make a garland of paper flowers

Flowers for a garland can be made small and large. Small items are combined into garlands that adorn any part of the room.

To make a paper flower garland, you should:

  1. Cut a flower pattern from cardboard, and make an even number of paper elements from it. Choose a color scheme based on the theme of the celebration.
  2. Take the fishing line and straighten it. Then glue two parts together so that the binder thread is located in the middle. Идем до конца по всей длине основы, после чего завязываем кольцо на каждом конце лески, с помощью которых гирлянда будет крепиться к держателям.
  3. Цветущие элементы желательно расположить с промежутком в 3 см один от другого.

При желании стоит применить трафареты со сложными орнаментами. Основное — аккуратно и ровно изготовить парные части.

Делаем цветочные букеты

Flower bouquets are often made using sweets.

To make a simple flower you need to cut a quadrangle from a corrugation measuring 9x8, cut the lower corners, and give the upper corners a rounded shape. Then stretch the resulting part from the middle and wrap it with a round candy, before this connected with adhesive tape and a skewer. Get a closed bud. Bind it with a thread.

For an unbroken bouquet, you will have to make many such blanks and fasten together. To make flowers bloom, prepare 8 pieces of 3x8 for each craft.

Do in the same way as the previous version, only stretch in the center and top. With a thin stick, bend the slightly cut ends to the other side. The petal will become like a real one.

To obtain an open flower, glue new petals to the blank with a closed bud. Each next put on the previously glued leaf. To form the trunk, take a piece of paper 6x8, which is then cut into a kind of fence. Then twist the cut parts and stick to the flower base.

Next, wrap a green corrugated ribbon around the skewer and you will get a charming bouquet that can decorate the interior.

Blooming balls for decor

You can make not only a flower from paper, but also a real flower ball with your own hands. It’s good for them to decorate the room, both on a holiday and on a weekday.

The easiest way is to make the ball using ordinary napkins.

It is interesting to make such a craft together with a child. To do this, crumple the old newspaper with a tight lump and rewind with a woolen thread. This will be the basis. Then fold the paper towel in 4 layers and fasten the middle with a stapler. Scissors round the ends of the square and press them to the center in layers. Stick the roses to a previously prepared newspaper.

The resulting composition can be decorated with beads, colored paper leaves and placed in a vase or attached with a ribbon to the ceiling. Another variety of balls can be made from corrugated paper. First, make a round base for the future composition. It is necessary to inflate a balloon of the required size and wrap it with a thick thread pre-impregnated with PVA.

After drying, pierce the ball with a needle and remove it from the thread frame. Then glue the resulting frame to a suitable stand (pot, flowerpot). If the product will be suspended, then attach a ribbon to the base, forming a loop from it. Cut a sheet of corrugated starting material into pieces of 3-4 cm by 30-40 cm.

Stretch the resulting strips by hand from one edge, then twist the roll from the other and rewind the thread. Glue the created roses to the prepared base with the associated side. Fill with blanks the entire area of ​​the frame.

There are a large number of ways to create flowers from paper with your own hands. You just need to choose your favorite option and, of course, try it. After all, a composition made with one’s own hand with love will never fade, it will bring positive and joy.