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How to find out if a man is cheating on you


It is quite difficult to understand the body language of another person, because communication cannot be put in a certain framework. It is necessary to pay attention to various signs, starting from the characteristics of a person’s personality, social factors, his words, manner of communication and environment. All this information is not always available, but you should pay as much attention as possible to various factors in communication. Knowing the context, you can understand the body language of another person and try to see what his body is saying and understand what the words are silent about!

How to understand that a man is deceiving you

First of all, you need to understand whether you want to believe in what your lover is telling you or not. If he promises you a vacation on the islands, a diamond ring and a moon from the sky, it is a great temptation to believe all his promises. But do not give in to feelings. One who is wildly willing to believe every word of a person will never recognize whether he is telling the truth or not. You must be impartial. Otherwise, you will find an excuse for any of his words.

When he speaks, watch his arms and legs. Crossed limbs indicate that the person is closed. A man wants to hide some information. Crossed arms also indicate that a person is trying to protect himself, he avoids communication.

Perhaps you have revised the famous series to answer the question yourself, how to understand that a man is deceiving you. Indeed, Dr. Lightman gives wise advice on how to recognize a lie. If you are not a fan of such series, then I will give you detailed instructions:

Signs of cheating:

  • Does he constantly correct his hair, rubs his nose or scratches his head? Most likely he is lying. These gestures speak of excitement. Perhaps he is afraid that you will figure him out.
  • He straightens his tie, unfastens one button on his shirt and fastens it back. Again, these actions speak of excitement.
  • He is getting hot. He worries that you will not believe him. A man throws himself into a sweat when you ask leading questions.
  • He smiles broadly, showing his teeth. Such a smile is called a "friendly grin." He is insincere, aggressive, not ready to communicate.

Sometimes there are no signs of fraud, but the man still tells a lie. Experienced liars can hide their feelings. Always listen to your intuition.

If you see that a man is behaving strangely, you feel his detachment, most likely your beloved is hiding something. Next, we consider a few more typical signs of fraud.

You can find out how to determine that a guy is lying to you from the link provided. There are signs in real life and in correspondence that can be used to understand the truth.

How to find out if your husband is cheating on you

At the stage of the candy-bouquet period, the guy can rather embellish some facts.

For example, it boasts of its achievements, work or things. Well, this banal phrase: “This dress suits you like that!” Yes, most likely you have a terrible dress, but he does not want to upset you. In general, not every lie needs to be exposed.

Another thing is when you feel anxious. Beloved has changed dramatically, you don’t like it, and you want to know if your husband is cheating on you:

  1. The main sign of a lie will be its secrecy. He will try not to talk about the topic that interests you. Perhaps he does not want to lie or is afraid to mix something up, thereby betraying himself. When you start a conversation, he tries to change the subject, or to answer something ambiguous.
  2. A sharp change in habits / hairstyles / circle of friends. This suggests that someone has appeared on the side. He easily said goodbye to a T-shirt with the inscription “AC / DC”, and now he is listening to Rachmaninov’s second concert with rapture? Perhaps he has an affair with a pianist. Or the piano fell on his head.

My stairwell neighbor said she could easily find out if her husband was cheating or not. When she asks a question to which he will lie, before answering he again asks her again. Like, did not hear, repeat. While she asks again the question, he comes up with what to say to her.

By the way, you yourself can catch your husband in a lie. Do not expect him to scratch his head at the same time, fumble a button, blush and stammer. Of course not (although maybe such instances exist)! But if he constantly deceives you, sooner or later, his testimony on the topic of interest to you will not converge.

Just do not try to convict him immediately of a lie! Collect more dirt. And then stick to the wall.

To understand whether your husband is cheating on you, see this article.

How to understand that a man is cheating on a girl on the Internet

It’s the hardest thing to understand that a man is cheating on you on the Internet. On the net you can be anyone. No one sees if your palms are sweating, whether you are adjusting your tie, and how many acne you have on your forehead.

Some signs may indirectly indicate that a man is cheating on a pen pal. But not one of them gives a 100% guarantee that he is lying.

Perhaps he is lying if:

  • It does not respond immediately, despite the fact that it is online. Either he thinks for a long time what to answer, or he is really busy.
  • Corrects messages, writes slowly. He wants to convince you, so he is looking for the right words.
  • He finds excuses and excuses all the time. You are asking him for the hundredth time when he will finally come to visit, and in response you hear: “Oh, I'm sorry, I’ve wound up.” Or: "It happened to me today ..."

It is clear that everyone can have problems. But if you are not reading such an excuse for the first time, is it worth considering, maybe the man is not going to fulfill his promise?

Now you understand how to find out if a man is cheating on you. Now it’s worth talking about the causes of male lies.

In most cases, husbands do not want to upset their loved ones so much that they do not immediately talk about the problems that have arisen. You will learn about his financial problems or illness in the last place when he realizes that he cannot do without your help.

But if your man lies for any reason, even for little things, think about it. If he constantly deceives, then he is not afraid to be caught, i.e. and your trust doesn’t matter to him. Is trust not a guarantee of a healthy relationship?