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How to make hot chocolate at home


Many Russian coffee houses and restaurants diversify their tea and coffee card with the help of special syrups. This tradition came to us from Europe and America, where it has existed for almost 50 years.

Syrups allow you to create the most incredible flavor combinations, complementing the usual coffee and tea with new flavors, softening excessive harshness or, conversely, emphasizing the delicacy of the drink.

To diversify your morning coffee or tea with the help of professional additives, you can now at home. The Russian company RiCHEZA offers a whole palette of concentrated natural syrups, the quality of which is in no way inferior to the most famous foreign counterparts, and the price is much cheaper. RiCHEZA syrups are poured into stylish liter bottles that will decorate the interior of any kitchen.

All RiCHEZA syrups to taste can be divided into 5 groups:




Fruit and berry

Imitating alcohol

Two basic rules for making tea and coffee with syrups

For 50 ml of drink, 5-10 ml of syrup (1-2 teaspoons) is enough. Otherwise, it is likely that he will simply drown out tea or coffee. If sweets are not enough, it is better to add sugar, and not increase the dose of syrup.

Sweet tooth can safely forget about p. 1 and increase the dose of syrup to your liking. Of course, you should not take it to extremes and drink almost pure syrup with the taste of coffee or tea, since it is high-calorie - about 300 kcal / 100 ml.

RiCHEZA syrups are perfectly combined with each other, with milk and various toppings. In fact, the use of syrups is akin to using spices in cooking - each of us has our own personal preferences, and even a momentary mood plays an important role. Today, a person is sad and wants coffee with autumnal nutty notes, and tomorrow, on the contrary, a bright festive taste of “Blue Curacao”.

There are many recipes - complex and not very, but the most popular is the simplest: 1-2 teaspoons of syrup into a cup miraculously turn the usual tea or coffee into a new exclusive drink. This simplicity is especially relevant for the morning, when everyone is in a hurry and rush about their business.

Here are just a few recipes for the use of syrups, but all of them have been tested more than once in practice.

On a cup (200 ml) of freshly brewed green tea :.

- a slice of lemon (optional).

On a large cup (250 ml):

- 150 ml of cold milk.

Cook espresso in the usual way, whisk the warmed milk into a steaming foam. Pour syrup, coffee, frothed milk into the cup successively and sprinkle the froth with grated chocolate or cocoa.

Tip. Beating milk in cool foam without a special coffee machine at home is difficult, but quite possible. To do this, you need to know a few secrets:

Use high fat milk (at least 6%) or non-fat (10%) cream,

In a small metal container, milk or cream per 1 serving of a drink (usually 100-150 ml) is heated, but not boiled, gently whipping with a blender or whisk.

The main thing is to stop in time - as soon as large bubbles cease to stand out, milk or cream is poured from the same container into the coffee cup strictly in the center so that the foam is evenly distributed over the surface.

RiCHEZA Syrups in cooking

The area of ​​application of RiCHEZA syrups is not limited to the additive in tea or coffee. So, they will be useful to lovers of exquisite delicacies, because with the help of syrup you can not only create a delicious cake or pie by soaking the dough with a sweet additive, but also decorate any dish (ice cream, fruit salad, pudding, curd dessert, etc.).

A bit of history

Hot chocolate has a long origin, back in the days of the ancient Aztecs, chocolate was served bitter and cold, and it was prepared only by noble people. The Indians rubbed cocoa beans into a paste, then mixed them with spices, vanilla, pepper and water. In special vessels, the resulting liquid was whipped to get foam, so the drink was called "chocolatl" - supposedly "foamy water". From here came the name - chocolate. The drink was thick and consumed after fermentation. It was served only to men of noble origin.

The Indians treated a whipped thick drink from cocoa beans at a reception of General Hernan Cortes, and in 1527 he brought to Spain not only cocoa beans, but also a recipe for chocolate. It was to the taste of the European nobility, this drink was not available to ordinary people.

Chocolate subsequently gained distribution throughout Europe. Then they stopped adding pepper to the drink, and began to add vanilla and honey, and then milk, which softened the very bright taste of the drink. To increase the solubility of the drink began to be heated, having tasted such chocolate, many began to use it hot. So hot chocolate approached the modern taste.

After the ХYII century, chocolate continued to spread in Europe and began to open "chocolate houses" where it was possible to buy this drink. It was prepared in different ways, taking into account the tastes of the buyer, adding milk and spices, but it was not cheap. To use hot chocolate has become a "good form" among wealthy people.

Cocoa beans were shipped from Jamaica, where the main cocoa plantations were located.
Modern technologies have significantly improved quality, increased shelf life of chocolate and reduce its cost.

Hot chocolate: benefits and harms

Positive aspects of hot chocolate made at home:

  • improves mood
  • strengthens the immune system
  • contains far fewer calories than solid chocolate, unless sweetened further,
  • improves performance
  • contains many elements that help cure colds and flu more quickly.

Harm of hot chocolate:

  • When consumed in excessively large quantities, it contributes to the deposition of salts. Over time, gout may begin to develop.
  • Causes an allergic reaction in some people. Before use, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Some important recommendations for making a dessert yourself:

  • Use quality products. It doesn’t matter whether it is cocoa or an ordinary bar of chocolate, you cannot experience true bliss when preparing a drink from low-grade ingredients.
  • Before cooking, it is advisable to use chilled chocolate, otherwise it will melt too quickly. It is enough to leave it in the refrigerator a few hours before the planned work.
  • In no case do not leave the drink on fire unattended! You run the risk of skipping the boil and digesting it, which will lead to the inevitable loss of all useful properties and, importantly, a refined taste.
  • To obtain a more delicate texture, beat the mass until foam appears. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised how breathtaking the dessert will be!
  • If you are a fan of thicker hot chocolate - add cream, but do not overdo it! In extreme cases, dilute with water.
  • If you finish the cooking by adding vanilla, you will discover the divine pleasure as a result! One teaspoon of the whole volume is enough.
    Give the cooked treat a special, memorable taste. Experiment with your preferences: sprinkle the finished drink with cinnamon or mint, add marshmallows or cream, shade the chocolate with caramel crumbs.

The subtleties of making hot chocolate in a specialized machine

The device for hot chocolate evenly melts the composition at a temperature of no more than 95 ° C, which allows the mass not to burn. The blades of the chocolate machine thoroughly mix the mass, getting rid of all excess clumps. Finishing the preparation, the miracle machine independently maintains the necessary temperature, which does not allow the finished chocolate to cool or, even worse, to harden.

The process of making a dessert in an apparatus for hot chocolate is very simple:

All the ingredients are placed in the chocolate machine and the start button is pressed.
We wait some time until the machine finishes working with the drink, and after we take it out and pour it into cups. The hot chocolate prepared in such a machine will raise you with a magical taste on Everest, rest assured!

The simplest recipe for hot chocolate

chocolate bar - 100 g,

1. Grind the tile and mix into a homogeneous mass with 200 ml of pre-warmed milk.

2. Spread the sugar evenly without stopping stirring the mixture with a spoon. After thoroughly mix with the remaining 200 ml of milk.

So quickly and simply you can make hot chocolate at home, without resorting to special culinary skills and experience. For greater enjoyment, we add our favorite sweets and seasonings to our taste, we complete with decorations made of cream or chopped nuts. Bon Appetit!

Hot Chocolate Recipe from Cocoa Powder and Butter

cocoa powder - 4 tablespoons,

butter - 4 tablespoons,

sugar - 4 tablespoons.

1. Melt the butter in a small container in a water bath or microwave.

2. Mix cocoa with sugar and add to the butter.

3. Fill the mass with water (be careful: the density of the finished drink depends on its quantity). Stir until fully boiling at the lowest possible heat.

4. Decorate the cooked hot chocolate to your liking and serve it!

It is worth noting that the icing for baking is prepared approximately according to the same recipe. The discrepancy lies only in the time the mass is kept on fire.

Cocktails (layered, dairy, fruit, including alcoholic)

For 1 serving of 250 ml: Pour 30 ml of Grenadine and Raspberry syrup, 150 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice and 40 ml of sparkling water into the tall glass using a bar spoon or knife, so that the layers do not mix. If you wish, you can simply splash soda in the center of the glass and then the grenadines and raspberries will “roll” with bright red tongues.

For 1 portion of 250 ml: beat with a blender until a foam appears 50 g of crushed ice, 100 ml of milk, 50 g of vanilla ice cream, 15 ml of Irish Cream syrup and 35 ml of Caramel syrup. Topping - whipped cream and caramel crumbs.

For 1 serving of 150 ml: Mix 50 ml of vodka in a shaker, 15 ml of Blue Curacao and Green Mint syrup, 70 g of crushed ice. When serving, garnish with ice cubes and mint leaves.

Confectionery, desserts, homemade cakes

For the sweet tooth RiCHEZA syrups - a whole field for experiments with different tastes! They can soak biscuits and muffins, water the ice cream, pancakes, puddings and casseroles, giving the long-known dishes a new original sound.

You can master one recipe for the simplest biscuit (or even use ready-made biscuit cakes) and pass for it as a super-confectioner. Here are just a couple of recipes for delicious cakes based on a simple biscuit:

Impregnation of cakes: Tiramisu syrup + double espresso in equal proportions,

Cream: Whipped cream with icing sugar

Decoration: grated chocolate, nuts

Impregnation of cakes: Syrup "Cherry" + strong alcohol (cognac, rum or vodka) in equal proportions,

Cream: Condensed milk + butter,

Decoration: Whipped cream, pitted cherries (fresh, frozen or from compote).

Salads and main dishes

You can get a very interesting result by adding RiCHEZA syrups to salad dressings, sauces or hot marinades.

A simple salad, which will certainly be appreciated by kebab lovers.

1 large red onion, cut into thin slices, add finely chopped tomato and a bunch of parsley. Dressing: Olive oil and 50 ml Grenadine syrup, salt and pepper to taste.

The simplest recipe for roasting chicken, but the meat is tender and juicy, and the crust is incredibly tasty and crispy.

It will take 1 kg of coarse salt, 1 chicken, 50 ml of maple syrup.

Pour salt into the mold, lay the chicken washed up and dried on the chicken carcass with its back down, spread on top with half maple syrup. Send to the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. After 20 minutes, coat with the remains of maple syrup again.

Do not worry that the chicken itself did not initially salt, it absorbs salt as much as needed. Most importantly, do not overdry the dish. Calculating the cooking time is simple - it takes 40 minutes per 1 kg of chicken. That is, an average carcass weighing 1.5 kg will be baked for about 1 hour.

After that, shake off excess salt from the back, decorate with herbs and fresh vegetables and enjoy the exquisite aroma of deliciously delicate dietary meat! Mm ... How delicious!