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How to catch a domestic or wild pigeon


A variety of reasons can prompt you to catch a pigeon: for example, to heal a broken wing of a bird, free it from a trap, or simply cook an unusual delicacy. Despite the pursued goals, it is necessary to catch a bird competently. There are many ways to do this really quickly and easily:

  • manual pigeon fishing
  • hunting for sleeping birds
  • use of fishing net or fishing line,
  • construction of a special trap.

Each of these methods is effective in its own way and has some advantages.

A bit about pigeons

It is pigeons that are one of the most common varieties of birds in each village. These birds are already long ago used to crowded streets and markedly increased in numbers. Of course, most people do not bother these cute birds - many tame birds and feed them with their hands, they allow children to play with birds. However, in reality, pigeons are completely undesirable neighbors. After all, these birds, just like rats hated by everyone, often eat treats from garbage cans and are considered carriers of many serious diseases - for example, salmonellosis.

In addition, bugs and other pests often settle in pigeon nests, which can get into your house if pigeons live on your balcony. Well and to everything else, pigeon droppings - a substance dangerous to the human body. And who, in general, will like their own balcony, “decorated” with bird stools ?!

Manual pigeon fishing

Perhaps many people are interested in how to catch pigeons with their bare hands. In fact, it is very simple! In addition, this method of catching birds considered the easiest and most effective. All you need is to stock up on a small amount of grain to attract birds, as well as dexterity, patience and perseverance.

First of all, simply go as close to the birds as possible, pour grain on them and let them get used to you. In doing so, try not to make sudden movements so as not to scare away the birds. In fact, this is not at all difficult, since city pigeons, accustomed to people, are usually not afraid to fly very close to a person and take food from his hands.

If you have sufficient dexterity, you will probably be able to catch the bird with your hands. After you notice that the birds began to trust you, put some more grain in your palm and stretch towards the pigeons. Often, several birds immediately approach and take food from their hands: some out of curiosity, others out of trust. All that remains for you is to quickly grab the bird and hold it tight. True, do not overdo it - with too much effort you can injure a pigeon. Please note that if you lose your watchfulness for even a second, the birds will fly away and are unlikely to return.

Catching sleeping birds

How to catch a dove with his hands if he is sleeping? This method is even easier than the previous one! Indeed, in this case, you do not have to buy food and patiently wait when the bird deigns to approach you. You just need to find out where the birds spend the night. Usually, pigeons like to settle in the forgotten attics of some architectural buildings. After it gets dark, you need to climb into the attic with a lantern and simply pick up the bird you like.

It’s even easier to catch a sleepy dove, which sleeping in the attic of a house. Only one thing is important - use the lantern in such a way that the birds do not wake up and are not afraid. And the rest is a matter of technology: you just need to quietly approach the pigeon, quickly grab it and hold it tight enough.

Use of fishing nets

This method is also highly efficient. In addition, with the help of fishing nets you have a chance to catch not one dove, but several adult birds. Fishing is a favorite craft of most modern men, so finding the necessary gear is likely to be easy. Although, for catching birds, of course, you will have to work hard.

For planned fishing it is advisable to go with a partner, which will help with the installation of a trap, and with the capture of a bird. Stock up with suitable nets, food and go to the place where a large number of pigeons live. Spread the net near the chosen place and pour a little feed into its center. Then you just have to wait for the birds to bite on the bait. After the birds get close to the feed, throw a net over the pigeons.

It is necessary to get birds from the fishing net very carefully so as not to injure the pigeons.

If you go hunting without a partner, you will need to set up the network a little differently. The principle of operation does not change, only a fishing line or rope will need to be attached to the corners of the grid. Then the ropes coming from the corners of the net must be connected into one long collar and thrown it over the branch of the nearest tree. This is necessary so that during the feast of birds you can quickly close the trap to the maximum with literally one motion.

As you can see, catch a bird using a fishing net very easy. But keep in mind that despite the effectiveness of this method, it can be extremely dangerous for the bird itself - the net can harm it.

Using fishing line loops

You can also catch a pigeon with a homemade fishing line loop. To do this, the previously prepared loop must be put on the ground, and in the center of it, pour a little feed. Then you need to wait until the pigeon begins to peck the food and tighten the loop on the legs of the bird. However, this method is far from the most humane. After all, fishing line can permanently damage the pigeon's legs, simply not calculating the strength when pulling the loop.

Pigeon trap

If none of the above methods of catching a pigeon suits you, use a homemade trap that can be built from improvised means. As a basis, you can take:

  • ordinary cardboard box
  • plastic box
  • large plastic basin
  • a bunch of branches from which you can make a very convenient trap.

In general, for this, you can apply everything that suits the size. Of course, the bird with great confidence will go into a trap through which at least a little visible open sky.

How to use the trap made in practice? Choose an open area where birds will see spilled feed. Here, place the prepared trap upside down, raise one of its edges and support it with a stick. To the stick, in turn, you need to tie a thin rope. And feed the path to the trap.

After the food-pigeon enters the box, pull the ropeto slam the trap. Then hold the box so that the frightened bird does not turn the trap over.

Knowing how to correctly catch pigeons, you will cope with this procedure as quickly and easily as possible!

Cautious gullible bird

Pigeons live in the attics of residential and non-residential buildings and in other secluded places protected from wind and rain. They always and everywhere prefer to be in a whole flock: they fly, eat and sleep together. It is easy to notice the care of pigeons: they rarely come close to a person even during feeding. But if feeding the birds takes place daily, they will be more trusting of this person.

Some people take advantage of the quick addiction of birds for their own purposes, trying to catch for eating. This bird is famous for its delicious tender meat, so you can understand such “hunters”. But there are also cases when catching birds is not connected with culinary goals. Catching a pigeon for an inept and unprepared person will be difficult. Even if you lure the bird with bread or seeds, it is unlikely to come close. In addition, when flying on the street for landing, they choose only open places, with ample space for a sharp take-off, if something goes wrong.

Reasons for catching birds

About how to catch a pigeon on the street, it is best to learn from the birders who have been doing this business for many years. Using special devices, tricks and secrets can become a real hobby. Some professionals can also talk about how to catch a pigeon with their hands. But before you learn about the features of fishing itself, you should know about its goals, which include:

  • eating,
  • helping a wounded bird
  • curiosity, stupid fun, mockery.

A man is a hunter by nature, the same as a cat, dog or any other animal.

And when a difficult period comes, he tries to feed himself. In the history of mankind there have been enough periods that confirm this fact. During the famine during the war years and during the period of global unemployment, people did everything in their power to feed not only themselves, but also their loved ones. It was a stalemate that became the basis for people to go hunting. And knowing how to catch a street pigeon is an imprint of the past.

Some are convinced that catching pigeons is easy.

These birds have been living side by side with us for so long that they have ceased to be afraid. This is easy to spot. Sometimes, they sit on their hands without fear to eat. For some, this is a way to get the right influx of emotions, and for others, a chance to show their dexterity.

What is the purpose of catching pigeons?

Pigeons cannot be called welcome guests, because they, like most city rodents, climb into garbage cans and create potential threat to human health, since they are carriers of salmonellosis. In addition, pigeon nests often breed bugs and other harmful insects that can enter the apartment if the birds made a nest near the balcony. In addition, the excrement of pigeons can be dangerous for the human body. In the end, few will be delighted with a bird-stained balcony.

Among the reasons why they want to catch this particular bird, the following can be distinguished:

  • For the preparation of various dishes.
  • In order to help the injured bird, help.
  • For fun.

Is it easy to catch a bird with your hands

About how you can catch a dove with your own hands, everyone can learn who has a desire to learn this for some purpose. All that is needed is to cook some food and go to the open area, where these birds often live in search of food. But those who want to show their dexterity should know that catching pigeons is not so simple.

In order to catch a pigeon with your hands, you must:

  1. Get closer to the pigeon pack.
  2. Pour food into the hand.
  3. Squat and reach out to the birds.
  4. Wait until the bird is interested in feeding and sits on the hand.
  5. Abruptly but gently grab the bird.

Grasping the bird with your hands, you can not squeeze it strongly. It is best to press her wings to the body, gently holding the feathered with both hands. Depending on the purpose of the hunt, the pigeon is sent to a cage or released. Using the same method, it is easy to catch an injured pigeon.

There is another way of fishing, which also applies to do-it-yourself hunting. The main thing in it is the knowledge of the places where the birds sleep. Finding them is not difficult. Feathered birds often spend the night in the attics of multi-storey buildings, you just need to get a flashlight. Gently picking up the sleeping bird, grabbing it will not be difficult.

Features of catching birds using the net

This method will be effective if you need to delay more than one dove. In this case, the fishing net acts as a trap. But hunting alone is unlikely to be successful, so before setting off for prey, you should find a like-minded person: it will not be easy to manage the network alone.

If you managed to get a trap (network) and your partner is ready to help, you need to go to the area where the birds live. Pigeon hunting happens like this:

  1. On the ground there is a grid.
  2. Forage, bait is scattering over the net.
  3. When the birds sit down to eat, it is necessary to grasp the edges of the net and cover the birds.

Care should be taken as pigeons can get scared and fly away. We must not forget that before using the trap, it is necessary to remove all heavy elements from it.

Iron elements can injure a pigeon during mechanical action, resulting in personal injury or death.

How to catch a dove with your own hands without a special trap?

If a person suddenly needed for some reason to catch a pigeon, and this is the first such experience, you should not think about failure in advance. In fact, there is nothing complicated. Like fishing first you need to feed the fishing object. Wherein it is better to catch a dove in crowded placesso that no one can interfere with the process. Such conditions will complicate the capture of the city bird a little, since a little more time will be spent on complementary foods. But uninhabited places increase the guarantee that no stranger will be able to take advantage of the result of a catcher, whether it be a man or a cat.

Those who have previously been involved in this kind of bird hunting will say with confidence that it is advisable to choose a place where pigeons are used to feeding. It can be a granary or some kind of warehouse with food products. It is much easier to grab with your hands and not miss the fattened individual, therefore worth choosing the largest pigeon. As a bait, use bread crumbs or grain. Then approach the most gullible bird and grab it suddenly. It should be borne in mind that the pigeon will try to escape from his hands, so you need to immediately hide it in a box or wrap it in a dense cloth.

Catching a pigeon with a regular box

It is a rather old, but at the same time effective method of catching not only city pigeons, but also other species of birds. Would need wooden boxwhose dimensions should correspond to the number of birds caught.

If the task is to catch only one bird, then a small box made of wooden boards and covered with a nylon net will be enough. Through the net, birds will be able to see the surrounding space and with less caution will go under the constructed trap. When the net is loosely stretched, this allows you to fix the bird of interest, while not freeing others. After the necessary pigeon is fixed, the box is lifted and released extra individuals. In addition to the box, you need to get a small stick and a long twine.

Next, the string is tied at one end to a stick. Then they turn the box over and slightly raise one of its sides. The raised side is fixed by means of a stick. A small amount of food is scattered near the box, and under the wooden structure itself there should be much more goodies. It is important that the wall in contact with the ground also has a sufficient amount of complementary foods.

Holding on to the free end of the rope, you need to move as far as possible and wait. As soon as the necessary birds move to the far wall of the box, you should sharply pull on the string. If everything is done correctly, the stick should fly out from under the trap and cover the birds that were under the box. All that remains is to quickly approach the box and put pressure on it from above so that the birds, in a panic, waving their wings, do not turn it over. Now carefully remove the captured pigeons. That, in fact, is all.

Fishing nets like a pigeon trap

In order to catch this gray bird, some savvy hunters thought of using the well-known fishing net. In order to make such a trap with your own hands, you will need a fishing net where grain or seeds are poured. Well, if there is an assistant nearby who will hold the grid on one side. Going to a place where there are usually always a lot of pigeons, they are looking for a flock of birds. Slowly lower the net to the ground.

Birds immediately begin to fly to peck food. Having waited a little, with a sharp movement they fold the net, reliably smelling the birds inside. Birds are taken out of the trap very carefully so as not to break their wings, and not to cause the slightest harm to their health.

There is another fishing method that has some similarities. To do this, you need a fishing line with a loop at one end. It is necessary to sprinkle food in a possible habitat for pigeons. Seeing how the birds flock to peck a treat, they try to throw a fishing line on the legs of an individual. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to tighten the fishing line too much, otherwise you can cause the bird a limb injury.

How to catch sleeping birds?

Of course, catching sleeping pigeons has its advantages over the methods described above. Firstly, you don’t have to spend money on bait. Secondly, you do not need to languish in anticipation when the birds deign to approach. All that is required is to find out where the birds spend their night's rest. Usually their favorite places are attics of high-rise buildings. With the onset of darkness, you need to penetrate into their place overnight with a lantern. Gently shine on birds, trying not to wake them, and choose a specimen of interest. Silently get to the selected individual, grab it sharply and firmly hold it in your hands so that it could not break out.

How to catch a pigeon without leaving the apartment?

How to grab a city pigeon so as not to injure him? Perhaps, the most affordable way - This is to lure the bird on the windowsill, and then slam the window. Если кормушка организована рядом с откосом оконной рамы, то вряд ли будет проблематично заманить голубя вглубь помещения. Нужно насыпать семечки на водоотлив, подоконник, табуретку, поставленную у окна, и на пол.While the bird is pecking the bait, moving from one site to another, you should be near the open transom in order to have time to close it. Prepare the net in advance. They can cover the bird so that it does not crash into glass from fright. It’s even easier to catch pigeons on the balcony with this method.

What to do if a pigeon was injured during fishing?

An inexperienced catcher can accidentally injure a defenseless bird. Most often, an injury occurs due to:

  • Sudden collisions and hitting a pigeon on a hard surface.
  • Caught birds by limbs or wings.
  • Use fishing line for fishing.

If necessary, organize emergency care for a wounded bird in order to avoid atrophy of the injured limb. Even with a minor fracture or dislocation give the injured part of the body a natural position and turn for help to the veterinarian.

If the pigeon was not caught on the street, but in a special pigeon house, it is placed in a separate cage. There is a risk of attack by healthy relatives. A broken limb is treated with a disinfectant, and then a fixing bandage is applied.