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Boys, write: as I was looking for new colleagues in Tinder


If you are concerned that money is being withdrawn from the card and you need to disable this service, then proceed according to our instructions.

Money is written off automatically.

Before connecting Premium, look at the terms of the agreement, most likely there you will find a clause that involves automatic debit of money. This is done for such purposes:

  • personal enrichment of the creators of the site,
  • convenient for the client, who may forget to extend the service that he constantly uses.

Tinder deducts money from the card, how to disable? This question torments users in the event that they have ceased to be members of the site, they want to disable VIP and unsubscribe from a paid subscription.

Unsubscribe on iPhone

How to disable paid services and subscription to Tinder on iPhone? To do this, you also need to go to the App Store, then click on the ID, which is located in the upper corner of the screen. Now click on “View” and find “Subscriptions”. Here you can disable auto-renewal of VIP status completely. To do this, select the necessary parameters.

Nonetheless summary

Of course, our experiment cannot be considered completed, because by tragic accident, it ended ahead of time. But we can already share something useful with you:

  • Tinder is quite popular among those who could potentially become your employees,
  • Tinder can be a convenient channel for disseminating information about the company and about vacancies (everyone who opened the profile description saw a link to vacancies),
  • Accordingly, the more people know about vacancies, the more responses, more choice and more likely that you will find a suitable person,
  • Conversations in the application do not violate the personal space of candidates - you talk with people who already know about your goals from the profile description and agreed to a dialogue,
  • Search by geography. For example, if vacancies allow you to work remotely, you can set up profiles to be displayed at the maximum distance and hunt people from other cities. In another case, for example, for production in a remote area (not by single designers), you can narrow the search range to a couple of neighboring areas,
  • It is possible to involve not only eychars in the search for new employees - take a closer look at colleagues, suddenly among them there are also online dating enthusiasts like the author of this article.

Not very good

  • Tinder does not guarantee the immediate closure of all open vacancies. Most likely, many candidates will not suit you, as well as candidates from other resources,
  • The service shows users of only the opposite sex, so for the purity of the experiment it was necessary to create another account with a male face,
  • You may meet violent people who will block your account (as it happened to me). Tip: do not mix recruiting and romantic acquaintances, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings and not be left without an account and prospects in your personal life.

For those who have done well and read almost to the end, I left screenshots of the best correspondence of those times when I had not yet played eychara:

Common application errors

One of the common mistakes that occur when working with the Tinder is considered: "Please try again later.". Appears on the initial screen, before loading the profile and does not allow authorization.

Some of the problems can be resolved by rebooting the device or uninstalling the application. After the user clear the phone’s memory, Tinder can be reinstalled.

For example, an error in Tinder 40303 means that the user violated the rules of the community. Creating a new account using the Facebook page will fail. Regarding Gold and Plus subscribers, you will have to cancel paid services on your own.

You can block a profile for the following reasons:

  • the account owner sent spam or similar messages,
  • complaints were received from other participants on the dating site,
  • insults or aggression towards users of the service,
  • erotic photographs in the profile.

To find out the reason why Tinder writes “An error occurred, please try again later."- you need to contact the administration and community rules.

Restore activity on a dating site

If the profile owner believes that he did not violate any of the rules, he can contact technical support for clarification.

To write the administration of the service, you should:

  1. Follow the link:
  2. Above leave: Help / Support, the next line is the type of device that has problems.
  3. Fill in the fields with email and phone number.
  4. Below, in the input window, describe the problem, and also clarify that the community rules have not been violated. Write error code in Tinder "40303».

A reply message will be sent to the indicated mobile number. Usually, a dating site sends in Russian so that the client can familiarize themselves with the information in more detail. The administration has the right to reserve not to respond to the application.

The only way to restore activity is to create a new account.

Note: creating with Facebook does not work, so registration is only through the mobile number.

It is worth considering that the use of information from the previous page will lead to another block. To fix error 40303 in Tinder:

  1. Clear browser cache and go to the main page of the site.
  2. Press the button “Sign up».
  3. Choose a method with a phone number.
  4. Follow the prompts of the service and create a new page.

If the mobile was indicated on Facebook - it is recommended to remove it temporarily or specify another.

How to protect yourself from a ban?

To freely use the service, the user must take into account the rules of the community. First of all, use your real data and photo. A dating site requires proof of identity via a mobile phone number. This is an additional method for securing the page and indicating that the account belongs to a real person.

Members of a dating site should not behave abusively towards other residents of the service, use only the official application. Blocking or errors in the Tinder, in particular 40303, can also occur if the user used the hacked version.