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Diet minus 10 kg


Often women and girls are faced with a problem such as being overweight. And this phenomenon is quite normal if you do not monitor your diet and diet for a long time. Sooner or later, you still get on the scales and see the result of frequent overeating and improper mode. Therefore, if the jeans suddenly stopped fastening, and you need to urgently find out how to lose 10 kg in a month, you definitely contacted the address! In this article you will find a description of four different effective ways that will help you lose weight and regain lightness.

The first method: we lose weight in a week. Mediterranean menu

According to the latest world statistics, the most healthy people live in countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain. Naturally, the reason for this is their healthy lifestyle, in particular proper nutrition. A variety of vegetables, fruits, fresh dairy products, fish, olive oil - this is what the usual diet of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin looks like. From here came the so-called Mediterranean diet, which will help you find out whether it is possible to lose weight in a month and how many kilograms.

The Mediterranean diet has its own principles. First of all, you should eat something protein, best of all, seafood at every meal. The total amount of protein should be 2 grams per 1 kilogram of weight. Secondly, try to eat more fruits and vegetables raw, namely: 5 times a day for 100-200 grams. Such a rich concentration of simple but useful carbohydrates will not only help you get in order, but also improve your health, because scientists have long proved that vegetables and fruits reduce the risk of certain cancers. Thirdly, all semi-finished foods are prohibited, always try to cook food yourself and only from natural products. And finally, you need to eat five times a day in small portions. Now you know one effective way to lose weight. Reviews of the Mediterranean diet are usually positive, so do not be afraid and feel free to start changing your life for the better!

Method Two: Sports Diet

How to lose weight fast? How to lose 10 kg per month? The answer is very simple - eat less and move more. In fact, this is the whole secret of losing weight. You only have to consume less calories and spend more. And sports will help you with this. One of the mandatory rules of a sports diet is to drink from two liters of water per day. This will speed up your metabolism, and therefore, will contribute to the rapid weight loss. The second rule is protein. For good health during a sports diet, you need a lot of protein, it is also necessary for the rapid formation of muscle mass.

Your diet should look something like this: 50% - carbohydrates, 30% - fats, 20% - proteins. For breakfast, you can eat porridge (granola), fruit and a glass of milk. For lunch - chicken breast with steamed vegetables. For dinner, you can eat 200 grams of cottage cheese or drink a glass of natural kefir. Two snacks are also allowed, during which you can drink low-calorie yogurt or a protein shake.

Workout during a sports diet

Surely many will have a question about training. The frequency of training during a sports diet, as well as their duration, depends on your desire and endurance. It is recommended to play sports from three times a week for at least 20 minutes. Your workout should consist of a warm-up, cardio, strength, stretching, and exercise. Try to work out all muscle groups, and if you have problem areas, focus more on them.

The third way: the diet "1000 calories", also known as the diet "minus 10"

Most likely, the basic principle of this diet is already clear to you. Every day you will have to eat 1000 kilocalories. Everything looks very simple, but in fact there are a few little things that cannot be ignored. For example, 1000 kilocalories is contained in one huge pizza, but if you eat this dish every day, you will not only not lose weight, but also greatly harm your own body. Therefore, learn to choose the right products. It is better to refuse fried, sweet and starchy foods for the duration of the diet. No buns, chocolates, potatoes, especially no chips and fast food, only fresh, natural and preferably low-calorie foods. A similar diet is an excellent diet for a month, 10 kg will leave without a trace.

It is also not recommended during the diet to engage in sports that require high energy costs. Since you consume a small number of kilocalories, you will not have energy for heavy loads, so for some time refrain from doing sports.

Less 10 kg per month with such a diet you are surely provided!

Method Four: Vegetable Diet

A vegetable diet is a really nice and healthy way to lose weight. No one can refuse a fresh salad or a delicious pumpkin soup. From vegetables you can cook a huge number of wonderful simple dishes, which is why the diet is so rapidly gaining popularity. Losing weight quickly, tasty and without harm to health is possible, this is not fiction, see for yourself and find out how to lose 10 kg per month! First, let's highlight the benefits of a vegetable diet.

Benefits of a Vegetable Diet

For a very long time you can list the benefits of a vegetable diet, since there are many of them. Firstly, you significantly strengthen your immunity due to the fact that for some time you forget about processed foods, fast food, canned food and other junk food, and also consume a large amount of healthy vitamins that are found in vegetables. And as we all know, disease prevention is their best treatment.

The second plus of the diet is the improvement of well-being and mood. You absolutely do not need to starve yourself or severely restrict, vegetable dishes are very nutritious, and their preparation rarely takes a lot of time. You may not even feel a change in diet.

The third advantage is a quick result. No other food system will give such immediate results as a vegetable diet. For weight loss, it is indispensable! You immediately see the fruits of your efforts, and this, accordingly, pleases you and gives motivation for further self-improvement. Vegetable diet - a good diet for a month, 10 kg of excess weight will no longer bother you.

The menu of the vegetable diet, of course, consists of vegetables, but you need to choose them carefully. A prerequisite is quality, they must be fresh and natural. Try to always be responsible in choosing products, because your health depends on it.

Every day you will have to eat 1-1.5 kg of various vegetables. It can be cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, radishes, herbs and so on. But it is not recommended to eat potatoes, carrots or pumpkins in the afternoon, as these products have a high glycemic index. Also, do not forget to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Vegetable Diet Recipe: Vegetable Soup

One of the biggest misconceptions of losing weight is that you can’t lose weight deliciously. But this is completely wrong. There are many excellent recipes, such as regular vegetable soup. To prepare it, you will need:

- Potato (2-3 medium sized tubers).

- Onions (1 pc.).

- Canned peas (1 can).

- Bell pepper (1 pc.).

- Salt, pepper (to taste).

Before boiling the broth, finely chop the carrots and onions, and then fry them in a pan. When the broth is ready, you can cut the remaining vegetables into cubes and add all the ingredients to the pan (peas are added at the end of cooking). The soup will be tasty, healthy, and most importantly, diet.

The fifth method: salt-free diet

Minus 10 kg per month? Easily! Just stop eating salt too much. Salt retains water in the body, and its excessive use is the cause of many cardiovascular diseases, as well as metabolic disorders.

But a salt-free diet does not mean a complete rejection of salt, which is necessary for the body to regulate calcium. All you have to do is eat 5 times a day, salt food only when necessary and in very small quantities, in addition, drink from two liters of water per day to speed up the metabolism and feel good.

Over time, you will develop new eating habits, and the need for salt will not be so much felt by you. The diet is based primarily on fractional nutrition, it will also teach you how to monitor portions and not overeat.

Lose weight correctly!

Now you know how to lose 10 kg per month. Our tips will definitely help you become slim once and for all. When choosing one of the methods, do not forget that each diet has its own limitations. Therefore, before radically changing the way you eat, be sure to consult a specialist. Be healthy, happy and never forget to follow the figure!

How to lose weight by 10 kg

Lose 10 kg perhaps if there are extra pounds in your body. “Excess” weight is called for a reason: if you start eating, kilograms that are unnecessary for life will quickly go away. If overweight is a figment of your imagination, the body will be reluctant to part with its legal kilograms. Our service will help you calculate the ideal weight. Body mass index.

In a week you can actually lose 2-3 kg, and in a month you can lose 10 kg. There is nothing criminal in wanting to go on a diet and “blind” the body of your dreams. But do everything wisely: many girls, in an effort to lose weight quickly, neglect the basic rules of nutrition and harm their health.

How to lose 10 kg

There are times when you need to lose weight quickly: a photo shoot, a celebration, a vacation. In such cases, the simplest diets for 10 days are effective: buckwheat diet, fasting days on apples, grapefruits, kefir. A diet for 10 days gives a quick but short-lived result. Diet for 10 days it’s even useful for the body, but only if you are prepared for extreme unloading: you started eating less in advance, refused flour and meat dishes. "Get up" with a quick diet after receiving the desired result should be gradual. Remember that when you return to normal nutrition, you will gain weight again. Therefore, it is better to calculate a diet for a month, and then continue to eat right. How to quickly lose weight after the holidays.

Lose weight by 10 kg correctly

Do you want to lose 10 kg and you don’t have a “grandfather”? Then get down to business with the mind. A healthy and fast diet “Minus 10 kg” should last about six months - in the understanding of nutritionists, this is a short time. If you are not ready to follow the complex rules of the diet, calculate calories and read the composition of foods, remember these simple rules (in general, everyone should always eat this way).

  1. Do not eat flour. If you can’t give up bread at all, choose black and cereal. Replace sweet pastries with fruits and dark chocolate.
  2. Do not eat sugar. Difficult? Put honey in tea, in coffee - sugar substitute
  3. Eat as little fried, spicy, fatty foods as possible. Steaming fish and meat is not at all difficult.
  4. Have a hearty breakfast and a light dinner. Dinner should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. Use all carbohydrates (bread, oatmeal, nuts, spaghetti) in the morning and afternoon, in the evening eat proteins (cottage cheese, chicken, fish, eggs). Do not mix protein and carbohydrate foods.
  5. Do not drink soda and juice with sugar.

Diet Jennifer Aniston will help lose more than 5 kg per month

Such a diet will positively affect not only your weight, but also the condition of your skin, hair, and general well-being. With gradual weight loss, the body will get used to the new weight and will not return the previous kilograms if you diversify the menu.

Diet "minus 10 kg": fiber is your friend

Weight rose and minus 10 kg per month is still a dream for you? Go to the next level. You already know about fasting days. If you learn to observe simple rules, then starvation will not be a shock for your body (you only have to collect your will into a fist).

A faithful helper to everyone who wants to lose weight - the cell. In the form of granules or powder, fiber is sold in pharmacies. It is tasteless, it should be consumed by mixing with yogurt or kefir. Fiber is not absorbed and does not “reserve” calories: it passes through the entire body in transit, taking with it excess. Fiber “cleanses” the walls of the stomach and intestines. This is a very healthy product recommended for carbohydrate diets.

Celery is a unique product. The body spends more calories on its digestion than it receives from the product itself. Refusing dinner will help you lose weight quickly. Have a hearty breakfast, have dinner late, and instead of dinner, drink a glass of kefir or eat a vegetable salad. You will not harm yourself with this: at night the body does not need calories and energy. Another diet that will help you lose weight by 10 kg and more.

How much kg can you lose weight in a month without harm to health?

The main condition for weight loss is a calorie deficit. When the daily energy expenditure exceeds its intake with food, the body begins to draw strength from its own reserves. First, carbohydrates in the blood and glycogen depots are burned in the “reactor”, and only then fatty fuel is used.

To burn 1 kg of pure fat, a deficit of 7700 - 9000 calories is required. For an average person who consumes no more than 3000 Kcal per day, it is easy to cut their diet by 25%, which gives a weekly savings of up to 4000 Kcal. You can leave the same amount in the gym if you go there every day.

Thus, having slightly reduced nutrition and regularly playing sports, it is possible to part with 2 - 4 extra kilograms per month. However, these figures are very approximate. The pace of losing weight depends on a lot of factors, starting from the initial weight and level of physical fitness, ending with an individual metabolic rate.

Is it realistic to lose 10 kg in one month?

Considering that 10 kg of adipose tissue is more than 70,000 Kcal, it is easy to calculate that for their utilization for the month each day, "shortage" of about 2400 Kcal is required. You can’t do with food restrictions alone: ​​you shouldn’t eat at all, at least 800 calories per day must be received by the body. The rest will have to be “finished off” by sports: 2 hours of high-intensity training is minus 1000, maximum - 1300 Kcal.

Keeping such a regimen for too long is too difficult: firstly, severe food restrictions, and secondly, exhausting daily workouts. The danger of disruption, like a sword of Damocles, constantly hangs over a starving athlete, and coping with the temptations is worth a titanic effort.

That is why the recommended rate of weight loss is about 1 kg per week for the average losing weight, and a little more - for those who "grew" to a centner and above. Where do the impressive results of the “super diet” come from, on which people lose 10-12 kg per month?

The above calculations take into account the burning of pure fat, but in the process of losing weight, especially the wrong one, the body also loses fluid and muscles. The first 2 - 3 kg, leaving at the beginning of the diet, is water, and not always superfluous.

To lose weight with the help of diuretics and baths is a common practice among athletes who need “nosebleed” to show specific numbers on the scales by a certain day. An ordinary person does not need it. No matter how tempting it is to feel a couple of kilograms less, water loss has nothing to do with losing weight - this is nothing more than self-deception.

An impressive plumb give a hungry diet and high-intensity aerobic exercise. Both that, and another promotes destruction of muscle tissue. Since muscles are heavier than fat, their combustion is very noticeable in weight, unlike subcutaneous stores, which are best measured in volume.

Another important factor is the initial body weight and physical form. The weight loss rate with a weight of 60 and 120 kg differs dramatically. The dumping of the extra 5 kg “to the ideal” for a relatively slender lady sometimes takes several months, while for a frankly obese person kilograms for the first time “fly away” in dozens.

A quick effect can be expected among those who have never restricted their food intake and led a passive lifestyle. A shocked, pampered organism responds to a strict diet and sport by dropping a multi-kilogram “ballast” until it adapts to changes and slows down the process.

Experienced "slimmers" can not boast of similar results. The more often you go on diets, the slower and "creaking" the weight goes. But if you set yourself the goal “I want to lose 10 kg per month at home at all costs”, nothing is impossible - with discipline and willingness to endure deprivation for as long as 4 weeks.

How much do you need to eat to lose 10 kg per month?

Итак, задача поставлена, остается честно ответить себе на вопрос: что важнее, во что бы то ни стало увидеть заветные цифры на весах или уменьшить процент жира с минимальным ущербом организму? В первом случае сгодятся любые способы экстремального похудения, во втором – придется кардинально изменить пищевые привычки и образ мышления.

Чтобы понять, как правильно похудеть на 10 кг за месяц в домашних условиях, нужно четко определить, на сколько вы можете урезать питание без вреда для здоровья. To begin with - calculate the calorie content of your usual diet, how much energy the body needs at rest (basic metabolism) and daily consumption, taking into account lifestyle.

  1. Calorie consumption requires meticulous fixation for several days: weighed a portion, calculated its energy "cost", using the information on the package or calorie tables, wrote down.
  2. Indicators of the main metabolism depend on gender, age, weight and level of physical activity and are calculated by special formulas. You can use one of the many methods for determining individual norms, or simply enter the parameters in an online calculator and get a ready calculation. Approximately 70 kilogram body of a young woman in a dream consumes 1600 kcal per day, 80 kilogram - 1800. With age, the need for energy decreases - every 10 years by 50-100 kcal.
  3. Increase the resulting number of basic metabolism by the activity coefficient: you need to add 20% for a passive lifestyle and 50 - 60% for daily training. You’ll get a calorie rate that is responsible for the stability of your current body weight.
  4. Now we determine the optimal calorie content. Suppose you eat an average of 2500 Kcal, and your norm is 1900. If you reduce it, the weight will stop growing, but this is not enough for weight loss. For the result, you will have to squeeze at least another 20% - up to 1500. And this is almost 1.5 times less than the usual diet.

Saving 400 kcal daily, in a month you will get rid of 1.7 kg of pure fat. Not impressive? Try to lower the calorie content to the lower bar, this will minus another 1.3 kg. Energy value should not be lower than 1200 Kcal, this is the minimum. As an exception and for a short period, it is permissible to eat at 800 Kcal. A couple of unloading days a week will give another 0.5 kg - a total of 3.5

Why can not eat less and even more so to starve?

If the calorie content of the diet is below the minimum, the body perceives this as the onset of hunger and turns on the energy saving mode, slowing down all metabolic processes. Under such conditions, the process of losing weight inevitably stops, and the body begins to make reserves with a vengeance. The result is a “killed” metabolism and hard-to-correct completeness.

Slimming menu at 10 kg per month

To eat 1200 Kcal per day, you can not do without weights and a calorie table. The fact is that without months of experience in carefully counting food, it is almost impossible to adhere to the established framework. The bulk of people are very mistaken in the assessment of their own consumption, trying "by eye" to determine the energy value of the diet.

For example, how to lose weight by 10 kg per month at home - a menu of 1200 - 1300 Kcal:

DishCalories, kcal
Serving of oatmeal on the water (200 gr)170
Hard boiled egg75
Plate of Light Vegetable Soup100
2 green apples150
Portion of rice140
Chicken Breast (100 g)110
2 cups vegetable salad240
Kefir (glass)110
Vegetable oil (1 tsp)40
200 g fat-free cottage cheese140

A set of products is distributed throughout the day for 4 to 5 meals. Having at hand a table or calorie calculator, you can easily make a complete and varied menu.

What eating habits will help you lose weight?

The correct diet is 80% successful weight loss. You can choose any balanced diet, adhere to popular weight loss systems, just count calories without depriving yourself of “sweets” if they fit into the daily norm. Sooner or later this will bring results, provided that you do not need to lose 10 kg per month.

For maximum effect, not only calorie is important, but also when and from which products it comes from. There are principles here:

  1. Water. Trying to get rid of excess weight, do not give up fluid. On the contrary, it should come at least 1.5 - 2 liters. We are talking about clean water, not considering teas, soups, juices, which from the point of view of nutrition are food. Drink the first glass in the morning before breakfast. The liquid allows the body to remove the decay products of adipose tissue, participates in metabolic processes and helps control appetite.
  2. Breakfast. It should be within half an hour after waking up. The first meal starts the metabolism and provides a supply of energy before lunch. A full breakfast is not a cup of coffee with a croissant, but a balanced combination of proteins and slow carbohydrates.
  3. Carbohydrates. The main source of human energy during the diet period can have only one form - complex, or slow. No sugars, explicit or hidden, sweets, pastries, bread, starchy vegetables. You can and should - whole grain cereals, cereal side dishes, but not for dinner.
  4. Squirrels. The main nutrient that allows you to maintain muscle mass during the diet, and with strength exercises - to increase it, which means to increase the basic calorie consumption. The protein should be included in any meal, and in the evening - in low fat form.
  5. Fats. They cannot be completely excluded, but it is necessary to limit them. Preference is given to vegetable oils and oily fish.
  6. Glycemic index. Foods with high GI cause a sharp release of insulin, and it provokes an increased deposition of fat. Avoid fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar - do not take long breaks between meals (3 hours - maximum). Replace quick-carbohydrate foods with less harmful counterparts: buckwheat instead of rice, an apple instead of a banana.
  7. Dinner. The easiest meal, consisting mainly of low-fat protein - cottage cheese, chicken breast, protein powder. You can combine with herbs and fresh vegetable salad. Do not eat after 18-00? Forget about this rule. If you go to bed at midnight, be sure to have a snack at 9 - 10 in the evening.
  8. Cellulose. Insoluble dietary fiber reduces appetite, reduces the GI of dishes, adsorb toxins and excess fats in the digestive tract. The best source of fiber is raw vegetables and greens. It is advisable to include in each meal.

These are general recommendations for a healthy diet, but some weight loss systems offer their own rules, sometimes contrary to those indicated. If you decide to stick to some author’s methodology, follow its principles - the creators will surely find an explanation for each retreat.

Buckwheat diet

A popular diet to lose weight by 10 kg per month at home is buckwheat. For 2 to 3 weeks, buckwheat in unlimited quantities takes the place of the main food product.

During the day, eat buckwheat as much as you want and when you want. During breaks, drink low-fat kefir. With a painful hunger, you can chew a couple of berries of prunes and dried apricots, and the list of dishes has been exhausted.

This diet can not be called healthy, but, like most mono-diets, buckwheat is very popular due to its effectiveness. After lasting 10 to 20 days, you will lose 10 kg. After you need to switch to proper nutrition, so as not to gain lost. If during the diet you feel severe fatigue, apathy, dizziness, then this option is not for you. Wellness is a must.

Five pieces

The essence of the diet is the distribution of a set of products from 5 groups to 5 meals. Take a small plate and fill it with dishes - one from each category:

  1. Proteins: white chicken, seafood, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, lean beef.
  2. Carbohydrates: rice, buckwheat, millet and other cereals, unsweetened fruits, vegetables.
  3. Fats: nuts, olives, olive oil, oily fish.
  4. Fiber: bran, whole grain bread.
  5. Liquid: teas, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, soy milk.

The diet is quite tough, but effective. For a greater effect, physical activity is mandatory.

The Minus 60 system is not a diet in the generally accepted sense, but a weight loss technique that must be adhered to constantly. Changes occur sequentially and do not contain strict prohibitions, which insures system fans from breakdowns and a return to gluttony. But when at stake - 10 kg in 30 days, the gradualness can be neglected by immediately introducing strict rules:

  1. Cut servings using only small plates.
  2. Remove all junk food from view.
  3. Accustom yourself to a full breakfast: oatmeal, natural yogurt without chemical fillers, chicken with a slice of bread.
  4. The best side dishes are rice and buckwheat.
  5. Potatoes are acceptable, but in a separate meal. Soups on meat broth are boiled without potatoes.
  6. Macaroni only in the morning.
  7. Fried is bad.
  8. Most foods are allowed until noon. Naturally, if necessary, lose weight by 10 kg per month, this permission should not be abused.
  9. By dinner, you should limit the set of dishes and servings. Fruits can be eaten in the morning.
  10. Dinner - until 18-00, later - it is impossible. He who does not have time does not have supper.

The system provides for mandatory physical activity - without them, the process will slow down.

Slimming exercises

Without sports, losing weight per month by a dozen kilograms is almost impossible. Based on the calculations, the energy costs for exercises should be up to 800 - 1500 calories:

  1. Aerobic loads are responsible for fat burning: running, swimming, cycling, skiing, walking.
  2. You need to engage in a medium heart rate. If the pulse is too low, the load is insufficient, too high - the body has switched to catabolism and destroys its own muscles.
  3. The duration of the training is an hour and a half. Fat begins to burn after 40 minutes of continuous loading.
  4. It is advisable to alternate between different sports, the intensity and duration of training so that the body does not have time to adapt.

30 minutes before class, you need to drink L-carnitine, the second portion - during aerobics. This amino acid helps to quickly and efficiently utilize fats, but the supplement works only with physical activity. It’s pointless to drink it without training.

The most “fat-burning” exercises for a person weighing 70 kg in Kcal in 1 hour:

  • run up stairs - 900,
  • running at a speed of 16 km / h - 750,
  • ice skating - 770,
  • cross country running - 600,
  • swimming fast crawl - 570,
  • water aerobics - 530,
  • cycling at a speed of 20 km / h - 540,
  • jumping rope - 540.

To lose weight faster, it is advisable to increase the basal metabolism. And this can only be done in one way: by increasing muscle mass. At home, strength exercises with their own weight, dumbbells, barbell, expander are suitable. In the fitness room, simulators and machine tools come to the rescue.

No need to be afraid of the "inflated" body

To get muscles like a bodybuilder, you need to work with huge weights. A simple slimming person will receive muscle strengthening and muscle relief, which will benefit any figure. Power load allows you to "fashion" a strong elastic body. The only problem is that the muscles are heavier than fat, the arrow on the scales may not make you happy. But you can evaluate the effect visually in the mirror and by hanging clothes.

If. despite all efforts, you cannot lose weight, stop mocking the body and contact specialists - to begin with, a therapist and an endocrinologist. The doctor can help you by prescribing a drug to control your appetite. Such drugs, for example, Reduxin are sold only by prescription and act at the level of the central nervous system. With endocrine disorders, hormonal correction may be necessary. In severe cases, gastric banding and other methods of treating obesity, including surgical ones, are indicated.

Another popular remedy for losing weight is Xenical. The drug blocks the absorption of dietary fat in the intestine and reduces caloric intake. However, it has an unpleasant side effect - diarrhea and starea. These medicines are medicines and are taken under medical supervision. As for all kinds of fat-burning dietary supplements, their effectiveness and safety have not been proven by anyone.

Weight Loss Reviews

Review No. 1

“As my husband says: quitting smoking is easy, I quit a hundred times. I have the same with losing weight. I sat on diets a hundred times, dropped 10-15 kg each. I was happy for a couple of months, and then I dialed back, also with a makeweight.

Tired, I decided not to rush anymore and just change my diet. She sat on the Mirimanova system, according to which she lost 60 kg.

She threw off 10 kg in 1.5 months without any special difficulties. I stopped eating after 6 plus I started to work at home in front of the TV. I continue to eat right, it remains to finish off another 20. "

“I used to have a lifesaver: when I was gaining excess weight, I bought Reduxin at the pharmacy, and the problem was solved. Recently, it has been rummaged in earnest, I went to the pharmacy, but they didn’t sell the medicine to me, they say, give me a prescription.

In general, I decided to lose weight as normal people - on a diet. I spent time on buckwheat, angry like a dog, hungry, but I took off 7 kilograms. Not a month has passed before everything returned, and most importantly, the weight is growing. Pulled - pulled, but still went to the endocrinologist.

And so I had metabolic problems, and with a diet I generally knocked down all the metabolism. Reduxin was discharged, but only 2 packs. The doctor said how to lose weight by 10 kg, then it’s already itself - everyone is healthy, there is fitness. “They managed to drop almost a dozen in a month, but the side effects are horrible!”