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How to care for rough, dry skin of the feet


Dry skin has minimal elasticity, for this reason it is practically not protected from external negative factors. Many people underestimate the severity of dry skin problems. Dry skin of the feet of children and adults is the first sign that the protective function of the skin is impaired. In addition to a cosmetic defect, this problem can lead to a violation of the mechanics of walking.

It is strong peeling and keratinization that causes many women to turn to a podologist. Unfortunately, most seek help in the summer, as modern fashion dictates to us open summer shoes. But it is worth remembering that the skin of the feet must be looked after throughout the year. If measures are not taken in time, keratinization of the skin will intensify, it will become less elastic and stretched, and deep and painful cracks will appear. In such a situation, it is best to consult a specialized doctor, and in parallel with the treatment prescribed by the doctor, you can be treated with alternative recipes.

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Dry skin stop causes

  1. Eczema
  2. Psoriasis
  3. Thyroid disease
  4. Diabetes
  5. Vitamin deficiency
  6. Metabolic disorders of the foot
  7. Elderly age

Today, there is a huge selection of various cosmetics for the care of dry skin of the legs, you just need to learn how to choose them correctly. If the problem is dry skin of the legs, it is necessary to begin cosmetic procedures with a special peeling. This product has been specially designed to exfoliate dry skin. By removing dead skin particles, the peeling prepares the legs for subsequent procedures. In addition, it goes well with healing foot baths. For dry skin, baths with the addition of herbal extracts that soften the skin are recommended. Keep your feet in such a bath for at least five minutes. If cracks have already appeared on the feet, then you can add various preparations with panthenol and bisabolol to the baths.

Separately, it is worth noting the beneficial effect of paraffin baths, which help soften the skin and give it a healthy color. Cosmetic paraffin can be purchased at any pharmacy. Before lowering your feet in the bath, you need to slightly warm the paraffin. Baths can be replaced with ointment, for this, apply a paraffin to the feet with a soft brush. Within three minutes, the paraffin will harden and the so-called “sock” forms on the leg. After it hardens, you need to put on a plastic bag on your leg and wrap it in a towel. Leave this compress for half an hour. After a while, wash the toga thoroughly and use pumice to remove keratinized skin.

With excessive dryness of the legs and feet, it is necessary to periodically make baths from medicinal plants:

  • Hop and camomile. Such a bath will help get rid of inflammation, increase skin resistance to various infections and stimulate the formation of new cells.
  • Wormwood and rosemary. Such a bath tones, refreshes and improves blood circulation
  • Peppermint bath soothes sore feet and relieve itching
  • For dry and inflamed skin, the following baths are recommended:
  • Bath with iris. Needles quickly relieve foot fatigue, tones and soothes the nervous system and moisturizes the skin.
  • A bath of oak bark and sage will help moisturize your skin and narrow your pores.
  • Yarrow bath moisturizes and softens dry and chapped skin.
  • A bath from the claws of calendula will accelerate the healing of wounds and suppurations.
  • A bath of wild chestnut to increase the stability of the walls of capillary vessels and improve blood circulation.
  • Trays of almonds, corn, oats, wheat and bran will help eliminate itching, soften dead skin areas, and soothe and moisturize it.
  • Foot baths should be done at least twice a week, but a moisturizing and nourishing cream from dry feet should be rubbed every day. It is advisable to select the cream individually, depending on the degree of neglect.

Best for dry feet are creams that contain Macadamian nut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and, of course, vitamins E and F

  • With excessive dryness of the feet, apple paste is excellent. To make it, you need to cut the apple into small cubes and boil it in milk until the slices turn into slurry. This paste must be applied to dry skin of the legs and covered with a napkin or gauze. Hold the mask for half an hour. At the end of time, remove the bandage, pat your foot with a napkin and put on cotton socks. Such a mask not only moisturizes the skin of the legs, but also protects your feet from cracked heels.
  • In the treatment of dry skin of the feet, aromatic oils are often used. Many brands produce foot and hand creams that contain aromatic mala, but also, you can mix them yourself at home. Most often, myrtle, sandalwood and patchouli oils are used in dry skin creams. True, it is worth considering that not everyone likes the specific intense aroma of sandalwood and patchouli. But in the event that you do not belong to them, then of course, you need to stop your choice on a cream with patchouli oil, since it is considered one of the most effective.
  • If your feet are not very dry, then care and treatment can be limited to treating with kefir or serum twice a week. It is these fermented milk products that perfectly soften the skin, if dry feet are not the cause of a disease of any internal organ, then in order to get rid of it and restore the normal water-fat balance of the skin, just ten procedures are enough.

Do not forget that if all kinds of baths, peels and creams do not help get rid of dry skin, it is better to consult a specialist. The thing is that dryness and peeling of the skin of the feet on the feet can be a consequence of a fungal disease, thyroid disease or simply inherited. Whatever the reason, if home-made cosmetics do not help, do not drag out the trip to a highly qualified specialist for a long time.

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Dry skin of the feet, what to do to prevent this from happening?

  • Healthy skin of the legs and feet does not require constant attention, they just need to be given a little love and care. In order for your legs to please you and your associates, you need to make a minimum of effort:
  • Keep track of the weather. Windy, cold winters and hot, dry summers can affect the formation of thickened and dry skin, both on the legs and arms.
  • You must constantly pay attention to the humidity in the room. Various heaters, heat sources and even air conditioners can make the air drier. And dry air can easily pick up moisture from your skin.
  • Closely monitor the contents of your soapbox. Even the highest quality antibacterial soap that destroys germs can have a detrimental effect on the skin of your legs.
  • Do not forget that in the winter season many parts of the body, for example: knees, elbows, hands and, of course, feet, can become coarse and grow dead cells, becoming rough and dry. So in order to avoid this you need to regularly to do. At least once a week after a shower, the following procedures should be performed:
  • Polish the dry surfaces of the feet with a hard washcloth, then rub the moisturizing exfoliating cream into the feet, rinse with warm water and pat your feet with a soft towel.
  • Squeeze the juice of one lemon and soak them with cotton napkins. Use wet wipes to rub the skin of the feet. Then wash off the lemon juice from the legs and grease them with a moisturizer.
  • Cut fresh cucumbers into small slices, put them in a liter bottle, pour vodka and leave to insist in the sun for two weeks. At the end of time, it is necessary to moisten with this infusion a towel and wipe it with dry skin of the legs.
  • And regardless of the time of the leg, it is necessary to ensure that the legs do not receive excessive load, but at the same time lead an active lifestyle. Vitamin therapy can help with this.