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How a girl understands that she is not yet ready for sex - 16 important signs


Main indicator Togo, what ready woman to sexis her sexual excitement. But without knowing these characteristic signs, many men are categorically denied.

Others, on the contrary, miss the point and try to start sex then when woman it burned out and she no longer needed anything. For Togo in order not to get into trouble, you need to know 15 basic signs peak sexual desires of a woman.

1. TERMINATION OF THE TALK. When woman culminates sexual excitement, her voice becomes quiet, she only answers questions, moreover, clearly - “yes” or “no”, and then completely shuts up.

2. redness of the face. As a result of a huge rush of blood to the head, the whole face of a woman is filled with blood, as if flashing up. This is especially noticeable on flaming cheeks.

3. RESPIRATION It becomes frequent and shallow, with rare deep breaths. The woman does not have enough air, because of which the nostrils expand, come into motion and she begins to breathe through her mouth.

4. MOUTH AND LIP. Given that breathes woman mouth, he is ajar. Her lips are dry, and she constantly tries to moisturize them with the tip of her tongue.

5. Throat throat. The woman's throat also dries up, so she often swallows saliva to moisturize it. Sometimes he asks for a glass of water to moisten his throat.

6. CLOSED EYES. Woman focused only on male affection, receives maximum satisfaction, fromTogo her eyes are closed.

7. BODY SWEATING. As a result of stroking a man’s body of a woman (back, abdomen, hips), blood supply to the superficial vessels occurs, as a result of which the woman’s body sweats.

8. SHAKING AND TENSION OF THE BODY. The body of a woman at the peak of desire tenses up, and in some areas, mainly on the abdomen and hips, trembling is noted - a frequent convulsive contraction of small muscles.

9. HUGS WITH PERIODIC STRONG COMPRESSIONS. Woman impulsively hugs a man, periodically tightly clutching some parts of his body with his hands, sometimes dropping his nails.

10. NAPPLE SPLASHING. Nipples in women come to life and swell, become hard. Although it is worth remembering that this can be a constant occurrence during pregnancy.

11. TURNING OUT OF THE ABDOMIN. Excited woman reflexively bulging belly.

12. HIP COMPRESSION. Woman no longer able to endure, and to give herself pleasure, tightly compresses the hips, thus irritating the labia majora and the clitoris.

13. THE DIRECTION OF THE MASSION OF THE MAN TO ITS GENITAL ORGANS. The woman’s great desire and impatience forces her to direct the man’s affection on her genitals.

14. INCREASING Vaginal secretion. At the entrance to the vagina, its moisture is felt, and in some women this can be felt even through panties - they become wet in the vagina.

15. The desire to touch the male reproductive organ. The highest peak of a woman’s desires is manifested in her desire to touch the man’s genitals and start to caress him.

Naturally, not all women can have all these signs at the same time. But it is believed that if more than half appeared, then woman completely finished to sex.

1. Lack of love for your potential sexual partner

Feelings are very important for girls. Moreover, during sex, as it is love that allows you to emotionally open up to a partner and get real pleasure from sex. Without feelings, most of the pleasure will be lost. And if without love there was the very first sexual experience, then the girl can then regret it all her life.

Elle Girl will help make a decision.

Who will you call if you have problems or just have a hard day?

I won’t call anyone, I’d better go to a club, I’ll get to know someone interesting

Boyfriend, of course. He will support and reassure. My favorite

To girlfriends. They know how to support

I’ll complain to mom and dad

To nobody. I don’t have a boyfriend, and my friends are too busy with their boyfriends

Anyone, but not a guy. He doesn't understand me at all

If your mother finds out that you have already done THIS, then she is.

It will be a little shocked, but will not swear much

She will not know. I don’t share this with my mom!

He will take it calmly. She does know that you did IT with the right guy

Will go crazy and say that you dishonored the honor of the family

Who will be asking him?

How do you feel about sex before marriage?

I would not want to, but in any other way in the modern world.

Haha, what a dumb question, are we not living in the 19th century ?!

Marriage? Whoa whoa, take it easy

The main thing is that the guy be suitable

What must HE do to prove that he loves you?

Answer my sms, at least.

Give a bouquet of 99 roses

Buying sweets, and more often!

Oh, don’t need to love me and prove something, I’m fine

Nothing just be near

Why do you really want to do THIS? (Shhh. Let's not tell anyone!)

In the sense of? I’m not sure what I want, therefore I pass this test

Do you want new sensations

Your boyfriend says he can't stand it anymore

All your friends have already done THIS

You love each other

What do you know about contraception?

What condom is better to take care of a girl

All that is needed

I recently consulted with a gynecologist - they told me everything

Nothing. And I do not want to know!

Contraception? What is this? Now google something

When you kiss, and you understand that IT is about to happen, you.

A little nervous, but you know that everything will be ok

Oh my god, it hasn’t come to this yet!

I jump in and run away with the words “I have milk on the stove”

Almost not worried

Your reaction when you saw HIS “thing”:

Yiwu ... So-so "thing"

Will I have to touch this? How exactly? :)

And how they go about it in their pants. Poor…

Your thoughts during sex:

Wait! Wait! Wait! Take it out of me

So, calmly, without panic, all is well.

Well, ok, like.

Did he put on a condom?

Have you ever done this alone with yourself?

Oooo Elle Girl, you're just a weirdo, unsubscribe!

No thanks, let the guy do it

Yes, I often do. I don’t see anything terrible in this :)

NO! You want to do it just because everyone does it

NO! You want to do it just because everyone does it

It seems to you that you are ready, but in fact you simply do not want to be a "black sheep". You are not very comfortable being a virgin among your friends who are already discussing the size of the “dignity” of their boyfriends. But doing something just because everyone does it is not the best option. There must be a bigger reason. For example, a great guy for whom there will be mad passion!

Yes! You don't care with whom and where, you just want to do it!

Yes! You don't care with whom and where, you just want to do it!

You are sociable, easy-going, it costs you nothing to approach a stranger guy and say hello. Besides, you don’t really care what they whisper behind your back. For yourself, you decided that stories about the "magic time" - a fairy tale for stupid princesses. You absolutely do not need the guy with whom you have sex for the first time to be the love of your life. So if you have a pretty candidate to take in, then act. BUT! Do not forget about contraception - this is very important.

NO! You have not found the same one

NO! You have not found the same one

You are one of those girls who are waiting for romantic acts from guys. The first date, the first kiss, the first sex are moments that you will remember with special trepidation. And if something goes wrong - it will be very sad. We have said many times that your expectations may not come true. Even if you choose the most wonderful guy in the world! First sex is often embarrassing, strange, and even a little painful. But since you are such a princess, wait for your prince. Do you need it.

Yes! You have it, and yes you are ready

Yes! You have it, and yes you are ready

Most likely, you already have a boyfriend with whom you have discussed this issue more than once. And it looks like this guy is ready to wait as long as necessary. It's time to please him! We know you are a little worried, but everything will go fine. After all, you will do it with a loved one who cares about you and your feelings. Prepare yourself well and discuss everything all over again, and then just do it. Do not forget to stock up on condoms. We assure you, soon you will not be able to stop :)

NO! The word sex drives you into the paint

NO! The word sex drives you into the paint

Sex?! Oooo That one word makes you panic. Sex in your view is something dirty and terrible. We don’t know why you have such thoughts in your head. Maybe parents are to blame, or something else. But you need to reconsider your view on the intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Believe me, sex is wonderful. And everyone is engaged in it, without exception. Even your parents. But as long as you perceive this as something terrible, nothing good will come of it the first time. You just need to take a sex education course!

3. Fear that without sex the guy will leave

Some girls are very worried that without sex they may not be interesting enough for their boyfriend, and therefore agree to the first sex to keep him close. But in fact, if a guy needs a girl just for the sake of sexual satisfaction, then after him the guy will most likely leave, since the desired goal will be achieved. And even if he remains with her for some time, the relationship will still be empty, without mutual feelings. Does the girl need this? Of course not. Therefore, it would be more correct to refuse both sex with him, and generally such relationships. A really loving guy will agree to wait a bit with sex until the girl is ready for him.

4. Fear that the guy will quit after sex

This fear echoes the previous one. If a girl is afraid that the guy will leave her after sex, then she does not have confidence in his feelings and in his interest in her. It’s better to first build a normal relationship with a guy based on mutual love and trust, and only then make a decision about the first sex.

5. Lack of full trust in the partner

The feeling that the guy is deceiving that he only needs to achieve his own goals (to show himself to friends, add another victim to his list of victories and so on), and not create a serious relationship - this is a sure sign that the girl absolutely does not trust him , will not be able to open and rely on the guy in sex. So, sex in this situation is simply prohibited.

6. The desire through sex to become older

Teenagers usually tend to quickly become adults - this is a normal desire and there is nothing wrong with it. But it begins to create problems when a person who is not yet ready for adult behavior and relationships tries to do something that requires a serious approach and responsibility. Sex is a responsible business for many reasons, from the danger of getting sick with various diseases, ending with a possible pregnancy. Therefore, the girl first needs to become ready for a serious relationship, learn how to take care of her health and safety in sex, and only then agree to the first sex. In itself, adult action will not add either age, wisdom, or adulthood. And attempts to look older, not being ready for it, look ridiculous from the outside - all friends and girlfriends will definitely notice it.

7. The idea that you are already many years old and it is high time to become a woman

Of course, if the age is approaching thirty, then it is clearly time to get to know sex. But here, most likely, you need to deal with fears in your head that prevent you from building normal relationships with men, and not try to part with virginity in any way. And at a younger age, and even more so in youth, the figure of age cannot be a sufficient basis for the loss of virginity.

8. The desire to be “like everyone else”

The desire to keep up with friends who "have already done this" is also no reason to agree to intimacy with a guy. On the contrary, this is real stupidity, which in the future can make a girl very sorry. And the reaction of friends may not be as pleasant as we would like. They may not understand the seriousness of such a step of the girl, ignore it or even just laugh and make fun of such stupidity.

9. The desire to prove something to someone

Sometimes girls tend to lose their innocence in order to prove something to someone. For example, to her parents that she is already an adult. Or friends, that she is not worse than them. Or a guy that she deserves it. But, as we have seen above, it will not work to become really adult (in the brain) from sex, the guy will not love the girl more, and the girlfriends really do not care, they are more concerned about their own life. So it turns out that most often the girl will prove something to herself, and not to someone else. So why torture yourself and try in your own eyes to look like who you really are not? Maybe it’s better to direct your energy towards creating a relationship and your readiness for sex?

10. Awareness of contraception

This is an important part, without which even the first sex may not end with the most expected and desired consequences. Being with a small child in her arms is not a pleasant prospect for a young girl. And if relations with the baby’s father are unstable, if one of the parents or even both are not yet ready to start a family, then such a rash act can be a tragedy for several people. Therefore, no matter how much you want to have a “more pleasant” unprotected sex, you still need to be able to protect yourself even before your first time.

11. Lack of understanding of sexually transmitted diseases

It is important to know about all the scenarios. STDs are a terrible consequence. After all, this is not just unpleasant, and sometimes very painful. In some cases, the disease can affect other organs of the body, that the case may end in tragedy. And if the infection spreads through the girl to other partners, then this will be a shame for her for the coming decades. Of course, you can protect yourself and trust your partner about its cleanliness, but the situations are different and you need to have preparation for everything.

12. Hysterical state and panic

These are sure signs that it’s too early to think about sex. One thing, excitement and doubt is normal. But here is another thing - a tantrum or a strong fear. Firstly, this state in itself is very uncomfortable, it can be even stronger than feelings for a guy, which means that the girl will have almost no pleasant sensations even during caresses. Secondly, being in such a nervous state, a girl simply cannot even physically relax, which will lead to pain and an unsuccessful first experience. And thirdly, any tantrum has a reason. For example, a girl can be very afraid of becoming pregnant, and she really does not know anything about contraception. Or she may have a fear of pain and doubt that the guy will do everything in the best way. Before you do something, you need to understand and solve these fears, perhaps together with your loved one, to go on an important act with confidence and joy.

13. Misunderstanding of the process of sex

The lack of a realistic understanding of what sex is will lead either to false expectations of incredible bliss, or to unreasonable fears. The girl should not expect from the first time special feelings, joy, crazy pleasure. But I must be aware that sex itself is a very simple process, not at all the same as it is described in romantic books or films. In addition, having no experience for the first time, the girl and the guy will hurry, make mistakes, which certainly will not lead to pleasure for both.

14. Even talking about intimacy causes discomfort

This is not the brightest, but one of the signs that the girl is not ready yet. Excessive embarrassment in sex, refusal to discuss certain issues, or hushing up important topics can lead to inconvenience during sex, as well as to more difficult problems after it. If a girl, for example, is ashamed to ask a guy to put on a condom, then this can have very sad consequences for their entire future life.

15. Shyness of your body

Some girls seem to themselves not beautiful enough and therefore are afraid to show their bodies to a guy. Or shy of some places of their body. Such a wrong attitude to yourself and your body will negatively affect communication with a guy during preliminary caresses, not allowing you to relax enough, and the process of sex itself. You need to try to accept your body as it is. If desired, and the opportunity to work on it in the gym or pool. And to understand that there are no "dirty" or indecent places on the body - our whole body is natural. Only then will it be possible to get full pleasure from sex.

16. The presence of serious beliefs, such as that “sex before the wedding is prohibited”

If a girl is of this opinion, if she sees this as an important part of her life, then she should not give up her ideals and principles. Only after a review of their approaches to life, their importance and necessity, and after a conscious refusal from them, you can think about sex. But if the soul considers these principles correct, then it is better now to abandon sex to a more suitable situation that meets all the requirements of the girl.

I must say that several of these signs or fears are somehow present before any girl’s first sex. Поэтому нужно обращать внимание не на их присутствие вообще, а на количество и силу.

If, for example, you have only a couple of psychological signs, then you can think them over, calm down and tune in to sex more correctly. It’s also not a problem if you don’t know something about sex or about protection - before the first sex you can read the relevant literature and remove most of the doubts.

But if fears and worries are very strong, even to hysteria and trembling, or, conversely, to lethargy and coldness in the body, then you definitely should wait to give yourself the opportunity to solve problems in relationships and deal with your fears.