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How to get a sail in Wind Waker


Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Genre: Zelda

date ofexit: October 4, 2013

Age rating: E (7+)

This game has a difficult fate. You know how it happens: everyone was waiting for a boy, and a girl was born. When Nintendo introduced its new home gaming console to the world in August 2000 Gamecube, for many, the main question was how the new The Legend of Zelda would look on it. A day later at the exhibition Space world 2000 Nintendo showed techno demo battle Link from Ganondorfmade in realistic 3D. The press and gamers decided that the demo reflected the direction in which the company was going to develop the legendary series: gloomy setting, realism, 3D.

The creators of the game at that moment did not seem to know what the new game would be. After “Ocarina of time”And“Majora’s mask”They wanted something completely new. It is difficult for years to make the same game and at the same time each time to give out a work of art without changing anything.

The starting point for the new The Legend of Zelda was the moment when one of the designers showed colleagues a sketch of the protagonist. The cartoon was depicted in the figure. Linkas if taken from the frame of some good old hand-drawn cartoon. New Link became a spark that instantly sparked the imagination of designers Nintendo. As soon as the artists drew a couple of enemies in the same cartoon style, the designers began to generate gameplay ideas with incredible speed. It soon became clear to everyone within the company that they were getting something new and incredibly interesting. No one doubted that cartoon style was the right path.

The game was shown to the public exactly one year after the presentation of the GameCube, and it had the effect of an unexploded bomb. For the bright colorful style and the kawaii hero, the masses in absentia dubbed the new The Legend of Zelda a nursery, and this label was fixed to it for a rather long time.

When Wind Waker came out a year later, the audience did not receive the new part as warmly as its creators expected and as usual with the games of this cult series. Critics praised Wind Waker, but real sales were half as low “Ocarina of time" Time passed, and the game, as they say, "tried." But just getting it became a non-trivial task ...

Eleven years later, Nintendo decided to give Wind Waker a second chance to get the audience that this game certainly deserves. It took half a year of work in order to transfer the original to Full HD, to correct the roughness of the gameplay, add here, turn it down there. And here we have Wind Waker HD, the ultimate version of a thing that has already become a classic.

Those who called Wind Waker a game for children were cruelly mistaken. Yes, the main character is the same cartoon Link - really a little boy. Just in time for the beginning of the game in the story, he reaches that special age when the boys are dressed in a green suit, once supposedly belonging to a great hero who saved the world from great evil. And at this age, boys are taught to fight. And even because of its proportions Link looks clearly younger than his conditional age, the adventures he has to endure, and the decisions that he will have to make are far from children's.

As is customary in The Legend of Zelda, Link - an orphan. Here, however, he has a younger sister and a loving grandmother. They live on a small but very picturesque island in the middle of a vast ocean. Good neighbors, little friends, blooming greenery around and the boundless sea, competing in its blue with the sky - it seems that the future of this sweet life is bright.

But, as is customary, the idyll is soon broken when Link decides to help a stranger out of trouble, who turns out to be the captain of a pirate ship, pestering the island. Saving her Link loses its little sister, which is carried away in tenacious paws by a giant bird. It turns out that the disappearance of little girls on neighboring islands has recently become common practice. The stranger who spoke about this Link, and indicated the approximate location of the abducted children, but you can only get there by swimming. Tetrasaved Link pirate, forced to agree to deliver a brave boy to an abandoned pirate island.

So the odyssey begins Link in the giant world of the game, which is an endless ocean with islands scattered around it, each of which keeps its own secrets.

By tradition, the world of this The Legend of Zelda is an integral part of the gameplay. Almost everything you see and hear here is more than scenery. Starting from an ordinary blade of grass and ending with celestial bodies - everything is not just like that, but serves a specific purpose, and often more than one. If you suddenly imagine in this game that you found some kind of non-interactive element in it, you probably just have not yet understood how you can interact with it. Or you do not have the necessary tool for this yet. This is the whole The Legend of Zelda: if you see something interesting or incomprehensible, most likely you can touch it and use it somehow, even if you already walk around in circles for a dozen hours, you’ve broken your head, but you haven’t come up with anything . So you are just not looking there, so it’s better to do other things. Fortunately, in this game, an activity for everyone will find to their liking.

The main quest very soon grows into something more. Pirates will not forever babysit you. You will have to find your own vehicle. In this case, a boat, because a very large part of the journey in Wind Waker takes place in the open ocean. Okay, the game will help you with a boat, but what is the use of a boat without a sail, even if it is speaking?

In search of a sail on one of the few islands inhabited by people, you will plunge into the world of adults and their problems. Communication in the game is not just a way to complete the current task. Everything that you hear from people, as well as from numerous other creatures that inhabit the ocean and islands, should not be frivolously squandered. They will tell you about their joys and troubles, successes and complexes, about why, since the last time you spoke with them, their life has changed so much or not. Do yourself a favor - enjoy the text of the game, which, saturated with soft and kind humor, often carries hints of how to complete a particular task, and not necessarily here and now. Remember what I said about "it's not just that." This also applies to conversations. You never know what you can agree on with another seemingly optional interlocutor. It would seem that just meeting someone or just visiting a forgotten acquaintance - and now you are already doing a completely new thing: photographing night landscapes, catching a thief, fixing a local lighthouse, arranging a gift for your own island ...

Found a sail - on the way. You are free to go anywhere, if only a fair wind blew. And the latter you will also provide for yourself. Actually, the game is therefore called Wind waker (literally from English: “the one who wakes the winds”): you will soon have at your disposal a magic conductor’s wand, with the help of which you can make the winds sing various magic melodies.

Each of these melodies is a kind of spell. The first of them allows you to control the direction of the wind. These mini-games are quite simple, although the first time you can not catch the mechanics. The simplest melodies consist of three notes, the most complex ones of six. The desired sets of notes are displayed on the screen with the right, left, down, and up arrows. For example, a melody controlling the wind looks like this: up-left-right. You yourself start the melody by tilting the right stick or by making the “swipe” gamepad on the screen in the desired direction. After that, the main thing is not to go astray and not mix up the notes. Personally, the “svaypas” seemed to me much easier than the slopes of the stick. It is also worth remembering that there is a fifth note when you do nothing, skipping a beat. And do not worry if at first it turns out only for the fifth time: soon this lesson will become your second nature.

One of these musical spells is an analogue of the fast travel system, which is usual for other games, but this will not be soon, but for now, you will have to study the ocean in real time. And in this place the game can make you a little crazy. No one will drive by the handle in this game. Of course, there is a map here, and it is a 7 by 7 square, but at first, except for your native island and a couple of places, there is absolutely nothing on this map. Moreover, each of the 49 map sectors contains one relatively large island or group of islands, and most of them will play a unique role in your journey. You can learn more about these islands from good fish, which usually splash nearby. A fed fish will happily fill its map sector with an island silhouette, its name and some useful information. Or maybe something else useful to tell. Be careful: the fish will not refuse to re-feed, but you will not receive new information. The previously described information is always available by clicking on the silhouette of the fish to the right of the map.

In general, a map, which is always displayed on the screen of the controller and is, among other things, also a GPS device, is an extremely convenient thing! So much so that when I tried a couple of times to play without a TV on the gamepad, the need to switch to the map screen every time and back very quickly discouraged me from this desire. Of course, on the gamepad you can go through the whole game, but it's better to do it on the TV, and Wii U GamePad give the role of operational inventory, maps and communicators. There is no typo here. In the game you have a special bottle in which you can put any message, screenshot or even picture at any time and throw it into the sea. After that, some other player will find your bottle in his own game, and you can also just find bottles with messages from other players in the sea and read them without leaving the game. Here is such an original joint experience in a single by nature toy ...

Despite having a built-in map, I highly recommend that you draw your own on paper, where you will manually make notes about which islands you saw and what interesting things to notice, as well as note other important things. For example, floating shops and their range. Or which of the many submarines you have already visited. Or maybe you will have a new gadget, and you want to try it out on the island that you saw five days ago ... Even if you don’t draw a map, you will definitely need paper and a pencil. If you still do not understand, Wind Waker will require a thorough approach and a lot of free time. One of the most interesting aspects of the series is the exploration of the surrounding world. However, in principle, you will not be able to overcome this game without having thoroughly studied all 49 islands. Of course, you can always open the passage on the Internet, but then why not just watch the game on YouTube?

Wind Waker is just one of the many gadgets you'll find in this vast world as you progress. In the end, waving a conductor's baton - what is this lesson for a growing up youth? Of course, from the very beginning, a shield and a sword will be available to you. At first, simple but functional, they will become the basis of your training in combat in the game. Several types of punches and dodging with a pair of buttons and a left stick, blocking with a shield on the right trigger, fixing on a specific target on the left - that’s the whole set of combat techniques. The main thing is not to let yourself be surrounded and to collect hearts falling out of defeated enemies in time. If you still get hit, don’t be afraid to agree to save the game after that: it will allow you to keep with you all the items collected before your death that you could hurry up and not save before the fight.

Starting shield and sword, however, protect only from the weakest enemies. At least until you find them a worthy replacement. But even with a magic sword and a mirror shield, only a few of the mass of various opponents who inhabit the local islands and dungeons will be able to defeat. Other useful things will come to the rescue, which you will find until the very end of the game. Whip like u Indiana Jones, bombs that can be thrown in front of you and left behind, a magic leaf that can be chased by the wind and used for flying in the wind, a huge hammer for especially difficult cases, a boomerang that can mark several targets at once, a bow with three ordinary and magic arrows types - this is not a complete list of those useful things that you will alternately use in a variety of ways, both as a weapon and to solve numerous puzzles. Moreover, the player himself builds control by dragging the desired item from the inventory on the screen of the gamepad onto one of the buttons drawn just above. I advise you to hang the same items on the same buttons: there really are a lot of gadgets, and in the heat of battle, using the wrong one can be very fraught. I can’t imagine, by the way, how much time I had to spend on these appointments in the original game without a second screen ...

I have already mentioned that there are no impassable places in this game. An inquiring mind, a good memory, your own map and notes on its fields will help to overcome any obstacle. The original Wind Waker was often reproached for the last third of the game: a large story quest to find fragments of a magical item called Triforce of Courage. Critics complained that in this place the game sharply slowed down and turned into a routine: first you had to look for cards for each of the fragments, and then the fragments themselves. The authors took into account the opinion of the majority of players and simplified the task in the reprint. In addition, a system for quickly moving around the map from the second half of the game was added, and the speed of the boat was also increased.

It seems to me that the reason for all this talk about the loss of pace is that many initially played "wrong." Ignoring the research aspect, the first half of Wind Waker can really be run at the usual pace for the action. And then the problems begin just because the player forgot to know the world well. Try this approach in life, and I'll see what you will end up with about it ... Wind Waker HD, like the original game, is a great meditative experience, a research game that does not hasten and is not designed for five evenings.

Do yourself a favor: put off all your urgent affairs, do not buy any other games yet and do not watch movies. Stock up on free time, patience, paper and pencil and immerse yourself in this magical, amazingly beautiful, kind and deep adventure.


  • Many, many hours of branded addictive gameplay.
  • Hyperinteractivity characteristic of the series.
  • The magical atmosphere of a fairy tale.
  • Extremely convenient application Wii U GamePad.
  • A huge world that can be explored for weeks.
  • Beautiful cartoon picture and unforgettable music.


  • The lack of Russian-language localization.

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