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How to play - Minesweeper - Video


"Minesweeper" is one of the standard Windows games and is characterized by extreme simplicity and unpretentious execution. The genre of the game is logic. This is an addictive puzzle game that makes you think quickly, think, make the right decisions. Due to the presence of several levels of varying difficulty, it can be interesting for children and adults.

Getting to know the game

When you start Minesweeper, a picture appears on the screen - a field of cells. Depending on the selected level, the field may be smaller or larger. During the game you have to open these cells, guessing what is hidden behind each of them. There are two main options - either there is a mine or a number. Sometimes empty cells come across. The number in the cell means how many fields with mines are adjacent to it.

By logical reasoning, the player gradually opens the cells on the field one after another. Reasoning, he determines where exactly the mines are hidden, and where they are not. Mines are marked by clicking on the right mouse button (in the place of the mines an icon appears in the form of a flag), and cells where they are missing - on the left. How to win the Minesweeper game on the computer? Open all cells by correctly marking the contents of each of them. Yes, the game does not provide for the right to make a mistake. As soon as the player makes the wrong move, the game ends - all mines explode.

When the player begins to open the cells, the stopwatch starts. Having mastered the principle of "Minesweeper", you can start playing for a while, setting all new records.

From simple to complex

The presence of several options for difficulties gives beginners the opportunity to gradually delve into the essence of the game. The Novice level is a field of 9 x 9 cells, on which 10 minutes are hidden. It is with him that it is worth starting, because this level of complexity allows you to get used to the game most easily and comfortably. Having figured out how to win at Minesweeper on a small field with a small number of mines, you can move on.

Even those who consider themselves smart and quick-witted should not neglect the principle from simple to complex. It will help to get to the bottom of the game as quickly as possible and show the first results.

Tips: how to win in the Minesweeper game

The beginning of the game is this: a player randomly opens several cells. It is very good if you manage to get into an empty field. In this case, immediately opens a piece with already "guessed" cells. This simplifies further thinking. You can start the game several times in order to open one or more of these sites.

The simplest reasoning is with cells where the number 1 is indicated. Having found this only mine, you can confidently open all the other cells adjacent to the cell with the number 1 - there will be no min. Similarly with the number 2 - if two mines are already adjacent to this cell, the remaining cells are marked as free.

Many, answering the question of how to win at Minesweeper, admit that they are helped by placing question marks on dubious cells. If you hover over a cell and double-click the right mouse button, a question mark will appear on it. It can protect the player from hasty decisions. Later, at the place of the question, one can note a mine or its absence.

If at some point in the game you are faced with a choice: open the cell at random or leave this area “for later”, choose the second option. It is better to postpone a complex piece until the moment when more cells are opened in this part of the field, and it will be easier to make a decision.

Trying different strategies invented by other people, each player gradually develops his own schemes and tactics. This happens through numerous trial and error. But with due persistence, the player will definitely demonstrate in practice how to win at Minesweeper on the computer.

Why is it sometimes impossible to win?

As a rule, players do not encounter this problem at the two simplest levels. But playing two complex ones - professional and special, players especially often ask themselves how to win at Minesweeper, and is this possible? The fact is that in these rounds there are often situations when you have to act at random. The layout on the playing field can be such that neither smartness, nor intelligence, nor any tricks can help the player. In this case, hope is only good luck. If you are lucky and the next cell is open, the game will continue. Otherwise, you have to start again. Loss in the case when the player’s guilt is not in him, but simply out of luck, especially offended. But do not despair. Try to play again.

Time game

Start playing on time only when all the rules and features of the game are well mastered. First, it’s worth at least several times to accurately pass the level to the end. Since the game does not make it possible to make mistakes, insufficiently calculated decisions will inevitably lead to loss. But practicing the game, you will surely succeed soon and will understand how to win in “Minesweeper” in a minimum period of time.

Record in the game "Minesweeper"

We managed to find a video on YouTube, the author of which, Kamil Muranski, claims to be a world record in Minesweeper. To clear a field measuring 16 by 30 cells (Minesweeper-professional), he succeeded in less than 32 seconds! The speed of work is amazing. You can see for yourself by watching the video.

Please note that the player does not check all the flags, but only a part. Apparently, he puts flags where you can get confused and make a mistake. Where “everything is clear already,” the player does not put flags to save time. Some players, in general, do without putting flags - here everyone has their own tricks and secrets.

10 comments on “How to play Minesweeper + Video”

But how can one not explode on a bomb if it is under the cell that I will open first? Is it possible to somehow find out at the beginning of the game whether there will be a mine in the cell or not?

Mikola, I’ll tell you one secret - as long as I did not play Minesweeper, there was never a mine in the upper left corner. As you know, I always start from this angle.

I manage to complete the game without "explosions" only at the beginner level. I tried the amateur level ten times, and so I have never won. Several times the victory was not far off and on you, bah-tarara. I don’t understand how in some cases to calculate the presence of mines, because the numbers of mines can be both there and there. To act by the method of scientific poking? I do so but stumble upon mines.

Mikola, when playing in light mode, you will NEVER blow up in the corners, when playing in professional mode, an explosion at the corner is most likely guaranteed!

There are never mines in the first opening cage

learned everything by heart, didn't understand anything at all. closed cell, numbers - 1-1-3. So what? such as the master played the guitar, gave the student and said - saw? let's do the same. not explanations for beginners, but incomprehensible nonsense.

Maybe watch by a method of a spear when the counter decreases? So win

What is the number 3

Karina, the number 3 means that there are three mines in the next eight cells.

I’ve played this game before ten years. Now a little forgotten. When I played, everything happened and I won and lost. That's why she is a game. Principles of the game - you need to calculate about the number of how many mines should be. here and count. There are situations that have to take risks. Lucky or not lucky.

Launch and settings

In all Windows operating systems "Minesweeper" is installed by default. This is a standard program. To find it, click on the "start" button in the lower left corner of the screen. In the pop-up menu, select the “all programs” section, and then “games”. In the list that appears, find "Minesweeper". Left-click on the icon 2 times. The game will be launched.

The program in question has three difficulty levels:

  • Beginner: a 9 × 9 cell field. It is hidden for 10 minutes. In the corners they are absent.
  • “Amateur”: a field of 16 × 16 cells. The number of mines - 40 pieces.
  • "Professional": a field measuring 16 × 30 cells, with 99 mines.
  • "Special": the size of the playing field is adjusted independently. You can also select any number of minutes.

To change the settings, go to the “game” and “options” menu. You will get a similar result by pressing the F5 function key on the keyboard. If you play on a mobile phone, in the "settings" tab you can also set the complexity of the game. Choose the level that you can do.

Before you open the playing field. It has the appearance of a rectangle with many cells in blue. Mines are hidden under some of them. The number of objects not found is displayed in the lower left corner.

Number designation

The numbers in the Minesweeper game show where and how many mines are located. For example, a cell with the number 1 indicates that only one mine is hidden around it (top, bottom, right or left). The number 2 shows that there are two mines around it, etc. Remember that not only horizontal and vertical lines, but also diagonal ones are taken into account.

How to mark mines

Having calculated the estimated location of the mine, mark it with a flag. To do this, right-click on the cell. Then open the cells in which they should not be. Deal with the rest of the cells in the same way.

If you don’t know where to fix the flag, go to another part of the field. It may be possible to get to this place from the other side.

To unmark, double-click on the cell with the right mouse button. After the first click, the flag will change to a question mark. If you doubt that a mine is hidden in this area, you can leave it. After the second click, the icon will disappear.

Helper programs

Sometimes the Minesweeper game is too complicated even for an experienced player. In this case, you must either surrender or outwit the mineral. The following techniques and utilities will help in this:

  • Saper helper. The program calculates the risk of a mine explosion. It works in two modes: normal and advanced.
  • Cheat code. Immediately after starting Sapper, press the key combination x, y, z, z, y, Enter, Enter, Shift on the keyboard (sequentially, without commas and in the Latin layout). Observe the upper left area of ​​the monitor.
  • Manipulations with the number of minutes. During the game within the playing field, press both mouse buttons simultaneously, and then the Esc button. The time in the program will stop. To return to normal mode, minimize and re-deploy the game.

The Minesweeper game is suitable for developing mindfulness and thinking. It does not require special resources, it runs even on old computers and mobile phones. It’s better to start playing with the simplest level “beginner”. When your skills improve, try amateur or professional. Be careful: one wrong click will nullify all your efforts.