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How to get from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon USA


The Grand Canyon is a natural basin in Northern Arizona that has been carved over millions of years by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is located in the Grand Canyon National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. South Rim is the most popular and affordable part of the park, and it is the best place to visit the Grand Canyon if you are going to look at it for the first time or if you are starting your journey from Los Angeles. There are many ways to get from Los Angeles (CA) to the Grand Canyon, including car, plane, bus, train, transfer and tour. Between Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon about 660 km if you fly by plane. Read on to learn more about getting from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon.

By train, by bus

Duration 10 h 9 min Fare 55–80 EUR. Distance 884 km.

Duration 2 h. Fare 29–45 EUR. Distance 165 km.

Carrier Arizona Shuttle

Independently go by car 474 minutes. The distance between Los Angeles and is 790 km. You will spend 63 liters of gasoline costing about € 81.9.

See which rental office is more profitable to rent a car.

By plane, los, angeles to las, vegas, by bus

Duration 39 minutes The fare is 7–9 EUR. Distance 32 km.

Carrier LAX FlyAway

Duration 22 min. The fare is 6-6 EUR. The distance is 7 km.

Carrier RTC Southern Nevada

Duration 5 h 5 min. Fare -. Distance 450 km.

Carrier GO123 HOPPER

All Ways to Get from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon

There are many different ways How to get from Los Angeles (California) to the Grand Canyon (Arizona), including on their own or as part of an organized tour:

  • Rent a car,
  • Take the bus yourself
  • Pay for the tour by going on a bus tour,
  • Order a transfer (group or individual),
  • Take a train ride
  • Rafting along the Colorado River,
  • Take an unforgettable flight over the canyon by plane or helicopter.

Next, I’ll tell you in detail about each of them, and you yourself can choose the one that suits you best.

Bus excursion - tour or transfer

Tourists who prefer to travel to major US cities can book a bus excursion or a multi-day tour from Los Angeles to the South or West Rome of the Grand Canyon with a stop in Las Vegas. This method is well suited for those who do not drive a car or simply prefer not to strain during their trip to America.

We traveled by bus along the roads of the States and we can say that it was quite comfortable. An experienced guide will tell you a lot of interesting things on the way about the sights that meet on the road, and also share interesting stories about different US states - California, Nevada and Arizona.

Usually a tour to the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles by bus takes from 2 to 3 days, depending on what places you plan to visit on the road. There are longer tours, including a visit to South or West Rome.

Finding a one-day bus excursion from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon is quite problematic, but possible. Although in this case it is easier to order an individual transfer. However, there are several options for how this can be organized.

Option 1. One-way tour of the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles

LuxBus America ( offers a one-way tour from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, where you can stay and spend the night in your favorite hotel (see all Las Vegas hotels here →). The next day, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the Western Rome of the Grand Canyon, famous for its glass observation deck, hanging directly above the canyon. In the evening you will be brought back to Las Vegas. The tour price includes bus fare and entrance fees to the Grand Canyon. Hotel you can book and pay separately.

Option 2. Charter tour from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon

A group charter tour for 8 or more people is offered by TrekAmerica. It includes a group meeting at the airport or in Los Angeles hotels. Then you will go to the Grand Canyon National Park, on the way to which visit Lake Havasu. Additionally, you can book a flight over the canyon or a hike to the canyon at sunrise or sunset. On the way back, you can ride around Las Vegas in a limousine and enjoy yourself there in full. The price of a three-day tour includes meals, rental equipment for camping and two nights outdoors, as well as one overnight stay in Vegas.

Good to know:

  • Some travelers may be upset when they find out that there are no bus tours to the Northern Rome of the Grand Canyon. However, to still see it, there is the opportunity to take part in a multi-day bus excursion that includes all the attractions of the Grand Circle of northern Arizona and southeastern Utah, including a number of National Parks and monuments such as Zion , Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Lake Powell and Monument Valley.
  • To get directly from the South to the North of the Grand Canyon or in the opposite direction, you can use the paid shuttle company TransCanyon, which runs once a day from May 15 to October 15. Travel time is 4.5 hours, prior reservation is required.

Surprisingly, getting to the Grand Canyon by train is possible. Railroad tickets to the U.S. are expensive and are usually bought by wealthy people. Amtrak Train Station is located in Flagstaff. From here it is easy to get to the South Rome of the Grand Canyon, using the shuttle service. If you want to travel by train to the Grand Canyon, you need to catch a shuttle at the Flagstaff train station and take it to the city of Williams, from where you can continue by train on the historic train departing from Williams in the morning.

How to get from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon by train?

  1. First of all, you need to go to the website of the Amtrak railway company, look at the train schedules there and purchase tickets for travel from LAX to FLG for dates suitable for you. The cost of a one-way ticket ranges from 73 to 208 dollars, depending on the class and services. You can pay by credit card directly on the site. The train travels at night, departure from Los Angeles at 18:10, travel time 10.5 hours. Arrival at Flagstaff early in the morning at 5:31.
  2. Book a train journey from Williams to the Grand Canyon at Grand Canyon Railway. A railway line with a length of about 100 kilometers goes straight to South Rome. The price of this interesting tour can include a transfer from Flagstaff to Williams, and also includes a train ticket (the price depends on the class, there are 6 in total), which leaves from Williams to South Rome daily in the morning. A ticket for the Grand Canyon Railway can also be purchased separately, the fare is from $ 65 to $ 219, depending on the class and service. Children's tickets are cheaper.
  3. On the day of the train departure from Los Angeles, arrive in advance at Union Station, which is located next to Chinatown at 800 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, and catch your train.
  4. Get off the train in Flagstaff. All passengers who have purchased a Grand Canyon tour are provided with a free shuttle that transfers passengers from Williams Junction to the Canyon Railway Hotel in Williams, from where the separate Grand Canyon Railway line starts. If you bought only train tickets, then you need to get to Williams using a paid transfer ($ 20 - $ 50).
  5. Take the train to Williams, which leaves for South Rome daily at 9:30 a.m. and arrives at the Grand Canyon at 11:45 a.m. The train departs back to Williams at 15:30, travel time is 2 hours 15 minutes. Thus, for visiting the Grand Canyon, visiting museums and buying souvenirs, it remains about 3.5 hours, which is enough for a leisurely tour.

Total travel time is 18 hours (one way). You may need to spend the night in the city of Flagstaff or Williams:

By the way, if you intend to visit West Rome, then keep in mind that the nearest train station is in the city of Kingman. Arriving in Kingman by train, you can stay there at the hotel, and then rent a car (always with high clearance) and go to West Rim on it.

River Rafting

Another exotic opportunity to get to the Grand Canyon is one of the most unusual ways - to swim along it in a raft during a multi-day organized rafting on the Colorado River.

To do this, take part in one of the expeditions that start daily during the summer months from the historic ferry crossing of Lee's Ferry (Lee's Ferry) in the Marble Canyon, located in front of the Navajo Bridge, a few miles downstream from the famous Glen Canyon, the huge Glen dam Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

Good to know: the most popular part of the river, which is worth swimming for, then to feel like a real conqueror of the Grand Canyon, is between Lee’s Ferry and Diamond Creek. The duration of the tour is from 3 to 18 days, during which travelers overcome the distance from 140 to 480 kilometers along the Colorado River.

It should be borne in mind that the number of seats in these river tours is very limited. Therefore, they must be booked and paid in advance (for example, on the site of the oldest of the Arizona River Runners companies, which has been organizing rafting since 1970) to be among the lucky ones who will receive this happiness. Such a stir in the United States is not uncommon, and when the number of people wishing to participate in something exceeds the offer, a lottery is usually held among all who have submitted applications. We also encountered a similar phenomenon during our trip by car in America, and participated in the Wave Lottery.

Part of the rafts along the Grand Canyon rafting ends in the Northern Rome region, which cannot boast of great popularity among tourists (mainly because it takes a very long time to visit it). Therefore, it is quite difficult to find a transfer from this territory. A shuttle service and individual transfers from North Rome to South Rome or to the city of Flagstaff are offered by several companies. And the prices are very high - from $ 150 per person.

By plane or helicopter

The fastest way to get from Los Angeles to the Grand Canon is by air, arriving by plane at the airport of Las Vegas (LAS, Nevada) or Phoenix (PHX, Arizona). Small planes regularly fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Airport.

The rest of the journey from Las Vegas or Phoenix to the Grand Canyon can be done in one of four ways:

  • Aerotour - make one or two flights on small planes (the most expensive option),
  • Hire a car at the airport and drive on your own,
  • Order a transfer,
  • Take part in a guided tour.

Flight over the South or West Rome of the Grand Canyon

Air tours over the Grand Canyon (South or Western Rome) by plane or helicopter can be booked at one of the travel agencies in Scottsdale / Phoenix, Las Vegas or Grand Canyon / Tasayan, working with small airlines based at the Grand Canyon Airport (Grand Canyon Airport), located near the city of Tasayan.

All flight details over the Grand Canyon, see the Grand Canyon Airlines website →

Flight over the North Rome of the Grand Canyon

There is a 30-minute air tour by plane from Las Vegas to the Bar-10 Ranch. This lodge, remote from all the fruits of modern civilization, is located in the middle of an Arizona wasteland (it is led by a dirt road and is 80 miles long from St. George). It is located outside the Grand Canyon National Park, just 9 miles from the Northern Canyon North Rome. During the flight, an amazing panorama of the Grand Canyon opens to him from the air.

For more detailed and up-to-date information necessary for preparing for the trip, see the English-language official website of the Grand Canyon Park at:

For those readers who have read the article to the end, I suggest as a bonus to see our small Grand Canyon video (North Rome, Royal Cape):

By plane, burbank in las, vegas, by bus

Duration 25 min. The fare is 4-7 EUR. The distance is 21 km.

Carrier Metrolink Trains

Duration 22 min. The fare is 6-6 EUR. The distance is 7 km.

Carrier RTC Southern Nevada

Duration 5 h 5 min. Fare -. Distance 450 km.

Carrier GO123 HOPPER