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The wisdom of life


In most difficult situations, people realize that they need to be wise. However, wisdom is often confused with other concepts similar to it, but slightly different in essence. And if we know exactly what wisdom is, we can easily distinguish all kinds of fakes. Consider the most popular points of view.

Wisdom is a combination of life experience and deep mind

Most accurately, this definition can be characterized by an example with a dangerous situation. A foolish person, having got into difficult conditions, is unlikely to get out of them. Smart will always find a way out. A wise person will never fall into it. Adherents of this point of view believe that this quality means the ability to solve various problems, relying on personal or other people's experience, sometimes without even resorting to direct logical operations. Therefore, the question: “What is wisdom?” Is often answered that it comes over the years.

What does science say?

Last year, Canadian psychologists decided to find out how the cultural environment of a person affects this quality. In particular, scientists conducted a test with Japanese and American volunteers. The test results made it possible to better understand what wisdom is, whether it comes with age or is innate. Volunteers between the ages of 25 and 75 were asked to read newspaper articles about conflicts between different groups of people, and then they recorded their opinions on the reasons that led to such situations and forecasts of further developments. It suddenly turned out that the wisdom of Americans is growing over the years, and among the Japanese, the dependence of wisdom on age was not found. It turns out that since childhood, a love of interpersonal harmony has been instilled in Sakura's country. Therefore, the Japanese are better at coping with problem situations and wiser than American peers. Thus, it turns out that wisdom due to the influence of the cultural environment can manifest itself in a person, regardless of his age.

What is Christian Wisdom

The interpretation of this concept in the Bible is markedly different from conventional wisdom. It is known that this book contains many reliable historical facts. How many of us have not heard of King Solomon and how he judged the dispute between two women about a baby? I think that is all. The wisdom of Solomon serves as a kind of standard for all of us. The Bible contains three books that are traditionally considered written by his hand: Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs. If the first of them is mostly about love, then the last two help you to figure out what wisdom is. In particular, in the 14th chapter, the 8th verse of the Book of Proverbs, it is stated that the wisdom of the rational is knowledge of his own way, and the stupidity of the reckless is error. Notice that nothing is said about age. If you read the Book of Proverbs, you can come to the following conclusion: wisdom is a prudent and skillful approach to life in full accordance with God's plan, which begins with fear of God and is always expressed in human behavior. In other words, the Bible, answering the question “what is wisdom,” tells us that this is the mind multiplied by humility.

Is it profitable to be wise?

I am sure of that. Wisdom helps to distinguish good from evil. But this will save you from problems in the future.

Wisdom and understanding will lead you away from the wrong paths that evil people follow. Wisdom will help you follow the example of good people, follow their path.

How to determine whether a wise person or not?

I think by deeds. Have you met the windy people? Well, these are those who act hastily, thoughtlessly. Basically, such people are guided only by their feelings and emotions. They rarely think about the consequences of a decision; they are practically not interested in the future. The main thing is that today is good. It is interesting that such people most often fall into various traps.

Let us explore wisdom with the example of a story from King Solomon.

A stranger can be sweet-spoken (nice, flattering talking) and will haunt you for sin's sake. This woman got married when she was young, but she left her husband. She did not fulfill her conjugal vows before God.
If you enter her house because of weakness, you will take the first step to destruction. If you follow her, she will lead you to the grave. She herself is like a grave, and if a person comes to her, he will never come back, and his life will never be the same.

Vital, right? Especially for us men. Indeed, for many, cheating is commonplace.

What conclusions can be drawn from this story?

  • Everyone has times of weakness. No, there are also weak-minded people who have decided to live like this. Where he brings, he lives there. I'm not talking about them.
  • In times of weakness, you need to be especially vigilant, since you can take the wrong step towards destruction.
  • Continuing the wrong path will lead to death.

I especially liked the words: "Life will not be the same." Indeed, many of us are fully convinced that we will be able to get rid of this a little bit more (take any dependency).

What is the outcome? For everything you need to pay a price. Here it is, wisdom.

How important is taking care of yourself, right? After all, the wrong path begins with thought in times of "weakness." "Nonsense blew into the head," and you are not awake. And away we go.

Live honestly, dear ones, and make the right decisions! What do you think about this?

If interested, I will write more often such thoughts. Your comment is my inspiration to continue.