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Acupuncture massage


Such methods include needle, electro and acupuncture, Su-Jok therapy and acupressure.

The development of the doctrine of BAP — biological active points and energy meridians — is associated with the legend of a Chinese peasant who alleviated a headache by accidentally hitting a hoe in the leg. He reported this to Emperor Fu Xi, who ordered his subjects to hit themselves with a stick in the foot to identify miraculous points. 295 points are described: 135 paired and 25 - unpaired. In the III century. Huang Fumi (China), the author of Zhen-jeu (“Tapping and Cauterization), has already described 649 points, of which 300 are paired, 49 are unpaired. Acupressure has given the development of acupuncture.

Acupuncture - acupuncture (lat. acus - mna, punctum - injection) is widely used in the practice of acupuncture of acute and chronic diseases. In the 17th century, Jesuit missionaries were popularizers of the methodology in Western Europe. The first clinical studies date back to 1816 (L. Berlioz). Since 1818 - practical use in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and spinal lesions (P.A. Charukovsky, A.A. Tatarinov, St. Petersburg, Military Medical Academy). In 1989, the Central Research Institute of Reflexotherapy was organized in Leningrad.

Energy meridian. The mechanism of action is the phenomenon of biophoton participating in the control system of bioinformation processes in the human body. Biologically active points located on the meridians are “responsible” for the structure and function of the organ (part of the organ) or system. The meridian is a conductor of biophoton and does not coincide with the conducting nerve paths. The latter provide the conduction of an electrical impulse along the nerve fiber entering the skin, muscle, organs and tissues, and have nothing to do with the energy meridian (R. Becker 1960-1980).

The history of the development of reflexology. Acupuncture, cauterization of BAP, acupressure techniques are first mentioned in the canon of Chinese medicine "Huangdi-nei-ching" - in the book about the internal in 8 volumes, II — III century. BC e.

In Japan, the acupressure method is applied using cauterization using smoldering medicinal herbs, twisted in the form of a cigar. Cauterization points correspond to acupuncture points. The method quickly spread to Korea, India, Mongolia.

Acupressure, segmental and general massage reflects the essence of the methods - acupuncture and reflexology. All types of massage are aimed at eliminating functional disorders in healthy individuals (massage of the head or limbs, lumbar region, around the orbits with eye fatigue).

A technique of mental self-regulation was developed during the development of new professional knowledge and skills.

Massage Methods: stroking, rubbing, pressing. Exciting and inhibitory massage methods. Wellness massage of the fingertips (nails). These parts of the fingers correspond to the brain (minisystem), and therefore to the whole body.

Acupressure Stimulants - ointments based on medicinal herbs, poisons, oils (“golden star”, viprotox, phengon, hypericum oil).

Natural stimulants: natural intact, able to germinate seeds that are attached with a patch to the BAT of the brush or foot. Their selection is made taking into account the properties, shape, size and color. The shape of the seed should match the shape of the organ:

  • • for kidneys, beans are selected as a match,
  • • for the heart - viburnum seed or buckwheat seed,
  • • for the eyes - peas, black pepper,
  • • for the pancreas - grape seed.

At color matching with lung diseases - brown pear seeds, with intestinal atony - dark green cumin seeds.

If we take into account the effects of the plant, then in diabetes mellitus - seeds of corn, liver diseases, gall bladder - rose hips, heart failure - seeds of lily of the valley.

Seeds are attached to the point of conformity to the organ or they cover the entire area of ​​conformity. Effectively attach to the foot, since when walking, the effect of acupressure is observed, which increases the force of impact.

Acupressure massage (TM). Ways, methods, techniques. Devices for TM: massage ebonite or jade stick,

Su-jock needles, massagers: metal rods, magnetic applicators (in the form of rings, circles, arrows), Su-jok-moxa - a wormwood cigar attached to the BAP with garlic juice. After ignition, after a while there is a feeling of warmth. After combustion, moxa is not removed for another 5-6 minutes. Said-effect - allergy to smoke from moxa.

“Everyone has the potential for healing and improving their body,” says Patricia Bragg. “Completely forget your calendar years. Live biological for years. Eat natural foods, use wellness programs. Thanks to this, the body is cleansed, self-healing and self-healing. ”

The mechanism providing self-restoration is an unconscious extrasensory alarm system, which carries out a differentiated response to stimuli of the somatic and spiritual planes. This is very important to consider in the development and implementation of rehabilitation and treatment (L.P. Grimak, 2000).

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Life Energy - Qi

Oriental physicians claim that the world exists thanks to internal energy. Man is a particle of the universe, and lives thanks to qi energy, which is filled with all cells, all organs. The blood is transported by blood vessels, qi energy moves along meridians that cannot be seen, they must be felt. The disease occurs when the movement of internal energy fails, when the so-called blocks arise. By pressing or acupuncture, the meridian is unlocked, the free flow of qi energy is restored. The disease goes away. Knowing the human body perfectly allows you to manage it, treat it and stop the aging process.

Basic Acupuncture Massage Techniques

To conduct a massage session, one must master the basic techniques of classical massage: stroking, rubbing, kneading. Acupuncture massage can be carried out either by a specialist in case of a disease, or independently for prevention, in this case it is recommended to consult with a specialist about the choice and finding of points of influence.

According to the qi system, the 365 most important points are located on the surface of the human body. Life points are not necessarily located near a diseased organ, so the heart can be affected through the foot or arm. The right side is responsible for the pain in the left, and vice versa. Exposure to an incorrectly found point can lead to complications.

Knowing the location of the point, it is not difficult to detect it, it is in this place that acute pain and aches will occur.

Performing tricks with your fingers or with your whole brush (supporting surface of the palm or knuckles), it is important to adjust the intensity of exposure. You should start with a gentle effect, increasing the pressure force towards the middle of the session and decreasing at the end. The main thing to remember, acupuncture will not bruise only with good heating and rubbing.

The duration of the session begins with 5-10 minutes, but does not exceed 30 minutes. The course is 1-3 weeks.

Be careful - the main contraindications

Contraindications to the use of acupuncture massage

  • oncology,
  • acute infection
  • tuberculosis,
  • open fracture,
  • overwork,
  • purulent arthritis,
  • severe heart disease.

Women are forbidden to do acupuncture massage during menstruation, also older people and children under the age of 1 year fall under the prohibition category.

You can not conduct massage sessions on an empty stomach or in the stage of intoxication.

It is recommended during the course of treatment to refuse coffee and strong tea, as well as spicy and smoked.

Acupuncture massage

Facial acupuncture

On the surface of the face and head are points on which exposure can very quickly bring relief. Acupuncture points of the face is available to everyone, at any time of the day. 5-10 minutes of morning massage transforms the facial expression, charges it with energy for the whole day. It is difficult to make a mistake with the choice of facial points, because in the center of the point there is pain.

  1. Topochka, which is so cared for in infants, and now plays an important role. In the deepening of the parietal region is the point of "thousands of meetings." Acupuncture massage of this point within 2-3 minutes will relieve insomnia, headache and neurosis.
  2. Massaging every morning the inner corners of the eyes will restore vision, these are points of "clear light."
  3. By pressing the points at the beginning of the eyebrows that are above the “clear color” points, you can quickly stop the dizziness and pain in the frontal part of the face.
  4. At the end of the eyebrows, slightly higher, at the level of the outer corners of the eyes, there are points of “bamboo filaments” that are responsible for vision.
  5. Between the eyebrows, in the center of the forehead is a point that is often rubbed with headache, dizziness, fatigue. Sometimes this is done instinctively, the body itself comes to the rescue.
  6. Migraine pains are relieved if several minutes are rhythmically pressed at points located at a distance of 0.7-1 cm from the outer corners of the eye.
  7. The temporal cavity is rich in the “sun” point, the massage of which relieves headaches.
  8. Tick ​​eyes, maxillary pains pass faster when massaging points located below the eyes under the pupils, at the level of the beginning of the wings of the nose.
  9. “The middle of a man” - a point located under the nose, on a hole above the upper lip, will be a salvation in case of fainting, shock, hysterical state of a person.
  10. In the middle of the face, immediately below the lower lip, there is a point responsible for antistress.
  11. After exposure to the points of the face, the massaged area should be stroked, gently patted. Facial massage is done with maximum relaxation.
Acupuncture massage

Acupuncture Stop

If the points are able to relieve headaches and relieve stressful emotions, then the person’s foot is just a storehouse for massage. Knowing certain points, you can relieve stress not only from the spine, but from specific internal organs.

The points of the spine are located on the inside of the feet, from the end of the big toe to the beginning of the heel. By carefully diagnosing the surface of the feet, one can feel painful nodules, which are the problem areas on the vertebra. This is a kind of blocking of the vertebra, acupuncture of the feet will relieve stress from the entire spine.

Having examined the map of the reflex zones of the feet, you can find all the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, eyes, throat and ears. In this case, the effect on the organs does not occur directly, but when the nerve endings are released, which is softer and more effective. A kind of acupuncture massage of the feet will be walking barefoot on pebbles, large pebbles.

With an independent massage of the feet, feet should be washed with warm water and greased with cream or oil. Rub and knead from heel to toes and vice versa, then each finger should be massaged, carefully working through each fold, each dent. A massage session of each foot lasts 5-7 minutes; after the massage, the foot should be stroked and a warm sock put on to maintain heat. With a daily procedure or every other day for 20-25 sessions, the internal energy is released from the blocks, the body is renewed again.

Acupuncture gives harmony

The desire to get rid of extra pounds makes people swallow pills, go on diets, and exhaust themselves with hunger. Acupuncture massage can get rid of 3-5 kilograms per month, with its regular implementation.

  1. The main position (OP) - sitting, legs bent at the knees. The point is in the external fossa of the knee. This is the only point that can be massaged daily for 15-20 minutes. The result is minus 0.4 kg weekly. The remaining points are massaged for 2-3 minutes.
  2. OP does not matter. The point is 3 mm from the outer edge of the thumbnail.
  3. OP - sitting. The inner part of the tibia, from the protruding bone at a distance of 15-18 cm. Symmetrical.
  4. Op - sitting. Moving the little finger of the foot, in the hole at the base is the desired point. Symmetrical. Both are massaged simultaneously.
  5. OP - sitting. Head tilted forward. The point is between 6-7 cervical vertebrae.
  6. The main point, which may be the only one, is located under the navel at a distance of 7-9 cm. Acupuncture at this point reduces appetite.

Slimming massage can be done once a day, on an empty stomach.

It is important to remember that a chiseled massage should give joy, peace, and not cause discomfort.