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8 proven modern ways to get rid of your cheeks


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Tired of hamster cheeks? The best way to get rid of them is to lose weight, but there are other ways, such as a special system of exercises for the face and diet. If you want to know how to get rid of round cheeks - read below how to do it.

Makeup that conceals round cheeks in a few minutes

Suppose you have a date for your dream tomorrow. Or an interview in the company of your dreams. Or just an important event. You want to look good, but cheeks, cheeks ...

How to get rid of full cheeks, as they say, on the run? Is atvisuals that can visually change the shape of the face.

To get started, stand in front of the mirror, remove the hair from the face and carefully examine it. Most likely, with full cheeks, your face is round. So, our task is to visually narrow it slightly so that the thick cheeks do not catch the eye.

Determine the ideal shape of your face that we will strive for. A universal rule works in makeup: dark seems less, and light seems to be bigger. Therefore, we will hide the fullness of the cheeks with the help of powder or foundation in dark shades.

Expert Advice:

“Before you start creativity, evaluate the condition of the skin. If it is dry, prefer a foundation. If oily, stop at the powder.

Apply a tone to your face following the pattern.

The tone with which you will reduce the cheeks should be slightly darker than the natural tone of the face, and it must be carefully shaded, otherwise instead of hiding the problem area, the ineptly applied cosmetics, on the contrary, will attract unnecessary attention to it. "

Olga Romanova, makeup artist.

Aligning the skin tone with powder or foundation, take a blush. A blush of a lighter shade should be applied to the upper part of the cheekbones, and a darker one below. The shade of blush depends on your color type: choose shades of dark clay or chocolate. However, anyone will do, depending on what color on your face will seem the most natural. One “but” is categorical for everyone - blush should be matte. You don’t want the already round cheeks to sparkle like balls on a Christmas tree?

It is very important to use a soft brush to make a smooth transition from the top of the cheekbones to the bottom. Make shading from cheeks to cheekbones - so the colors will fall more naturally. Apply a thin layer of powder on top. Voila! Your cheeks seem much smaller than originally.

You can enhance the effect with a hairstyle. In order to visually reduce the lower third of the face, you just need to increase the upper one, that is, choose a haircut whose silhouette expands upward. Perfectly hide everything you need to hide, sharp locks, combed forward. If you have long hair, then a cascading haircut or a lush, high styling will be a good solution. But smoothly combing the hair back from the face is not worth it - so you only emphasize full cheeks.

Causes of Chubby Cheeks

If we exclude a genetic predisposition, then the main reason for the appearance of puffy cheeks is an imbalance of fluid in the body. The body simply does not have time to remove all processed moisture. In addition, there are various external factors that directly cause the appearance of a round face.

Causes of Big Cheeks


  • Allergic manifestations. Not all histamine reactions occur with rash and itching. Very often, allergies show swelling of the cheeks and neck.
  • Acclimatization. If your cheeks become puffy after moving to another country or a long trip, then the reason lies in the change in climate. For all, this process proceeds strictly individually. Someone suffering from migraine, someone's body temperature rises, and some "rounded up" in certain parts of the body.
  • Hormonal imbalance. Many adolescents (especially males) have large, fleshy cheeks against the background of an ascetic physique. This is one of the manifestations of growing up. Once the hormonal system is settled, the cheeks themselves will disappear. This item also includes hormonal disruptions associated with pregnancy and lactation.
  • Weight gain. This is the most obvious cause of swollen cheeks and the face as a whole. Adipose tissue has the ability to accumulate almost everywhere, it does not bypass the face with the upper body.
  • Age-related changes. Flabbiness in the cheeks, loss of turgor, hanging folds in the nasolabial area are all unpleasant companions of aging. In many women, wrinkles appear not only in the eyes and corners of the mouth, but also under the cheeks.

Depending on the cause of large cheeks, methods for getting rid of the problem vary.

If Lanites are rounded as a result of weight gain, then the only rational option to reduce them is diet. To make your face thin and reduce your cheeks, you can choose any sparing diet (according to Ducane, BEECH, metabolic). But, first of all, you need to protect yourself from fast carbohydrates. What foods are recommended to be excluded from the diet:

  • Floury in any form.
  • Chocolate, marmalade, caramel and other dangerous carbohydrates. They are not excreted from the body, but are deposited in less-involved areas. In particular, on the chin, cheeks, lower abdomen.
  • Carbonated sweet water.
  • Potatoes.
  • Fried, smoked and highly salted foods.
  • Ideally, you should stop consuming sugar and salt.

Most often, swelling of the cheeks are prone to abdominal-type girls. To lose weight "apples", it is important to maintain a balanced diet. Sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast: green tea with honey, croutons with cheese, porridge from whole grains.
  • Lunch: juice, a couple of eggs, any fruit.
  • Lunch: Broth, fresh vegetable salad with olive oil, croutons, green tea or compote, boiled white meat.
  • Snack: Natural Yogurt Smoothie
  • Dinner: Vegetable soup, coleslaw salad, steamed cutlets, tea with honey.

This is an approximate diet, which may vary depending on food preferences. It is important to adhere to optimal daily calories. The required number of calories can be calculated using female calculators.

The easiest way to remove sagging hamster cheeks is to make masks with a tightening effect. They will provide the necessary skin turgor, refresh the appearance, improve lymph metabolism.

Clay mask

What kind of masks can you remove your cheeks from?

  • Blue clay. Clay products promote active lifting. To prepare a lifting product, you need to mix clay and water in equal proportions and apply on the face and neck. Keep up to 20 minutes until the liquid mass hardens on the skin. Repeat 2 times a week.
  • Oatmeal and kefir. This tool will help make the big cheeks much smaller and lighten the skin. To prepare, soak 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in natural yogurt and leave the mixture for 20 minutes. When the mass swells, apply it in a dense layer on the skin. Hold for 30 minutes and repeat every other day.
  • Honey and clay. Saggy cheeks, which are covered with wrinkles, will quickly restore the clay-honey mixture. This is a great tool for home lifting and skin whitening. Clay should be diluted 1: 1 with water and add ½ part of honey to the resulting mixture. Hold for 20 minutes. If you make a mask every day, you can permanently remove the red cheeks.
  • Yeast and egg. Another simple and quick way to tighten your cheeks at home is to dissolve a spoonful of live yeast in the same amount of milk. The main secret is to apply the liquid in several layers. That is, smear your cheeks once, wait until the moisture dries, smear a second time. A total of five steps will be required. You can repeat every day.
  • Suppositories for hemorrhoids. This is the only way out of those described that will really help remove bulldog cheeks on your face over night. You need to buy Relief candles in the pharmacy and lightly flood them in a water bath. Get a white creamy mass. It must be applied to the cheeks, chin and under the eyes. It is best to do the procedure before bedtime. In the morning, you will immediately notice how the skin has refreshed and wrinkles are smoothed out. The only drawback of the method is that it cannot be used often. This is an emergency help if you need to reduce Lanitis in a short time. Candles from big cheeks
  • If you do not want to reduce cheeks with injections, and plastic simply scares, then as an alternative, we can recommend masks with hyaluronic acid. Cosmetics containing this substance provide blood flow to the treated areas and promotes subcutaneous fat burning.

Exercises to help remove the second chin and cheeks

To remove fat from the abdomen, girls torture themselves in gyms, attend various yoga courses and regularly do massages with body wraps. The same thing applies if you need to remove the second chin or adjust the shape of the cheeks. Face exercises are called face-building. They help to align the oval in a week and provide a long-lasting effect.

Big Cheek Exercises

Facial muscle lift

To drive fat from the cheeks, it is important to activate absolutely all the muscles of the face. Otherwise, the effect will not be as obvious as we would like. And face-building coaches have one secret: how to smooth out sagging in the shortest possible time. It is as much as possible to grimace. It is believed that precisely anticorrosion is one of the causes of the appearance of facial wrinkles. But this is not a true statement. If you regularly train the muscles, then the skin simply can not sag - it will have nowhere to do it.

Facial muscle lift

How to quickly tighten facial muscles in the cheeks, forehead and chin at home:

  • Before each gymnastics, the face is heated with a massage. Use soft patting movements in all areas: from the forehead to the chin. After rubbing your skin in a circular motion and complete the “warm-up” by tingling. Please note that bruises should not remain after manipulations.
  • Facebuilding of the cheeks, paradoxically, begins with an eyebrow. Raise your eyebrows up, down, move your eyebrows in turn. Repeat each movement 5 times.
  • Lift your cheeks as if you were going to grin. Make sure that no other muscles in this exercise work - only the buccal muscles. Perform not 3 minutes.
  • Do the same with lips. Gather them in a bow and move along a circular path. Do the exercise for 2 minutes.
  • Now grimace. Try to use the maximum amount of facial muscle. At first, the most difficult will be to control the eyebrows. They should move symmetrically with the cheeks. Repeat 4 minutes.

Shape and size adjustment

It is believed that it is possible to correct the oval of the face only by surgery, but to eliminate sagging cheeks really and without surgery. How to remove chubby Lanites and reduce facial contours:

  • Sit upright, put your hands on your collarbone. Smile as wide as possible and try to fix this position of the lips. Slowly open your mouth and move your jaw down, as if you were going to say: “A”. Repeat 12 times for 2 sets.
  • Sit back in the starting position. Stretch your head as far as possible and smack your lips (a girl makes such a movement when painting with lipstick). The louder the sound, the better the muscles work. Repeat 12 times for 2 sets.
  • It is impossible to correct the shape of the face and oval without elaboration of the area under the eyes. It is in it that girls most often have failures. Place your index fingers on your upper eyelids and press your skin against the bone. Open your eyes as much as possible and try to move your eyelids down. Repeat 10 times.
  • After the previous exercise, do not remove your fingers, but slightly move them from the nose. This will help relax the muscles of the frontal lobe.

Strengthening the muscles of the face and neck

A girl who has thick cheeks needs to pay maximum attention to the muscle groups of the neck. They are responsible for the correct distribution of load and adipose tissue. To strengthen these areas, the following exercises are used:

  • Open your mouth and draw in the maximum amount of air (diaphragmatic breathing is encouraged). After, stick out your tongue as far as possible and exhale loudly. Repeat 10 times.
  • Similarly, draw air under the upper lip, a flexible roller should form there. Then squeeze the lips together, as if smacking, and loudly push it out. This will strain the muscles of the neck, nasolabial and in the cheeks. Repeat 10 times.
  • To tighten the sunken cheeks, you need to inflate them all the time and play with cheekbones. Only then will the dangling sections become less noticeable. The simplest exercise is to draw air into your mouth and rotate it in a circular path. Repeat 3 minutes.

Not the last role in therapy is massage. To achieve a more noticeable result, you need to stretch the muscles of the neck and lower face after each gymnastics. To do this, gently tilt your head from side to side, rotate it at the maximum possible amplitude, raise your eyes up and lower them to the floor.

We remove the second chin

Swelling on the cheeks, their sagging, lack of pronounced cheekbones are very often the result of underdevelopment of the muscles of the chin. As one of the signs of this problem, fatty deposits under the chin are added to sagging cheeks.

We remove the second chin

They can be removed in the following ways:

  • Open your mouth and press your tongue to your lower teeth. On the exhale, push the jaw forward as far as possible, and on the inhale, return it to its original position. Repeat 12 times.
  • To make the round cheeks a little less noticeable, and the chin more clear and bright, combine the exercise "Smacking" with the extension of the jaw. With your mouth open, push the jaw down as far as possible, then lift it and smack it. The most important thing is to perform the exercise very slowly, measuredly. Run 12 times.
  • To remove the hanging areas in the lower part of the face, the maximum stretch is used. You need to relax the muscles as much as possible, and then strain and tension them all. The easiest way to complete the exercise is to draw an analogy with morning sipping. Repeat 15 times.

Get rid of chubby cheeks

At home, you can only make cheeks with the help of Facebook. Without fillers, punctures with a hyaluronic cocktail or other non-invasive techniques.

Chubby Cheek Exercises

To do this, you just need to carry out a set of exercises every day:

  • Stretch your face in a smile and draw air into your mouth. Roll the bubble from one cheek to another for 3 minutes. After that, drive it in the mouth in a circular path, slightly holding it in the area of ​​the cheeks and lips.
  • Hanging cheeks are well corrected by inflation. The main thing is to inflate the muscles to the maximum state, directly so that they are steel. First you need to withstand at least 30 seconds in this position, your goal is to achieve a 3 minute voltage delay.
  • Exercise "tube" will help to remove puffiness. Pull out your lips with a “tube” and make a lingering sound: “U”. The main thing - do not let go of the muscles, they should be stretched, like the strings of a guitar.

Combine these exercises for the cheeks with the gymnastics described above, then the result will not keep you waiting. The first effect will be noticeable after 5 sessions.

Facebook building effect

Making beautiful cheekbones

It is difficult to imagine a beautiful face with clearly defined lines without pronounced zygomatic bones. Of course, you can draw them using makeup, for example, concealer, corrector and bronzers. But far few girls are familiar with contouring. If there is no desire to create the effect of modest cheeks with the help of blush, then you can make beautiful cheekbones with gymnastics:

  • In order for the cheeks to become sunken, and the cheekbones to be pronounced, you need to train them to squeeze. Close your jaws and try to move your distant muscles. The sensations should be similar to those that arise when chewing meat. Repeat 3 minutes. In the future, gradually increase the time to a 5-minute interval.
  • Exercise "Smile" will help emphasize the dimples and reduce adipose tissue. Pry your lips together and gently, slowly smile. Try to act exclusively with the cheekbones without touching the forehead and eyebrows. Repeat 15 times.
  • Extra centimeters from the cheeks go when pulling the cheekbones. This is a great opportunity to highlight the "Mongolian" facial features. Sit straight and stretch your neck forward. As you inhale, open your mouth as wide as possible and hold it in this position for 1 minute. Connect your lips slowly and repeat the exercise 12 times.
Before and after Facebook building

For maximum effectiveness, face-building should be supplemented by mesotherapy or active massage with natural oils. The minimum course recommended by facial gymnastics coaches is 15 procedures. After you need to take a month break and then, if necessary, resume sessions.

Causes of Thick Cheeks

The main reason for roundness in this area of ​​a person’s face is heredity. Unfortunately, defeating such a powerful argument is quite difficult, and sometimes even impossible. If you have inherited chubby cheeks, then most likely you will have to regularly work to reduce them with the help of special exercises and balanced nutrition.

In addition to the innate predisposition to cheek growth, “wrong” food has a great negative effect. И это на лице становится заметным, когда все части тела уже приобрели нежелательные жировые отложения.

So still, how can you get rid of fat in this area?

How to reduce fat cheeks

It is possible to quickly remove fat here only by surgical intervention - liposuction, that is, release from fat deposits in the necessary part of the body. But you should know not only that this is a very expensive method of removing fat, but also that it is completely unpredictable, which is fraught with disappointment and various disorders of the emotional state of a person.

Keep in mind that thick cheeks will not lose weight with exercise too easily. This is due to difficulty in the motor activity of the facial muscles, as well as the fact that the body burns fat layers on the cheeks last. Therefore, a balanced diet and special exercises can only slightly adjust the size of your cheeks.


Performing these exercises will help reduce the roundness of your cheeks. You need to repeat them every day:

  1. Inflate the cheeks to the limit, hold them in this position for five seconds, then breathe out quickly.
  2. Opening your mouth wide without raising your face, look up with your eyes, and blink relentlessly for one minute. Repeat this exercise five times throughout the day.
  3. From the inflated cheeks, gradually release the air with small tremors.
  4. In heavily pouting cheeks, chase air from left to right and vice versa. This exercise will help you quickly deal with your problem.
  5. Press your cheeks with your hands and smile. In this case, the fingers should not allow the corners of the mouth to rise up.
  6. Keep your head strictly straight, try to lower the corners of the lips and tighten the muscles of the cheeks and neck.
  7. Holding your pencil with your teeth, begin to write out words or whole sentences in the air. For example: I want to have a beautiful thin face.
  8. Fold your lips and start singing all the vowels of the alphabet.
  9. Bending your head slightly forward, turn it to the right and left shoulder, pulling your chin very hard.
  10. Intensively clap your hands on the face in the problem area.
  11. Firmly squeeze and unclench the muscles of the cheeks.
  12. Sit on a chair, tipping your head back, move your chin so that the lower lip can capture the upper one.
  13. Stand straight, arms crossed over your chest, grab yourself by the shoulders. Start craning your neck up to the “extreme point”, then take a deep breath, counting to ten, exhale and return to your original position.

You should do these exercises not only until the result is achieved, but constantly so that there is no return to the previous roundness.

Massage and masks

Masks and massages can really help remove fullness. Their regular use will enhance and preserve skin turgor for a long time:

    Cleanse your skin thoroughly. Apply oily cream. Gently pinch your cheeks, starting from your chin and heading towards your cheekbones. Do massage once a week.

Do not forget to cleanse your skin before starting any procedure. After completing, apply the cream that best suits your skin type.

We suggest using masks to reduce the roundness of the cheeks:

  1. In one egg yolk, add one teaspoon of honey and one dessert spoon of olive oil. Mix the ingredients. Apply the mixture on the face with a special brush for twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water. Course: twice a week for two months.
  2. Mix one tablespoon of chopped oatmeal with one tablespoon of the Baby formula, pour a little warm milk and stir everything until thick sour cream. Put the mixture on your face, neck, décolleté for twenty-five minutes. Rinse with warm water. Apply cream. Such masks can be done weekly for two months.
  3. Beat egg white and apply on face for twenty minutes. Rinse off the lifting mask. Use contrasting water treatments. Apply a nourishing cream.

Masks perfectly tighten the skin of the face, give it a fresh healthy look, also have the effect of rejuvenation.

Herbal infusions

The appearance of your cheeks is greatly influenced by various infusions of medicinal herbs:

  1. Pour three tablespoons of chopped chamomile flowers (you can use celandine, sage) with a glass of boiling water. Cover the broth tightly with a lid. Let it brew for several hours. Strain. Use daily infusion as a face lotion.
  2. Dissolve three tablespoons of iodized salt in half a liter of water. Use a solution for hot compresses (dip a terry towel in saline and apply it on your face for several minutes), then be sure to cool your face with ice cubes.
  3. Pour three tablespoons of St. John's wort herb and chamomile flowers with two glasses of boiling water. Let the broth infuse for eight hours. Strain. Wipe your face, neck, neckline daily.

Useful Tips

There are small tricks that also contribute to the reduction of puffy from nature and not only cheeks:

  1. Massage at the end of the exercises, and apply masks before bedtime.
  2. Minimize the use of salty foods, because it retains fluid in the body, which can be delayed in the cheeks.
  3. Introduce high calcium foods into your diet. Its use will help to lose weight.
  4. Dilute natural juices with water.
  5. Try to eat small meals at least five times a day at specific times.
  6. Give preference to oranges, grapefruits, apples.
  7. 30 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of plain still water.
  8. Limit your drinking.
  9. Try to sleep while lying on your back.
  10. Go jogging, ride a bike.
  11. Visually reducing the cheeks will help dusting them with a darker powder. Similarly, using foundation.

Those who inherited the plump cheeks will be difficult to deal with. Those with whom they grew up as a result of excessive nutrition will find it easier to get rid of their thick cheeks.

So, regardless of the cause of the appearance of puffy cheeks, sitting idly by is not worth it. In order to get rid of the problem, you need to try hard. With the help of proper nutrition, special exercises, sports, massages, masks and herbal infusions, you will undoubtedly achieve the desired result.

Expert Commentary:

“There are many diets, it’s better to choose the option that suits you best together with your doctor. And it’s very good if you can change your eating behavior.

I will share my experience: drink water. When the body does not have enough water, it seeks to put it in reserve, and uses “reservoirs” for this in the cheeks and under the eyes. Eyes swam? Seek swollen cheeks? Drink water! Not juices, not mineral water, namely clean water, at least 2 liters per day. In a few days you will feel the difference. ”

To restore water balance, exclude salt and sugar from the diet, which accumulate water and store it in reserve in the area of ​​our long-suffering cheeks.

Try not to salt the food - and you quickly make sure that it does not become less tasty. But more useful - yes, and much more.

Everything said about salt is no less true for alcohol. Do without alcohol, salt and sugar - thanks not only to your cheeks, but also your heart, blood vessels, brain and nervous system.

What should be included in the diet? Fiber (fruits and vegetables) and calcium. The latter is better to use not in the form of fatty varieties of cheese, but in the form of cottage cheese, kefir and yogurt.

A deep breath, arms wider!

Very many, having decided to remove the excess volume, begin to look for exercises to lose weight on their cheeks - and they find it, although such exercises do not exist.

Fat really burns in the "furnace" of our muscles. But the largest muscles on the body are the muscles of the legs and muscles of the back. By straining the muscles of your face, you will burn only a couple of calories, and by straining your legs and back - several hundred. Therefore, against the cheeks, the same general exercises are effective that help to drive off the weight as a whole.

Supplement a healthy diet with physical activity. The recipe is simple: when a person consumes more calories than he spends, he gets fat, when the same amount - his weight remains in place, when less - he loses weight. There is no other way to lose weight and cannot be.

How to remove fat from your cheeks effortlessly

The result of using home remedies depends only on your perseverance. Alas, it is unstable and disappears as soon as you relax.

If you want a guaranteed result, pay attention to cosmetic and medical ways to remove thick cheeks. They help even in the most difficult cases, for example, when one cheek is thicker than the other.

It turns out that round cheeks have three different causes. That is why losing weight does not always help - in only one case out of three. However, first things first.

In order to get rid of large cheeks in this case, you need to lose weight or use drugs - lipolytics. They are introduced under the skin by mesotherapy and noticeably remove subcutaneous fat, exposing clear, sculptured cheekbones.

Reviewed by Natalia, 43 years old

“Fat cheeks have been my curse since childhood. I was never fat, on the contrary, and always seemed like a dandelion on a thin leg, as in a cartoon.

When I turned to Platinum for a consultation, I thought that nothing could be done. And the doctor suggested removing Bisha’s lumps, saying that this would help put his face in order.

The operation was performed under general anesthesia - it was possible under local anesthesia, but I am very afraid, and I have an extremely low pain threshold.

At first, of course, no changes were noticeable, but after three weeks my cheeks became much smaller, my cheekbones were higher, and in general I seem to be fifteen years younger and very happy. ”

If you inherited the round shape of the face, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons also learned to correct this situation.

In this case, to narrow the cheeks work ... with the chin! Nonsense? Not at all. An increase in the chin changes the proportions of the face, stretches it, and harmonizes the appearance.

Temporary correction of the chin is performed by the Radiesse filler, which completely resolves after 2 years.

A lifelong result is ensured by the installation of a permanent implant in the chin. At Platinum, we use Medpor implants, which are tightly fixed to the bone and have a porous structure. Such an implant does not move even upon impact and is very well “accustomed”. After a few months, it sprouts with blood vessels and merges with its own tissues of the face.

A Medpor chin implant was installed, and Bisha's lumps were partially removed. Surgeon - Iskornev Andrey.

Any of the listed methods gives a very good result, but the maximum effect is obtained when combining several procedures. For example, removing Bisha’s lumps and increasing the chin, we will change the proportions of the face and as a result we will get high cheekbones and a visually elongated face.

To enhance the effect, we recommend the use of Intemporel threads. This procedure makes the "thoroughbred" retraction of the cheeks even more noticeable, it will give the face a young and expressive look. Hi Angelina!

For all its apparent simplicity, surgery is the subtlest work. In each case, individual. After all, it is necessary to remove exactly so much fat in order to maintain a flowering appearance and not make the face haggard. And do not touch the facial nerves or salivary glands.

To make an appointment with a plastic surgeon, call:

+7 495 989-21-16, +7 495 723-48-38 in Moscow

+7 843 236-66-66 in Kazan.

Or make an appointment online and get a 30% discount on consultation!