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How to make natural bruises under the eyes


Sometimes a bruise on the body or face is required for a stage image or a fun party. And although it is not so difficult to get a real hematoma, it’s still better to learn how to draw bruises with cosmetics or other interesting compounds.

However, simply to paint something similar to a mark from a blow with lilac paint is clearly not enough. Such "art" looks unnatural and does not inspire the confidence of the viewer. Therefore, today we will learn how to draw a bruise similar to the real one. We offer you four ways to make the most natural bruise with a minimum of time costs.

Bruise with stylus

A very popular way to create an artificial bruise is the pencil lead option. All you need is, in fact, a purple pencil and a sheet of paper.

After breaking the pencil on the side, remove the stylus. Finely crush it on paper. Then rub the crumbs on the sheet and put in the place where you want to make a bruise. Press for a few seconds and that's it - the bruise is ready!

An interesting option is offered by make-up artists of films. According to them, a bruise can be made in just 3 seconds, having only blue shadows and ordinary iodine in hand.

To do this, with a cotton swab dipped in iodine, apply a bruise to the desired location. Then apply blue shadows to the workpiece.

Pencil and eye shadow bruise

The first thing that comes to mind when asking how to draw a bruise is, of course, cosmetics. With this method, hematomas under the eye are excellent. To create a bruise on your face, prepare:

  • blue shadows
  • yellow shadows
  • purple shadows
  • black eyeliner,
  • soft napkins.

To begin with, draw a small circle with a pencil and start rubbing it with a napkin, until a smoky effect is created. After that, apply the following shades in the following order: purple, blue and yellow at the end.

False bruise from spoons

Another interesting way to quickly get a bruise on your face or body. Perfect for those who have two aluminum spoons at home.

To achieve the desired, take one spoon in each of the hands and rub thoroughly against each other. After a minute of friction, attach one of the spoons to the desired area of ​​the body and rub this place. Such a bruise looks very believable, but requires some effort.

Paints and brush

And finally, here’s another recipe for how to draw a bruise on your body.

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • yellow paint
  • burgundy
  • black
  • blue
  • special sponge for arts.

You can get to work:

  1. Having found the location of the future bruise, determine its size. You can apply a light outline, which you can then erase. Apply blue paint inside this bruise with a driving motion.
  2. Apply yellow paint to the edges of the bruise. And slightly protruding beyond the edges of the blue paint, apply a burgundy, that is, it should be closer to the center.
  3. Black paint is useful if you need a bright and quite noticeable bruise. It must be applied carefully with light movements around the entire perimeter of the bruise.

So you learned how to draw a bruise at home, now it's up to the small. Try to repeat one of the methods, and you will see that it is not at all difficult.

Why do you need to draw bruises

The reasons for this “cardinal” change in appearance can be very different. The main thing is not to replay and achieve the desired. You can fool anyone with an unusual appearance, just don’t go to the doctor with artificial “fingals”. More often than others, the goal is to make bruises under the eyes from lack of sleep, but there are other options:

  • create a painful appearance
  • show that fatigue has piled up,
  • to manipulate their appearance according to the current situation,
  • prepare for an unusual masquerade or Halloween,
  • imitate grief, sadness, longing.

If there is a need to make bruises under the eyes, then the imitation must be skillful so that the appearance looks natural. This advice does not apply to holidays where a large amount of makeup or glitter is required.

Tips for a Natural Look

Only naturalness will help to mislead anyone and make you believe that something happened to the owner of the blue-circled halo. How to look natural and deceive others? We offer some simple tips:

  • Makeup should imitate a real bruise, and bleeding during its formation occurs between the nose, cheekbone and eye. It is important to place the “cyanotic” tones in the right place.
  • Paint should also be added above the eye: this area is also injured with a bruise. Bruises from lack of sleep paint only under the eyes and they should not be too darkened.
  • The amount of paint should be small. It must be thoroughly shaded, otherwise the makeup will produce an artificial origin.
  • For realism, matte pencils and shadows are recommended. Glossy options or the presence of sparkles is a carnival option.

If there is a great need to create bruises, do not specifically injure yourself by hitting corners, jambs or chairs. No need to force friends to put a real bruise. The effects of the injury may be minor or severely impaired.

Simple ways

If you need to quickly simulate bruises under the eyes, then there are several simple options that will not take much time. One of them is the use of chalk and foil. Place “Fingal” painted with chalk. Crumple the foil into balls and gently rub the place of the future bruise. Primitive imitation is ready.

Take a little oily cream and apply on the area around the eyes. Then this place is rubbed with a silver ring. The resulting gray stains are shaped like a bruise or create dark circles under the eyes, suggesting a prolonged lack of sleep or fatigue.

Alternatively, match sulfur heads are used, which are removed from the matches, creating sulfur powder. Rub them with the chosen place to hit under the eye. The bruise will not appear immediately, but it will last a long time and look quite realistic, not unlike a small hematoma.

A bruise “with divorces” is obtained in a few seconds, using iodine and shadow. A cotton swab is moistened with iodine and a brown outline of the future “Fingal” is created. Blue shadows are applied from above. It turns out a very realistic image.

A strange but effective method of creating a bluish halo is the use of aluminum spoons. Take two spoons and rub them against each other for a while. After working a minute, they rub with a spoon the desired area where there should be a darkening. The bruises look very believable.

Even simpler - use a pencil lead, which is ground into powder. The gray mixture is applied to a sheet of paper and shaded at the site of the intended impact. Get the desired picture.

In the arsenal of every woman there is a mass of cosmetics, which are always with her - in the treasured cosmetic bag. With the help of powder and shadows, you can not only correct the appearance, but create the desired image. The main thing is to have several shades of shadows available: purple, blue and powder with a yellow tint.

How to draw eye shadow and eyeliner

To create a more believable image, focusing on a specific situation, it will take a little more effort. Appearance should not only be believable, but evoke emotions: sympathy, pity, understanding or regret. It is necessary to imagine what kind of reaction I would like to see from the interlocutor or the interlocutor.

Having prepared the palette of shadows and black (gray) eyeliner, we carry out a series of sequential actions:

  1. Rinse and dry the delicate skin around the eyes so as not to get irritation.
  2. Using a soft pencil, create a contour around the place where the bruise should be located, capturing the region of the upper and lower eyelids. If it is supposed to create bruises from lack of sleep, then the lower contour is enough. When you want to hit friends with a real hematoma, then a halo around one eye is enough.
  3. Wrap a soft cloth on your finger and gently blend the contour, creating a grayish tint. The color should be soft, not sharp. Shade the edge zones with lighter tones.
  4. Using matte purple eyeshadows, add strokes to the corners of the eyes and to the lower eyelid, which will create an additional effect.
  5. Then use a dark red lipstick to depict the scratch where the blood oozed. This may be the corner of the eye where the lacrimal glands or the top of the cheekbone pass.
  6. Shades of greenish and swamp tones are the final chord in creating an imitation of a bruise. They are applied to the cheekbones and the outer corners of the eye.

If it is necessary to create the illusion of a hematoma, then a fist is usually applied under one eye. Painted both eyes will cause a strong reaction of others. It can be assumed that they had to be attacked by a maniac or a sadist.

If this is not a carnival or an unusual holiday, then the illusion of a bruise should look believable in order to inspire confidence. People should not doubt that you have suffered at the hands of a jealous husband or have been exhausted from prolonged sleep deprivation, performing difficult work or experiencing a difficult event.

Pencil and paints

Imitation of bruises under the eyes can be created using a cosmetic or soft pencil and paints. To do this, you need a palette of violet, blue and yellow colors. The makeup is spectacular, and the look is natural and impressive. Appearance will just "scream" that you feel bad.

Getting started on creating the image:

  • determine the size of the bruise area and draw a black outline around it,
  • blend the sharp contour with soft paper or a cosmetic brush for eyeshadows,
  • inside the bruise, under the eye itself, apply the blue color and drive the paint lightly with the fingertips,
  • the edges are marked in yellow shades,
  • between the blue and yellow stripes, apply a burgundy palette,
  • so that the contrast between the shades is not noticeable, smooth with a special cosmetic sponge,
  • for a special effect, you need to add a little black to the overall palette, but not over the entire area of ​​the alleged bruise, but pointwise, shading the spots,
  • we look in the mirror, correct defects and cause negative emotions in others.

The sequence of colors that occurs with a real hematoma is important: blue inside, then burgundy purple, and yellow around the edges. If the illusion of lack of sleep is created, then it is enough to use gray-blue shades in soft colors.

Sometimes situations arise in life that make us transform and radically change our appearance. In such cases, you can use simple methods and portray a bruise under the eye from a stroke or from lack of sleep. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to aggravate the situation.

How to make bruises under the eyes: draw a fingal!

How to make bruises under the eyes so that they look natural, read on the website today under the eyes. Of course, not with the help of force, because you only need to imitate the fingal, and not really put it to yourself. Well, the task is not easy, but there are still ways.

To prepare for Halloween or a masquerade, to play friends or to try to manipulate someone with the help of such “make-up” is your business, for which you need an artificial bruise. It is only necessary to warn that the methods described below will not work if you need to deceive a doctor.

How to imitate a bruise under the eye so as not to be declassified: tips

  1. A bruise occurs under the eye when internal bleeding occurs in the area between the nose, cheekbone and the eye, and therefore this is where your makeup should be.
  2. Too much make-up looks implausible, and besides, the delicate skin of the eyelids can really swell, and you don’t need to look for information later on, how to get rid of otpeneniya, right?
  3. Fingals are obtained under the eyes when the zygomatic bone or forehead is injured, so it will be more realistic if a little bruise is added there.
  4. When applying a bruise imitation, use exclusively matte shadows. Shiny and iridescent only spoil the whole picture.

Chalk and foil: three steps

  • Take white chalk, foil.
  • Rub the intended place of fingal with chalk.
  • Squeeze the foil until a lump is obtained, and rub the place of the alleged bruise with it.

In general, you can make an artificial bruise under the eye in a variety of ways. Some may seem very strange, but people really use them.

Take a little cream, it is better to take a special one for the face, apply to the area of ​​the intended finale, then rub the place with a silver ring. Gray stains will need to be issued in a kind of fingal.

Another option is with a matchbox. Rub the selected spot with the sulfur head of a simple match. The result will not appear immediately, but it will look realistic. And do it quickly.

How to draw a fingal under the eye with shadows?

Every woman in the makeup bag has shadows, and therefore, to simulate a bruise, you can use them at almost any moment. All that is required of you is the right choice and combination of shades. Use purple, blue, yellow from the palette. Before applying shadows, it is important to lubricate the area where you intend to “put” a bruise with iodine.

More complicated way

Take a piece of plain paper and rub the pencil lead here. After this, wipe the prepared paper with the place under the eyes where you want to depict a fingal. It will turn out realistically. But that's not all.

Now the brush and gouache come into play. At this moment, the main thing for you is to choose a color well, transfer it to the area under the eyes. And iodine and shade will help to make out the whole picture even more realistic.

How to draw a black eye: step-by-step detailed instructions

The methods described before this were, more correctly, “whip up”. Now - a more correct and gentle method.

Wash and dry your skin first - this is a mandatory preparation so that there is no subsequent irritation on it.

Be sure to prepare a clean palette for mixing shades.

Take the black pencil that you usually use in eye makeup. And they paint over the entire area of ​​the eyelids, especially actively pay attention to the place under the eyes and near the nose. Only in the end should you get a grayish skin tone, not the color of a raven wing!

Take a paper towel, recommends taking it softer from paper, wrap it on your finger and give the future a bruise of softness, smoothly blending. At the edges, the bruise should be paler - so realistic.

Make shadow under the eye more likely to help the shadow. Choose matte and shade - purple. The edges of the nose, right next to the corners of the eyes, as well as the entire region of the lower eyelid and slightly lower, emphasize with decorative cosmetics.

The next layer - take a red tone. It can be shadows or even lipstick. Using a special sponge, try to simulate a scratch. It is better if there will be more red in the corner of the eye, where the lacrimal duct passes, and you can also add this shade on top of the cheekbone.

The next layer is dark blue or dark burgundy. They need to emphasize the inner corner of the eye, as well as the space along the eyelid.

The final part is greenish, yellowish shades. It is better to emphasize with them the outer corner of the eye, the cheekbone, a bruise from below.

Another extreme way of setting yourself a bruise is to suck. Ask your loved one to do this. However, the skin will indeed be slightly damaged.

In general, the method of simulating a bruise is your choice. The main thing is that the result is plausible, and then there are no serious problems with the skin of the face.

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    Making bruises under the eye at home: simple ways

    How to make a bruise for yourself under the right or left eye? The motivation of the people who ask this question is completely unknown to us, but we are not going to search for it. Just list all the known methods to make either real or artificial hematoma to satisfy the curiosity of readers. And you personally need bruises or not, decide for yourself.

    Making a real hematoma

    At home, a real bruise can be made in several relatively simple ways. Why is it relative? The thing is that the simplicity of the following methods depends on factors such as your sensitivity to pain and the presence of willpower:

    • the easiest way is to accidentally bump into the sharp corner of a piece of furniture. For example, you can not miss each other’s standing cupboard or not fit into the door jamb. Мы готовы вас уверить, что если удар будет достаточно сильным, синяк под глазом гарантирован. Главное – не перестараться, чтобы гематома оказалась единственным последствием,
    • можно попытаться ударить себя под глаз кулаком. Опять же, совершенно случайно, в пылу выполнения каких-либо повседневных обязанностей,
    • Another fairly simple method to make a bruise is to get someone at home angry. You can do the same with friends or just an unfamiliar company on the street. The last option is fraught with the appearance of hematomas throughout the body, and not just under the eyes, so be extremely careful,
    • Bruises may appear from lack of sleep. Of course, they will look completely different than a hematoma, but then you don’t have to accidentally stumble on someone’s fist.

    None of the above methods are suitable for you, but still want to get a bruise? Then we offer the option with artificial hematoma. Make it a little more difficult, however, the complete absence of harm to health eliminates this drawback.

    Artificial bruises at home

    There are much more ways to make quickly fake bruises, so we will choose only the most interesting of them:

    • grind on a sheet of paper, and then carefully rub the pencil lead. After that, apply the leaf to the place where you would like to see the hematoma,
    • we take a box of matches and carefully clean the sulfur heads, then rub them with the chosen place. This method makes it possible to obtain an artificial hematoma, which is practically no different from the real one. In addition, she will hold on for a very long time. But you need to try hard. Beauty requires sacrifice,
    • another bruise, indistinguishable from the present, can be obtained using an ordinary sponge and well-chosen paints. It is best to take several colors - blue, yellow, purple, black and burgundy. The hematoma of the desired shape should first be drawn on the desired site, and then painted in the desired colors in the sequence mentioned above. You can add red to simulate bleeding,
    • rub the area around the eye with iodine, and then apply blue shadows,
    • take two tablespoons of aluminum. No, you don’t need to beat yourself in the face. Just rub the spoons against each other, and then three the desired section of one of them. The hematoma will be very similar to the real one, but removing it is quite difficult.

    Creative people can also be invited to draw a hematoma using a cosmetic pencil. To begin with, the selected place is sketched in black and shaded using a regular napkin. Then we continue to color the bruises, using in turn purple, blue and yellow. We look in the mirror and admire the very spectacular makeup.

    We completely agree with the statement that a wide variety of situations can arise in life. And if suddenly one of them requires a hematoma on your face, it is better to do it with a pencil or makeup, and not other people's fists. This approach will help to avoid concussion or other unpleasant consequences.

    First way

    It will take chalk and foil.

    1. You need to chalk the place where you want to make a bruise.
    2. Then you should rub this place with foil, which must first be rolled up into a lump.
    3. Top must be wet with water.

    Such a bruise will not last long, so prepare it right before the demonstration. But you can make a bruise quickly.

    Fourth way

    This method is more difficult, but the bruise will be very natural. You will need paints of blue, yellow, burgundy and black, a sponge and a brush. Apply the paint with light movements with a sponge.

    1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the shape of the future bruise.
    2. Then you need to put the blue paint in the center and blend it.
    3. Next, a finger should be applied to the edges of the yellow paint, blending it to the center and along the edges.
    4. Then you need to add a little burgundy paint to the center and mix it with blue.
    5. If you need a darker bruise, then you need to saturate it with black. To do this, use a brush to make light strokes closer to the center.
    6. If you need spot hemorrhages, with a light touch of a sponge add a mixture of scarlet and burgundy paint to the center.

    Mix colors until you see a real realistic bruise. This method is suitable if you need to make a bruise on your hand.

    Sixth way

    You will need a black eyeliner, yellow, blue and purple shades, a napkin. Shadows must be matte.

    1. To begin, smear a space under the eyes with a black eyeliner.
    2. Then blend with a napkin. This is done to give more softness.
    3. Next, apply a layer of matte purple eye shadow.
    4. Add a dark blue color along the eyelids.
    5. Finish creating a bruise with yellow shadows - apply them on top of the entire bruise.

    Seventh method

    It will require an aluminum button and pencil.

    1. It is necessary to paint over the surface of the button with a pencil.
    2. Then, with effort, rub the place of the alleged bruise. You need to rub until a slight redness appears on the skin - then you will get a real bruise with redness.

    Eighth method

    Only two aluminum spoons are required.

    You should rub the spoons against each other, and then rub the skin with one spoon where you want to make a bruise. It will look very natural.

    We told you about eight ways to make a bruise at home. Choose the most suitable for you.