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How to have a farewell party in connection with the move for the Germans


Try to arrange such an event at home - it will be fun. Create an atmosphere: accessories, music, appropriate treats and entertainment.

Quite a bit of imagination and voila! Your apartment has turned into an underground casino from gangster films. Why aren't you Gatsby?

Whoever you and your friends are, there will always be topics that will hook you. “Dandies”, “Oktoberfest”, Hawaiian party, pajama, cowboy and so on.

Or maybe arrange a real masquerade? More precisely, its a lightweight version. It will be enough for everyone to put on colored wigs or a mustache - and immediately you will want to dump a load of problems and a dozen years to fool around and light up!

Amaze everyone at the party with Diana Ulanova's unique designer handbag. In unusual collections you are sure to find a suitable option.

Board games

If theme parties are too frivolous for your company, games are your everything. Here you have strategies, and logical games, and associative ones - entertainment for every taste. Even a classic monopoly or twister can cause a storm of emotions. Among close acquaintances, games for guessing associations - “Imaginarium”, “Dixit” —well go well.

However, the following two games guarantee the greatest fun and passions - the undisputed leaders of our charts.

Not afraid to find out the truth about your friends? Invite them to play in the Mafia. Just do not be surprised when your beloved husband will calmly deal with you under cover of night! And the best friends conspire behind you and accuse of a crime that you did not commit. But maybe you yourself dream of becoming a mafia and deciding the fate of people? Then draw a card. Who are you today - a civilian or a valiant commissar?

The game in the Mafia is an absolute hit for all time and for any company.

As an experienced player, I warn you: with a Crocodile you can sit with friends until dawn. The most interesting thing is to show and guess films.

If the company is large, share in teams. Do not exclude those who like to dull: it is they who will make you laugh until you drop, guessing something elementary.

The constraint and lack of acting talent for the Crocodile is not a hindrance. And if it’s a hindrance, you know how it is treated, right? A couple of cocktails - and those wishing to show the film "Kin-dza-dza" or "Basic Instinct" more than enough! And if your company has artistic people, consider that the evening was a success.

If you are a fan of moving your brain or tickling your nerves, visit the quest room. It will be a great start to the evening and take only an hour or two.

There are also large quests in parks or cottages. You can even try and make the quest yourself, but then you will not enjoy the game.

Shooting a clip

For example, the birthday or wedding of friends. The clip will be a unique, cool gift. At the same time, you yourself will have a great time. Come up with a script, assign roles, pick up music. The preparation and the filming itself is a great occasion to chat with friends and laugh heartily. And the video will be remembered. And dozens of funny moviegoers.

In general, what do Germans know about Russia, besides craving for world domination?

From Russian music: t.A.T.u. and the ensemble Pussy Riot.

From politicians acting: Putin, Navalny and Lavrov.

From the writers: Dostoevsky.

There is much to tell.

In general, our Germans were delighted! Required recipes. By the way, they gave us a present: they brought a large basket with Saarland-Bavarian drinks and products.

What ideas do you have? How to show Russian (Ukrainian, Belarusian or other) culture to a foreigner?

Party bus

Hire a special bus or limousine for recreational city trips. Gather friends, take champagne, a couple of snacks - and go. You can arrange a tour of the familiar streets.

Choose a cool outfit for such an adventure: the more unexpected, the better!

In St. Petersburg, pick up H.O.P. Italy fashion stylish clothes and accessories that will surely amaze your friends. For example, an unusual leopard coat and a beautiful bag.

Fur coat Imperial
22 190 rub.
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Bag Dante Agostini
9 600 rub.
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Invite a professional animator. Magicians, artists, musicians, masters of bartender shows will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, a special guest will require additional costs, but they will not be astronomical.

A saxophonist or a happy birthday girl in a giant soap bubble is worth it.

Home cinema

If all the entertainment options have already been tested a hundred times, there is no reason to get together, but I really want to - arrange a home movie show. It can be a night of Soviet comedies or French melodramas. Favorite actors, popcorn, cocktails and non-stop communication.

A large company needs a roomy sofa to watch a movie.

We recommend that you look at the corner models with a wooden frame and orthopedic base from Restmebel. They are divided into sections and equipped with an ottoman - comfortable viewing is provided!

Sofa "Solo" in Restmebel
From 93 000 rub.
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Sofa "Solo" in Restmebel
From 72 200 rub.
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Svetlana Chernyshova

Psychologist, Consultant. Specialist from the site

why are you, what gifts, especially to the boss. It is they who should give you a gift for memory. From you - a table, what will be on it depends on imagination and money. I usually always brought champagne and a snack. You can bake a cake. And that's enough

we had a booze, songs, dances. true, then we were 20.

something this year everyone rushed to leave after working for 6 years)) I also quit recently, also a small company, but another employee quit with me and the director ordered everything from the restaurant. and we ourselves wanted to set the usual table, no gifts.

I myself spend from the editorial office with cake and tea)))

Yes, the table - canapes, cake, gulls, wine / cognac. Speech to the chief - thanks for everything, you can have a "diploma" humorous with the wish of prosperity and other successes.

And I so dream to quit! Just don't go to work and that’s it. Without saying goodbye to anyone. Before that, I changed work 3 times and always somehow foolishly left.

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But just say "while" does not channel?

A bag with presents. Author, are you overheating or what? If they wanted to leave you, they would offer a salary of 2 p. more and it would not be necessary to change the scope of activity. In their garden and without gifts!

A bag with presents? do not forget to fasten the beard and paint the nose with red lipstick))

Well, nobody understood me .. I love everyone there so much! and love me! everyone is roaring !! the boss didn’t want to let go, I just really want to do other things ((so I even feel guilty that I pretended so much time that I like everything.

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