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How to check if a man loves: the best ways


In a love relationship, there often comes a moment when, for some reason, you have to figure out how to proceed. It happens that you have long been in a relationship, but once you realize that your feelings are beginning to fade. You may already have parted with your partner, but now doubt your decision. Think about whether you still love him? Love is not a definite feeling, and sometimes it’s very difficult to understand your feelings, especially if you are stuck in everyday life and dullness.

How to check if a husband loves - female secrets

First of all, before you check whether your husband loves you, and doubt his sincerity, you need to understand yourself and understand what provokes the emergence of such feelings in you.

If a man has stopped giving flowers, spends a lot of time with friends, and has often lingered at work, you need to make sure that the problem is not a figment of your rich imagination. If a man has a difficult and responsible period at work, his delays there are understandable.

In order to check whether the husband loves, you can ask him to help you with the housework, as well as involve him in family affairs. Let them check school grades in children or do hard physical work.

It is possible that you just took all the work upon you, and he, in order not to interfere with you being the main one, simply pulled away. In such a situation, you must do everything to make him understand the need for his help. Most likely, in this situation, he will begin to show you more care and attention, somewhat improving your relationship.

What to do to check if your husband loves you?

Also to check whether a man loves, you can spend a joint weekend. The fact is that on a romantic weekend you will not be harassed by everyday worries, which often cause many breaks.

In addition, in such an environment, you can determine by the behavior and mood of your husband how well he treats you. If a man loves you, he will gladly go on to postpone problems and revitalize his feelings somewhat.

Despite all the variety of possible options, it is best to just ask about them to check if the husband loves. You should tell him about your doubts and openly discuss this problem with your husband. Only together can you overcome this difficult period and maintain a relationship that is dear to both of you.

How to find out if a man still loves you or not

If a man truly loves, then the girl will not have to win his love and respect, and there is no need to prove anything, because the evidence is already stored in his heart. In any situation, a loving man will not hit his woman, will not cause her either physical or mental pain.

If you are wondering whether a man loves or not, then you should know that a loving man always wants a child from his woman. He is not afraid of either family life or his father's responsibilities. He will take off his last shirt, sell his beloved car, plow at several jobs from dawn to dusk, but make his other half happy and not need anything. A loving man for the sake of his woman will make any sacrifice - from refusing to communicate with certain people to agreeing to an offer to go shopping.

If true love lives in a man’s heart, then the man is ready to forgive the beloved of any shortcomings. He will strive to spend evenings and weekends with her. He will also not be afraid to look ridiculous in the eyes of his beloved and others around him, he will be ready for anything in order to achieve her reciprocity.

It is difficult to say why a particular man is in love with a particular woman. Many people believe that this love is based on his love for his mother, if she is real, or on the inaccessibility of a certain girl, if this is not true love, but only a kind of dependence.

To check if a man loves, refuse him sex. A loving man is ready to wait for his first intimacy with his beloved for many months, the main thing is that she be near, present in his life and not refuse his courtship. He will not stare at other women in search of love affairs. He will turn down any mountains, build a career, start a business - radically change his life.

A woman can always rely on a loving man. In any difficult or contentious situation, he is ready to take the side of his beloved, even if suddenly she is not right.

And the most important thing is that a woman just feels it and will never doubt sincerity. And if he does not love, but plays and manipulates a woman, this brings her great suffering and pain. Be a little psychologists, do not allow such a situation, feel men.

How to test a man’s love - recommendations

Men, they are so different and completely unpredictable. Basically, men are decisive, and take the initiative in their own hands, and women are used to it. But there are men who are more timid, especially in the field of feelings, and they need help to bring their feelings out.

To check whether a man loves, you must suddenly end the relationship. And if in a week he does not prove himself, does not look for meetings with you, then this is not your man.

A man who needs you will always look for meetings with and without him. He will attract your attention by all means available to him. To give flowers, make a gift, treat in a cafe or restaurant, invite him to the theater, to an exhibition, a movie or just to walk around the city, this will be his main tricks.

Tell him that you are offended at work. The person to whom you are dear will vividly respond to your pain and offer his help. He will always try to protect you from others who can do this.

Ask him for a favor, which is not so easy to do. For example, pick you up late at night from a friend on the other side of town. If a man loves, he will always come to your aid. Drive home, pack a closet, chop wood, get water, or even sit with your children.

The best way to test a man’s feelings is with a woman’s illness. He will be the first to inquire about your state of health, offer help with work, or let him go home from service, or be the first to come to the hospital. He will not leave you in the most difficult moments of your life (disability), he will not show how hard it is for him, but will smile and reassure you.

How to check if a man loves? The easiest way to ask him about this. And if he answers what he loves, let him say what he expects from you. What can you give him, what he does not have. If you are satisfied with his explanations, then you decide whether you need this man.