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How to make a bracelet with your own hands - a bead and bead bracelet


To create a beautiful bracelet with your own hands requires very little - a few tools, patience and a few simple tips.

Of various materials (threads, leather, sequins and even zippers), without exaggeration, you can make a huge number of different bracelets.

The costs are minimal, and the result is more than pleasant.

Try to make a beautiful bracelet, guided by a few tips in this article.

Here are just a small part of the bracelets that you can do with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself bracelet made of nuts (workshop). Option 1.

- jump rings (wire possible)

- lighter (if necessary)

1. Lay out the nuts the way you want your bracelet to look.

2. Using long-nose pliers, open the rings and begin to connect the nuts with their help. You should get a pattern for the bracelet.

3. When you have connected all the nuts in rings in the order you need, get ready to make a bracelet directly. To do this, take the cord and cut about 60 cm.

4. Fold the cord in half and cut it.

5. Now again, fold each half in half and thread it into the end nuts.

6. Lighter carefully melt the ends of the cord. It is not necessary to lean the fire against the cord, just bring it close enough.

7. Insert the ends of the cord through one nut and tie the ends together.

Do-it-yourself bracelet made of threads and nuts. Option 2

- 3 cotton threads

- small hex nuts (in this example there are 18 pieces)

1. Prepare three threads and tie a knot at the end.

2. Start weaving a braid.

3. When about 5 cm of “braid” is woven, at each further turn, start screwing one nut each.

4. When you used the last nut, you need to continue to weave the braid as you did at the beginning.

* Check the length of the bracelet on your wrist. The length should be such that it is possible to wrap the thread around the wrist 2-3 times.

5. After weaving, tie a knot at the end and cut off the excess.

DIY leather bracelet. Option 1.

- leather or leatherette

- hole punching tool

- button for clothes (clasp latch)

1. Cut the skin or leatherette into strips - the length of each should exceed the size of the wrist by about 4-5 cm. In this example, the width of each strip is about 3-4 cm.

2. Use waterproof paint to draw geometric patterns or any other patterns on leather stripes.

3. When the drawing is ready, apply a second coat of paint and leave to dry.

4. Make a hole for the button where it is most convenient for you (measure on a wrist) and insert it.

DIY leather bracelet. Option 2

- superglue or glue for the skin

- button for clothes (clasp latch)

1. Cut an oval from a piece of leather about 22 x 10 cm in size. Depending on the size of your wrist, you can make the oval longer or shorter.

2. Make a butterfly, and fix it with a thread - just tie a thread on the end of which then tie a knot.

3. Cut a small rectangle of leather - about 4 x 1 cm in size.

4. Wrap the thread with this piece and secure with super glue.

5. It remains to insert the clasp-latch and you're done.

Do-it-yourself zipper bracelet (photo). Option 1.

- clamps for threads with bijouterie rings

1. Prepare a few zippers and cut the fabric from the sides.

2. Measure the desired size on your wrist and cut off the excess, but make sure the zipper still works.

3. Attach the thread clamps to the ends of each zipper with the help of thin-nosed cones, and using a bijouterie ring, connect the clamp and carabiner.

4. Make several of these bracelets of different colors and can wear on your wrist, and you can do everything at once.

Beautiful bracelet made of lightning. Option 2

1. Prepare 3 halves of lightning of the same length. In this example, all the halves are the same color, but you can choose different colors.

2. Use a clip to join all three halves of fasteners.

3. Start weaving a pigtail out of lightning.

4. When the pigtail is ready, fasten the ends of the zippers with a clip.

From the history of bracelets

Do-it-yourself bracelets were made during the hunt for mammoths from stripes of skin, pieces of bones and stones. Then they served as protective amulets, charm bracelets. They were endowed with special properties, where each nodule, each element served as protection from evil forces and spirits. Or should have attracted luck: in hunting, in childbirth, in getting rid of diseases.

Even those that later began to serve as decorations, carried a certain semantic load. More often they made a bracelet for good luck with their own hands and spoke to shamans, sorcerers or medicine men. Depending on the name of the one who for the tribe or community was the connecting link between people and higher powers.

As a decoration, bracelets began to be used much later. In museums you can see bracelets that make you freeze in admiration for the beauty created by ancient masters. Like all jewelry, bracelets were an investment, a means of accumulating family capital, independent of economic and military shocks.

Men who gave jewelry to wives and daughters laid the foundation for the well-being of the family for several generations to come.

Bracelets with precious stones were handed down from generation to generation, hiding in treasures, in the hope that the owners themselves or their descendants would be able to use the values ​​after they passed troubled times or events. Since then, people have been looking for treasures and, probably, will never stop doing this fascinating activity.

What are bracelets

Now you can see a great many diverse bracelets. And it is impossible to sort through all the options for jewelry having the shape of a bracelet. For how many people on the planet have so many options for bracelets can be created and embodied, plus as many more.

  1. Wide and half-wide rings, flat and volumetric weave of metal, leather, plastic.
  2. Narrow thread, lace with knots, interweaving elements in the form of beads, coins, pebbles.
  3. Bracelets made of precious and semiprecious metals and stones.

All that you can put on your hand, or rather on your wrist - these are bracelets. They are male, female or unisex bracelets, suitable for both. The bracelet is loved by both very young and young people, and adults who know what a style of clothing is and who know how to choose the right accessories for it.

In addition, bracelets perfectly combine artistic and practical functions. They can fasten watches, telephones, and devices for monitoring and analyzing the functioning of the body.

One thing is for sure - bracelets were always and forever will remain in use. They will constantly change their appearance, new types of weaves, fastenings and fasteners will be invented.

But a person will never give up bracelets, no matter what purpose they carry within themselves: practical, aesthetic or served as amulets bracelets.

DIY amulets bracelets

We can do the amulet bracelets with our own hands now. And for this we do not need to look for a shaman to speak to guard him from misfortunes.

During work, it’s enough to tune into a creative wave and collect the elements of a bracelet with a pure heart and kind thoughts.

In the process, you need to think about what qualities and protective properties you would like to endow with bracelets. With your own hands at home, you can make an amulet for yourself or others or make them for all those who are dear to you.

Before starting work, they advise you to wash yourself with running water, wash your hands, rinse your face and chest several times with water, saying: “Water-vodka, wash my face (name), cleanse my thoughts. Give me (name) your purity and strength, help me with good thoughts. ” In principle, you can say anything, it is important to clearly articulate your desire and put your feelings and thoughts in order. It’s just a mood for creative work.

The creative kind energy that you put in a bracelet made of beads and beads will certainly bear fruit: it will help in love, attract wealth, drive away ailments. You can whisper to each bead or element separately: this is a link to good luck in love, and the other is protection from envious eyes, for example.

A do-it-yourself bracelet is a great gift for those you value and love. And a gift to myself, by the way, too. Moreover, your imagination will help to diversify the appearance, add decorative details to it. Each bracelet will be unique and individual.

We will connect bracelets from beads with our own hands and bracelets from beads with our own hands into one: a bracelet from beads and beads.

Bead & Bead Bracelet

How to make a bracelet of beads with our own hands, we will now analyze step by step with a photo.

For work, we need:

  • large beads "Mallorca" 0.8 mm - 24 pcs.,
  • medium beads "Mallorca" 0.3 mm - 46 pcs.,
  • beads,
  • bead needle
  • white beaded thread,
  • clasp "carabiner" - 1 pc.,
  • scissors.

Let's start a step-by-step work on making a bracelet from beads and beads with our own hands. A photo of the process will help us.

  1. We pull the thread into the needle.
  2. We tie a knot at the end of the thread.
  3. We collect 2 beads large "Mallorca", then we collect 4 beads, 1 middle bead "Majorca", 4 beads.
  4. We stretch through 2 large beads "Mallorca".
  5. On the other hand, we repeat everything the same, in the same order.
  6. From the side where the needle comes out with a thread, we fasten the fastener. And we withdraw the thread with the needle through the large beads of the "Mallorca" back.
  7. Having withdrawn the needle, we collect 1 large bead, 4 beads, 1 middle bead “Mallorca”, 4 beads. We thread into the second major bead “Mallorca” from the beginning. Then again we collect 4 beads, 1 middle bead, 4 beads and thread through two large beads (3 and 4).
  8. We continue to do further, too, until we weave a bracelet of a suitable size for us.
  9. Having made the bracelet in size, we fasten the second part of the clasp.

A bracelet made of beads and beads with your own hands is ready, we try on it, admire the beauty of the hand and bracelet on it and enjoy the result.

How to make a bracelet with your own hands, we showed. You just have to understand the principle and create this beauty in various ways, so that none of the bracelets you created from beads and beads does not look like the previous one. Creative mood and a pleasing result, dear craftswomen, guests of the website Home Economics!

Sequin bracelet (for beginners)

- elastic cord (0.5 mm)

- needle or pin

1. Prepare about 30 cm of elastic cord and tie a double knot at its end.

2. Pull the elastic cord through the sequins. You can use sequins of any color and put them on the cord in any order.

3. Wrap the workpiece around your wrist to check size. Also note that the bracelet will stretch, as he is on an elastic cord.

When you have put on the number of sequins you need, tie the ends of the cord into a knot and tighten. Make a double knot and cut off the excess.

4. Prepare embroidery threads and cut a few pieces about 5 cm long. Each piece is tied to the elastic cord with a double knot.

How to make a shamballa bracelet (photo instruction)

- adhesive tape (adhesive tape, electrical tape)

1. Prepare a thread about 1.30-1.40 m long and fold it in half.

2. Cut 2 more pieces of a 50 cm long satin thread and put one of them between the two strands of the folded long thread (from step 1). Set aside another thread.

3. Getting started with three parallel strands.

Tie a knot at the bottom of the strand that is in the middle (50 cm) and put a bead on this strand.

* To make it easier to work, you can fix the center thread with duct tape.

4. Start knitting as shown in the image. You need to make 5-6 loops and then add one bead again.

* You can occasionally add superglue so that the structure holds well.

5. Connect the ends with an additional thread (see image) and cut off the excess parts of the thread.

DIY bead bracelets

- beads (in this example, in the form of cubes)

- elastic thread (cord)

1. Cut a piece of thread of the length that fits your wrist, while remembering to leave a lot of margin.

2. Prepare several threads of the same size. The width of the bracelet depends on the number of threads.

3. Tie two threads together - make a knot from the ends of the elastic threads.

4. Start adding beads as shown in the images. Two beads will pass through each bead.

All beads should fit snugly against each other, so don't forget to press them tightly.

5. When you have added all the bead, tie the double knots on the threads to fix everything.

6. Tie the opposite ends together to make a bracelet. Make double or triple knots and add some super glue to strengthen.

7. Cut off the excess.

DIY wooden bead bracelets (diagram)

1. Cut a thread about 1 m long. Fold it in half and tie a knot at the end, leaving a loop the diameter of which is slightly larger than the diameter of the bead (see image).

* To make it easier to put a bead on the thread, you can grease its ends with glue and let it dry.

2. Start adding beads. Pull one end of the thread into the bead on one side and the other end on the other side. Tighten the thread so that all the beads are aligned evenly, hold tight and do not hang down.

3. Continue adding beads in the same manner until you reach the length you need.

4. Tie a knot after the penultimate bead and then add another (last) bead.

5. Tie the ends of the thread into a knot. Do this around the last bead so that it holds tight (see image).

6. Cut off the excess. You can fix the assembly with glue.