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How to make cucumber juice for the winter


Cucumber juice is a very useful and versatile drink. Cucumbers have a high water content and contain a remarkable amount of potassium, silicon dioxide, vitamins A and C, folic acid and chlorophyll, among other nutrients. Many people add cucumber juice to their diet to improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair, and if you use it regularly, the drink can help lower high blood pressure and remove stones and kidneys. Cucumber juice can only be made from cucumbers or mixed with sweeteners and other juices to give an additional flavor.

Winter juice preservation with fermentation

Knowing how to make freshly squeezed cucumber juice, you can improve your health. To do this, it is enough to wash the vegetables and without peeling, because it is there that the main amount of all useful substances is located, grate them. The resulting mass is placed in cheesecloth and a healing drink is squeezed. Cucumber juice can be prepared in other ways. You can grind pure cucumbers in a meat grinder or in a blender, and then squeeze through cheesecloth. And if you have a juicer, then you can immediately get a useful cucumber fresh.

You can make juice from cucumbers for the winter and continue treatment almost all year round. The recipe for cooking is very simple, any housewife can easily cope with it. The liquid is squeezed out of 6 kg of cucumbers, 10 g of salt is added to it for each liter of drink. A small horseradish root and 1 g of black, allspice and red pepper are also added.

Spices are placed in sterilized jars, filled with prepared liquid, the containers are covered with lids and left in a warm place for fermentation for 2 days. When the fermentation process is over, the finished mixture is rolled up with sterilized lids and put in a cool place for storage.

Another simple recipe that describes how to make cucumber juice. Washed cucumbers, about 15 kg, are diced and poured for half an hour with a solution that consists of 1 liter of water and 1 tbsp. l salt. Cucumber fresh is squeezed out of the prepared vegetables through a juicer. In sterilized jars, horseradish root, black and allspice, caraway seeds and dill seeds are placed. Spice the resulting fresh juice and leave to ferment for 3 days. The finished drink is rolled up with lids. To prepare recipes with fermentation, you can take not young small vegetables, but large and overripe ones.

Chemical composition

The composition of the cucumber drink contains a wide range of useful and nutrients, and it does not matter that the concentration of these substances is low. The product contains vitamins H, PP, E, C, A, group B, as well as macro- and microelements: chlorine, sodium, potassium, magnesium, silicon, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, sulfur. Another advantage of the product is the presence of essential oils and tartronic acid. The main benefits of cucumber juice are appreciated in medicine and nutrition, as it has incredible health and rejuvenating properties.

Beneficial features

Most often, a drink from fresh cucumber is used in cosmetology, it is added to masks, scrubs, creams, tonics, etc.

This product also helps maintain perfect skin condition, it has a positive effect on internal organs. It maintains a balance of acids and alkalis in the body - an indispensable action for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

In the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system, there is a complete imbalance in the amount of sodium and potassium in the body. Cucumber juice, in turn, removes excess sodium, as it has a light diuretic effect.

If you use cucumber in tandem with juice of spinach, carrots, lettuce, hair growth improves, it is a prevention of rheumatism, it does not allow the accumulation of uric acid.

This product is recommended for use by people with high or low blood pressure. It also effectively restores memory, the state of the central nervous system and helps with coronary artery disease.

The product can be consumed in its pure form, or it can be combined with the most unpredictable juices from vegetables, fruits, and even root crops (with apple, grapefruit, garlic, onion, tomato, etc.). All juices should be freshly squeezed and combined with cucumber in a ratio of 20/1 (twenty parts of cucumber juice and one part of any other juice).

A drink from fresh cucumber has antimicrobial properties, therefore, it is often used to treat skin ulcers and suppurating wounds.

Cucumber juice is actively used in areas such as:

  • aromatherapy
  • Dietetics
  • cosmetology,
  • disease prevention.

The product contains a large amount of potassium, which, undoubtedly, has a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular system. Despite the fact that the product consists mainly of water, it is a prevention of puffiness.

The high fiber content relieves constipation and normalizes intestinal motility. Also cleans blood vessels from accumulated cholesterol.

Slimming Cucumber Juice

The benefit of cucumber juice for the body is also its low calorie content.

Calorie contentSixteen kilocalories per hundred grams of product
Squirrels0.8 grams
Fats0.1 gram
Carbohydrates2.5 grams

The product enriches the body with fiber, therefore, appetite is suppressed. Tartronic acid has a positive effect on lipid metabolism, and activates the conversion of fat cells into energy, therefore, the process of losing weight. The product cleanses the body of toxins, cholesterol, toxins, replenishes the water level in the cells, helps to “flush” the urinary tract.

Contraindications and harm cucumber juice

This product, in addition to its nutritional and beneficial properties, also has contraindications. It is advisable to refuse cucumber juice if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract (increased acidity, stomach and duodenal ulcers), during lactation, if there are diseases that are accompanied by alkalization of the body. It must be remembered that the addition of cucumber juice to the diet should be seasonal. Vegetables grown out of season can harm the body, as they may contain pesticides and other chemicals. Persons with an abnormality of the urinary tract and intestines can feel the harm of cucumber juice, since the product has a mild diuretic and laxative effect.

Cucumber juice at home

To make cucumber juice at home, you will need cucumbers grown on the open ground, without the addition of growth stimulants and other chemical fertilizers. Before preparing a cucumber healthy drink, the vegetables must be thoroughly washed. Washed fruits can be chopped in a blender or passed through a juicer. If a juicer is used, then the liquid does not need to be filtered. In case a blender is used, you need to take gauze and separate the cake and seeds from the liquid. In order to give the drink a pleasant taste, it can be combined with carrot juice. Carrot and cucumber juice has a pleasant sweetish taste, and an incredible range of nutrients.

How to drink a drink? The resulting drink should be consumed twice a day for half a glass. If the body normally responds to the product, the dosage can be increased to two glasses per day. For the best effect, you need to make a drink immediately before drinking, but if this is not possible, you can make frozen cucumber juice. How to make? The finished drink must be poured into ice molds and put in the freezer. This product can be used to add to a variety of tonic drinks, as anti-aging ice for face and body. You can store the product in the freezer for no more than thirty-six hours, otherwise, all useful substances will die, and an allergic reaction may occur.

Winter preservation recipes

There are various recipes for preservation for the winter using cucumber juice, including:

“Cucumbers in cucumber juice” - to make the seafood at home, you will need two kilograms of fresh cucumbers, 1.3 liters of freshly squeezed cucumber drink, fifty grams of sugar, fifty grams of salt, five grams of citric acid, or replace citric acid with one hundred grams of flavored vinegar. Pour boiling water over cucumbers twice, alternating with ice baths. Tamp the vegetables in a jar (tightly). Put cucumber juice on the fire, add salt and sugar to it. Three times pour cucumbers in a jar of boiling juice. Before the last time, add citric acid to the cucumber marinade, pour and roll tightly.

“Tomatoes in cucumber juice” - for cooking you will need two kilograms of small sized tomato, you can use the sort of “cream”. And also one and a half liters of freshly squeezed cucumber juice, fifty grams of salt and sugar, one tablespoon of vinegar, one tablet of ascorbic acid per one liter of seaming. Wash the tomatoes thoroughly, add boiling water twice and drain the water. Put the cucumber juice on the fire, bring it to a boil. While he is boiling in a jar of tomatoes, you need to pour salt, sugar, pour vinegar and throw ascorbic acid into it. Pour the tomatoes with boiling water, roll them up tightly, put on the floor in an inverted form. Banks with a sunset for the winter should be wrapped in a warm blanket and left at least for the night.

The benefits of cucumber juice are simply incredible, but you only need to use it exclusively in season: June-September. Be healthy and beautiful.

Non fermentation and freezing

The easiest way is to make a drink in a juicer. Water is poured into the lower container, and diced cucumbers are placed in the upper container, they can be salted to taste. Sterilized jars are placed under the hose of the cooker, filled with a drink, and then rolled up with prepared lids.

It will take 2 kg of large, unsuitable for canning, cucumbers. They are washed, cut off the ends from 2 sides. Grind the fruits on a grater and squeeze the juice with gauze, it should get about 1.5 liters. The finished liquid is poured into a pan and 1 tbsp is poured there. l salt and 1 tsp. Sahara. Put the pot on a small fire, bring it to a boil and cook for about 7 minutes. This cucumber juice will contain small pieces of pulp. If desired, it can be filtered and boiled again.

Chopped garlic cloves, small pieces of horseradish root are placed in prepared sterilized jars. Add 3 ml of vinegar to boiling juice and immediately pour it into jars with spices. Banks are rolled up with lids and wrapped in a towel until completely cooled.

Juice Billets

There is another simple recipe - this is freezing the finished drink. Cucumber juice is poured into prepared containers and placed in a freezer for about 2 hours. The resulting ice cubes can then be placed in plastic bags for further storage. In winter, such cubes can be used to make vitamin cocktails. It is useful to wipe the face with such cucumber ice, the skin from this becomes fresh and elastic. Or you can just get the cubes from the freezer, wait for them to thaw completely and drink a glass of vitamin juice.

For a change, you can make a cucumber drink for the winter along with apple juice, the recipe is quite simple. It will take 2 kg of vegetables and apples, previously peeled and cut into cubes. Fresh juice is squeezed out of the prepared components, 1 tsp is added to it. cinnamon powder. The drink is heated, poured hot on the banks, which are then rolled up.

There is also a recipe for cucumber-tomato juice, which will be not only tasty, but also very useful. Squeeze the juice from 2 kg of cucumbers and 3 kg of tomatoes, salt is added to it to taste. The container with the drink is put on a slow fire, it is boiled for about 15 minutes after boiling. The hot drink is poured into sterilized cans, rolled up with lids and wrapped in a towel until it cools completely.

Another interesting recipe is a mixture of cucumber juice with tomato paste. Prepared cucumbers are passed through a juicer and tomato paste is added to the resulting liquid at the rate of 400 g of paste per 1 liter of juice. The mixture is stirred, put on low heat, brought to a boil and cooked for about 7 minutes. Sugar and ground nutmeg are added to taste. A hot drink is poured into cans and rolled up.

In such a simple way, you can harvest cucumber juice by mixing it with different berry drinks. For this, raspberries, strawberries or currants are well suited, each recipe will be very nutritious and elegant in its own way. Sugar is added to taste in each case. Berry juices can make up from 30% to 50% of the volume of cucumber fresh.

Store any vegetable juices cooked at home, it is recommended no more than a year. After this period, they can lose their taste and useful qualities, they significantly reduce the content of nutrients. If during storage the color of the drink changes dramatically or mold appears on it, it should be poured.

Cucumber juice, especially in combination with other drinks, in winter will saturate the body with many useful substances. You can choose the one you like best and use it every year. Treatment with healing juices can be continued for 12 months, but preferably after consultation with a specialist and under his direct control.

General about cucumbers and cucumber juice

Those who consider that cucumber is a tasty but useless product should be aware that this opinion is erroneous. This is the only vegetable that we eat unripe. The longer the cucumber ripens, the less vitamins remain in it. Low-calorie fruit is an important product for those seeking to lose weight or just follow a certain diet. It moderate appetite and a person feels full. Therefore, the preparation of cucumber juice for the winter will be needed for people with small deviations in health. Note: 13.5 kcal per 100 g.

It is recommended to use cucumber with meat dishes, as it contributes to the favorable digestion of protein foods. Also fresh, the vegetable is very useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system, its diuretic effect relieves swelling and a cucumber can also act as a laxative. The most useful fruit, just picked from the garden, after a few hours, it loses some of its positive properties.

Cucumber juice for the winter is often used as a cosmetic product for facial skin care: whitens, relieves inflammation, removes rashes, reduces oiliness, removes freckles.

The benefits of eating cucumber:

  • thirsty vegetable
  • cleanses the body
  • low in fats, proteins and carbohydrates,
  • thanks to dietary fiber, it acts on the normalization of bowel function,
  • vitamins b, e, pp are also present in the composition,
  • for stable heart function potassium will be tried,
  • patients on the thyroid gland should definitely use this fruit in the diet, since it contains a lot of iodine,
  • cucumber with a bunch of minerals, regulates metabolism, namely: magnesium, chlorine, chromium, fluorine, cobalt, calcium, iron, sodium, copper, zinc, manganese.

It is not recommended to use cucumbers for those who have an increased acidity of the stomach.

Many people wonder how to make cucumber juice for the winter. The step-by-step instructions presented below will answer all the questions of each housewife and even provide much more information. To procure such provisions, you should purchase fresh vegetables and begin to act immediately.

With 4.5 kg of cucumbers, 3 liters of juice are obtained.

Cucumber juice for the winter

  • cucumber - 15 kg
  • salt - 150 g
  • caraway seeds - 50 g
  • dill seeds - 50 g,
  • horseradish root - 20 g
  • black pepper - 2 g,
  • allspice - 2g.

  1. Washed cucumbers cut into pieces.
  2. Soak in a brine for about 30 minutes. Brine: 1 liter of water, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt.
  3. Squeeze juice from cucumbers, strain and add salt if necessary.
  4. Finely chop the remaining ingredients or grate, add seasonings and arrange them in bottles in equal proportions.
  5. Pour the cans with the components of the juice and send them to a warm place for 3 days so that it ferments.
  6. At the end of fermentation, cool the juice from the cucumbers for the winter and cork with lids. The drink is ready.

For some picky ones, juice from cucumbers is not very pleasant to taste, and useful vitamins need to be gleaned from it. For this, the drink can be prepared with the addition of some fruits or vegetables. Below are options for making juice from cucumbers, recipes for such mixtures.

  • cucumber - 2000 g
  • apple - 2000 g
  • cinnamon - a teaspoon.

  1. Peel thoroughly washed vegetables and cut.
  2. Peel apples and cut into slices.
  3. Using an electric juicer, squeeze the juice and mix in one bowl.
  4. Add cinnamon. Heat in a saucepan, pour into jars and roll up the lid.
  5. Healthy drink at your service!

Cucumber Tomato Juice Recipe

  • cucumber - 2 kg
  • tomato - 3 kg
  • salt to taste.

  1. Wash the vegetables. Remove ponytails.
  2. Через соковыжималку пропустить сначала огурец, затем помидор. Полученную массу тщательно перемешать.
  3. Вылить в кастрюлю и поставить на огонь до закипания.
  4. Всыпать соль и на медленном огне проварить смесь, снимая пену.
  5. Подготовить банки: вымыть с содой и простерилизовать. То же сделать и с крышками.
  6. Разлить сок по банкам, укутать и дать остыть в теплом полотне.
  7. Готовый напиток к вашим услугам!

Frozen Cucumber Juice

Juice from the vegetable in question can not only be preserved, but also frozen. Cucumber juice for the winter, the freezing of which does not take much time, will delight you with an unsurpassed taste, even if you save it this way. As ingredients, you need only the fruits of cucumbers without any other additives.

  1. Pass vegetables through a juicer or a meat grinder (in this case, the resulting mass will require additional straining).
  2. Pour the liquid into molds for ice.
  3. Put in the freezer. After freezing, shake from the molds and move the finished ice cubes into a plastic bag for further storage in the freezer.

A bit about cucumber juice in cosmetology

A sufficiently large number of cosmetics contains cucumber juice. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that this product is advisable to use not only inside, but also use on the external parts of the body.

In order not to splurge on expensive care products, many can squeeze juice from cucumbers at home on their own. Such funds will be more natural and without preservatives, and, accordingly, will bring more benefits. To please your skin not only with natural products in summer, cucumber juice for the winter can be rolled up in jars. The resulting tonic can be used for any type of skin and not worry about allergic reactions.

As a lotion, cucumber juice has a positive effect, like a bleaching agent for the face, and accordingly, age spots and freckles disappear. Regular rubbing of such a tonic helps get rid of small wrinkles.

Cubes of frozen funds act as a tonic tool for the face after sleep.

To keep your hands in perfect condition, you should consider the following recipes and tips:

  • cucumber juice - 100 g,
  • salt - 1 tsp.

Application: do this bath twice a week and hold hands in it for 15 minutes. The mixture is preferably slightly warmed up.

And finally, a couple of tips for applying juice as cosmetics:

  • in order to saturate dry skin with nutrients, it’s better to add milk to the juice,
  • to create a face mask, cucumber juice is diluted with sour cream and egg yolk and the mask is applied for half an hour,
  • juice with pulp can be applied once a week in the form of a mask on the hair for 20 minutes.

Cucumber juice for the winter at home is a pleasant and useful event that will only respond with a positive result for your body.