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How to enjoy pregnancy


What are the last weeks of pregnancy - what do the doctors say about this? How are these days with future mothers, what bothers them?

Under this definition, the entire last obstetric month of pregnancy can be attributed, that is, from 36 to 40 weeks. It is during these weeks that most women start giving birth.

The last weeks of pregnancy are pretty hard. It affects the weight gained over 9 months, a large child who also stirs rather painfully, and a too-standing uterus, pressing on the lungs and stomach. And this is far from all the problems. Fortunately, they will disappear very soon, and therefore mom does not need to focus on them.

We need to think about what happiness awaits her in the near future and how to prepare for the birth of a new family member so that the first weeks after the birth are as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Why can't enjoy pregnancy

Even those women who have long dreamed of a baby and finally become pregnant, do not always enjoy pregnancy. Following the euphoria from the good news that the woman will soon become a mother, such an unpleasant aspect of pregnancy as toxicosis comes very quickly. Experiencing constant weakness, drowsiness and nausea, it is difficult to enjoy pregnancy. Fears of pregnant women, which are especially often experienced by women who are bearing a child for the first time, join the ailments very quickly. Doctors often heat up these fears, informing the expectant mother about any deviations in the analysis, the results of an ultrasound scan, etc. An impressionable pregnant girl can develop a completely trifling problem to a cosmic scale, while spinning not only herself, but also her family.

It may also interfere with the enjoyment of pregnancy by a forced change in your usual lifestyle. A pregnant woman needs to exclude harmful foods, alcohol from her diet, give up dangerous entertainment, heavy sports loads and much more. All these restrictions can negatively affect a woman’s mood.

In the later stages of pregnancy, when it would seem that toxicosis is already behind, a woman may begin to worry due to rapid weight gain. Fears of pregnant women are very often associated with the idea that after childbirth it does not work out to return to its original form.

How to turn pregnancy into pleasure

In fact, in order to enjoy pregnancy, first of all, you need to properly configure yourself. 9 months is not such a long time to seriously worry about the limitations and changes that accompany this state. Toxicosis is also a temporary phenomenon that you just need to survive, and in order to do this with the least loss, try to relax more. If you work, take leave for this period or ask a doctor for sick leave. Get enough sleep, walk in the fresh air, engage in your favorite hobby, and well-being will improve by itself.

So that fears for a child do not interfere with enjoying pregnancy, study as much information as possible, communicate with women who have already given birth. There are many forums on the Internet where young mothers willingly share with each other their stories about pregnancy and childbirth. If the doctor has pointed out a problem, talk about it with those who have already gone through it, most likely, everything ended well. Changes in the figure should not scare you either. If you want to lose weight, it will be easy, and if you also monitor your diet during pregnancy and do not forget about physical activity, you can not get fat at all. Better think more about the baby, look for things and toys for him - these pleasant chores will distract from disturbing thoughts and give pleasure.

Sensations in the last weeks before childbirth

It is worth considering them in more detail so that you know what is the norm, and when it is better to consult a doctor.

1. Heartburn. Outside of pregnancy, this is a sign of stomach disease, most often gastritis. And expectant mothers have a normal variant. Although some women manage to avoid it. How do they do it? And it's all about proper nutrition and some limitations of oneself in food.

Firstly, there are a number of products that almost all provoke heartburn. Surely you have such in mind. For example, dishes that include tomato paste or ketchup (because of the vinegar included in their composition), generally any dishes that include vinegar. Peas also often provoke a burning sensation in the stomach, especially if it is undercooked. Make a list of undesirable foods and dishes for yourself and exclude them from your menu.

The second step is to stop eating before bedtime. Make it a rule not to take any food later than 2-3 hours before a night's sleep. During this time, she will have time to digest and go further into the intestines.

The third step to getting rid of heartburn is a dream with a raised upper body. So that the gastric juice is not thrown into the esophagus.

And finally, always have the “Rennie” or “Gaviscon” pills on hand. If there is an unpleasant sensation in the esophagus or stomach, take them immediately. Act almost instantly.

As for the "Rennie", it contains calcium, for this reason, in the last month of pregnancy, many mothers are afraid to take it. After all, it is known that too much calcium can lead to the closure of fontanelles in the fetus, which threatens with severe childbirth and intracranial pressure in the born child. But these fears are groundless. The composition of "Rennie" includes a special form of calcium, which is simply not absorbed by the mother's body, is immediately excreted unchanged.

There are many folk remedies for heartburn. For example, alkaline mineral water. Also a good option. But the effect of folk remedies is usually short-lived. Pills are more effective in any case.

2. Severity due to a large increase in weight. Normally, future mothers should add 10-12 kilograms for the entire pregnancy. But in reality it often turns out that the number of kilograms is 2 times more. And therefore, it is difficult for future mothers. Imagine adding less than 20 kg in less than a year? Here it will be hard for anyone. And the mother’s body must also provide the baby with oxygen and nutrition. It will be easier if the weight in the last weeks stops, and in case of excess - even slightly decreases. Try to eat less if you have already gained 12 kg or more. No need to starve. But bakery and sweets need to be limited.

3. Dropsy of pregnant - swelling. Swelling is a common problem. It usually happens in the ankle area in the afternoon, if mommy walks a lot, stands or sits. You need to try to keep your legs taller while relaxing in an armchair or on a bed.

Do I need to reduce the amount of fluid I drink? No. This is not worth doing, as well as completely eliminating table salt. Just try not to eat too salty, for example, chips, crackers, canned cucumbers and tomatoes. And you need to drink when there is thirst. That is not a lot, but not a little.

However, sometimes puffiness becomes the reason for hospitalizing a woman in a hospital. The fact is that often it accompanies a severe pregnancy complication - gestosis. In this case, in addition to edema, the expectant mother has high blood pressure and protein in her urine.

If you notice flies in front of your eyes, nausea, dizziness, swelling began to increase sharply and appeared on the face - you need to urgently call an ambulance.

4. Increased blood pressure. The maximum normal pressure for expectant mothers, and indeed all people without exception, is 130 to 90. If it is higher, this is a pathology. However, there are situations that need to be considered as a variant of the norm - this is if the woman’s pressure rises with strong excitement. This usually happens in the doctor’s office. In this case, the nurse again measures the pressure of mom after 5 minutes, and she, as a rule, is normal or with a slight deviation from her. This is called white coat syndrome.

If the mother’s pressure rises at home, and at rest - this is a sign of hypertension or gestosis. It is necessary to take a drug that reduces blood pressure, and, possibly, treatment in the department of pregnancy pathology.

5. Why in the last weeks of pregnancy you want to sleep or have insomnia. Drowsiness can be compared with the first trimester of pregnancy. Due to physical difficulties, the body often needs rest. Sleep while you have the opportunity. The baby will not have to sleep much in the first months.

Insomnia is the result of excitement and inconvenience. Mom just can not lie down comfortably or very often forced to go to the toilet. So often that she does not have time to fall asleep properly after the next trip.

6. Vaginal discharge intensifies. If there is simply transparent discharge without smell and itching, or mucus - this is the absolute norm. When the discharge is more like water, you suspect it is leaking, you need to go to the hospital and do a special test. Doctors will tell you for sure - your water is leaking or just copious discharge.

7. Various pains in the last weeks - in the lower back, tailbone, pubis, between the shoulder blades. During pregnancy, all existing “sores” become aggravated. That is why doctors advise giving birth at a younger age (until they have time to grow chronic diseases). So, pain between the shoulder blades and in the cervical region is often caused by osteochondrosis. Pain in the pubis and lower back - symphysitis, divergence of the bones of the pelvis. But if these pains are not painful and do not bother you around the clock, you just need to tolerate and turn your attention to something pleasant. After childbirth, everything will gradually recover.

Whats going on in recent weeks

The kid is already fully developed. He has all the organs and systems. It remains only to add a little height and weight. With mom, changes are taking place in the body. He is in full swing preparing for childbirth. The neck begins to shorten and soften a little. And closer to the 40th week of pregnancy, there is a decrease in the level of the hormone of pregnancy - progesterone, which starts labor.

Harbingers of early births are a decrease in the level of the uterus (the abdomen visually drops), the mucous plug from the cervical canal, the so-called cleansing of the body - when a woman begins diarrhea without any signs of poisoning or intestinal infection.

But it happens that the 40th week begins, that is, the last one, but there are no signs of an early birth. Then doctors can advise methods of natural stimulation of childbirth. This may be cleaning the house, walking, climbing stairs. Sex also helps in the last weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes women after an act of love immediately go to the hospital. You can try active sex from 38 weeks when the fetus is absolutely full-term and viable.

If you have no signs of an early birth with a full-term pregnancy, do not worry. Some women normally have a pregnancy of up to 42 weeks. And try to calculate the week of pregnancy by the last monthly, because doctors also sometimes make mistakes with deadlines. Perhaps your term is less than you thought? Or ovulation was late, because the body is in no hurry to prepare for childbirth.

In the last weeks of pregnancy, you need to be very careful about the movements of the fetus. Although they say that children are less aware of themselves closer to childbirth, there should not be drastic changes. And if you have never felt the stirring of your child during the day, this is an occasion for an urgent visit to the doctor or even a trip to the hospital.