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River perch in the aquarium


Of course, many people like to breed aquarium fish, but what if you live in the countryside and travel to the city for food, equipment and new inhabitants become a problem?

If you like exoticism and would like to keep fish from local reservoirs at home, we will tell you how to do it right.

What river fish can live in an aquarium?

The range of representatives of rivers suitable for a domestic reservoir is quite large: carps, upper, tench, rudd, etc.

Before you populate the aquarium, you need to consider that the most “resistant” will be a fish from a body of water that is slow or with a weak current. Also, fish caught in the fall will be more resilient to the conditions of an artificially created habitat.

When settling river residents, one must take into account that cohabitation of predatory and non-predatory fish is impossible.

Predatory individuals (perch, pike, pikeperch, catfish) need live fish for nutrition, in contrast to non-predatory ones (bream, rudd, carp, crucian carp) that use plants and invertebrate animals as food.

Regarding fish species suitable for keeping at home, their most unpretentious representative is crucian carp, which can “survive” even in the most difficult conditions.

He creates a special layer around himself, consisting of water and dirt, and under such conditions it can last about 2-3 months.

Therefore, crucian carp is the best option for keeping in a domestic pond. This fish loves a lot of vegetation, algae, therefore, when "settling" this inhabitant, this must be taken into account.

The most important condition is to create a habitat for the fish, similar to their native one (river, reservoir, pond).

In order for the residents to feel free and comfortable, it is necessary to prepare a large aquarium with algae (duckweed, hornwort, toplanyak, glitter), which can undergo acclimatization in a home reservoir.

Aquarium preparation, fish transportation

In the preparatory work for the settlement of river fish in a home aquarium, first of all, you should pay attention to the soil, pebbles of small size are best in this case.

The development of fish in a new place will be successful if, after catching, it is placed in water from its permanent habitat. And the houses of new guests need to be launched into the aquarium, with 50% pure water and the same amount of water should be added from the reservoir.

In order not to injure the caught fish during transportation, you need to choose a convenient dish (it is better to use wide and low). In a capacity of 5 liters, it is recommended to transfer 4-5 copies.

If you have a long way to go, take care of temporary aeration for the fish, such a device can be made of a hose, a pear for a spray bottle and a spray.

Features of acclimatization of river fish

In order for the fish to get used to the new habitat faster, it is better to catch it in water bodies with a low oxygen regime, or at a certain time of the year: in the summer - during the period of intense heat, when the water already begins to “bloom”, in winter - during the period of “freezing”, when fish gathers near the hole.

The most resistant to new conditions are small fish (fry) of about 3-4 cm in size. It is better to catch large inhabitants in the spring.

To create conditions close to natural, water should be replaced with the following composition during purification: half of the settled water and the same amount of natural. Water saturation with oxygen is created by blowing.

At the beginning of the relocation, you should notice changes in the behavior of your pets and adjust the aeration time, making it shorter or lengthening it (up to 24 hours)

The critical point that requires your attention is the natural increase in water temperature in the aquarium in the summer.

Because in warm water the fish will lack oxygen, this can be solved by reducing the aquarium temperature by adding cold water. Sometimes you can add even tap water, not defended water.

After about 2-3 weeks, the fish will wean from natural water, so keeping and caring for them will not be so burdensome.

How and what to feed fish from ponds?

Manual inhabitants are recommended to give complementary foods: daphnia, bloodworm or cyclops. At first, dry food will go badly, but after a while the fish will get used to it, and the smaller it is, the faster.

The most important thing is not to give a lot of food, only once, so that it is eaten right away, otherwise the water will quickly become contaminated.

How many fish can I populate?

One of the main points is the demandingness of each species on the oxygen content in a home pond.

Undemanding include: tench, crucian carp, char, stud. Keep fish up to 4 cm long should be in a container of not more than 3 liters, if there is partial blowing, then 2 liters will be enough.

Fish requiring high oxygen content: rudd, roach, gudgeon.

For representatives with a length of 4 cm, a container of about 5 l should be prepared, in the presence of aeration (even partial) - 3 l. The perch suffers the most from oxygen starvation.

Based on the needs of the inhabitants of the aquarium, you should proceed when calculating the number of fish in it.

The rule is this: for every fish up to 4cm in size, 5-6l should be accounted for. water, with partial aeration - 4l. If the fish is larger, accordingly, the amount of water for each individual should be increased.

In favorable and properly created conditions for home aquariums, river fish quickly acclimatize and live long.

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Also, watch the video below for useful information on how to properly keep river fish in your home aquarium.

River perch in the aquarium

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There is an aquarium of 80 liters. I want to launch 3 perches of 6-7 cm in it. Feeding will be good.

Interested in the question, to what size can such perches grow in such an aquarium with good feeding?

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