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How to decorate a Christmas tree and a house for the New Year: photo ideas for creating a New Year mood


Today the Internet is full of ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year, because on the eve of the holidays this topic is becoming the most relevant.

We also decided to present Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree 2020 in the original TOP TOP OF IDEAS, how to decorate the Christmas tree for New Year 2020 in different ways.

You should think over and plan out the design of the Christmas tree 2020, because the green beauty will undoubtedly transform your interior design, refreshing it with bright accents of a festive mood.

Tips for decorating the Christmas tree for New Year 2020 are often based on certain trends and trends of a particular style.

Depending on the style in which your interior was created, it’s worth choosing the design of a New Year tree taking into account color schemes, subtleties of the stylistic direction, etc.

No less important, what kind of Christmas tree did you decide to decorate your interior. If this is a living forest beauty, it should be placed in a room with a moderate temperature, so that it will please you longer.

Artificial spruce is not so whimsical. It can be placed in any room. There are a lot of options for artificial firs today.

They differ in color, size, fluffiness of branches, type of coniferous plants, so you can easily choose a spruce to your liking.

When deciding how to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020, decide on a color scheme for the decor for the most important symbol of the holiday.

The decoration of the Christmas tree in playful and original looks in gold-red, blue-silver, rose-gold color scheme.

Christmas tree decoration can be done in gold-silver, white-red, white-blue, violet-purple, violet-yellow, gradient design.

In fact, how to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2020, you decided, and in what color the festive symbol will appear before you - it does not matter, the main thing is that it will lighten your mood with its presence, delighting the kids, residents of the house.

And now there are some successful variations on how to decorate a Christmas tree for New Year 2020.

Christmas tree decoration for New Year 2020 with vintage toys

Decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year is a very creative and enjoyable process. The Christmas tree will not only transform your home, but also remind you of your childhood, and cause a lot of positive emotions.

Remembering traditions and past holidays is always very nice, so stylists recommend how to decorate the Christmas tree for New Year 2020 in a vintage style, adding to the atmosphere of the past.

Vintage design of the Christmas tree 2020 can be carried out either as storefront variations of toys, for example, in the spirit of the Soviet era, or to create exclusive vintage toys with your own hands.

With the help of decoupage techniques, patchwork, you can create excellent Christmas-tree decorations, all kinds of balls and original figures, lovely versions of unusual toys in the spirit of antiquity.

How to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2020 with eco-toys and edible decorations

If you want an unusual Christmas tree in all respects, take a look at eco-style and edible toys.

You can easily implement just such a Christmas tree decoration on your own, because such a decor can be made from old pieces of wood, twigs, dried fruits, cinnamon sticks, securing them with ropes, plaits, ribbons, etc.

Undoubtedly, it will be a joy for the children to see the decoration of the Christmas tree with delicious toys and garlands, which can consist of homemade cookies, tasty sweets, fresh tangerines, apples of different colors, nuts.

Knitted and fabric Christmas tree decor can also be mixed with edible design elements.

The named options can be additional and other decor, mixing original ideas from different styles. Here, as they say, it all depends on your imagination and desires.

Stylish Christmas tree decoration 2020 in a simple style

When there are a lot of tinsel, garlands, toys on the tree, it sparkles, ennobled the New Year's interior of the house.

But recently, many connoisseurs of sophistication and impeccability in everything choose a completely different style of decorating the holiday symbol, preferring elegant classics, European minimalism to the decor, the perfect combination of colors and details.

Combining two shades of jewelry, choosing a restrained and elegant decor, adding flickering garlands to the Christmas tree, you will get a perfect European Christmas tree that will perfectly harmonize with the interior for all holidays.

Christmas tree decor 2020 can be arranged vertically, horizontally, randomly, but without frills.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for New Year 2020 is unusual and stylish

DIY Christmas crafts for Christmas tree decor - this is very original and interesting, no matter what ideas you use.

Stylists suggest taking note of the decor of the Christmas tree from felt, from which you can simulate any shape of the figure.

Create small dolls, angels, mittens, hearts from fabric, decorating them with sequins, beads, or cereals.

Simple tips on how to decorate the Christmas tree 2020 at no extra cost - this, of course, is to create a New Year’s decor from paper, plastic, cardboard, and polystyrene.

Undoubtedly, fabric garlands and bows, beautiful flowers, leaves, twigs, etc., look great and extraordinary on the Christmas tree.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas. Choose what you like and decorate the tree with pleasure.

We decorate the Christmas tree 2020: holiday style, color schemes, decor

To know how best to decorate a house and a Christmas tree for the New Year, first of all, you need to listen to your desires.

Beautiful colors in which it is worth choosing decorations for the New Year - red, green, white, orange, golden, yellow, blue, blue. It is the combination of these colors that will help you decide how to beautifully decorate the house and Christmas tree for the New Year.

And now there are useful tips on how to decorate a house for the New Year, and how to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020, which are worth taking a note:

- If only a family gathers, you can only partially decorate a house for the New Year, choosing only one room, and most often the presence of guests involves decorating the entire house,

- Decorating the house for the New Year should begin with the front door. Decorate the front door with a spruce wreath with red ribbons or experiment and select other colors of the decorations for the wreath.

- Decoration of the hallway for the New Year 2020 start with a mirror. Glue paper snowflakes to the mirror or paint with white gouache.

- Place the New Year ikebans in the rooms, small garlands for the New Year will look very impressive and elegant.

- Decorate the windows with paper snowflakes or make a solution of soap, a stencil of snowflakes, stars, and through this stencil with a soapy solution, draw patterns,
- For the new year, window sills will be transformed with such decorations as cones, small Christmas trees, garlands.

- Another answer, how to decorate a house for the New Year 2020, will be the decoration of curtain rods with garlands, as well as other small interior details. A beautiful paper foil garland can be attached along the curtains. This decoration for the New Year will also be a note of positive and good mood for the New Year 2020.

- It is desirable to place candlesticks with candles in the house beautifully; candles in vases can be placed.

- One of the important stages of the New Year’s home preparation will be the decoration of the fireplace for the New Year. If the house has a fireplace, decorate it in the New Year’s style, as your fantasy tells you, for example, with decorative boots for gifts, Christmas balls, snowflakes, a ribbon of needles, etc.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020: useful tips that will not be superfluous

Well, of course, do not forget about the main thing - how to decorate the Christmas tree 2020, because the whole atmosphere of the holiday depends on what the design of the Christmas tree will be.

By the way, decorations for the Christmas tree, like many decorative little things for the home for this happy and joyful holiday, you can do it yourself.

The process of the New Year’s transformation of the Christmas tree and the house with ornaments made independently will be most liked by children, because they are simply delighted with such pleasant New Year’s affairs.

Based on previous experience and taking into account design trends in preparation for the New Year, we offer sensible tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree beautifully and fashionably, namely:

- If you plan to decorate the main New Year tree in a rustic style, decorate the green princess with sweets, tangerines, apples, figures of the owner of the year from dough or wood.
- For a rich life, put ears of wheat under the lush spruce and on the festive table.
- Trendy stylish decorations for the Christmas tree made of papier-mâché, beads, threads, paper, wire.
- Decorating a Christmas tree is best to start with garlands. The most convenient way is in a spiral, then toys on a Christmas tree are also hung in a spiral.
- If you plan to decorate the Christmas tree in the classical style, you should place the garlands in rings, and instead of toys - balls in circles.
- The most successful combinations of the palette for decorating the Christmas tree - red with yellow and green, yellow with saturated red, white or brown with golden, white with red, well, and your options, invented with love)
- Having decided to choose a Christmas tree design in retro style, you can decorate the Christmas tree with old toys that are probably stored in your home, lanterns and paper garlands, rain.
- How to decorate the Christmas tree 2020 in the Scandinavian style - here the maximum simplicity in decorations and color scheme (light colors), designs that mimic the Christmas tree are acceptable.
- The Provencal style of decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year involves pastel colors and delicate natural shades, and ornaments, for example, white or blue balls, bows, snowflakes, snowmen.
- Also, if you have not yet decided how to decorate the Christmas tree 2020, pay attention to such Christmas tree decorations as snowmen, snowflakes, cones, stars, various figures - the most fashionable decorations for the Christmas tree.
- You can decorate the green beauty with coins, shells, dried flowers, postcards, homemade cakes.
- An angel, a large bow, a star, an icicle, and, of course, in 2020– a figure of the symbol of the year are suitable as the tops.

How beautifully to decorate the house and Christmas tree for the New Year, to create a funky New Year's design at home, will help not only our recommendations, but also your great desire and imagination.

Decorations on the Christmas tree will create an elated mood, overwhelming a sense of joy and the belief that everything will come true in 2020.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2020, and how to beautifully decorate a house for the New Year holidays: photo ideas

We bring to your attention photographs that will tell you how to decorate a Christmas tree so that it becomes your talisman of good luck, prosperity, joy, happiness and harmony next year.

Christmas tree decoration

Bright red Christmas tree made of fabric and red balls.

Above and below, the tree is decorated with white and in the middle with a strap. Who does she look like?

A beautiful and simple way to decorate a Christmas tree with clay ornaments.

You can buy them or make them yourself. A bucket of sand or a stand for a Christmas tree is hidden in a basket.

Stages of achieving desired results

Decorating a Christmas tree on the eve of the New Year holidays already in itself brings joy. But since I don’t really want to “grease” the pre-holiday mood and expect a miracle by confusion about the location of certain New Year’s accessories, it is worth taking a course on a pre-thought out procedure:

  1. The first step on the path to the long-awaited effect will be the decoration of the green beauty with garlands. The priority placement of this bulky element on the branches will greatly facilitate subsequent tasks.
  2. Given the fragility of Christmas tree decorations, it is recommended to begin placing them on top. This approach is especially relevant when choosing a tall Christmas tree.
  3. Using paper products as New Year's decorations, it is better to distribute them among the needles at the last moment. Since such toys are not particularly noticeable among the sparkling Christmas tinsel, they will play the role assigned to them only against the background of a fully finished picture.
  4. The final chord in the melody of the decor will be the decoration of the tree with artificial snow, rain, etc.
  5. An excellent addition to the festive interior can be those or other figures combined in mini-compositions. Relying on this method, it is possible to breathe in magic and the surrounding space.

Christmas tree decoration algorithms

A felled tree begins to live a completely different life as a result of decoration manipulations. To do this, use any suitable way of placing accessories:

  1. The chaotic placement of sparkling balls, combined with a circular pattern of applying garlands.
  2. Spiral arrangement of both garlands and toys (according to size and type). Thus, several spirals are formed on the tree, different in color and character.
  3. Longitudinal direction for garlands and toys selected in accordance with the colors. A special effect is given by tinsel tied to bows between the verticals of toys.
  4. Adherents of the classical style, the ring arrangement of toys and garlands is recommended. Moreover, with the approach to the bottom of the tree, the size of the decorations increases.

The effect obtained through the choice of style

Starting to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year, we pursue the goal: to please ourselves and our loved ones. In this regard, you can limit yourself only to your own imagination. All methods are good here:

  • purchase of designer toys,
  • use of accessories of past years,
  • skillful disposal of surrounding objects and furnishings,
  • do-it-yourself product manufacturing.

The most important thing is to choose exactly the style that fits perfectly into the surrounding interior and will appeal to people planning to celebrate the New Year at this particular Christmas tree.

Classic-style Christmas tree

The celebration in the classical style gives rise to the feeling that a beautiful moment is stopped, as if by the wave of some inexplicable magic. Decorations in this style will help people of any age to plunge into the atmosphere of bygone years again. Fragments from old films or postcards can be used as a sample.

The main attributes of the decoration of a classic Christmas tree are:

  • toys in silver and gold shades,
  • the presence of red ribbons and other bright accents,
  • caramel type balls and sticks,
  • hook-shaped toys
  • angels, ballerinas and other items made of paper or cardboard,
  • garlands of different types,
  • use of peaked top.

Preferring high spruce, it is better to put it in the center of the room. A smaller green beauty will look good on a table or chest of drawers. Old toys that grandma’s childhood remembers harmoniously fit into the New Year’s decoration in the classical style. A rain and paper decorations can be hung not only on the Christmas tree, but also in the openings between furniture, on the walls.

Decorations for the New Year in the style of modernity

Each note in the interior melody should be consonant with the general style. The need to decorate the Christmas tree in a room decorated for high-tech, minimalism or another modern decision requires the choice of a coniferous beauty of strictly the correct form. In terms of toys, one should keep an eye on objects of a neutral kind, like balls that are similar in color but different in size. Paper decorations in this case are completely inappropriate, since they will be knocked out of the general row - and spoil the impression with a naive look. Do not get too carried away with New Year's tinsel.

To become a contemporary, a follower of modern style in the interior would be nice to get acquainted with fashionable ideas from designers of our time. In this capacity, technological designs can be presented that are very similar in shape to a Christmas tree:

  • Christmas beauty, expertly cut out of paper or cardboard,
  • a product from combined materials,
  • imitation of plastic spruce,
  • composition from recycled materials (plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc.).

Orientation is only on your own mood and the surrounding interior. The most important thing is to emphasize individuality and profitably present the chosen style.

The nuances of decorating an artificial Christmas tree

Decorating an artificial Christmas tree is much easier than an analogue taken from the natural environment. The trick is that products with branches of only the correct form go off the manufacturer’s conveyors. Starting to decorate, you do not have to use any special toys, since any will do. The main restrictions can only be associated with the color of the product. For example: the desire to achieve contrast with toys on white spruce requires the exclusion of objects painted with light and silver paint. An excellent solution is the decoration of colorful toys. A special effect is observed when observing the sequence, as in rainbow colors. But the reflections of garlands can only be enjoyed in the dark, since they are almost invisible in a lit room.

Some nuances are also in the decoration of multi-colored artificial fir trees. These items are so pretty that they can do without toys. In these cases, the decor should only be used to decorate the surrounding space. If necessary, branches of artificial origin are not at all difficult to repaint on their own.

Unique design - the perfect solution for people with imagination

The design of the New Year miracle is not connected by any framework. Люди с неограниченной фантазией и креативными представлениями, могу взять на вооружение уникальный дизайн:

  • из цветов или фруктов,
  • использование свечей (при условии обязательного соблюдения противопожарных мер),
  • выбор в пользу вязаных предметов,
  • implementation of thematic ideas through old gadgets or accessories, etc.

If each of the inhabitants of the house has their own ideas regarding New Year decorations, then no one will interfere with using several Christmas trees placed in different rooms. In this case, you can choose both a living beauty and artificial options of any color. Any of the ultra-modern options for a creative look is perfectly acceptable.

Color choice

One of the most important roles in decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year is played by the choice of color predominance:

  1. The royal combination in terms of colors and shades is the dominance of red and gold jewelry. In order not to spoil the picture, it is very important to stay and not to dilute the red-golden gamut with other colors.
  2. The freshness of the decision will please the choice in favor of white and red tones. But here you should remember about the boring form of garlands of exclusively white color. In such tones, only balls look gorgeous.
  3. The combination of brown and gold shades will surprise the noble composition. Here it will not be superfluous to add a certain number of details painted in red tones.
  4. The magic of yellow-brown-green colors is only enhanced in combination with red and pink jewelry.
  5. The harmony of white, green and silver will not be spoiled by some details in dark colors.
  6. The use of toys of blue, violet and silver color can become an imitation of the winter mood, inspired by the view of flickering snow and ice. To enhance the effect of bluish lighting. Blotches of yellow or red are not welcome.
  7. In the presence of simple and clean lighting, metallic colors look great (gold, silver, bronze, etc.).

Top styles

Christmas tree decoration can be considered finished only after the top of the festive tree is framed. In this capacity, a variety of figures can be used:

  • big stars
  • figures of Jesus or Santa Claus,
  • lush bow of bright color,
  • a toy corresponding to the zodiac sign,
  • decoration in the form of a lush rain or garland,
  • a snowflake of the appropriate size,
  • the top of the traditional peaked form.

In addition, for the overall harmony it would be nice to comply with the color scheme of the design, shape and style of other decorations.

The effect of choosing a theme or a specific type of jewelry

The question of how to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year is removed by itself if the choice of theme is predetermined. Coniferous beauty will be perceived as one organism, if placed on its branches:

  • snowflakes of different sizes and types,
  • decorate the spruce with angels and other biblical characters,
  • use nutcrackers
  • recreate among the needles the plot of a fairy tale,
  • dream up on the theme of winter and New Year's holidays.

Balls collected in more than one year can serve as the basis for decorating the Christmas tree. In addition, to the toys of past years, you can always add new options or acquire particularly valuable, designer jewelry. Experimenting with one color or another, you can give preference to matte, shiny objects or use their combination. One must be especially careful with the choice of size, since diversity in this regard can adversely affect the final result. And in decorating the New Year's holiday with the help of garlands, products with small bulbs provide special grace, allowing you to focus all attention on the Christmas tree.

DIY fairy tale Christmas decorations

If you don’t have enough money or you really need to unite the family with a common activity, you should try and make New Year decorations yourself. In this capacity, it is quite suitable:

  • snowflakes made of paper, plastic, fabric or cardboard, skillfully decorated with beads, shiny varnish, embroidery, bright coloring,
  • natural cones trimmed with sequins, beads, artificial snow and paint,
  • snowmen made of felted wool, foam rubber, cotton wool,
  • deer, penguins, stars and other figures carved from plastic bottles,
  • Transformation of aged toys through bright threads, decoupage, broken glass, beads or sequins.

Various goodies like gingerbread, cookies, fruits, sweets and other sweets wrapped in beautiful gift paper can become a good addition to decorating the Christmas tree.
The most important thing in the design of the New Year's beauty and the surrounding space is to unite loved ones, to make them enjoy life and celebration.

Christmas tree decoration for New Year

How to make a snowman from a Christmas tree

- a bucket (preferably a small plastic, black)

- black spray paint (optional)

- hot glue or superglue

- scissors, knife, pliers

Cut a circle out of cardboard. You can paint it black (optional).

Glue the circle to the bucket.

2. The hands of a snowman are made of ordinary branches.

3. Eyes and smile made from buttons. They are glued with hot glue.

4. The nose can be made of orange paper, cardboard or felt. It also sticks with hot glue.

5. White ribbons play the role of balls of snow, and red - a scarf.

6. Below you can put any shoes.

Here's another similar snowman:

Christmas tree decorated with do-it-yourself toys

Here is the top of the paper, and icicles of paper and even a garland of colored paper.

To make an icicle, you need a square sheet of colored paper. Next, follow the instructions in the pictures:

To make various decorations, you can use glitter paper, wrapping paper, glossy or corrugated paper.

To learn how to make a star, check out our article How to make a star yourself

DIY Christmas tree decorations

We make a round decoration:

* Spread the accordion and glue its ends. Get a circle.

* The circle can be decorated with paper tape of a different color. You need to cut a rectangle out of colored paper a little longer and narrower than the first.

* Also make an accordion, straighten, try on the main circle, trim if necessary, glue the ends and glue to the main circle.

* In the center, you can stick a rhinestone, button, ball or other decoration that is suitable in size.

For the Christmas tree, you can make many decorations with your own hands. Check out our articles to find out everything in detail: