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How to play hearts


AT card game "heart" is used deck of 52 cards. Play in the worm 4 people. Each player is dealt 13 cards.

The first round begins with a player who has 2 clubs; he enters only from this card. Each player in turn (clockwise) puts one card. You must put the card in the same suitsas the map with which the circle was started.

If a player does not have such a card, he can discard any.

An exception: neither a worm nor a lady of spades can be discarded if the first one is played bribe.

The player who bets the highest card of the same suit as the card with which this circle was started takes the bribe. The same player begins the next round.

A player cannot enter from the hearts until one of the hearts is dropped.

Goal of the game is to score the least points by the end of the game.

After raffle each change, the player receives one point for each taken heart and 13 points for the lady of spades.

The game continues until a player scores 100 or more points. The account of the player who collected bribes containing all the hearts and the Queen of Spades does not increase, and everyone else gets 26 points. This trick is called "spin dynamo."

Try not to take bribes with hearts and a lady of spades. The exception is two situations: if you are trying to “spin the dynamo” or trying to prevent another player from performing this trick.

When exchanging cards with other players at the beginning of the game, try to transfer high cards (aces, kings, etc.).

High cards are recommended to be played at the beginning of the game. Usually at this time all players have at least several cards in each suit, so the probability of discarding hearts is small.

Bribes that do not contain worms or ladies of spades are not taken into account when calculating points. Try to remember which cards are already out of the game. It is especially important to remember whether the queen of spades left the game and how many worms were left on hand.

Rules of the game

The goal of the game is very simple. It consists in earning as few points as possible, avoiding tricks with cards that give points.
They play preferably four of them, but you can also play three, five or six with almost the same rules, without forgetting to remove a certain number of cards from the deck, since everyone should get them equally. First of all, here are the rules for the four-player game, with the differences in the game of three, five and six you will encounter in the second part.

Each worm card costs 1 point, and only one spades queen costs as much as 13 points. Thus, for a round you can get a maximum of 26 points. The game continues until the player reaches the limit of 100 points. Then the winner is the one who at that time has the least points.

The round begins with an exchange, in which each player selects 3 cards that he will give to one of the other players. Of course, everyone will receive 3 cards in return for those that he has given. In principle, this way you can get rid of cards you do not need, such as big fat hearts or the Queen of Spades, but you can choose others.
Players can view cards received from neighbors only after everyone has not completed the exchange.

The exchange takes place in a strictly defined order:

  • Round one: cards are dealt to the neighbor on the left
  • Round two: the neighbor on the right
  • Third round: opposite player
  • Fourth round: to oneself (meaning no exchange takes place)

Draw of cards

After the end of the exchange, a player with a two of clubs starts a bribe from her.
If possible, you must go to the suit. If this is not possible, then you can discard any card. The one who played with the highest card takes a bribe and starts the next one.
Since there are no trump cards, the order of advantages of the cards is usual: the ace is the oldest, 2 is the youngest.

The first trick must be started with two clubs, and you can not play cards that give points, especially the Queen of Spades. However, it is forbidden to start a bribe with worms if the previous bribe did not end with a card of the same suit, except if it is not possible. When they play the worm card for the first time, they say that they “break hearts” or “crack ice”.

Dynamo Scrolling

If the player manages to collect all the cards that give points, i.e. the queen of spades and all 13 hearts, then they say that he played the dynamo. Instead, 26 points are credited not to this player, but to everyone else. There is no need to say that trying to spin the dynamo is a very risky task, but not if you have a very bad hand.

Worms of three, five and six

It was designed so that 4 people played hearts, but you can play three, five and six with the slight differences described below:

  • they take out a tambourine from the deck, so that everyone has 17 cards
  • The exchange procedure is as follows: the neighbor on the left, the neighbor on the right and himself.

Five in the game

  • From the deck they take out a deuce of tambourines and a deuce of spades, so that everyone has 10 cards
  • The exchange procedure is as follows: the first neighbor on the left, the first neighbor on the right, the second on the left, the second on the right and yourself

The game has six:

  • They take out all 4 triples from the deck, and everyone plays with eight cards. There is another option, which is to remove all deuces and start the first trick with a triple of clubs. Or you can add jokers and play nine cards.
  • The order of exchange is as follows: the first neighbor on the left, the first neighbor on the right, the second on the left, the second on the right, on the contrary, and himself.

Hot Key List

  • C: see which cards are on the table
  • 1 to 6: view cards on the table one by one
  • S: find out the score
  • T: find out whose move
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"Hearts" as a computer game

Before the start of the round, cards are exchanged between players according to the following scheme:

  • on the first, 5th, etc. 3 cards are transferred clockwise,
  • on the 2nd, 6th, etc. 3 cards are transferred counterclock-wise,
  • on the 3rd, 7th, etc., transmission occurs Criss-cross,
  • and every fourth round no exchange occurs.

The first move is made by the player who has a two of clubs, and he must go to her, then the move is transmitted clockwise (that is, to the player on the left) until all four put one card on the table.

The player who has placed the highest-value card takes the bribe and starts the next move (that is, puts the first card).

Note: the card of the highest value is the card of the suit with which the move (main suit) was started and which exceeds the value of other cards of the same suit.

The player is obliged to put a card of the main suit when his turn comes. If there is no such card, he is free to put any card (with the exception of the first move when it is impossible to lay out red cards or a queen of spades).

You cannot start a move with worms if the card of this suit was not laid out in a bribe earlier in the round, that is, until the worms are “uncovered” (“broken”).

For each red card in a bribe, the player who takes it receives 1 point and for the Queen of Spades - 13 points.

In some versions of the game, the jack of the tambourine gives −11 points.

The player who collected all point cards per round, does not receive points, and the remaining 3 players receive 26 points each. This situation is called “scrolling the dynamo” or “shooting the moon” (“shooting the moon”). If the player has collected all tricksthen he does not receive points, and all other players receive 52 points each. This is called "shooting the sun."

The game continues either until one of the players gains the agreed number of points (usually 100), and the winner is the winner of the smallest amount, or the agreed number of games (usually a multiple of four) is played, the condition for winning here is also the lowest amount of points.

"Hearts" as a computer game

Microsoft supplies the electronic game Hearts in the Windows operating system.