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How to cover up acne on the face


Even with perfect care, acne sometimes appears on the face. And, as luck would have it, this happens at the most inopportune moment. Since the huge red tubercle does not give the appearance of beauty, and it is embarrassing to go outside to urgently need to do something. So read this article to the end and find out how to mask acne on your face without a mask effect quickly and efficiently?


Concealer is the most versatile and popular tool for dealing with external defects. In addition, it evens out the skin tone, making it matte. In modern cosmetology, many types of such creams are available, which differ in color, texture, degree of hydration, and composition. That is why choosing the right one is very difficult.

Rules for choosing a tonal foundation for problem skin:

  • liquid creams are suitable for hiding rashes, but if large acne can not do without a thick texture,
  • pink shades should be avoided, they will only emphasize the redness of inflammation,
  • the composition should not contain a large amount of fats and oils, the content of antimicrobial components is welcome,
  • it’s good if the tonic is designed for a certain type of skin, in this case for oily and combination skin,
  • when choosing a color scheme, light tones should be preferred, since they visually reduce traces of inflammation,
  • Do not buy cheap products, there is a risk of encountering low-quality products.

It happens that smeared acne still gives out a red tint. In this case, you should buy a cream dense texture with a slight presence of greenish color.

It occurs in various forms, each of which is designed to eliminate problems in certain areas. Therefore, in order to understand how to mask acne with a concealer, you need to choose the right consistency product.

  • liquid - has a light texture, is applied to sensitive areas, masks minor redness,
  • pencil - designed for spot application. It allows you to hide even scars, has an antibacterial effect,
  • cream - retouching minor skin defects, there is an extensive range of colors,
  • stick - suitable for masking blackheads, scars, pigments and extensive problem areas, hides enlarged pores,
  • dry - it happens in the form of powder, it dries out rashes, matts the skin.

Work with the corrector is based on its ability, with the help of a certain color, to neutralize the imperfections of the epidermis. It is applied pointwise, applied in a small layer. The main types of correctors:

  • milky beige - hides enlarged pores,
  • yellow - displays dark circles under the eyes,
  • green - removes acne and red rashes,
  • pink - makes the face more fresh, lilac - suppresses age spots.

Powder is friable, applied with a brush or sponge. There are two types - tint and transporter. The first is to permanently hide already masked imperfections, even out tone and get rid of oily sheen. Transporter is necessary for fixing makeup and prolonging its durability.

High-quality powder is based on talc, it lays well and does not clog pores. Antibacterial, mineral and sunscreens can also occur in the composition.

Proper application of cosmetics

In order to get the best possible result, you should use certain rules for applying masking agents. This happens in several stages:

  1. Cleansing. It is aimed at removing contaminants of the skin, cleaning pores and degreasing.
  2. Moisturizing. Rub a light moisturizer with a thin layer.
  3. Using the basics. With the help of a sponge, her face and neck are covered, slightly affecting the neckline. So the makeup will lie smoother and last longer.
  4. Corrector processing of problem areas. Accurate and accurate application of green color is necessary to hide the redness. It is important not to exert excessive force in the process of adjustment, otherwise the swamp shade will shine through.
  5. Foundation or concealer coating. Apply on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, blend well. If the color of the skin on the face diverges from the shade of the neck, then it is also treated in order to avoid the effect of the mask. Since the concealer has a denser texture, it will better hide obvious and large rashes.
  6. Powder binding. She not only fixes makeup, but also gives the face a matte texture. Powder is better with a large special brush.

The subtleties of makeup for acne

Having figured out how to hide acne with makeup, you should understand the features of its application. Let's introduce some useful tips and tricks on how to use cosmetics:

  • apply high-quality cosmetics of natural origin,
  • periodically clean makeup tools, especially brushes and sponges that come in direct contact with inflamed areas,
  • the use of blush is quite provocative if there is acne on the skin, as the redness becomes even more pronounced,
  • all products must not contain fatty components, this threatens with clogging of pores and aggravation of the situation,
  • saturated lipstick will help distract from a pimple on the forehead, and a pronounced emphasis on the eyes on the chin will help,
  • if the pimple settled on the nose, then bright makeup should not be applied, it is better to use pastel colors,
  • Do not abuse the thin, a thin layer is quite enough, apply all cosmetics with light movements, without injuring the skin.

Medical cosmetics

Another way to mask acne on the face is to use special pharmacy cosmetics. It has a greater advantage than decorative, since with it you can not only hide the shortcomings, but also solve the very problem of acne formation.

If acne bothers constantly, you must completely switch to this type of cosmetics.

Therapeutic masking agents have the following advantages:

  • correct the functioning of the sebaceous glands, preventing excessive fat formation,
  • brightens the area around blackheads so that a pigment spot does not form,
  • matting, removing greasy shine,
  • suppress inflammatory foci,
  • contribute to the regeneration of scars, does not allow infection to squeeze out an acne,
  • protect from direct sunlight and other irritants.

What make-up artists advise

Specialists who often face imperfections in the skin have developed many techniques to mask them. The basic rules for successful pimple makeup:

  • Use a corrective pencil, which consists of two parts: green - hides inflammation, beige - masks. Most of these concealers contain substances that treat the rash.
  • Get makeup with a flickering effect. Thanks to diffused light, acne becomes less noticeable.
  • Use only high-quality non-comedogenic cosmetics.
  • To hide the pimple with foundation, apply a dark tone on its surface, and light on top.
  • Using a concealer, cover the tubercle with a light remedy, and the skin around it with a dark one.
  • The foundation for problem skin should be slightly lighter than the skin tone.
  • Avoid light pink blush and bright lipsticks. These colors visually emphasize acne and inflammation.

And one more trick: if several inflamed areas appeared on the face at once, make a distracting maneuver - brightly color your eyes.

How to quickly mask acne on your face with cosmetics: general recommendations

So that the rash does not become inflamed, and new imperfections do not appear on the face, wash yourself with gel or foam for your skin type. Apply rash gel on your face, or use special patches. After applying these products, the pimple will dry out and become covered with a film that will block the path of infections into the deeper layers of the skin.

Base makeup

Apply the product before the foundation, and the skin texture will become much smoother. The tubercles smooth out a little and will not stand out so much against the general background. In addition, the base forms an invisible barrier between the skin of the face and the layer of decorative cosmetics, which prevents the appearance of new rashes. Wait for the product to soak.


If complexion needs to be adjusted, choose tinting fluids, serums, BB creams. Do not try to even out skin tone with tonal means of dense texture - in the best case, the makeup will look like a mask, and in the worst case, pores that are clogged with cream will begin to inflame and a couple more imperfections will form on the face.

Correction pencil

Depending on the size and color, acne can be hidden with a beige connoisseur of dark and light colors or a two-way corrector. For masking, makeup artists recommend using products with a “lasting” formula: they do not dry the skin and the makeup of the damaged area is not evident.

How to mask acne concealer? Apply the product with patting movements and blend the borders with a fluffy brush.

The finish

Fix makeup with a matte spray-fixer or clear powder. So cosmetics will not float, and the texture of the skin will be as uniform as possible.

How to mask different types of rashes

Those whose skin is prone to rashes, know firsthand that acne is a pimple of discord. Therefore, to hide them, you need to use different tools in a certain sequence.

  • Red. Hide redness by the power of the color concealer. First coat the pimple with green, and then apply a thin layer of yellow on top of it. Feather the edges until the skin tone on the damaged and healthy area matches. Fix the result with powder.
  • Crusty. On a dry pimple, apply a drop of moisturizer, and carefully peel off the peeled skin with disinfected tweezers. After a few minutes, cover the tubercle with a dense consistency concealer.
  • Ripe. The most difficult way to hide a pimple from a bubble is because cosmetics simply slide off the tubercle. To begin, clean, dry the skin and apply a “tonic”. Take a drop of dense thick concealer with a pointed edge brush and spot the pimple. Press a drop of tinting agent with a fingertip. Powdered Concealer. If the tubercle remains noticeable, just turn it into a mole. Place a brown or black dot in the center with an eyeliner.
  • Squeezed out. It is better not to mask such acne. However, if there is no other way, first wipe the wound with alcohol lotion. Then apply a light, almost white concealer, and then cover it with a skin tone.
  • The remaining trace. To hide a brownish stain, use compact powder. Just apply in 2-3 layers with a brush.

Aloe compress

The sudden appearance of an abscess can spoil any makeup, since masking with decorative cosmetics in this case will not help. How to hide acne of a purulent nature? Aloe compress is needed.

Crumpled leaf of the plant is fixed on the treated area for a couple of hours. After the desired time, the acne content will remain on the surface. All carefully removed. If it is necessary to pull out the hidden acne, a compress is applied overnight.

Mask acne without makeup

It is better to apply makeup on inflamed skin in extreme cases, as acne may appear under several layers of foundation. Therefore, it is better to try to reduce inflammation than to mask it. To do this, apply one of these tools:

  • Vizin, naphthyzin or any other vasoconstrictor drops. Moisten a cotton wool with a solution and refrigerate it for 10 minutes. Apply a compress to inflammation. If it is large, repeat the procedure 2-3 times.
  • Paracetamol, Streptocide, Citramon. Crush the tablets into powder and add water. Spread inflamed parts with gruel and wait 10 minutes.

But how to mask acne without cosmetics at home, if there is not a single suitable medicine on hand and there is no time to run to the pharmacy? In this case, it may help:

And other cosmetics

With the help of other decorative cosmetics, you can conduct a distracting maneuver, which almost always works 100%. If the pimple is on the forehead, focus on the lips by applying bright lipstick on them.

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On the same forehead, you can lower your bangs, whiskey (if acne is localized there) to disguise, dropping locks of hair on the sides. If rashes cover the chin, turn your attention to the eyes, creating a bright make-up for them.

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So with the help of conventional decorative cosmetics, you can easily and quickly mask acne on your face at home without the services of stylists and makeup artists. All you need is 10 minutes of free time, a mirror and an appropriate tool.

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Well, if you have 3-4 hours before the important event, on which you should look amazing, you can try folk remedies, whose effectiveness will be more stable and long-lasting.

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Folk remedies

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You can independently mask acne on your face without makeup if you have a little more free time and if you prefer natural skin care products.

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Their advantage is that they contribute to improving the condition of the inflamed epidermis. This is the so-called ambulance. Of course, it will not work to completely remove the neoplasm in a few hours, but it is quite possible to make it less noticeable.

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  • Ice

Pimple is an inflamed area of ​​the skin where redness is caused by vasodilation. If you remove this unhealthy hyperemia, the rash will no longer be so noticeable. So, you need to narrow the vessels with the help of cold.

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If ready ice is already stored in the freezer - fine, apply it to the pimple for 3-4 minutes. If not, soak a cotton pad in water and put in the freezer until it solidifies. If you’re not at home at all, anything that blows cold will do.

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  • Pharmacy preparations

And now a real surprise awaits you. After all, for sure, in the medicine cabinet everyone has vasoconstrictors, which we just need to mask the pimple.

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The best in this case are the usual drops from a cold: Naphthyzin, Xylen, Nazivin and others. After them, drops for eyes come in efficiency, which have the same effect on blood vessels. It can be Stillavit, Octilia, Vizin. Moisten a cotton pad in these medicinal solutions and for 15 minutes make a compress for the inflamed area on the face. Redness will disappear!

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  • Tea Tree Ether

If you look at the compositions of cosmetics with anti-inflammatory effect, in most of them you will see tea tree essential oil. This is a unique tool that you should always have on hand if you have problem skin.

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Want to mask a pimple? Every half hour until the final make-up is applied, precisely burn the inflammation with ether diluted with water in equal proportions. After 4-5 hours (if you have them), redness will disappear, and the neoplasm itself will become significantly smaller.

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  • Streptocide

Another not quite folk remedy, but rather a home-pharmacy. Antibacterial and disinfectant powder Streptocide is diluted in warm water and applied to the pimple for half an hour. Then remove the remnants of the dried preparation with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Inflammation will significantly decrease, and redness will disappear.

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  • Coffee

This is the only situation where, as a cosmetic product, you can use not only natural, but also instant coffee. It is not even necessary to breed it with water. Just sprinkle a pimple powder for 5 minutes and remove the particles with an anti-inflammatory tonic. The skin will acquire a beautiful bronze hue, against which redness will be completely invisible.

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In this way, you can very efficiently mask acne spots, which also look very ugly on healthy skin.

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  • Aspirin

Make a point application from an aspirin mask. Dilute a tablet of acetylsalicylic acid (this is an excellent peeling agent) with a few drops of warm water to make a thick paste. Beat it and apply for 5 minutes on the inflamed area of ​​the skin. This will calm her in a few moments.

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  • Calendula

Calendula is good because its tincture quickly removes redness and temporarily eliminate inflammation. Moisten a piece of fleece in it and apply to the acne for 10 minutes.

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  • Toothpaste

You can mask pimples by spreading them for 15 minutes with toothpaste. However, this tool has several requirements. Firstly, it should be white, without dyes. Secondly, it should contain components such as fluorine, triclosan, soda or zinc.

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For folk remedies to work, you still need to have a few hours left. If you need to urgently and quickly mask acne on your face, it is better to use decorative cosmetics.

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And in order not to be disappointed with the result, take note of some useful tips from a dermatologist - and then nothing can overshadow your beauty at any event.

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Useful Tips

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You can apply a ton of makeup, and before that you can sit for an entire hour with an aspirin mask over your entire face, but by the time you leave home, you won’t achieve anything. In order for the acne masking operation to be successful, take note of some useful recommendations from cosmetologists - and then the result will not disappoint.

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  1. In some sources, you can find information on the use of badiaga as a masking agent for acne. However, the composition of this pharmacy product includes irritating substances, after which the skin can simply burn with fire. With such a flame on the face, it is unlikely to be able to do a festive make-up. So do not take chances.
  2. It is much easier to mask acne marks than inflammation itself. And all the same ways will help to do this: foundation (if there is no time) or folk remedies (if there are a few hours free).
  3. Using essential oils for masking, do not apply them in concentrated form to the skin. Yes, so they burn out a pimple, but! Firstly, it will cause severe redness. Secondly, a burn may form.
  4. To mask a pimple, sometimes you have to use quite aggressive means. Remember that coffee, aspirin and even toothpaste, which at first glance seems so harmless, can provoke allergies and cause severe irritation. So it’s better to know in advance how your skin will react to one or another composition. The wrist can become a litmus test here.
  5. And, of course, the main advice is - do not even try to squeeze acne with your hands at home. After that, you will definitely not be able to disguise it. Have to postpone the meeting and engage in a full and long-term treatment of inflamed skin.

Now you can quickly mask acne on your face at home and save the situation - look amazing at any event, despite these hateful rashes. Still, it is worth remembering that this is just a temporary measure, and after washing before bedtime, the beautiful princess will again turn into Cinderella. To make such moments rare in your life, try not to hide the problem, but to eliminate it by any available means.

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And remember: clean, well-groomed skin never upsets this kind of misfortune.

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How to hide acne on the face: only masking or treatment plus "camouflage"?

Correction of small defects, flaws in appearance, in particular acne, has a long history. In the era of Catherine the Great, it was possible to apply a thick layer of white powder on the face and go out, but today few people dare. But how to hide acne on the face with makeup? Use special cosmetics to mask various imperfections! This decision is now supported by many dermatologists. Previously, they complained about the comedogenic effect of mass perfumes and cosmetics, widely presented on the shelves of boutiques and shops.

Continuing a short excursion into the history of the issue, we can recall the existence of masking healing powder, created at the beginning of the last century by French dermatologist Jean Darya. He came up with the idea to mix white clay with natural mineral paint - ocher.

The compounds of aluminum, zinc, iron and silicon in the composition of the powder had a therapeutic effect, in particular, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory. At the same time, the powder hid acne, scars and other flaws on the face. Across the Atlantic, insoluble zinc carbonate was more commonly used for this purpose.

Modern masking agents for acne belong to the following groups:

  1. - dermatocosmetological camouflage,
  2. - decorative cosmetics,
  3. - theatrical makeup.

The most widely and at affordable prices is represented in the distribution network of decorative cosmetics, but it is advisable to purchase products belonging to the first group. So, before you hide acne on your face at home, you need to purchase: foundation, compact powder, concealer, sponge, cosmetic brush.

Concealer cosmetics with therapeutic effect

The cosmetology market in recent years offers lines for the care of skin affected by acne, dermatoses, hyperpigmentation. It is advisable to purchase just such a product, although at a price it exceeds the mass series. Forms of produced tonal and masking agents: powders, creams, emulsions, mousses, pastes containing therapeutic components:

  • self-regulating substances - zinc compounds, extracts of seaweed, yeast, green tea, burdock,
  • clarifiers for the prevention of pigmentation - licorice, mulberry, scutelaria (scutellaria) extracts,
  • ingredients that reduce the secretory activity of the sebaceous glands,
  • matting compounds - starch derivatives, silicones,
  • anti-inflammatory agent - salicylic acid,
  • UV protection factors.

Leading cosmetic brands have launched the release of correctors containing brighteners, seboregulators, antioxidants and vitamins. For example, Clarins concealer stick contains vitamins A and E, is used to matte the skin and mask individual defects.

How to hide acne on your face with makeup

The corrector is applied pointwise to an acne, a scar, a spot or to a problem area of ​​the face, driven into the skin with a finger. A liquid concealer mask acne, rubbing the product with a sponge soaked in water (a thin sponge). The corrector of green color successfully masks the red inflamed pimple, the blue one - foci of rosacea, spots.

How to hide acne on your face in 5 minutes - instructions:

  • Degrease and cleanse the skin with a gel or tonic. To reduce redness for 50 seconds, apply an ice cube to the inflamed area of ​​the skin or lubricate it with drops from a cold (they have a vasoconstrictor effect).

  • Apply a non-greasy cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients as a base.
  • Apply a foundation whose shade is slightly lighter than the natural color of the skin.
  • Concealer green to put a dot in the center of a pimple or red spot. Carefully blend this tool with the other side of the flesh-colored stick.
  • Lightly powder your face to create a matte finish.

There is also an option without a tonic when acting only with concealer and powder

All the indicated methods for masking skin defects have a common drawback - fragility. After a few hours, the face again acquires a greasy shine, acne becomes noticeable. The huge minus of “camouflage” is the change in the color of the skin under the rays of the sun, when the foundation, powder and concealer break into lumps, blur with sweat. To avoid such difficulties, more attention should be paid to the treatment of acne.

Compliance with the water regime gives an additional impetus to the improvement of the body cover, for which you need to drink one to two liters of liquid per day. Helps to keep the skin smooth using green tea, enriching the diet with products with vitamins A, B, C and E.

How to hide acne on the face without makeup?

Without makeup, it’s harder to quickly get rid of invisible red inflamed skin. You can reduce swelling and redness with vasoconstrictor drops: eye drops, for example, "Vizin", or for the nose ("Naphthyzin"). The method will interest those who are looking for a way to hide acne on the face of a guy without makeup. It is better not to count on a miraculous disappearance of inflammation in a couple of hours, but redness will decrease during the night.

  1. Moisten a cotton swab with drops and put in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  2. Then get out of the refrigerator and apply to the pimple for 1 minute.
  3. Take a short break so that the numbness of the skin passes, apply again.
  4. Repeat this several times over the course of an hour.

Acne in the morning will be less noticeable if you make an mask with aspirin at night:

  1. Grind the acetylsalicylic acid tablet, add a few drops of water. The resulting gruel should be lubricated with acne only.
  2. Glue the adhesive patch on top so that the powder does not crumble.
  3. In the morning, wipe your face with salicylic alcohol or salicylic acid lotion.

How to hide acne on the face without cosmetics, using folk remedies

Beaten egg protein tightens, brightens and dries inflamed acne. Apply this tool pointwise, and in several layers. Between applications, the previous layer is allowed to dry on the skin.

Instant coffee is used on red acne. Sprinkle with a pinch of coffee powder, gently rub. After 10 minutes, shake off the remnants of the product and wipe the skin with lotion.

Mix the juices of lemon and aloe leaves in equal proportions. Apply several layers of liquid to inflamed acne or make lotions, compress. Leave the drug overnight, so that aloe juice soothes inflammation, and lemon lightens redness.

Amina Pirmanova/ article author

Alcohol tincture of calendula

Small pimples can be burned with a cotton swab dipped in tincture. It not only has a drying effect, but also eliminates inflammatory processes.

Despite the many ways to mask acne rashes, this pathology must be completely eliminated. It is worth contacting a dermatologist and undergoing a course of treatment in order to further enjoy clean and healthy skin.