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Valentine's Day Girl Gift


Time flies very quickly. More recently, we celebrated the New Year, and today you need to go to the store in order to choose a decent gift for your girlfriend on February 14th. As a rule, on Valentine's Day, girls receive a cute, but rather banal gift. Such a gift can be: flowers, sweets and hearts. But it is worth saying that many men dream of making their beloved an unusual gift so that her eyes shine with happiness. And especially for such men, we will talk about what you can give a girl on February 14th.

What gift to give a girl on Valentine's Day

Of course, every man wants to please his woman with an unusual gift that has remained in her memory for a long time.

When choosing a gift in the store, you must always consider the age of your chosen one. For example, girls aged 12, 13.14 years should give their attention on this day. In addition, a valentine’s card, which was made by oneself, will be a great gift. You should also sign such a card yourself. A wonderful gift for a girl on Valentine's Day is a box. You can also give a vase.

For girls of 15.16 years, there is already a different series of gifts. On this day, they wish to receive one of the gifts listed below. So it could be:

For some young ladies, a trip to a restaurant or cafe will be a great gift.

Girls aged 17.18 years expect a lot of romance from their chosen ones. You can always surprise them with a romantic evening or some little thing.

On a note! Girls aged 17-18 should be considered as adults. Therefore, a gift for such a person should also be an adult.

Gift Ideas


The best gift for Valentine's Day for your beloved girl is jewelry. Surely, you are familiar with the saying "the best friends of girls are diamonds." So, every lady will be pleased to receive such a present. Remember that gold or any other jewel is an indicator that a man is ready to spend money and even his nerves on his beloved.

On a note! It is best to give an expensive gift if your relationship is at a high stage of intimacy and trust.

On the holiday of All lovers, girls should present as a gift jewelry that will have signs of love. It can be jewelry with:

  • hearts
  • medallions
  • name of your beloved guy.

Such an ornament will be not only a luxury item for a girl. Remember that this gift will always and in all circumstances will remind you. Bracelets with a small heart in the middle of ruby ​​look quite beautiful and at the same time modern.


Not sure which gift to choose for your wife for Valentine's Day? Then pay attention to expensive lingerie. This gift will be the perfect gift for a girl with whom you have long been in a relationship.

On a note! Even the most expensive underwear should not be given to a girl whom you know little enough. Remember that she may not like this gift. It can be regarded as a vulgar hint or an unsuccessful joke.


Many believe that women's perfumes are a commonplace gift for Valentine's Day. However, one does not need to think like that. And to give your sweetheart excellent perfumes, you need to know her tastes. And if you can guess with the choice, then your woman will appreciate your attention, and the perfume will be used only for you.

On a note! Do not buy cheap perfumes as a gift.

A memorable gift.

If your girlfriend is considered to be a real extreme, then for her there are a huge number of gifts that she can remember for a long time. Today it is very fashionable to give a variety of happy memories to your loved ones. Valentine's Day is that special holiday when you can present a gift in this style. A romantic dinner has long been not that special gift. Many lovers choose a more interesting pastime. For example, you can choose a paraglider ride or a quad ride on potholes. You can also go for a Thai massage. In general, it is very important to consider the preferences of your chosen one. And if she is not a fan of extreme sports, then a parachute jump will not be a good option.

Girls who love extreme sports are a rarity in our world. Many ladies love a relaxing holiday most of all. Therefore, the best gift for such a person is a certificate for some modern procedures. It could be:

  • relaxing bath with chocolate
  • spa massage
  • manicure by a professional.

If you decide to give just such a gift, then the girl will surely appreciate it. After all, all the ladies like it when a man takes care of their appearance.

Traditional and most versatile gifts for a girl on Valentine's Day

There are gifts that will appeal to almost any girl. They have different cost and purpose, but will help not to spend a lot of time searching and to please a dear person. Best ideas:

  • Sweets. This is a traditional present for all the girls. Just choose what you like your favorite. It can be her favorite candies in a heart-shaped box, a cake with a photo or unusual decor, a chic bouquet of sweets or delicate cakes in a beautiful package. A healthy lifestyle devotee can be given something natural, with a minimum of sugar or a fruit basket.
  • Flowers They can be both an independent gift, and an addition to it. Choose your favorite girl flowers, collected in a large bouquet. You can also give traditional scarlet roses on high legs.
  • Balloons. They will like the young romantic young lady. You can give a huge armful of red hearts or a beautiful composition composed of balls. Large bouquets of balloons are very popular. A huge plus of such a composition is that it will not fade over time, like a living one, and will delight the girl for a long time.
  • Jewelry. This is one of the most traditional presentations for girls, but you also need to choose them correctly. If you have a fairly serious relationship, you can give expensive jewelry. Rings are given only with a marriage proposal. You can also choose a good jewelry, but always high-quality and suitable girl in style.

A great idea for a traditional girl's gift for Valentine's Day is a romantic dinner. Organize something pleasant and unexpected. You can invite a girl:

  • A good restaurant is a great idea, if you rarely get out somewhere,
  • At the cinema, especially if you can rent a VIP room at the cinema,
  • The luxury hotel room is the perfect solution for any occasion,
  • Riding a limousine in the city at night is interesting and romantic.

And you can choose a very relevant gift for today - a joint romantic photo shoot. A good idea is to shoot somewhere in a snowy park, dressing up as fairy-tale heroes. And if you don’t feel like freezing, then choose a photo in the studio with colorful decorations.

Whichever gift you choose, do not forget about Valentine. This is a symbol of the holiday and a cute memorable trifle at the same time. Be sure to sign it by hand and write something from yourself. Then the girl will definitely keep it along with other souvenirs and cute things.

There are other ideas for universal presentations for a girl, for example:

  • Gadgets Take a look at what a girl needs at the moment. If possible, and such a present would be appropriate, give a good smartphone of the latest model or tablet. You can also give an e-book or, for example, an MP3 player. And if a girl goes in for sports, she will like a fitness bracelet.
  • Lingerie. This is an intimate gift, so you can give it when you have been together for quite some time. Try to choose something beautiful, but suitable for wearing, not just a demonstration, otherwise it will be a gift to you, not to the girl.
  • Romantic trip. The choice of it depends on your imagination and financial capabilities. You can go somewhere to the paradise islands or visit a neighboring city, see the sights, spend time together at the hotel.

Romantic and not expensive gifts

A romantic gift.

If all of the above ideas seem trite to you, then you can make a gift for February 14 to a girl yourself. And for such a miracle you do not have to spend a lot of money. For example, you can organize a bath with rose petals at home. Do not forget to put a champagne bucket and scented candles around. If you think this gift is boring, then this is not so. And all because not every man has the patience to organize everything correctly. In addition, keep in mind that any girl dreams of such a gift.

A gift for a creative lady.

The fair sex with creative inclinations prefer to spend their time culturally. And if your girlfriend is one of such personalities, then on Valentine's Day bring her to a theater or museum. You can still visit the exhibition. It is worth noting that this walk can give you maximum pleasure. And all because such places on February 14 will be practically empty.

Photoshoot for a girl.

This article is worth revealing another secret. So, in fact, many women dream of participating in an individual photo shoot. So why don't you make such a gift for your chosen one on Valentine's Day. Such a gift has a couple of advantages.

  • A girl can imagine herself a fashion model.
  • Beautiful photos will be remembered.

TOP 10 gifts for a girl on Valentine's Day

  1. Romantic trip
  2. Jewelry
  3. Organizer or jewelry box in the shape of a heart
  4. Joint romantic photo shoot
  5. Photo frame in the form of a levitating heart
  6. Light box with a photo of a girl
  7. Paired T-shirts with romantic inscriptions
  8. Romantic mittens for two
  9. Heart shaped keychain
  10. Hot air balloon

Unique Gift Ideas

To please your sweetheart with a unique gift, contact the craftsmen who create unique things with their own hands. In this situation, even a small heart-shaped soap with your names will be a valuable gift. You can also give fridge magnets in the shape of a heart, unique photo frames and big hearts made of fur. In general, any item made by yourself will be expensive for every lady.

Girls are mostly sentimental personalities. And each of them will be pleased to receive from you: a puppy, kitten or other pet.

On a note! Tie a beautiful bow with a leaf to your pet, on which your warm wishes will be located.

A very romantic and unusual gift for a girl is a box with butterflies. Indeed, such a gift can delight any lady who opens a box from which butterflies will fly. At the bottom of such a box you can put a nice ring.

What is unusual to give a girl on Valentine's Day

To actually please a girl, you can give her something original, surprise and amaze. In our time, this is not difficult to do, because there are many stores offering the most outlandish and non-standard products. The best idea of ​​unusual gifts for a girl on Valentine's Day:

  • Unusual umbrella. If a girl likes to stand out in a crowd, she will be pleased with a bright-colored umbrella with perky cat ears at the top or in the shape of a heart. A romantic lady will love the product with a print in the form of a starry sky on the inside. And a real hit of this holiday can be called an umbrella with a photo - a girl or your common one.
  • Linensdecorated with photos from your common life. It is beautiful, original and practical.
  • Romantic mittens for two. You can hold hands and warm each other even in the most severe frosts.
  • Paired t-shirts with romantic inscriptions or pictures that complement each other. So you can express your feelings to the whole world.
  • Photo frame in the form of a levitating heart. A very interesting product that has only recently appeared in our stores, so this is probably not the case with any girl friend.
  • Light box with a photo of a girl. This is both a picture and a stylish lighting fixture. Just make sure that the girl’s apartment has a place for him.
  • Slippers in the form of luminous unicorns. They are very beautiful and will help not to stumble in the dark.

The best gifts for wives and beloved girls

Do not know how to choose a gift for your wife on February 14? Then the following list of best gifts will help you.

  • So, the best gift for a beloved lady is the gift she wants.
  • Ring. (It is advisable to present a real gold jewelry).
  • Earrings or chain. (Give also jewelry made of natural metal).
  • Plush Toys. (Most of all, girls like - cubs, then - bunnies, after which hearts).
  • Beautiful and erotic lingerie. (Suitable for passionate girls).
  • Home pet. (For girls who are homebodies).
  • A romantic trip.
  • Sweets in a romantic design. (The present will suit the sweet tooth).
  • Gift Certificate.


We wish you to choose the best gift for your chosen one. We hope that he will bring her happiness.

Health and Beauty Technology

A good gift for a girl on Valentine's Day is a technique for personal care. To maintain hair in great shape, you can choose a professional hair dryer compact hair dryer or styler comb. A straightener or electric curling irons are a good gift option. Another gift idea, but for body care - epilator famous company.

If a girl often gets tired at work, you can make her life easier by giving a heating pad, a massage foot bath, a vibrating massage pillow or a quality massager for the head, neck or the whole body. With these gifts, your soulmate will always feel rested.

What to give your beloved girl on Valentine's Day? A win-win option would be a set of quality makeup products, which usually includes a palette of eyeshadow, powder and blush, sparkles or lipsticks, various products for eyelashes and eyebrows. For body care, you can buy a good cream, gentle milk or scrub. To care for your skin, a set of natural masks is suitable - nourishing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory or moisturizing.

Another gift idea is bathroom sets. This can be a collection of shampoos for all types of hair, conditioners and shower gels. What kind of DIY gift ideas can I choose for a girl? Study the workshops and make your own natural soap or sizzling soda-based bath bombs.


What to give a girl on Valentine's Day? Perfume Eau de toilette or good perfumes. It can also be a female cologne, haze for the body or hair. Bright floral aromas of lily of the valley, rose or jasmine, delicate notes of vanilla, delicate iris, erotic red orange and grapefruit - perfume shops offer a huge selection of diverse scents.

If you don’t know which fragrance your lover prefers, get a certificate at her favorite perfume store. Experienced sales consultants will help you choose a gift for your girlfriend.


What to give a girl for Valentine's Day? The beautiful half of humanity loves various jewelry. Choose for your sweetheart a ring, beautiful earrings, pendant, brooch or bracelet. You can also purchase a set of precious hair pins, chain, necklace or keychain.

Decoration material - gold or silver. You can also purchase models with precious inserts from agate, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, diamond or emerald. Jewelry can be in the form of a heart, an angel, a butterfly - all this is perfect for a gift for Valentine's Day.

You can also give the girl a beautiful watch made of silver, gold or steel. The watch can be either miniature or medium or large size, and you yourself choose the color of the strap and dial.


Ideas of original gifts for girlfriend on February 14 - haberdashery. A wonderful gift will be ladies handbag from genuine leather with a strap or for socks in hands. As an option, you can choose a key holder or cosmetic bag, as well as a clutch or purse of your beloved's favorite color. For lovers of outdoor activities, you can buy a hiking or city backpack.

What to give a girl cheap on February 14? Get a beautiful cover for documents - a passport, a student ID or, if the girl has already graduated from university, a diploma. This is an inexpensive, but very useful gift - with it the documents will always be safe.

Another idea is stylish gloves or cute mittens made of natural wool, which will warm the girl in the cold February winter. Also, for Valentine's Day, you can give your beloved a beautiful scarf, stole, poncho, shawl or a simple warm scarf.

How to choose a gift for a girl on Valentine's Day? It can be a cute bouquet, a beautiful piece of jewelry or a soft toy. Remember the main thing - true love cannot be measured, on this day a girl needs your attention and it doesn’t matter at all how much money you will spend on a present.

An original gift for a girl on Valentine's Day

Если вам надоели традиционные презенты, то у нас есть несколько оригинальных идей. Они покажут вашу любовь и будут неожиданным сюрпризом для второй половинки.

  • Bedding with your overall photo

At first glance, such a gift will seem standard. But with the help of modern technology, you can make it unique. To do this, apply your joint photo to the fabric. If desired, complement it with romantic wishes. This gift will delight the girls, the second half of which are on frequent business trips.

  • Photoshoot in a particular style

Thanks to modern photo studios, it is possible to arrange a real fairy tale - in reality. Choose a specific style, outfits and accessories. Such a process will bring a lot of positive emotions to your soulmate. And also replenish the photo album with new joint photos.

  • Lacy erotic lingerie or peignoir

This gift is suitable for couples who know each other well. And they will not be mistaken in the choice of color and size. If everything goes perfectly, then the girl will perceive the present - original, full of passion and romance.

But for couples meeting just recently, the choice of such a personal thing should be discarded.

  • Cinema for two

Most cinemas have a VIP room. It allows you to watch a movie with a small group of friends or together. You can go there with your soulmate. Only know in advance which movie she would like to see.

  • Block of chewing gum "Love is ..."

The girl will be pleased to open such chewing gum with interesting inscriptions and pictures about love. Maybe this gift is not very expensive, but for sure - the original.

DIY gift for February 14, 2018

Most of all, on Valentine's Day, gifts made by yourself are valued. And do not worry if the gift is not as perfect as we would like. The main thing is that your efforts and love are invested in it.

  • Romantic dinner

Which you personally organize. Exquisitely set table, candles, beloved wine of the chosen one and a couple of dishes. Unless you have special cooking skills. We offer to make a simple fruit cut. Each lady will appreciate such a pleasant surprise.

  • Sweet valentine

Cut a heart out of hard cardboard. Stick candy in a red wrapper on it. Double-sided tape is perfect for this. The gift is ready.

  • Heart collage

It consists of joint photographs. This is a good idea for both young and stable couples. Which live long term together. The collage will help you remember all the interesting and romantic moments. This will ignite a new love spark in your family.

Inexpensive, but nice present for Valentine's Day

If the holiday is already on the verge, and there is not much money for a gift. You can purchase a cheaper, but no less pleasant present.

  • Handmade soap

Its shape should correspond to the theme of the holiday. On the Internet it will not be difficult to find a master class in soap making. But if you do not want to do everything yourself. Then just give custom-made soap.

  • Cubes "Kamasutra"

Inexpensive, but very pleasant surprise. Introduces a spark of passion and new emotions into the relationship.

But it is worth remembering that such a gift will appeal to you if you have been together for a long time.

  • Keychain in the shape of a heart or with your photo together

Such a present can be made to order or purchased in a store.

  • Downhill skiing

It happens that there is absolutely no money for a gift. But do not despair. You can please the girl with such an unusual pastime. Complementing it with a game of snowballs. After all, every girl will be pleased to recall her long forgotten childhood.

Interesting ideas for a girl who lives in another city

Sometimes, it happens that beloved people live in different cities. This may be due to study or work. It also happens that they met on the Internet and see each other extremely rarely or no meetings at all. But, thanks to perfect technology, presenting a gift is not a problem.

  • Video clip about your relationship

We select the appropriate music and your photos. We process in a special editor. We supplement with romantic inscriptions. And send to your beloved.

Its originality is that it will be made of photographs, where you hold white sheets with a declaration of love.

  • Love letter

Find out the girl’s home address. Write a beautiful letter and send it to her. It is very romantic and unusual. You can put a small Valentine card in the envelope. But do not forget to send a letter in advance if the girl lives very far.

  • Long-awaited meeting

I think this is the most pleasant gift that can be made while far away. If finances and time allow. Just take a trip to her city. Take a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And call your beloved, being near her house. This will delight your soulmate. After all, all your beloved people want to be together on such a romantic holiday. But do not forget to clarify whether your girlfriend will be at home that day.

Video about what to give a girl if we meet recently?

If you recently met your girlfriend, I suggest watching a video clip in which the author offers ideas of symbolic, but pleasant, presentations that every romantic soul will like ...

And remember, the main thing is not the price of the presentation. And then, with what feelings he will be presented. Indeed, even the most expensive gift will not bring much joy if you present it not from a pure heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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What is inexpensive to give a girl on Valentine's Day

It is not necessary to look for something luxurious as a gift to a girl. The main thing is to pay attention, to do something pleasant, and the cost in this case is not as important as it might seem. If a girl loves you, she will be glad to any gift that hints at feelings. The best ideas for such nice and budget presentations:

  • Beautiful cosmetic bag. You can order on it an embroidery of the name or initials of the girl - it will still not be expensive.
  • Handmade decorative soap. Choose a product in the shape of a heart or flowers - it will turn out beautifully and budgetally.
  • Heart shaped keychaindecorated with rhinestones or engraving.
  • Foldable mirror with decorative cover. It can also be adorned with an engraved name of the recipient or recognition.
  • Unusual plush toy. Such a present will appeal to a young girl or collector. Just avoid too bright and ridiculous animals. It is better to take a bear or a bunny of a pleasant natural shade.
  • Case for phone. Most of them are inexpensive, but they will definitely like the girl.
  • Bath bombs or another interesting and not too personal cosmetic product, preferably unusual, for example, handmade.
  • Scarf or funny mittens. This is a cute and caring gift that will help show your feelings.
  • Organizer or jewelry box in the shape of a heart.

Any gift, even the smallest and most inexpensive, must be beautifully packaged. Use bright bags or boxes, or make a package of special paper yourself. Try to present your gift beautifully and with imagination. You can even come up with a poem for this, or use a ready-made one from the Internet

Never apologize for the low cost of the gift and do not promise to give something more expensive later. This focuses on the price of the presentation and can offend the girl, hinting that she is considered mercantile. If you want, just then give something else, but for no reason, and not as an excuse.

Valentine's Day Girl Gift Adventure

Romance is different. Sometimes it’s not at all hearts and flowers, but a real risky adventure or something pleasant and relaxing. Recently, the popularity of gift-impressions is only growing, and the companies involved in their organization are constantly expanding the range. Best Adventure Gift Ideas:

  • Balloon flight. If the weather on February 14 allows such entertainment in your area, be sure to take a ride with your beloved one around your home. Do not forget to bring warm drinks with you - it will be cool above.
  • Zorbing. This is a great entertainment for two, for whom winter is not a hindrance. You will go outdoors and have fun.
  • Karting for two or snowmobilingif you want something more extreme.
  • Horse riding. If a girl is not afraid of horses, then she will learn to manage a specially trained animal very quickly, and you can ride together, enjoying a walk and chatting.
  • Game Day An active girl will be happy to spend time at the rink, in bowling, to visit gaming attractions, etc.
  • Paired massage or spa treatment. You can spend time pleasantly and usefully, relax and chat.
  • Dance master class. Choose a romantic dance that will allow you to take a fresh look at each other and discover new sides.

These unusual gifts will help you better understand your feelings and strengthen them. And it’s just interesting, but the holidays should be unusual and memorable. If you choose the right gift, this Valentine's Day will give you many happy years to come.