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How to build a quiet and efficient gaming PC


The main problem in building a quiet computer is to find a compromise between performance and the cost of components. You can build an almost silent computer for reasonable money by abandoning a gaming video card and powerful processor. And if the budget is not limited, then you can cool top-end iron without noise. But most have to find a middle ground between performance, the acoustic properties of cooling systems and cost.

To make the block completely silent, it is necessary to abandon all mechanical elements. The rustle of even a low-speed cooler from Noctua will be heard if you listen from a short distance. But a complete rejection of active cooling will cost a large amount and how often do we keep the system unit near the ear? It is better to compromise and build a quiet computer, which will be inaudible at a distance of 2-3 meters. With this approach, you can save by leaving active air cooling in some places. To begin with, we will analyze what can make noise in the system unit.

  • CPU cooler
  • power supply cooling,
  • video card cooling,
  • case fans
  • HDD,
  • motherboard.

Motherboard and hard drive

The motherboard was not on the list by chance. There are unsuccessful instances that periodically emit a squeak or whistle. This is how lucky. The likelihood that a marriage is caught is always there. And not the fact that the marriage will appear immediately after the purchase. Therefore, there is no point in focusing on the motherboard; its choice should come from the required socket for the processor.

As for the hard drive, ideally it is worth taking an SSD, but still you can’t do without an HDD for file storage. Therefore, the choice is to read reviews about models and pay attention to whether they write about clicks of the heads or not. In some cases, even if the HDD emits extraneous sounds, they can be reduced by buying a box. For example, DEEPCOOL Icedisk 100.

CPU and cooler for a quiet computer

When choosing a processor and cooler, you can go in two ways: buy a processor with low heat dissipation and passive cooling or not limit yourself in choosing a processor, but choose a cooler with a quiet active air cooling system. In the first case, you need to choose from Intel processors. Their junior and middle models have a slight heat release in the region of 54 TDP. For example, the Core i3 generation of Haswell. The cooler must be selected for them, on heat pipes with a large dispersion area. For example, Zalman CNPS10X Performa or Scythe Mugen 4. These coolers come with turntables, but for processors with a TDP below 60 they can be omitted.

More powerful processors and AMD processors have maximum heat dissipation in the region of 95 TDP and passive cooling is better not to be limited. Of course, you can use it, but you still have to do blowing the radiator with a case fan. If this is not done, then under load the processor will overheat. It is better to find a low-speed cooler like "Scythe Mugen 4". Its size and cost are impressive, so you can search for something more compact and cheaper.

Power supply selection

A power supply is another required component of a computer that needs to be cooled. Unfortunately, all PSUs with passive cooling are expensive, so it's better to look for just a good, quiet option. It’s worth choosing based on reviews and reviews, but sometimes they fail. So it was with me when I bought the Corsair VS 450W. If you believe the reviews, it is almost silent. In fact, it turned out to be not noisy, but the sounds are clearly audible within the room. Either I was unlucky with the copy, or we have different ideas about silence.

My other choice was more successful. I drew attention to the German company “Be quiet!”, Which is famous for quiet turntables, and besides this, power supplies and coolers. Their products are more expensive than most analogues, but it's worth it. The purchased 500 Watt Be quiet! Power supply met my expectations 100%. You can hear the rustling of pumped air only in an open case from a distance of less than half a meter.

If the power supply is selected from another company and has no luck with noise characteristics, then you can replace it with a fan. This is not difficult to do, you just need to purchase a quality and quiet turntable of the appropriate size to replace it. It’s better not to save and choose from “Be quiet!” Or “Noctua”. You will overpay, but you will be sure that you did not change the awl for soap.

Video card and case cooling

Currently, the situation with video cards has improved due to the appearance of the “0 db” technology in many modern models. With this functionality, the fans do not spin without load, and the GPU runs at lower frequencies and practically does not heat up. If the computer is not gaming, then you can find a graphics card with passive cooling.

The air circulation in the housing should be calculated based on previous components. If the processor and the video card are passively cooled, it is better to purge the case with a low-speed 120-inch fan. Firms turntables I have already advised. If the processor cooler works by blowing, and the video card has enough passive cooling, then the case fans are not needed.

To summarize

When building a quiet computer with a limited budget, it is worth remembering that somewhere you have to concede. It is better to choose a processor and a graphics card with low heat, thereby saving, but buy a good cooler and power supply. If the processor and video card are cooled passively, then you should take care of the ventilation of the case. If the processor is actively cooled, but the video card is not, you can not immediately buy a case fan, but buy it later if necessary.

All these recommendations follow from personal experience, as a result of which I was able to assemble a computer that is not audible from a distance of more than a meter. This is enough if he is standing under the table. In my case, the result was far from an ideal system in terms of performance, but with good acoustic properties. And this is for reasonable money.

  • Processor "Intel Core i3".
  • Active cooling cooler “Be quiet! Pure Rock. "
  • 500 watts Be quiet! Power supply
  • Video card "Gigabyte GTX 1050Ti" with technology "0 db".
  • Hard drive in the box "DEEPCOOL Icedisk 100".
  • Case without active cooling.