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How to use a double boiler


Adherents of a healthy diet are constantly looking for diet recipes and devices with which you can cook low-calorie foods. Most manufacturers of household appliances have long taken note of such consumer preferences and began to produce relevant goods. Some buyers still do not know how to use a double boiler. However, do not rush to be upset ...

Consider the principle of operation of the double boiler, the nuances and limitations of use. And also get acquainted with the methods of cleaning such structures.

Operating principle

For those who want to understand how to cook in a double boiler, the principle of work will be surprisingly simple. The main objective of the device is the processing of products with steam.

The cooking process is as follows: vegetables or meat are placed in a special lattice, which is placed inside the container. And then, under the influence of steam flows coming from the bottom of the structure, the products begin to cook. At the same time, the dish retains all the beneficial properties.

Preparation for work

Before you start operating the double boiler, you need to carry out several manipulations. Pour a certain amount into the tank of the device - the first and most important rule.

The amount of water should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Only after that, you can put products on the grid.

Correctly fill the double boiler tank

To properly assemble and prepare the design for use, it is not necessary to re-read a bunch of tips and watch video tutorials. The preparation process is easy and simple. In addition, it takes no more than an hour. The main thing to consider is a few recommendations from experienced users:

  • Take purified water and pour it into a special tank. The use of clean water will prevent vessels from salt deposits and other contaminants.
  • In order to fill the liquid, first of all, read the instructions indicated on the pallet. Focus on the fact that the amount of water should reach the bottom mark, but not exceed the level of the highest point. New models are equipped with a topping function, which older models cannot boast of.
  • The next step is to install a tray to collect excess moisture.
  • After you have collected the main part of the product, you can lay the products, set the timer and begin the cooking process.
  • At the end of the cooking process, the device will notify you with a clear signal.

Some modern models have a high level of thermal conductivity. However, abuse of this feature is not recommended.

Water purification for refueling a double boiler

As mentioned earlier, only clean water should be used as a refueling. Otherwise, the performance of the structure will subsequently deteriorate.

To use the double boiler effectively in the long run, we remove impurities from the water. It is recommended to filter the water. You can do this with improvised means. However, if the liquid is heavily contaminated, special equipment cannot be dispensed with. The second stage of cleaning is the removal of salts. You can reduce their level by freezing water in plastic containers. After a few hours, we remove the containers from the freezer and make holes in them. We drain the water, and leave the ice to melt. Pieces of ice in this case are water with a minimum salt content.

After such a simple treatment of water, it can safely be poured into a special compartment. In addition, by cleaning the liquid, food quality is improved.

Product Bookmarking Principles

Products are arranged according to the width and size of the grill. When laying them, a small distance is observed. This is necessary in order to be able to pass steam through the holes in the grid.

Modern models of double boiler are equipped with one or several sections for laying vegetables and meat. Numerous grills allow you to simultaneously cook several types of food products.

Steaming Technique

Food in a double boiler is prepared according to a very simple principle. The liquid from the tank gradually evaporates getting to the upper tier where the products are located. Thus, they are heat treated and gradually cooked.

Thus, the dish retains a maximum of nutrients and vitamins. By the way, cooking with steam can be carried out in a conventional pan. However, this will require a lot of effort.

How to use a double boiler on gas

The instructions for using a gas double boiler are very simple. All the above manipulations should be taken into account and place the vessel on the gas burner.

At the same time, it is not recommended to cook on a high flame. Because, high-quality steam treatment is slow. Especially if you decide to cook meat or fish, in a few minutes you will not be able to get a tasty and healthy time. It will take a certain amount of time prescribed in the recipe.

What can not be done in a double boiler

Oddly enough, not all products can be prepared using this category of kitchen utensils. What dishes are you talking about? We will consider this question in detail below.

It is not recommended to cook pasta in such a device. They quickly boil and lose their shape. As a result, you will have lunch or dinner with lumps of dough. If you still decide to cook spaghetti in such a bowl, use a special extra container.

It is undesirable to cook legumes in steam cookers. They are too hard and require pre-treatment before cooking. In addition, does it make sense to regularly add water and cook beans or chickpeas for three hours, if by the end the dish is no different from that boiled in a pan? It makes no sense to spend a lot of time on such simple dishes.

In addition, dried mushrooms and fruits cannot be steamed. It is better to boil them in a pan with salted water.

Steamer Care

Wash the upper and inner surfaces of kitchen utensils regularly. Care manipulations will extend the life of the device and maintain a presentable appearance.

After use, unplug the appliance if it is of an electrical type. Under running water, you can flush all parts except the main ones. The basic elements are wiped with a slightly dampened cloth. When cleaning, exclude the use of powdered substances, give preference to gel formulations.

After several cycles of operation, the heating element of the structure is often covered with a layer of plaque. The frequency of scale formation depends on many factors, mainly on the hardness of the water used.

Cleaning is carried out as follows. Pour 100 ml of acetic acid into the liquid compartment and dilute it with 400 ml of water. The amount of solution should be such that it completely covers the heating element. After that, we fix the pallet and one grate. Then we start the double boiler. After 20 minutes, traces of plaque should disappear.

If the spots are still preserved, repeat the procedure several times. We wash a clean dish with clean water to remove residual vinegar and eliminate a pungent odor.

Instructions for instant development of a double boiler

The double boiler is equipped with a light-transmitting lid. Often charts are applied, reminiscent of the cooking time, we will explain later. Under the cover are several tiers. Everything needs to be removed, including the bottom. It will open to the eye a different shape of the collection cup issued by the lid of the condensate, bypassing the central hole, a tank is visible.

If the device does not need to be cleaned, we start refueling. The maximum water level is determined (marked) by various methods. In the simplest case of risk. The location is determined by the design of the double boiler. Finding a tag is easy. Pour water inside. We make a bookcase of shelves, filling with products (ingredients).

At the same time, avoid cooking dishes with a strong and weak aroma. An exception is the case when they intentionally decided to impregnate meat with a smell of meat, for example, rice. Roast, on the contrary, is laid out on top. The bottom of the shelves is pierced by a dense network of holes, the juice will freely flow down.

Manufacturers' commercials avoid focusing on temperature differences between tiers. If not indicated by the instructions, there is no difference. On the lower tiers it should be hotter, let's recall what a double boiler cooks using natural convection. Hot air will rise up. The last tier is the hottest.

Cooking times are marked with visual icons. The dish is schematically drawn, signed, the interval in minutes is set next to it. It’s hard to make a mistake. If you are preparing different types of dishes, you will need to extract a portion. It would be reasonable to place such on top. The mode is not violated too much.

During cooking, observe the water level, track the amount of condensate. Markers are determined by design, some double boiler can automatically turn off, noticing a low tank water level, excess condensate. It is useful to buy a device equipped with a timer, you can use another one available. For example, air grill, microwave. The timer is mechanical, it sometimes works when the power is off. Before buying the appliance, consider how you will use the double boiler. In the absence of a timer in other equipment, you should choose the appropriate option in the store (equipped with a clock).

  • it is advisable to wash the tiers
  • condensate is drained
  • better to empty the bowl of water.

Some steamers contain a food preservation button. It makes it possible to cook at low temperature. There are more useful substances in the finished product. Direct control of the temperature of the double boiler is not possible.

Work of a double boiler

In conclusion, we give a description of the principle of operation of the double boiler. Allows to resolve disputes. Under the tank is an ordinary heater. More often the element is cylindrical in shape. Reaches temperatures above 100 degrees. If the fluid level is monitored, it is often done using a special sensing element like a bimetallic plate. The bottom of the tank is heated in the absence of water, at a temperature of 130 degrees, the switch trips.

If the air humidifiers often have a float in the tank, exotic is not used with double boilers. In the process, the flow rises, holding the central hole, at the same time goes horizontally. A whirlpool (air) forms. Excess steam condenses the walls of the lid, digging it into a container. Not reused.

Hopefully readers have figured out how to use a double boiler.