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Are there 5 minute daily workouts?


Do you constantly tell yourself that you have no time to play sports? If you do not have enough time to go for a run or go to the gym, then this article will tell you how to cope with the task in less than 5 minutes. You will need to do 8 exercises of 20 seconds with 10 second breaks between them. You can adjust the exercises to the level of your physical fitness. This complex can not replace a trip to a sports club, but it is certainly better than nothing!

Does a 5-minute workout help?

Perhaps you have never considered classes for five minutes, because it does not seem like you can make a difference during this time. In addition, the United States Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Directorate claims to strive for moderate aerobic activity lasting from 10 minutes to 150 minutes or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise weekly. But this does not mean that shorter, more intense exercises are not able to help.

The benefits of regular exercise include everything from weight loss to improved sleep and increased energy levels. Keeping fit can also help you be more confident. Studies show that even 5-minute exercise sessions can help keep fit.

What does science say?

A study at the University of Utah shows that all of these small intervals of exercise that a person does during the day can be very helpful. In fact, even one “brisk” minute can have a noticeable effect on the body.

Women who included short bursts of high-intensity activity in their daily lives have a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to other subjects. In men, similar results are observed. Burning calories during this short but intense exercise session allowed women to weigh about 0.7 kg less than inactive women. The risk of obesity also decreased for both men and women who performed these sets of exercises.

Another study published in Obesity found that dividing your workouts into short intervals makes sense when it comes to appetite control. One group of obese participants did the exercises for one hour daily, and the other performed 12 sessions of five-minute workouts. In the end, both groups had a similar amount of protein in the blood, which controls appetite.

However, a group that did short workouts claimed that they felt an average of 32 percent less hungry during the day. In other words, their satiety increased due to the implementation of periodic training lasting only five minutes.

There is also Tabata training - a four-minute intensive interval training that consists of 20 seconds of hard exercise and 10 seconds of rest, which is repeated eight times. The name comes from the author of a study on interval training, which was published in 1996. The results of this study showed that short interval sessions significantly improved anaerobic and aerobic functions of the body.

How to incorporate exercise into everyday life?

All this sounds good, but a person may feel that it is impossible to devote even five minutes to a training session due to a busy schedule. Or maybe when there is a bit of free time, a person just wants to relax. Nobody says staying in shape is easy, but it’s entirely possible.

Time Tips

  • Use television commercial breaks to good use. You can get up and do jumps or go down and do push-ups during advertising.
  • Try the nano-training method while doing daily tasks like brushing your teeth. Instead of just standing, you can perform several lifts on toes.
  • Set up a reminder on your phone to motivate you to exercise throughout the day. You can close the office door to do yoga or take a short walk as a work break.
  • Walk to fulfill the assignment instead of moving on transport. Use stairs instead of elevators.

If you follow these simple rules, after a while they will become a habit and will naturally fit into the daily routine.

5-minute training examples

It is not necessary to have a gym membership to practice. In fact, the time spent on the road to the gym, preparation for training can reduce motivation. When a person feels the strength and inspiration to move, you should start short training, examples of which can be found for free on YouTube.

Some examples:

  • XHIT’s 5 Minute Abs Full Body Workout You need to complete a series of five exercises, each of which lasts 1 minute. Get ready to become an expert in bar, lunges and squats.
  • 5 minute Fitness Blender buttock and thigh workout. You need to perform various squats using the 40-second pattern with five seconds of rest. She will help to keep in tone and strengthen the lower body.
  • POPSUGAR Fitness is a 5-minute training video for those who need to burn fat. It starts with jumping and sprinting. Then you need to swing the press, wave your legs, jump again.
  • Tabata with Rebecca Boruki (4-minute workout) has been viewed over 2 million times. Each exercise in the workout is performed twice for 20 seconds, and between them 10 seconds of rest. It is advisable to perform it as a warm-up for a longer workout or as a morning exercise.

No computer at hand? You can set a five-minute alarm on your watch or phone and try to do as many exercises during this time as possible, for example, push-ups, squats, bar, jumping, running on the spot or something else. You just need to try to achieve the highest possible level of intensity. And do not forget to drink a large amount of water after completing a set of exercises!

Even five minutes of exercise can be beneficial to the health of the body. If you are still not sure if this is enough, try one of the workouts in the section above. When you finally catch your breath, ask yourself again if the condition has changed in these 5 minutes. And, really, doing at least something is usually better than not doing anything!