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How to mine diamonds gold and iron in minecraft pe


In this side you can find quickly and easily many useful ores, such as: diamonds gold redstone and iron. And also you will appear in the village where there are also useful things in the chest. There are many cool caves and unusual biomes on this map!

You will appear in the village, which is located next to the river in a flat biome. Remember that place with make a marker, we still need it.

Then we go to the blacksmith in the village and pick up all the items that lie in the chest.

3 apples
1 iron bar
1 iron helmet
5 ink bags
Subsequently, destroy the chest and start digging under it.

After a while you will fall into the caves, but just keep digging until you hit the jackpot:

7 diamond ores
4 iron ore
2 redstone ore
4-6 coal ore

Now go back to the surface where you came from and return to the Renaissance point and the marker you previously made. Turn left and you should encounter Bryce Biome.

Head to Bryce Biome and continue until you see a river. Turn right and walk along the river until you see a small mine hole on the other side of the river.

Entering the mine and pretty soon, you should be able to find some gold ore. There are several tunnels to choose from, but they all lead to the dead, so it does not take long to find the ore.

If you want to know more about this side, watch the video below!

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Screenshots Quick search for diamonds, gold and iron ore

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In the presented side you will find yourself in a dense jungle. If you fly in the indicated direction, then after about thirty seconds you will be able to get to the Temple. By the way, it is located directly on the water. Can you get there in survival mode, breaking tall hills? Traps and pleasant surprises await you in the Temple.

In the presented side, you will appear near the triple village located in a desert biome. In it you can find 24 farms, two blacksmiths and more than 20 houses. A lot of resources are stored here, so this card is perfect for those who want to start an adventure through the dangerous world of Minecraft in survival mode.

In this side you will find yourself close to three different temples. The card is suitable for those who want to start a new adventure in the difficult world of Minecraft, since here in just a few minutes you can get about fifty gold and iron bars. Also in the presented side you can find the village and the witch's hut. The generation of the world is indeed very interesting, so be sure to try it in practice.

In this side you will find yourself on a very flat lowland biome. This is probably the most even random generation of the world that can only be encountered in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Such a terrain will be useful for those who want to build something and do not want to mess around with leveling the territory for a long time. There are also plenty of forests around, you can collect enough resources for your creations if you are going to play in survival mode. And here you will find a small village. To do this, you need to go a distance of 100-150 blocks directly from the spawn point.

In this side you can visit the double temple, located in a desert biome. Such a find will help you for your initial development in the Minecraft world. Just go a little further from the spawn and you will see two temples standing extremely close to each other. They store many gold bars, iron ore and diamonds. This is a good start to the adventure.